Casino Apps: all you need to know to choose the best one

If you are a longtime fan of casino games like roulette, card games, slot machines, and poker, then the 21st century has something big for you: they are casino apps!

You read that right: instead of driving down to a casino, you now have a practical, fun, and lucrative way to indulge in your favorite pastime while winning real cash

Excited? It would help if you were because we are excited too. Join us now as we examine everything you need to know about casino apps.

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What are Casino Apps?

In the current era of various technological advances and the appearance of smartphones, it is now possible to enjoy new perspectives in terms of online games.

Before now, casino games were only available online on the most powerful computers. However, in a world where some of the most powerful devices are smartphones, developers and bookmakers are partnering to create casino apps that go hand in hand with their respective websites. 

These apps are then made available for download and installation from any application store, whether the App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android devices. After downloading, you sign up and start playing! The simplicity with which these works is something that casino goers will appreciate.

Some of these apps allow you to switch easily from your laptop or any other personal computer to your smartphone without losing any of your favorite moments or the quality of the image. 

What are the best casino apps with real money?

Below you can find what we believe are the best casino apps. We have chosen the best ones among all online casino only for our readers!

Betway casino app

Betway is not only among the best websites on the internet for gambling and betting, but it is also one of the finest mobile apps in the online casino space.

The Betway Casino app features over 90 slot games. It is also a casino betting app that gives players a wide range of options. Betway really offers a wide choice of games!

You can play some of the top slot games, like Mega Moolah Jackpot and other noteworthy games. The Betway app is one of the most functional casino apps with real money. 

Another feature of the software is that it is fully optimized for both Android and iOS smartphones.

This app has a live casino selection in addition to slot games. Roulette varieties, Blackjack tables, and even video poker are available to casino game fans.

It wouldn’t be one of the best casino apps with real money unless it offered several payment options. You have the freedom to pick from a wide variety of payment options ranging from e-wallets to several other tax-free options! 

Finally, beginners will be happy to learn that the Betway Casino app gives a welcome bonus. Yes, the Betway Casino app gives you a bonus to make up to 100% of your first bet.

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Bet365 casino app

Bet365 is among the greatest online gambling sites, but the real money casino app is also a good option. The operator’s efforts to create a modern app are not ignored by the players and are probably its biggest selling point.

Upon signup, you immediately obtain access to the game portfolio, including over 200 titles!

All players who install the official Bet365 app will receive the casino app bonus.

Bet365 is one of those casino betting apps compatible with all mobile platforms. It even allows iPhone users to get into their accounts using facial recognition! Furthermore, in 2022, the Bet365 app was arguably one of the best casino apps with real money, if not the best.

The app has a live casino suite in addition to poker and casino game releases. You will find all the popular table games and real dealing releases there. To increase your chances of winning on the app, you can also accrue loyalty points.

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Playamo casino app

The Playamo casino app is one of the best casino apps around. Downloading and installing the Playamo Casino software file from the website takes only a few minutes.

You will be granted access to the site’s selection of casino games. The Playamo casino app is one of the finest casino apps with real money and all the benefits. You may visit the site by installing a shortcut on your primary phone screen.

The Playamo Casino app specializes in live casino games, with unique releases to choose from. The app includes games, including Monopoly Lives and Dream Catcher. Aside from the flagship games from Evolution gaming, you may also play games from Microgaming and BGaming, to mention a few.

All of the above information provides you with the tip of the iceberg. It is also important to note that the Playamo casino app pays real money. Go to the website and download the app to get the full experience. It will provide you access to games and promotions such as Monday Free Spins and a bonus coupon for Wheel of Fortune!

Pros and Cons of casino betting apps

Casino apps are great and all, but they have advantages and disadvantages like everything on earth.


Below you will find some of casino apps pros.

Same experience

Players who choose the casino apps enjoy the same games, bonuses, and promotions as those who play physically.


The casino apps are available everywhere. How do we mean? A casino app is a casino that follows you everywhere. So, do you have a few free minutes after your meal, or are you waiting in a queue at the supermarket? Pull out your phone and play some blackjack.


Modern gadgets have a large screen and incredibly capable software, ensuring users have a great gaming experience. Casino apps also scale to screen size for convenience, launch in seconds and run smoothly

They win real money

​​It would be easy to think that casino app gamers get less than players who play physically. But that could not be further from the truth. See, because casinos are businesses, and, like every business, they realize they need newer young customers. The need to attract younger customers has led to a surge in casino apps with real money.

Casino apps let you win and withdraw your winning directly into your bank account

Learning is easy

The learning curve associated with a casino app is not as steep as that of trying to play at an actual casino. There are a million and one rules to follow. On an app, though, there are almost non.

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Now that we have seen some of the advantages of an casino apps, here are some of their cons.

Operator peculiarities

Sometimes the operator only offers no-download mode and not full-time apps. While you can still play anywhere, you don’t have a dedicated app which can be a bit annoying for some players. 

It is dependent on the internet

Depending on your location, when you are trying to access your best casino app, you might have trouble connecting due to a poor internet connection. At times, you may not be able to play smoothly either.

Lack of human touch

The main limitation of casino apps is their lack of user-friendliness. See, if the COVID-19 pandemic thought us anything, it’s that human contact is crucial. So, being alone in front of the screen of your smartphone or your computer might be great at first. But with no human contact as in a physical casino, playing might get boring.


Casino apps are not great for people who are addicted to online gambling. The convenience of having a casino in your pocket can run a gambling addict bankrupt in hours. Addiction is, therefore, a major disadvantage of casino apps.

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How to choose a casino app

If you type “casino apps” or “best casino app” into any application store, you’ll be overwhelmed by the number that shows up. It can therefore be not easy to choose a casino app. Here are a few criteria to consider.

The bonuses offered

A mobile casino must-do marketing like any project that plans to attract customers. The operators will use several advertisements, bonuses, or promotions to show you what makes their app unique. Please pay attention to these bonuses, and read the fine print to ensure they are genuine.

Customer service

As with any service, online or not, a casino app must have efficient and responsive customer service. It is also important that this service be available to users dynamically and warmly. Only the best casino apps around would have top-notch customer service.

Applied banking methods and security

Every casino app will provide a way for you to deposit and withdraw money as a bettor. The question is, is the way the app is providing secure?

A good casino app will never put your money or personal information at risk. The best casino apps can offer a high level of security to their players, with a very strict privacy policy to protect your data.

Device compatibility

It would be a shame not to be able to access your favorite game through all your devices. So if you have a tablet that runs on Android and a smartphone that runs on iOS, you would certainly prefer to be able to access your mobile casino on both!

The best mobile casino sites can offer this luxury to their customers and are compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems.

The variety of games found there

An online or mobile casino must be able to offer different kinds of games to be attractive. Thus, it must be able to offer a plethora of choices in terms of table games, games with dealers, slot machines, and others. 

Then note that you don’t have to play at only one mobile casino. It is advisable to test whether it suits you or not and to vary the pleasures!

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Casino Apps: conclusion

The beauty of casino apps is their simplicity and ease of use. It’s a cutting-edge strategy for competing with online casinos in 2022, and it’s only available to the best operators.

Hopefully, you can now distinguish between bad and good casino apps.

We hope that we have been able to help you understand what features to look for in a  casino app and how to choose the best casino app for you.