Fantasy LCS -Your Crash Course

Fantasy LCS isn’t a new thing. The concept was born in the middle of 2014 when Riot Games allowed fans to create their own fantasy leagues for the EU and NA LCS. However, it wasn’t until recently that LoL fantasy became polished enough to be considered a viable way of esports betting.

Unlike conventional gambling, fantasy doesn’t require you to navigate complex markets or fight an uphill battle against the bookmaker. Instead, you’re drafting a team of your favorite LCS players and throwing them into a fight against other bettors. The result? One of the most unique and engaging betting experiences in esports! Granted, it might seem daunting to jump into it head-first. Which is exactly why we decided to break down the ins and outs of this concept in our fantasy LCS crash course!

fantasy lcs

Fantasy LCS Rules

We’ll be frank: there’s no single fantasy ruleset. With that, your experience will largely depend on which site you choose to play on. That’s not to say things will be different every time you switch platforms. On the contrary, there’s a number of fantasy LCS concepts that apply to all operators across the board.

First, there’s always a budget. Every fantasy league has a set salary cap that you can use to recruit players for your team. Players also come with their own salaries, and a strong carry will cost you much more than a shaky support or a competent role player.

There’s also a role system. In League of Legends, each professional team has a top laner, jungler, mid laner, bot laner, and a support player, so most fantasy leagues require you to mirror the LoL esports team structure when you’re drafting your roster. Some fantasy leagues come with additional roles. For example, DraftKings gives you the option of drafting a team captain and a team as ways to further increase your edge over your opponents.

Finally, there is a need to earn points. The best way to win fantasy League of Legends is to gain the most points possible. You earn these whenever your players secure kills, score assists, slay minions, or capture objectives. However, you also lose points whenever your players give away deaths. With that, you need to draft players that can rack up a lot of kills while sticking to the rules and budget of your fantasy operator.

How Can I Make a Strong Fantasy Team?

There are several guidelines for making a strong fantasy team. For starters, don’t chase big names. It might be tempting to draft a team with Bjergsen, Doublelift, and Svenskeren, but each of them will cost so much that getting all three of them will leave you with no budget for other positions. Instead, grab one or two of these players and build the rest of your team around them. Usually, you want to prioritize solo laners and bot lane carries, as they will earn more points than other roles.

Also, take some time to look for hidden gems. Every fan knows which players are at the top of the league, but most don’t pay attention to consistent role players that are quietly doing their job. Meanwhile, these players will act as the foundation of your roster since they offer great value for your money.

Finally, try to predict the outcome of the match. Winners will have a much higher likelihood of earning kills and assists than losers. So even if you spend a lot of money on a powerful carry, your investment won’t pay off if said carry ends up losing all of his games.

Another thing to note is that you don’t always need to win at fantasy League of Legends. There are plenty of contests that will give you your payout if you finish in the top 10% or even the top 50%. And while you can put yourself in a do-or-die situation by participating in head-to-head contests, the regular fantasy gambling experience isn’t as stressful as conventional esports betting.

Where Can I Play Fantasy LCS?

In the past, fantasy LCS was readily available at the Riot Games website. Times change, though, and the league has been discontinued in 2019. Fortunately, there’s still a viable alternative at DraftKings where you can play both free and real-money contests. The site covers international tournaments and major leagues like the LCS, LEC, and LCK. And if you get good enough, it’s entirely possible to win $200 by paying as little as $8 for a tournament buy-in.

You can also try your hand at fantasy betting at Skrilla. Granted, this platform doesn’t have DraftKings’ variety, but it does have a number of free entry contests where you can make the most out of your game knowledge. In the end, fantasy League of Legends is all about experimentation. And it’s the care and research you put into building your team of players that will determine how much you stand to win.

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