N3twork Studios announces new hero-collector P2E game

Blockchain gaming studio N3twork Studios has announced its newest play-to-earn game, Legendary: Heroes Unchained, a hero-collector RPG that focuses on character progression, social guild-based content and sustainable economics. Staffed by industry veterans from companies such as EA, Disney, Double Fine, Zynga and more, N3twork Studios said that Legendary: Heroes Unchained would have similarities to current free-to-play gacha games but utilize blockchain technology to enable true player asset ownership. "As proven experts in free-to-play, Web2 gaming, we believe that Web3 marks an exciting, inevitable, and player-first evolution that will put the power of digital ownership into the hands of our community," said president of N3twork Studios Matt Ricchetti, as per GamesBeat. "We firmly believe that when players own their heroes, gear and other in-game items, games will be more fun and more fair for the players who spend endless hours strategizing with their guilds, building the ultimate collection of heroes and fighting for the top spots in the seasonal leaderboards." N3twork Games' gaming experience and community interaction Ricchetti believes that current mobile games offer a fitting framework for blockchain gaming. He emphasized that combining accessibility gameplay while also giving players avenues to progress and develop unique playstyles was key to creating games that have longevity and mass appeal. Social elements have already been integrated deeply into various mobile games through guilds and community events, which fits with N3twork Studios' aim of creating a sustainable ecosystem for its games. "Having strong expertise in mobile and FTP is actually one of N3TWORK Studios' biggest advantages. We believe that the squad RPG genre in which we specialize is the perfect fit for web3: games are easy to pick up and play but offer deep progression, engaging guild-based social features, and robust liveops," said Ricchetti. "By combining these core characteristics with the best of web3–true digital asset ownership and sustainable community economics driven by token loops–we can create wholly original squad RPG experiences with mass appeal across platforms." N3twork Studios is also generating hype and interest for its game through its Discord server. A Discord bot created by the developers runs a minigame that allows users to earn a place in the whitelist for the Founder's Edition NFT Mint by scoring high on the minigame's leaderboard. This approach gets players interested in the game while also building the community up as users can share strategies to earn a higher rank on the leaderboard. The minigame also acts as a sneak peek of the full game's combat system as it simulates combat encounters entirely. Players can discuss with each other and develop strategies that can then be applied to the full game's launch. The developers are also using the Discord minigame as a testing ground for changes to create a better-balanced final game. "One of the primary motivations for the Discord game will be to help us tune the Battle Engine and the translation of NFT traits to stats and skills. As such, the traits of heroes and their skills may change from day to day alongside deployment of new adventures," wrote N3twork Studios in its whitepaper.

The World of Gaming online

Take a closer look at online gaming with our guide to this global phenomenon

Gaming online has seen a massive increase in popularity over the last few years, largely down to the way that mobile phone technology has developed. The numbers of people who play online games has risen massively. Almost everyone you know, including people over the age of 40 who are not necessarily the first people who spring to mind when you mention online computer games, will have played some form of online game in the last few weeks.
This has been partly due to social media, of course, which provides accessible platforms where almost anyone can find games to play that suit their lifestyle and interests. Sports games have become very popular, while we have all heard about games like Candy Crush.
Other types of online computer games remain very popular with younger people who like to play online games. Massive multi-player online games, often referred to as ‘MMOs’, remain hugely popular. World of Warcraft, for example, has become a cultural phenomenon that extends far beyond people’s computer screens or gaming mobile phones and has spawned books, a movie and other cultural products.
Here, we will take a closer look at the world of gaming online and at some of the gaming trends associated with it.

What is gaming online and how do you get started?

Even if you have no interest at all in the digital world or technology, the chances are pretty high that you will have heard of online gaming. It is, of course the act of playing games on the internet. There is tremendous variety in the number and types of games that you can play online nowadays, though. From retro arcade games, to intellectual puzzles, to role playing games, to traditional board games like Scrabble, you really can play almost anything you want online these days.
According to Juniper Research’s published white paper, the numbers of people who now play online games regularly is huge. The Newzoo 2018 Global Games Market Forecast stated that mobile gaming  and mobile games has been raising online casino revenue. The proportion rose from 18% in 2012 to 51% by 2018. The Newzoo report also predicted that this trend will continue, and it expected gaming online to contribute up to 59% by 2021.
There are also significant geographical trends in the world of online gaming. In November 2018, China made up almost 28% of global mobile gaming revenue, according to tech website iWeb. Japan is another country which makes a massive contribution to the wealth generated by gaming online. A big role in this is played by the way that gamers in Asia have moved away from their computer screens in recent years and started to use gaming mobile phones.

Online gaming and esports betting

It is possible now to pick up skins during online gaming which can be used to bet on esports. Skins are items that improve the cosmetic appearance of your character in some online games. They do not usually have any effect on the actual gaming performance of the character. They are a particular feature of games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Defense of the Ancients 2.
Gamers soon found another use for these skins as competitive esports grew in popularity over the last decade. As esports became more popular, increasing numbers of people wanted to bet on the matches and events for games like CS:GO, Dota2 and the International tournament.
While the betting companies were lagging behind demand, many gamers started betting using the skins that they had collected from their own gaming activities. This allowed gamers to use their skins as a kind of cryptocurrency for betting.
It is also possible to sell skins for real money, something that means successful esports skins bettors can actually make some genuine profit from their betting. It will be interesting to see how the concept of skin betting develops in the online computer games world in the years to come.


While we have not been able to cover the entire vast breadth of the topic of gaming online in this article, you now have a snapshot picture of this vast phenomenon. As 5G technology develops and becomes more widespread, we are sure to see more new and exciting developments in the world of online gaming. More powerful, faster gaming mobile phones are sure to arrive on the market too.
As the number of games to play increases new gaming trends are sure to emerge in the years to come, especially with the advent of 5G. Concepts such as virtual reality are sure to have an impact too, especially on the world of esports and esports betting. It is an interesting time to be alive for all fans of online gaming across the world!


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    N3twork Studios announces new hero-collector P2E game

    Blockchain gaming studio N3twork Studios has announced its newest play-to-earn game, Legendary: Heroes Unchained, a hero-collector RPG that focuses on character progression, social guild-based content and sustainable economics. Staffed by industry veterans from companies such as EA, Disney, Double Fine, Zynga and more, N3twork Studios said that Legendary: Heroes Unchained would have similarities to current free-to-play gacha g [...]

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    Horizon raises $40m to fund development of SkyWeaver, Sequence

    Web3 startup Horizon has raised $40 million in a Series A funding round to develop its NFT game, Skyweaver. Led by Brevan Howard Digital and Morgan Creek Digital, multiple large players in the gaming and Web3 space took part in the funding round, such as Ubisoft, Take-Two Interactive, Polygon, Everyrealm, Xsolla, The Sandbox co-founder Sebastien Borget and Axie Infinity co-founder Aleksander Larsen. Horizon is developing its o [...]

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    Apejet To Promote Jungle Safari With NFT Airdrop

    GameFi platform Apejet has announced an NFT airdrop to promote the upcoming Web3 game Jungle Safari. Up to 10,000 Apejet Holders will be able to earn an NFT with varying tiers of rarity. With only 500 Super Rare NFTs, 1,500 Rare NFTs, 3,000 Basic NFTs and 5,000 Normal NFTs, Apejet users can get a head start on collecting NFTs for the platform's ecosystem. Apejet is also planning on launching a Decentralized Crypto Wallet named [...]

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    Crypto Games Agency launches Big Crypto Game on BSC Blockchain

    Following the launch of Crypto Legions v3, Web3 game developer Crypto Games Agency has recently launched their next game, Big Crypto Game, on the BSC Blockchain. As the creator of one of this year's longest-lasting play-to-earn NFT games on the BSC network, Crypto Legions v2, Crypto Games Agency is utilizing its experience to build a sustainable play-to-earn experience that will avoid the common pitfalls other NFT games fall i [...]

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    Era7 unveils first champion of World Cup Tournament S1

    SantosBrat from Russia has earned $15,000 and digital airdrop prizes after prevailing over fellow Web3 esports players RocketMoneyH and SemestaNami in the first season of Era7's World Cup Tournament. The tournament saw thousands of players from around the world enter, but only 1,296 qualified for the playoffs. That 1,296 was later cut down to 128 for the knockout and final rounds, which received over one million views from str [...]

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    UAE Ministry of Economy reveals metaverse headquarters

    United Arab Emirates' Minister of Economy Abdulla bin Touq Al-Marri revealed that the country's Ministry of Economy would have a third office in the metaverse at the Dubai Metaverse Assembly. According to Al-Marri, the ministry is planning on using the metaverse location to enable global collaboration between governments, corporations and the general public. "The virtual government office would also be equipped with advanced t [...]

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    Flip launches F2P fantasy NFT trading game

    Brian Krogsgard, the co-founder of Flip and host of the YouTube channel Ledger Status, recently announced the launch of Fantasy Flip, a fantasy NFT trading game. Fantasy Flip allows players to compete against each other by trying to make the highest trading gains, but players don't have to spend at all to participate. Fantasy Flip is entirely free-to-play and has no restrictions on registration, allowing anyone interested to t [...]

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    Epazz releases Metaverse bridge inspection service

    Cloud business software company Epazz has announced On-Site Remote Assist, a Metaverse software program designed to facilitate live bridge inspections using drones and virtual reality technology. The service will be launched through its off-spin company, ZenaDrone, which recently started offering its drone services for agriculture and livestock management in Ireland. "On-Site Remote Assist feature can integrate with the Field [...]

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    PUBG Creator Brendan Greene Announces Artemis Metaverse

    The creator of the popular battle royale game PUBG, Brendan Greene, has announced that he is working on a blockchain gaming and metaverse project titled Artemis. This project has been in development since 2019, when Greene started his own company called PlayerUnkown Productions in Amsterdam. Artemis is slated to become a platform for people to create, populated by both players and an AI population powered by machine learning t [...]

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    Gala Games announces development of NFT MMO Mirandus

    Gala Games, a studio notable for developing and publishing blockchain games such as Town Star, Spider Tanks, Last Expedition and Legends Reborn, has announced that it has begun development on a new Web3 MMORPG called Mirandus. According to the company's press release, traditional MMORPGs are failing to reward their players for their time and effort. Players spend hundreds of hours, real money and effort and do not gain anythin [...]