1 draw 2
  • CS:GO

    WePlay Academy League

    BIG Academy

    BIG Academy

    mouz NXT

    3.4 VS 1.25

    mouz NXT

  • Dota 2

    Dota Pro Circuit SA Division 2

    NoPing esports

    NoPing esports


    1.29 VS 3.1


  • CS:GO

    RB Cup




    4.75 VS 1.13


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Esports Betting

Can you Bet on Esports?

Raise your gambling game with the best esports betting sites, games, and welcome offers

Let’s face it: esports is a worldwide phenomenon. Several decades ago, no one has even heard about video game competitions. Now, esports tournaments like The International and League of Legends World Championship come with multi-million dollar prize pools and enough entertainment value to glue millions of viewers to their screens.

But what is esports betting? There are already many powerhouses like Fnatic, Team Liquid, and OG who are true global players in competitions for CSGO, FIFA, Overwatch, Rocket League, and League of Legends. Combine that with long-standing gambling traditions and million of fans looking to cheer for their favorite teams, players, and personalities, and it’s not exactly surprising that esports betting took off all over the world.

Passion isn’t the only part of this equation. With dozens of esports betting sites trying to keep up with global trends and dabbling in unfamiliar markets, there is a wealth of lucrative deals and generous odds for gaming tournaments. And taking advantage of them is certainly a decent way of putting your game knowledge to use. Keep reading our esports betting guide to find out how!

Okay, so how do you start esports betting?

It’s all-too-easy to get overwhelmed with a never-ending stream of sites and offers when you’re looking to bet on esports. Fortunately, our JustGamers experts have already done their homework and created the ultimate esports betting cheat sheet with the best games, bookmakers, odds, and welcome bonuses that are guaranteed to suit your gambling needs. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

The legislation question: is esports betting legal?

Now that our esports betting guide has answered the question of, ‘What is esports betting?’, it’s worth thinking about the legalities. Many countries struggle with rigid gambling laws and strict country restrictions that prevent their citizens from wagering on games like CSGO, Dota 2, Hearthstone, and Rocket League.

Ultimately, online gambling laws vary from country to country. Most forms of online gambling are entirely legal in the UK, so you’ll have no issues finding offers for poker, casino games, and—most importantly—esports betting. However, you can bet only bet on esports prematch in Australia, rather than live. The US has fairly complicated gambling laws that vary from state to state. For most US states, esports betting is outlawed, but it looks like the tide could be turning. Canada has something of a grey area regarding its online gambling laws, which makes it perfectly legal to use any ‘offshore’ esports betting sites. So, is esports betting legal? Well, kind of!

Overwatch esports betting
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What games and competitive titles are best for esports betting?

Want to know how esports betting works for different titles? There are plenty of popular esports titles out there, but CSGO betting is definitely something you should try. This classic first-person shooter pits two teams of five—Terrorist and Counter-Terrorists—in a cutthroat struggle to plant (or disarm) a C4 explosive at the bomb site or eliminate the opposing team. The premise sounds simple, yet when you factor in the razor-sharp aim, well-structured teamwork, and split-second reaction time required to play CSGO at the highest level, you get a perfect mixture of skill and strategy.

Overwatch is another first-person shooter to consider. Unlike with CSGO where everyone is on a relatively even footing, this competitive title puts a strong emphasis on a wide cast of playable characters, each with their own traits, weapons, and abilities. With that, Overwatch esports tournaments are all about which players get the most out of their characters. Throw in lightning-speed gameplay and a multitude of unique team compositions, and Overwatch has all the moving parts of a top-tier esport.

The final—and the most unique—take on the first-person shooter genre is battle royale games. Sure, it’s fun to watch ten players competing with each other, but titles like PUBG and Fortnite have upped the ante by increasing the number of competitors up to a whopping 100! This turns every match into an epic battle for survival, as your aiming skills are just as important as your ability to outline your game plan and adapt to unforeseen circumstances.

Alright, but what if first-person shooters aren’t your cup of tea? The obvious answer is to look into the multiplayer online battle arenas or MOBA games. With notable representatives like Dota 2 and League of Legends, these titles have taken a simple concept of two teams battling each other to destroy the core structure of the enemy base and turned it up to eleven by adding a plethora of playable characters, complex mechanics, and in-game objectives. And while most esports tend to fall into the same patterns, these MOBA games have enough to them to ensure that Dota 2 betting and betting on League of Legends have become big hitters at all good esports betting sites.

Of course, this is just the tip of the esports iceberg. The world of esports is incredibly rich, as each competitive game brings something new to the table. For instance, Hearthstone can make you feel like you’re playing an intricate card game, FIFA can put your right in the middle of an exciting football match, and a bet on Rocket League can supercharge the football experience having you bet on players who each drive a rocket-powered car. You can even visit a CSGO casino for a very different way to play. And in the end, it’s this variety that makes betting on esports so exciting!

Hearthstone esports betting
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What are some of the largest esports tournaments for esports betting?

It’s great to know your way around the most popular games, but how do you decide what to actually bet on? The simple answer is that you tune in to esports tournaments. Every competitive title has its own esports scene, so there’s a constant stream of gaming events to wager on. Not all tournaments are born equal, though, and whether it’s because of players, prize pools, or production value, some events inevitably stand out from the others. With that, here are some tournaments you have to keep track of:

1. The International – Try esports betting on Dota 2 here

The International is one of the few gaming tournaments that makes headlines in the mainstream media. This is a premier Dota 2 event with gargantuan multi-million dollar prize pools. Every pro dreams of lifting The International’s aegis and forever leaving their name in the Dota 2 history, so the level of competition is demonstrably high. Throw in top-notch production courtesy of the game’s publisher, and it’s not exactly surprising that millions of viewers from all over the world tune in to this event.

2. Worlds – The best place for League of Legends esports betting

Worlds (aka the League of Legends World Championship) is the LoL equivalent of Dota 2’s The International. This tournament may not have the prize pools of its counterparts (although first place still gets several millions of dollars to its name), but it does make up for it with prestige. Worlds is by far the most popular competition in esports history, and its viewership figures get higher and higher with every passing year.

Moreover, this tournament acts as a battleground for some of the strongest teams in the LoL scene—and if that’s not a perfect environment to bet on esports matches, we don’t know what is!

3. Majors – Try some awesome CSGO esports betting online

Major Championships (commonly referred to as Majors) are the ultimate CSGO events. Much like Worlds and The International, Majors are celebrated for their immense production value and million-dollar prize pools. Moreover, winning a Major is considered the crowning achievement in the CSGO scene, so pro teams pull out all stops to make its presence known at these tournaments.

League Of Legends esports betting
@ Riot Games

How to pick sites for esports betting online?

Every veteran punter knows how important it is to pick the right bookmakers. After all, good esports betting sites can act as a foundation of your gambling strategy, but shady operators can set you up for failure before you even place your first wager. The problem is that it can get difficult to separate the former from the latter. Don’t fret, though, because out JustGamers experts have already analysed all the available operators to help you find your perfect esports betting site!

What you need to look for when choosing an esports betting site

There are many awesome esports betting sites all over the world. Some are good, some aren’t quite so great. Here are the seven essential criteria of the best esports betting sites:

  • Esports bets: You’ll want lots of different betting options for your favourite game
  • Great odds: There’s no point putting down a bet unless the odds are good
  • Live bets/streaming: Live betting is great fun and it’s even better if there’s a live stream
  • Bonuses: We love bonuses as they give us more for our esports bets
  • Licensing: Never play at an esports betting site unless it is fully licensed and regulated
  • Payments: Make sure that you get safe and easy ways to make deposits and withdrawals
  • Customer support: You should be able to get professional customer care 24/7
99 / 100


  • Double Welcome bonus
  • King in Esports coverage
  • Great Live in-play and streaming
100% Matched Deposit, Up To $/€30

Where to find the best Esports Odds

All major tournaments covered by our top partners:

Final thoughts on esports betting online

By now you won’t have to ask, ‘What is esports betting?’ anymore. Our esports betting guide has shown that when it comes to esports betting, the global gaming scene is vast, and there are more premier events and an abundance of promising leagues and tournaments. Combine that with the ongoing efforts of regulators to create a safe and secure betting environment for punters, it’s never been easier to bet on Valorant, first-person shooters, MOBA games, or any other esports titles. Stick with us to find your perfect esports betting site!



PUBG Mobile hits over $7 billion in player spending

PUBG Mobile, a popular free-to-play battle royale title developed by LightSpeed & Quantum Studio and KRAFTON, recently reached its highest record of in-game player spending on both App Store and Google Play at over $7 billion. There are two likely reasons for PUBGM’s new milestone. First, the global phenomenon title received huge sponsorships via its large professional esports scene, and second, the game's popular and vast in-game loot boxes led players to flock in to purchase. Reportedly, trailing behind PUBGM is Moonton Games’ Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. According to multiple reports, however, Moonton is not making much compared to PUBGM’s. PUBGM hits over $7 billion In a report by Sensor Tower, PUBGM recorded quarterly revenue of $771 million in Q3 2021 alone. The number that the game received in late 2021 had pushed PUBGM’s revenue to over $7 billion. When combined with the game’s localized Chinese version, Game for Peace, the game accumulated a total revenue of $2.6 billion, according to Pocket Meanwhile, in another report by Esports Junkie, the Chinese version made 57 percent or approximately $4.7 billion in overall consumer spending. The Chinese gaming market is well known for its massive size of consumers who are willing to spend their money on in-game items and cosmetics. Add the Chinese region to the list and the rest of the Asian countries, then the prospects for the mobile video game are as big as ever. Moreover, Newzoo had China as the top country in its list of Top 10 Countries/Markets by Game Revenues. China recently recorded a total of $49.25 billion of revenue from its 685.48 million players. Outside China, PUBGM made $3 billion, with the United States as its second-biggest contributor to in-game consumer purchases, or roughly 11.8 percent of global in-game purchases. Trailing behind is Japan, which is responsible for 4.2 percent. Both App Store and Google Play played a major part in PUBGM’s successful financial story. Player spending-wise, the former racked up 81 percent while the latter 19 percent. Outside of China, App Store recorded 56.6 percent and Google Play 43.4 percent. Last year, PUBGM also replaced Candy Crush Saga as the fourth-highest-grossing mobile game of all time. PUBGM trailed behind Honor of Kings, Mixi's Monster Strike, and Supercell's Clash of Clans. Market change for PUBGM Throughout the years, PUBGM recorded poor receptions from several regions, which eventually affected the game’s reception. In India, PUBGM was banned by the government due to security issues. India hosted PUBGM’s second-highest player count and the ban stripped away the country’s financial contribution to PUBGM. The game also witnessed a change in the market when the pandemic was in full swing. Players from the U.S. took over PUBGM’s original market of players. As of now, Uncle Sam sits on top of the list, followed by Japan and China in second. The third spot belongs to South Korea. One thing that can explain PUBGM’s longevity, other than professional esports tournaments, is the variation of in-game items the game has to offer. Additionally, the game also features interesting monthly updates and collaboration events that have been keeping its players in the game.

IKONIC to launch world’s first esports dedicated NFT marketplace this year

The team behind IKONIC, the first-ever esports dedicated NFT marketplace, has announced that its service would launch in Q2 this year. The IKONIC marketplace is specifically geared toward professional players, gamers, teams, and content creators of the gaming industry. The team said that the marketplace was aimed to provide a platform for gaming content creators to socialize with their community. “The IKONIC platform allows users to immortalize their outstanding gameplay into video NFTs, the next-gen type of memorabilia for esports," IKONIC CEO Sebastian Ionut Diaconu said. "Partnerships and collaborations with the biggest names in esports and rising stars to create IKONIC NFT collections, that will be the foundation for an active ecosystem for the fans, creators, and collectors, with extensive benefits for all participants. In addition to the NFT Marketplace, the Indie Game Launchpad allows game developers and the community to come closer together, get access to exclusive content and in-game items.” More on IKONIC NFT marketplace Slated to release in mid-2022, IKONIC maximizes the use of blockchain technology in providing gaming creators with earning opportunities from their content through necessary tools, which can be found in the IKONIC NFT marketplace. IKONIC was created to provide a platform where "players can own their moments”. The team behind the “only esports & pro-gaming NFT marketplace" said that the gaming industry had yet to provide earning opportunities through creating digital collectibles, more specifically screen captures of in-game moments. IKONIC was built to provide a platform where captured in-game moments can be monetized. If anything can be stored on the blockchain, then everything is an earning opportunity that gaming creators may resort to. “Esports player’s status as athletes has been disputed for a long time. Creating a legacy through memorable moments captured and stored on Blockchain, earning royalties from these NFTs, and sharing their exceptional capabilities with the world, give them the opportunity to make themselves a legendary or even an IKONIC athlete in the esports world,” Diaconu added. IKONIC’s future plans The team said that with IKONIC, making NFTs can be as simple as performing "a few clicks". Heading further into the marketplace’s development, the team said they aimed not only to make creating NFTs from gameplay easier but also to make the listing process more accessible. “With only a few clicks, you may print video clips of the craziest and most impressive game achievements to NFT," IKONIC said. "And they'll be registered and ready to trade on the iKONIC market in only one or two more clicks. The creators of these NFTs can design them to pay perpetual royalties or even to produce an altogether new revenue stream via the selling of sublicense rights.” IKONIC also added it aimed to grow into a broader and larger marketplace that features any “game-linked” digital assets, valuable not only for gaming creators but also for the marketplace and its developers. “iKONIC will be more than a new NFT marketplace. That would be a community—that would be a movement. The iKONIC community's enthusiasm for gaming is enormous, and we'll assist them in harnessing it to do amazing things,” IKONIC added. “We can create a single firm out of these two developments concurrently and capitalize on the abundant synergistic potential between them. Before we go into the specifics of IKONIC's vision, let's take a quick look at the current situation of these two trends.” The marketplace operates using its native cryptocurrency, the $IKONIC Token, which serves as the underlying basis for players, fans, or potential investors to access rewards, bonuses, and marketplace-specific discounts.

Sedania’s ESPL to enter metaverse, NFT gaming business

Sedania Innovator Bhd’s Singapore headquartered gaming arm Esports Players League (ESPL) has made its foray into cryptocurrency, NFT gaming business, and the metaverse through a recent partnership with Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia (YGG SEA). Reportedly, the partnership aimed to generate a whopping number of up to 300,000 gamers for both ESPL and Sedania Innovator. Sedania has provided details about the partnership in a company press release. It said both parties were keen to develop a sustainable ecosystem through digital assets initiatives, in line with the company’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals. “The partnership will allow ESPL to focus on enabling the 3Gs (Game Publishers, Gamers, and Guilds) to build a sustainable ecosystem by launching exciting NFTs and projects surrounding cryptocurrency other than gaming tournaments,” Sedania in the press release. Sedania’s goals According to the release, the future prospects of ESPL are very much aligned with that of Sedania’s, especially in the field of technology. Sedania founder and managing director Datuk Azrin Mohd Noor expressed the belief that the metaverse will enhance the company’s vision of ESPL as a players-centric platform. Additionally, a direct partnership with YGG SEA will lead the vision to fruition, which is creating a sustainable platform through the metaverse. “It is important for the group to discover the viability of cutting-edge technologies critical to the Metaverse as it believe it enhances its vision of ESPL as a compelling platform that provides a more exciting gaming experience for players,” Noor explained. “We’ve been working closely with ESPL to drive sustainable Esports development. Through our partnership with YGG SEA, we can channel our growth by building the foundations of a sustainable Metaverse with ESPL being at the helm of the community.” The company is experienced in esports gaming and digital banking. Notably, Sedania’s first-ever foray into the esports scene was in 2019. The company also founded ESPL by investing in Esports Pte Ltd. ESPL’s development, future prospects ESPL said they were optimistic about the partnership, saying that the global esports tournament and platform sought to expand its user base. With huge esports influence in 16 countries across Asia, Europe, and America, ESPL said they wanted to organize more globalized metaverse and NFT games tournaments. “ESPL has organised tournaments for the world’s top game publishers including Riot Games, Supercell, Tencent, Sky Mavis, and many others. Coming from its roots as a community-driven esports platform, ESPL is working towards its goal of becoming the preferred platform for competitive gaming across all genres in the Metaverse,” the press release read. ESPL CEO Daryl Teo said ESPL was excited about the coming of Web 3.0. Teo added that ESPL was looking to develop gaming tournaments in the metaverse. “Moving forward in 2022, ESPL will organise a series of tournaments involving a globalised Metaverse and NFT games such as Axie Infinity by Sky Mavis. We are optimistic that the success of our current tournaments will be a signal from gamers to continue our pursuit of expanding our user base,” Teo explained.

LCS 2022 Spring Playoffs Matchups

As the regular season of this split's LCS competition has come to an end, it is now time for the playoffs to begin! It has always been an esports feast in North America during these times and we expect nothing less this year. Here are all the LCS 2022 Spring Split Playoffs matchups! Regular Season Standings Team Name Wins Losses 1 Team Liquid 14 4 2 Cloud9 13 5 3 100 Thieves 12 6 4 Evil Geniuses 9 9 5 FlyQuest 9 9 6 Golden Guardians 9 9 7 Dignitas 8 10 8 Counter Logic Gaming 6 12 9 TSM 5 13 10 Immortals 5 13 LCS 2022 Spring Split Playoffs Round 1 Matchups Winners' Bracket Team Liquid - Evil Geniuses Cloud9 - 100 Thieves Losers' Bracket TBD - Golden Guardians TBD - FlyQuest According to the league format, the first six seeded teams of the regular season advance to the playoffs stage. Team Liquid, Cloud9, 100 Thieves, Evil Geniuses, FlyQuest, and Golden Guardians are this split's playoff participants. Unfortunately, we won't be able to see Dignitas, Counter Logic Gaming, TSM, and Immortals compete during the LCS 2022 Spring Split Playoffs. Don't forget to check our League of Legends betting guide before the playoffs!Team Liquid - Evil Geniuses Team Liquid was the closest competitor of Cloud9 for the leadership spot until the last week of the competition. The well-known esports organisation didn't let the chase go and finally secured the first spot after C9's back-to-back losses against 100 Thieves and FlyQuest. Despite all the visa issues regarding Jo "CoreJJ" Yong-in, TL managed to become the best team in the regular season once again. While CoreJJ was out, Bill "Eyla" Nguyen covered his position perfectly and the team faced two losses with him on the rift. On the other hand, Evil Geniuses barely made it to the playoffs and shifted gear during the last week to clinch themselves the fourth spot. With Jeong "Impact" Eon-young and Kacper "Inspired" Sloma on the starting roster, the team showed that anything is possible. It will be a tough matchup for sure but rationally thinking, Team Liquid is one step ahead. Cloud9 - 100 Thieves After parting ways with most of the roster, Cloud9 came back even stronger and had the leadership spot until the last week. After facing two losses in a row, the North American team lost its spot to Team Liquid. However, Cloud9 has been one of the favorites of this split's LCS trophy and the team is still one of the strongest candidates. The latest LCS champion, 100 Thieves, faced six losses this split, only one more than Cloud9. The players had ups and downs throughout the split and they even faced back-to-back losses during a period. However, with Can "Closer" Çelik's lead, 100 Thieves bounced back in the last weeks of the regular season to show their potential. Moreover, the team also managed to beat Cloud9 in the last week of action. It will be a much closer competition for sure and it is hard to predict the winner. Lastly, the hopes will not die for the losing teams as they will continue their journey from the lower bracket. Golden Guardians and FlyQuest are the lower bracket teams, waiting for their opponents. The playoffs will start on April 2 with Cloud9's battle against 100 Thieves and Evil Geniuses' test against Team Liquid will be the day after.