Crypto Games 2024 | The Best Crypto Games That Pay

The world of gaming and cryptocurrencies has found a way to be allies. With this, it was possible to discover the significant participation of players who want to win through their favorite video games. But not only can they dedicate themselves to the “game” to earn, but players of crypto games can also buy, sell, trade, raise, among many other things within the video game.

Thus, it generates a more significant movement of money or, as they are known globally, cryptocurrencies. Crypto have become a vital tool in people’s daily lives, impacting their lifestyles and economies. Once as a user you must understand the importance of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and everything that encompasses the ecosystem to make this industry transparent and accessible to all. Many of the crypto video games are based on the Ethereum, Blockchain Smart Chain, and Solana blockchains, just to name a few.

Crypto Games 2022

To enter this industry, you have to buy some cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH) on an Exchange platform like Binance. There is an extensive crypto games list of hundreds of titles already published or in development. Here, you can know more about the top 10 best play-to-earn games. Other games like Axie Infinity, where you play and get some Small Love Potion (SLP), the game’s token, works as crypto games that pay you to play.

Here we are going to talk about seven crypto games that you might play in this NFT games category.

CryptoBlades Overview

Image credit: Cryptoblades

CryptoBlades is another option that we found in the world of Crypto Games in 2024. It has been getting popular when players explore other NFT games after discovering Axie Infinity, for example.

The game was developed by Riveted Games and launched on Binance Smart Chain. The cryptocurrency that you can earn by playing CryptoBlades is called SKILL.

You can obtain this SKILL by defeating enemies, raiding with friends, and staking your gains. Another thing that you can do in-game is crafting powerful characters and weapons that allow you to defeat your enemies. Also, CryptoBlades’ gameplay is accessible and attractive to the players.

Zed Run Overview

Zed Run
Image credit: Zed Run

If you are a fanatic of horse racing, here is your crypto video game.

Zed Run is a “play-to-earn” crypto game that turns classic horse racing into the blockchain. The publisher of the video game is Virtually Human Studio which is based in Australia.

The horses that appear in the video game come to life, making it an NFT game similar to real life. Inside the game, you can breed the horses using an algorithm to generate the color, strength, and speed based on bloodlines and ancestry.

The main feature of Zed Run is that when you have bred your “perfect” horse, you can put them into real horse racing on digital tracks. The prize of the game is up to thousands of dollars.

Plant vs Undead Overview

Plant vs Undead
Image credit: Plant vs Undead

Probably the most known NFT game on the list and one of the most updated NFT games in the last months. Plant vs Undead or better known as, PvU, is one of the most popular crypto games in 2024. PvU is a “play to earn” NFT and allows players to earn PVU tokens. This game has a farm-style, and players can visit other farms to water their plants, and it is how you make the cryptocurrency of the match, LE token.

Also, you can buy tools, scarecrows, and other types of stuff. Then, you can buy seeds and plants in the marketplace of the game by using PVU tokens.

REVV Racing Overview

REVV Racing
Image credit: REVV Racing

If you love racing cars, here we have the perfect NFT game for you. REVV Racing is an NFT game, and this REVV Motorsport gaming economy has other racing titles such as F1 Delta Time and MotoGP Ignition. Similar to Formula 1, here you can find the perfect game to introduce yourself in an official race. You can earn the REVV tokens by challenging yourself into the Time Trial and Grand Prix and demonstrating that you are the best.

Cometh Overview

Image credit: Cometh

Cometh is an NFT game that is based on space. As a player, you can have the chance to explore space and my tokens out of asteroids. This game has a DeFi system that allows players to get their spaceship.

With your spaceship, you can explore the galaxy and earn tokens like all the crypto games in 2024. You can start the game by traveling the universe with a M.U.L.E. (Mining Units for Light Exploration). This M.U.L.E. is given by the Galactic Federation and allows players to navigate through the solar system. Beware of comets; you cannot take them despite being valuable.

Gods Unchained Overview

Gods Unchained Crypto Game
Image credit: Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a card game and is a famous blockchain game that permits players to buy, collect, and play with digital collectible cards. This is a crypto game that pays you and also is free to play games too. So, it is interesting the way that you can start earning with the game without buying anything.

The game has three game modes: Solo, Ranked and Direct Challenge. Each of these game modes gives players the chance to be rewarded in Stars, Flux, and card packs. With Flux, you can mint other types of cards that can be tradeable on Immutable X. God Tokens is the cryptocurrency used in the game, and it will be available within 2024.

Ethermon Overview

Ethermon Crypto Game
Image credit: Ethermon

To end up with our list of other crypto games that you should look at in 2024, we have Ethermon. Ethermon is one of the first blockchain games that makes NFTs interactive so that players can own, improve, use and profit from in-game assets.

The game is quite similar to Pokemon, and the creatures you used to play are called Ether Mons. Ethermon has different game modes, from 2D role-playing (RPG) to 3D MMORPG. We can consider that Ethermon has a “metaverse” where your Ether Mons are transformed into 3D characters. The cryptocurrency used in Ethermon is called “Ethermon” (EMON).