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Esports Odds: Your Complete Introduction to Esports Betting Odds

Every great bet starts with great odds—and esports wagers are no exception. Sure, it’s important to have a reputable bookmaker, wide esports coverage, broad betting markets, and a generous welcome bonus. Yet, when push comes to shove, all bets come to numbers and probabilities. And none of the above-mentioned intangibles will amount to anything if they’re not reinforced by fair esports odds.

Odds are the foundation of your wagers. They’re the only thing that dictates your success in the long run, and whether you’re a green rookie or a grizzled veteran, you need to know your way around odds if you want to be a winning gambler.

Of course, this is something easier said than done. There are many different kinds of odds in UK like decimal, fractional, and moneyline. Moreover, odds are deeply intertwined with the concepts of live betting and welcome bonuses, and these interactions can be confusing if you’re just dipping your toes in the gambling waters.
This is where our guide comes in.

Our team of JustGamers experts worked hard to break down the numbers and bring you a quick and simple introduction to esports odds. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Get an edge by learning everything about esports betting odds

The best way to understand odds is to view them as a reflection of probability. However, instead of dealing with percentages, esports betting odds display how much you stand to win by placing a wager on a particular outcome—which is way more convenient for gambling purposes. As a rule of thumb, the most probable events will give you a smaller return on your investment and vice versa.

So, let’s say you’re planning to bet on a CSGO match between Astralis and NaVi. In theory, both teams have a chance to come out on top, but in practice, Astralis are seen as overwhelming favorites. This means that bookmakers will be less inclined to give you good offers on Astralis markets since your risks are so low, but they’ll be happy to offer great odds on NaVi wagers.

Okay, but how do bookies decide who are the underdogs and who are the favorites?

Most of it comes from statistical analysis. As any reputable esport odds comparison would let you know, betting sites base their judgments on a multitude of different factors like recent performance, win/loss records, and kill/death/assist ratios. Some even account for rumours and news releases.

Now, this system is very effective on paper, but it doesn’t mean that your operator is always right. There are many intangibles in competition, and you could discover a sea of lucrative offers on CSGO betting , Dota 2, and Overwatch matches if you were to take them into account. Of course, results may vary depending on your awareness and game knowledge, but it’s still good to know that you can make odds work in your favour.

What is the difference between fractional, decimal, and moneyline esports betting odds?

Now that you know the idea behind esports odds, it’s time to learn how to read them. All odds can be viewed in fractional, decimal, and moneyline formats. ‘Viewed” is the key word here, as the only difference between these categories is how the numbers are displayed on your screen. With that, one of the best esport odds tips you could follow is to get familiar with different odds types and decide which format works best for you.

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Fractional Odds (UK)

Fractional odds is the most popular way of displaying esports betting odds in the UK. Just as the name implies, they take the shape of fractions where the number on the left highlights how much you stand to win and the number on the right shows how much you need to bet to get to that outcome. Sounds confusing?

Here’s a quick example:

Let’s say you want to bet on Fnatic in their Rocket League match against Dignitas. The odds are 5/1, meaning that for every £1 you bet, you will gain £5 plus your initial stake. So, if you were to win a £20 bet on Fnatic, you’d get £120 (£100 in winnings and £20 from your initial stake). If, on the other hand, the odds were 1/5, you’d have to bet £5 to win £1. This means that your £20 bet on Fnatic would only amount to £24 (£4 in winnings and £20 from your initial stake) in the event that you win.

Decimal Odds (Europe)

Decimal odds is the most popular way of displaying odds in Europe. Their main advantage over their UK counterpart is that decimal odds already include your initial stake, making them a bit easier to calculate. After all, the only thing you need to do is to multiply your stake by the corresponding decimal number.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you want to bet on London Spitfire in their Overwatch match against Seoul Dynasty. The odds are 2.25, meaning that for every £1 you bet, you will gain £2.25 including your initial stake. In that case, a £20 wager would earn you £45 (£25 in winnings and £20 from your initial stake). Meanwhile, a different bookie could run a thorough esport odds comparison and set decimal odds at 1.50, so you would only gain £1.50 per every £1 you bet. With that, a winning £20 wager would get you £30 (£10 in winnings and £20 from your initial stake).

Moneyline Odds (USA)

Moneyline odds is the most popular way of displaying odds in the USA. There are two subcategories of moneyline odds: positive (+) and negative (-). Positive moneyline odds display how much you stand to win with a £100 stake. So, if you were to place a £100 bet with odds of +200, you’d get a return of £300 (£200 in winnings and £100 from your initial stake). Negative moneyline odds show how much you would need to bet to win £100. With that, making a £100 wager with odds of -200 would get you £150 (£50 in winnings and £100 from your initial stake).

It’s worth noting that this is arguably the most confusing format for non-US citizens. Fortunately, most European bookmakers let you switch between different odds types. Moreover, any esport odds comparison worth its salt is conducted in fractional or decimal formats, so you won’t have to deal with moneyline odds if you don’t want to.

How do odds interact with live betting and welcome bonuses in UK?

Esports live odds can be very different from regular gambling offers. The main reason behind it is the dynamic nature of in-play markets. It’s no secret that most bookmakers keep tabs on live matches and adjust their odds to accurately represent the current state of the game. So, for instance, if TSM won game 1 in their League of Legends series against Team Liquid, you’d have a hard time finding generous match winner odds in their favour. On the other hand, if you thought that TSM’s victory was nothing but a fluke, this would be the perfect time to capitalise on high odds on Team Liquid.

In short, you need a great deal of foresight to navigate the in-play markets. You need to learn everything there is to know about player strengths, team identities, and global meta tendencies. Otherwise, you will have a hard time taking advantage of esports live odds.

Odds also play a huge part in many promotions and welcome offers. The best betting sites require their customers to place wagers with specific odds to redeem their risk-free bets and deposit bonuses. There’s nothing wrong with this approach on paper—after all, few operators would be in business if they were giving away money for free.

esports betway betting odds

However, some betting sites impose strict bonus conditions on their customers by asking them to place their wagers with unnecessarily high odds. To make matters worse, failing to meet these requirements can void all of your winnings, which can be a very tough pill to swallow when you invested so much time and effort into honing your gambling game. With that, one of our main esport odds tips is to always read the small print before signing up for promotions. And remember, if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

How do I find the best esports odds in UK?

The easiest way to set yourself up with the good gambling offers is to find an in-depth esport odds comparison for the UK market. We at JustGamers strive to bring you relevant odds and notable betting offers from some of the most reputable bookmakers in the industry. In a similar fashion, don’t settle for a single operator. Most bookies will have different offers for different games, tournaments, and team matchups. And if you want to make the most our of your money, it’s a good idea to gamble at several betting sites at once.

Esports Betting UK

League of Legends Worlds tournaments

Your LoL Worlds Crash Course

LoL Worlds has a special place in the esports ecosystem. Not only does it consistently make headlines with its record-breaking viewership figures, but the fact that it’s the ultimate end-of-the-year tournament for the largest competitive game is the icing on top of the metaphorical cake. The 2019 League of Legends World Championship is already set to be the biggest gaming event yet, so here’s everything that makes this League of Legends tournament stand out from the rest! LoL Worlds Format: Play-Ins and Main Event A huge part of what makes Worlds exciting is the format. This is one of the longest esports tournaments in the esports ecosystem. For example, the 2019 League of Legends World Championship is scheduled to run from October 2 to November 10, so there will be over a month of high-level LoL esports action in autumn of 2019.However, not all World Championship matches are born equal The tournament is split into two parts: the Play-In stage and the Main Event. The Play-In stage pits twelve first-place teams from emerging regions in a battle against each other, as they go through a Bo1 double round robin group stage. Afterwards, the #1 team from each group takes on a #2 team from a different group in the Bo5 playoffs, and the four winners advance to the Main Event. This is where the real action starts. The LoL Worlds Main Event is an all-out brawl between the best League of Legends teams in the world, as they kick it off with a Bo1 double round robin group stage. Of course, this setting bears a striking resemblance to the Play-In stage format, but the stakes are much higher here, so no one wants to go out without the fight. Once the dust settles, the top-2 teams from each group qualified for the Main Event playoffs to challenge each other in Bo5 matches. The competition is stiff, as only the best of the best get to this point, so each Bo5 match is a flurry of fast-paced action and split-second macro calls. And by the end of it all, the team that remains standing gets a significant chunk of the multi-million dollar prize pool and the title of the #1 League of Legends team in the world. Teams and Titans: From Jensen to Rookie Perhaps the best thing about this tournament format is that everyone gets to prove their worth. Every region comes with its own playstyle and competitive meta, and the 2019 League of Legends World Championship is the perfect place for all of them to come together. Combine that with the fact that fans get to cheer for the teams that represent their regions, and it’s easy to see why Worlds is so popular.This dynamic also affects the players Every LoL esports league has a number of superstars—the apex predators that have already dominated their respective regions. At LoL Worlds, the greats fight against their equals. With that, you can see dozens of matchups you wouldn’t be able to witness otherwise. Just how well the face of North America’s LCS—Doublelift—match up against the Chinese AD carry powerhouse that is Uzi? And who will come out on top in a nerve-wracking mid lane standoff between Caps and Faker? Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed. Worlds is where the best go to leave their names and legacies in history, so winning an event like the 2019 League of Legends World Championship is the dream of every LoL esports pro-gamer. And when you consider the passion, pressure, and performances that emerge as a result of this drive, it’s hard to resist the urge to tune in to a LoL Worlds stream.[related_operator] Pushing Limits: The New Era of Competition The 2019 League of Legends World Championship is still several months off, but it’s already set to become an important part of esports history. A decade or two ago, an event of this magnitude would be nigh unthinkable. Now, Worlds regularly pulls hundreds of millions of viewers for its most anticipated matches—a testament to the growth of the global esports ecosystem. Granted, it’s hard to tell whether competitive gaming will continue to grow at such a rapid pace. But the sole fact that it’s gotten to this point is already impressive in and of itself. And no matter how you look at it, Worlds is will be a tournament to remember.

ESL One tournaments – Best ESL games in the UK and beyond

ESL One tournaments are some of the biggest competitive gaming tournaments in the world. Whether you’ve been to the likes of the ESL One Birmingham in the UK, or have watched the ESL One New York from the UK via Twitch, or have been wagering for some ESL Betting, we can all agree that these contests always deliver the goods.But what are ESL One tournaments and how did these competitive gaming competitions grow to be such key players in the esports scene? Our guide to ESL One tournaments in the UK will tell you all about the growth of this competition, and we will explain why these gaming extravaganzas should always be factored into your esports betting. Bet on ESL One tournaments at Betway: [related_operator] The rise of ESL One tournaments in the UK and the rest of the world ESL are well known as being perhaps the largest and oldest esports organisation in the world. Since the German gaming brand was launched in 1996, they have developed some big-name competitive gaming tournaments. These include the likes of the Intel Extreme Masters, the ESL Pro League, and of course the ESL One tournaments.The ESL One tournaments have long been known as being fantastic places to see the very best in pro gaming. Things really came to a head in 2015 when it was revealed that the ESL One Cologne event had been watched online by well over 27 million viewers.But ESL One has also found great success in taking their tournaments all over the world. From the likes of Manila in the Philippines, to Belo Horizonte in Brazil, ESL One has become the touchstone for what you should expect from competitive gaming. Of course it wasn’t long before the UK took notice, and the success of ESL One Birmingham in the UK revealed that this nation is a new hotspot for competitive gaming UK.What kinds of ESL betting games do these tournaments in the UK feature? Whilst other esports tournaments focus on particular game, ESL One events feature some of the most popular esports. From legendary battle arena titles like Dota 2, to famous first-person shooters such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, if a game is featured at ESL One, then you know it’s a world-beater.However, ESL One contests have also been known to pay attention to lesser-seen esports such as Battlefield 4. But all of the matches are carried out in offline tournaments and only feature teams of quality pro gamers. A look at ESL One Cologne, ESL One Birmingham and ESL One New York contests As ESL are Cologne-based company, it’s little surprise that their ESL One Cologne contests should get plenty of attention. Many gamers have watched ESL One Cologne from the UK, and the 2018 edition of this contest saw 16 of the best CSGO teams from around the world competing to take a share of the $300,000 prize pool.The UK has also seen its share of ESL One action. The ESL One Birmingham in the UK event in 2018 was a massive hit and it was the first time a Dota 2 Major had ever taken place in the country. The contest saw dominate OpTic Gaming in the final to get a healthy share of the $1 million prize winnings, and such was the success of the tournament that it returned to Birmingham in 2019.Even the USA has fallen under the spell of ESL One competitions. The ESL One New York event has become a fixture on the American esports scene over the past few years. Recently we’ve seen tournament-winning performances from the likes of Mousesports and they used this event to show the world that they are new Counter-Strike superpower.What about the ESL Pro League in the UK and elsewhere? We can’t talk about ESL One without mentioning one of its sister tournaments - the ESL Pro League. This is a fantastic place to see some of the world’s best CSGO players in action. The contest features over 20 teams from North America and Europe and it has given the likes of Astralis and Fnatic the chance to show that they are kings of this classic first-person shooter.The ESL Pro League has only been around since 2014. But since then it has raised its prize pool to $1 million for the finals and included tournament locations as far-ranging as Cologne, London, Dallas and Odense

The International tournaments – The very best Dota 2 tournaments

If you want to know about The International tournaments, then you are in the right place as we are going to show you why this contest provides the best in Dota 2. The International is well known for being one of the biggest esports tournaments around, and whilst many other competitive gaming contests take in a variety of esports, the International is all about pro Dota 2 gaming.Our guide to The International tournaments will hopefully give you a good idea of what to expect if you decided to watch one of these competitions for Dota 2. The International always includes the very best Dota 2 teams so we will give you a quick overview from some of the highlights from this esports tournament. As The International hasn’t come to Britain yet, we’ll also showcase some of the best Dota 2 tournaments so that you can get up close with some top-class action for this iconic battle arena game. Place your Dota 2 bet with NetBet: Find out all the best betting sites![related_operator] For the best in Dota 2, The International is the tournament to beat In less than a decade, The International has managed to become one of the most popular esports tournaments in the world. In 2018 The International was won by OG despite tough competition from the likes of PSG.LGD, Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid. The final was held in Vancouver, Canada, and it was seen by over 15 million people online, as well as 20,000 attendees packed into the Rogers Arena.What makes The International tournaments all the more impressive is the fact that teams compete for perhaps the biggest prize pool in all esports competitions. In 2018 this meant that esports organisations were in with a chance to get a slice of £25 million in prize winnings.But ultimately, it’s all about the gaming, and The International is the pinnacle of the Dota Pro Circuit. This is a year-long series of matches where teams pick up qualifying points in a bid to try and make it through the group stages to play at the main event. So if you’re a fan of Dota 2, The International gives you the perfect place to see the best gamers in action.A quick history of The International tournaments The International has been going strong ever since the first event kicked off in Cologne, Germany in 2011. All of the competitions are hosted by Valve Corporation who are the developers of Dota 2. Between 2012 and 2017, the International contests were held in Seattle. But 2018 saw the event move to Vancouver, whilst in 2019 The International made its first appearance in Asia by taking place in Shanghai, China.Much of the attention of The International is focused on its formidable prize pool winnings. Since 2013, the prize pool winnings have been boosted thanks to the crowd-funded nature of the project where Dota 2 fans add the prize pool by purchasing an exclusive digital compendium that allowed them to follow the action.Over the years we have seen teams like Natus Vincere, Invictus Gaming, Alliance, Newbee, Evil Geniuses, Wings Gaming, Team Liquid and OG reigning supreme at The International. And with ESPN jumping onboard to cover the tournament, we can expect to see its influence grow across the world. Will The International tournaments ever come to the UK? There’s plenty of hunger for Dota 2 in the UK, and it’s clear that there will be lots of gamers who would love to see The International come to this country. Sadly, it looks like The International currently has no plans to come to the UK. But as some of the other large esports events like ESL One tournaments have found great success by coming to the UK, it’s hoped that our nation could give The International a suitable home.So if The International tournaments in the UK aren’t happening anytime soon, what other Dota 2 tournaments should you be betting on? In 2018, ESL gave us Britain’s first-ever Dota 2 major tournament that proved to be a massive success thanks to a $1 million prize pool and some awesome battle arena action in Birmingham.Apart from big-hitters like ESL, there are plenty more top Dota 2 events in the UK. From the likes of the National Student Esports Dota 2 championships to the Red Bull Guardians contest, it seems like the UK is taking this legendary battle arena game to its heart. And with the likes of the UK Dota 2 Challenge going strong, you should never be too far from some top-class battle arena action.

DreamLeague tournaments – The most exciting esports competitions

DreamLeague tournaments take two forms. One is a great esports competition that is devoted to gaming at a collegiate level in the US, and the other is a pro gaming contest in Europe. Our guide to DreamLeague tournaments in the UK will show you how these contests have grown to become the best place to see the future stars of pro gaming, and we will also let you know whether you need a DreamLeague hack in the UK to join in the action.If you want to bet on esports, then you will probably think that wagering on massive tournaments like The International, DreamHack or ESL One would be your best options. But our guide to DreamLeague tournaments in the UK and elsewhere will show you that these contests can sometimes throw up some truly spectacular odds and great gaming action to give you even more profits. So read our guide to find our how to watch DreamLeague 2019 and much more. Use 10Bet for your esports betting in UK: Learn everything about esports odds.[related_operator] What are DreamLeague tournaments in the UK and beyond all about? DreamLeague Gaming was founded in March with one goal in mind - to allow gamers at a college level to play and win just like the best pro gamers in the world. The company are based in Pasadena in the US and have teamed up with big players in the gaming world such as Twitch, YouTube and Discord to achieve their noble vision.Whilst DreamLeague are based in California, their esports festivals travel around different universities to allow collegiate gamers to compete at the very best level. Each of the DreamLeague tournaments also feature a prize pool of an average of $2,500 that might not be up to the levels of The Invitational, but can still provide plenty of incentive to deliver a winning performance. And with plenty of cool scholarships on offer, it seems that DreamLeague have put together a great package for all college level gamers.Do you need a DreamLeague hack in the UK to enter one of these esports contests? If you are lucky enough to find that DreamLeague are putting on a gaming event at your university, then there are a number of ways that you can participate. The Bring Your Own PC events will give you the chance to take your own gaming rig to the esports tournaments.This means that you can bring a laptop or desktop PC and have antivirus software installed so don’t even think about getting a DreamLeague hack to boost your gaming performance. Gamers are also encouraged to bring their own peripherals such as gaming chairs and headsets. Just so you know, each DreamLeague tournament features a high-speed Ethernet internet connection so that nothing should stop you performing at the very best of your abilities. What can you expect if you watch DreamLeague 2019 in the UK? DreamLeague have already built up a strong reputation for their gaming contests in the USA with recent events such as their ones in Fullerton, California and Austin, Texas giving you a good idea of what you can expect.The great thing is that all DreamLeague events take in a broad range of esports that mirror what you can expect to find in the pro gaming realm. This means that you can play and bet on iconic esports like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, but there are also many more recent gaming hits included like Overwatch, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, and Fortnite.DreamLeague also pay close attention to the breakthrough hits in the sports simulator world with many options for games like Madden 19, FIFA 19 and NBA2K19. And with many niche esports included such as Rocket League, Street Fighter V, Hearthstone, Super Smash Bros and even Heroes of the Storm, it seems as though DreamLeague tournaments have something for everyone.Will there be DreamLeague tournaments in the UK in the future? DreamLeague currently focuses on collegiate level gaming in the US, and it’s hoped that they might bring their competitions to the UK as the brand grows. But we should let you know that there’s also a slightly different DreamLeague that’s causing big waves in Europe.We recently saw the DreamLeague Season 11 taking place in Stockholm that was a true spectacle of pro Dota 2 gaming. This featured sixteen of the best esports teams like and Fnatic competing over a gruelling three-day schedule. In the end it was Vici Gaming who managed to win the competition to pick up the bulk of the $1 million prize pool. But it showed that whether you’re into collegiate level gaming, or pro Dota 2 gaming, there’s DreamLeague for all kinds of gamers.