Gold Fur BAYC NFT sold for nearly $1 million amid crypto winter

Despite a winter in the crypto market, Bored Apes Yacht Club (BAYC), the most popular non-fungible token (NFT) collection in cryptocurrency, sold the NFT Gold Fur Bored Ape #232 via the secondary market on Thursday for 800 ETH or approximately $927,000. A well-known pseudonymous collector who goes by the name Keungz bought the tokenized profile picture (PFP) from Deepak Thapliyal, the CEO of web3 infrastructure company Chain. This Gold Fur Ape is one of the incredibly rare avatars, ranking 324th out of 10,000 NFTs, according to Rarity Tools data. Golden fur is only found in about 0.5 percent of apes. Bored Apes are typically valued based on their attributes, with the laser eyes, crown and golden fur traits being the most desired. Keung's total cost makes it the most expensive Bored Ape NFT purchased in quite some time, surpassing the Brotherly Gold Fur Ape #5853, which recently sold for 777 ETH. “Thanks @dt_chain [Thapliyal] for the good deal⚓️,” Keung wrote on Twitter. https://twitter.com/NftDropsCal/status/1595784050945441793The Chain CEO is an established NFT collector, having paid CryptoPunk #5822 for 8,000 ETH or $23.7 million at the time for a single NFT earlier this year. After FTX's demise impacted his company, he tweeted that he would sell his rare NFTs but later took down those tweets. Many Bored Ape NFTs have plummeted in value, including one bought this year for $1.3 million in ETH by musician Justin Bieber, which is currently only worth about $69,000. The most recent Bored Ape sale to exceed $1 million happened on October 1, when Bored Ape #8585 sold for 777 ETH or $1.02 million. ETH was approximately 13 percent more valuable at the time. The Bored Apes gained momentum as a result of Keung's purchase. Average BAYC sales went up by 29 percent in the last seven days, according to NFT Price Floor. Furthermore, the lowest sale increased by 34 percent. Bored Ape sold for 35 ETH. It is substantially more than the cheapest Bored Apes NFTs sold for 1-2 ETH in secondary markets instantly after FTX collapsed. The sale of BAYC #232 was followed immediately by the purchase of BAYC #1268 on November 24 between two unidentified wallets for 780 ETH, nearly $940,000 at the time of the transaction. NFTs aren’t dead yet. Data from DappRadar and Dune show that overall NFT sales have been declining, with sales in the secondary market equaling $700 million in October, in contrast to $5.36 billion in January. BAYC Collection Ethereum NFTs have been demonstrating a dominant position in the NFT market, keeping it active. Over a month, the BAYC and CryptoPunk Collection ruled the rankings, garnering over half a million USD. Furthermore, the volume of transactions in the BAYC collection accelerated by more than 45 percent in the last 30 days. More than $36 million in trades were finalized during this period, with 473 traders and 392 sales. https://twitter.com/AviAisenberg/status/1595492032637796352The NFT market is still struggling to recover from the FTX scandal. Despite that, the Bored Apes NFT is gaining more popularity than ever. KINGSHIP, the first metaverse network band of Bored Ape NFT avatars, is about to release its debut album.

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Era7 unveils first champion of World Cup Tournament S1

SantosBrat from Russia has earned $15,000 and digital airdrop prizes after prevailing over fellow Web3 esports players RocketMoneyH and SemestaNami in the first season of Era7's World Cup Tournament. The tournament saw thousands of players from around the world enter, but only 1,296 qualified for the playoffs. That 1,296 was later cut down to 128 for the knockout and final rounds, which received over one million views from streaming services and the like as viewers saw the players compete over the $130,000 prize pool. As one of the first competitive TCG events in the Web3 sphere, viewers got to experience the players develop and execute new strategies on the fly like speed pushing, counter-kills and risky baits. This event is just an extension of Era7's design principles, combining Esportsfi and NFT features to create an accessible, competitive experience while maintaining speedy gameplay. The developers claim that Era7's matches only take three minutes to complete, optimizing the experience for mobile players. Era7, which launched six months ago, has been ranked as one of the top BNB Chain projects for its long-term sustainability using esports and strategic gameplay. Using its position as one of blockchain gaming's most popular esports games, Era7 is planning to "promote the ecological construction of Esportsfi," continue to innovate within the Web3 esports field and build a long-term competitive format for its game. Era7's esports developments and ecosystem Era7 has also been implementing improvements to competitive tournaments. While many esports tournaments, such as Dota 2's The International, utilize a crowdfunding model to form the prize pool, Era7 determines the prize pool by digital asset placement. The main benefit this has over crowdfunding is ensuring adding revenue sources for all players and increasing the stability of the prize pool. Players can know precisely how much they will earn for placing at an event and will be more motivated, wrote Era7 in a press release. Players can generate value and have opportunities to optimize and innovate their decks by just playing the game as well as learning from others by viewing the decks of top players. Era7 also has a working in-game marketplace and uses a play-to-earn mechanic, allowing competitive players can easily trade for specific cards and earn cash rewards over time. This system enables any player, regardless of financial means, to compete and learn over time. "Era7 establishes an immersive gaming experience with a complete, closed-loop economic ecosystem on which players can earn real money and cash out as and when they choose. Because of this, we have millions of esports users around the world, ready, waiting and excited for the launch of the game," wrote Era7 in its whitepaper. The game has also dedicated itself to growing larger every year through partnerships and ecosystem development. Partnering with NFT marketplace Element, Era7 will host six to eight seasons of the World Cup Tournament every year. The company expects the competitive prize pool to reach $5 million by 2023, giving competitive players great incentives to compete and develop the game's strategies to find an edge over their opponents.

META8 prevails in Axie Infinity’s largest tournaments

Web3-focused esports team META8 emerged triumphant in the two largest Axie Infinity events, including the recently concluded Axie Infinity's first World Championship, and took home a combined $229,000 in winnings. Theeban "1437" Siva was a dominant force in the Axie Infinity "Origins" tournament at AxieCon, claiming the title without dropping a single game. He previously competed in other esports titles such as Dota 2 on well-known teams such as Cloud9 and Dignitas before moving to play Axie Infinity. There, he co-founded the META8 guild alongside Youtuber and content creator Elijah. https://twitter.com/philipla/status/1568651955701964800"We wanted to have the best possible team, and something that's just all about competing and making each other better and stronger. We were making sure that the players in our guild are able to fulfill their dreams of being full-time players, essentially," said Siva, as per Decrypt. Siva is also joined by Sebastián "Superchería" Pozzo, who was previously active in the Magic: The Gathering scene for over a decade, placing fifth at the 2019 World Championship for Magic: The Gathering Arena. It's worth noting that Pozzo briefly retired from Axie Infinity due to the release of the "Origins" version of the game, which he did not enjoy as much. However, he came out of hiatus due to the World Championship being played on the legacy version of the game and ended up claiming his first competitive tournament title. "It was amazing. I've done pretty well in 'Magic', but I had never earned a major, individual title. This was something special, because going home knowing that nothing could have gone any better is unique," Pozzo said. Axie Infinity and META8's plans for the future Due to its previously collapsing economy, the developers of Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis, have changed the game's reward structure and core gameplay to revitalize the player base and become more approachable to the mainstream audience. The "Origins" version has free-to-play trial monsters to get new players to compete and play faster while also changing the gameplay in significant ways. Gameplay changes include the removal of random critical hits, the use of simplified stats to promote "a fast, turn-based game design", as well as the introduction of various equipable items to enhance gameplay richness and possibilities. Sky Mavis also previously announced at AxieCon that the competitive aspect of the game would continue to be supported, with over $2 million in AXS tokens being offered as grants to develop the Axie Infinity esports ecosystem. According to Siva, this competitive focus separates Axie Infinity from the other NFT games on offer. "A lot of Web3 games are about, 'OK, how can we make the most amount of money from our users?' and are kind of forsaking the entertainment aspect of the game," said Siva. Since META8 is looking to branch out to compete in other Web3 games, Siva was asked by Decrypt if he thought that the META8 Axie Infinity team could remain dominant in the future due to the organization potentially splitting focus from the game. The pro player replied that there was "no doubt" that his team would continue to dominate the scene.

LoL Worlds Odds: Get the Best LoL Worlds 2022 Odds!

Welcome to our guide that shows you where you can get the best LoL Worlds odds. LoL Worlds is the largest esports tournament on Earth, and so all bookmakers will be trying to put on the best possible LoL Worlds 2022 odds. We’ve shortlisted those LoL betting sites that can be relied upon to give you the best price for your LoL Worlds betting. Take a look below to see the League of Legends bettings sites with superior odds for this epic esports tournament! Latest League of Legends Worlds Odds [odds-comparison-table game="league-of-legends" maxentries="15"] Different kinds of LoL Worlds odds If you bet on LoL Worlds, then the chances are that you’ll either be betting on the match winner or the winner of the whole competition. However, there are many different kinds of esports odds for each game, and League of Legends is no different. Here are some cool LoL betting options to consider: Match winner: For example, will T1 beat EDward Gaming? Tournament winner: Will JD Gaming lift the Summoner’s Cup? Map winner: Such as betting on Gen.G to win map one Region of winner: Like, will a LPL team win this year’s LoL Worlds? Correct score: Predict the final score of games won at the end of a match Objectives: Such as whether DWG KIA destroy the first tower or G2 Esports kill the first dragon What LoL Worlds 2022 odds should you bet on? There are plenty of key contenders for this year’s LoL Worlds, but you can’t really look past DWG Kia. The team has changed its name from Damwon Gaming, and they won a trophy in the past couple of years. This year though, there are teams like Gen.G, JD Gaming, and Top Esports that look like the best on paper. However, we may see huge upsets from the so-called underdogs, such as T1, EDward Gaming, or even Rogue. However, there are plenty of challengers in the mix, with Royal Never Give Up also looking very promising, even though they will try to make their way to the top from the play-ins because of their regional performance at the LPL 2022 Summer Split. Royal Never Give Up failed to show their dominance against teams like JD Gaming and Top Esports during the regional challenge. However, the Worlds 2022 stage might be their place to shine this year. The reigning MSI 2021 champions are ready to take on the challenge, and they may even have the upper hand, starting from the play-ins and having time to practice and test out different strategies against weaker teams. Any esports competition with star teams like Fnatic, MAD Lions, and Evil Geniuses are going to be rough as the competition in the play-ins looks even closer than last year. The levels of each team seem very close, and this will affect LoL Worlds odds for sure. Fnatic’s take on Beyond Gaming and Evil Geniuses will be the toughest to predict, as these teams may upset them without a flinch. On the other side of the competition, DRX and Royal Never Give Up are going to face each other in what is surely the toughest matchup of the play-in stage, in the most awaited esports tournaments of the year. Don’t forget about live LoL Worlds odds Esports and live betting work wonderfully well together, and by visiting one of our recommended betting sites, you’ll get great live odds and perhaps even free live streaming too. It can take a fair amount of skill to take advantage of the constantly changing live odds, but it can be a great way to get a better return from your LoL Worlds bets. Plus we have to say that live esports betting is great fun too! Stick with us to always bet on the best LoL Worlds 2022 odds By now you’ll know that it pays to experiment with LoL Worlds odds. The worst thing that you can do is to settle for the first LoL odds that you see. Instead, check out our shortlisted bookmakers and you’ll find competitive odds on a massive number of betting markets. This means that you can hunt around to make sure that you’re getting the best value for your LoL bets. After all, while LoL Worlds can be notoriously unpredictable, at least with our help you can be sure of getting the best esports odds on the market. [cta id=2581 type=geo]

LoL Worlds Betting 2022: Your League of Legends World Championship Crash Course

Want to bet on LoL Worlds 2022? You’re in the right place as this whole page will show you what LoL Worlds betting is all about. From examining the LoL World 2022 format to showing you where to watch LoL World 2022, it’s all here. So take a look below to get acquainted with the LoL 2022 Worlds schedule and start League of Legends Worlds betting! LoL Worlds has a special place in the esports ecosystem. Not only does it consistently make headlines with its record-breaking viewership figures, but the fact that it’s the ultimate end-of-the-year tournament for the largest competitive game is the icing on top of the metaphorical cake. The League of Legends World Championship is set to be the biggest gaming event yet, so here’s everything that makes this League of Legends tournament stand out from the rest! LoL Worlds 2022 Format: Play-Ins and Main Event A huge part of what makes Worlds exciting is the format. This is one of the longest esports tournaments in the esports ecosystem and it’s worth understanding how the LoL Worlds 2022 schedule works. The League of Legends World Championship breaks new heights every year, with 2020 and 2021 tournaments being two of the biggest tournaments (until 2022?). This way, the LoL Worlds 2020 prize pool reached $2.34 million while the LoL Worlds final viewership reached 49.95 million; a number which happens to be the biggest in the esports scene back in the days, before Worlds 2021 broke the record, reaching over 73 million included the giant Chinese market. Understanding match weighting at LoL Worlds The tournament is split into two parts: the Play-In Stage and the Main Event. The Play-In stage pits twelve first-place teams from emerging regions in a battle against each other as they go through a Bo1 single round-robin group stage. Afterwards, the #1 team from each group will complete the play-in challenge and automatically qualify for the main event. However, the main event needs two more teams to fill the gap, which will be clear after the clash of the remaining teams. The last teams in each group will bid farewell to the international stage. The second-seeded teams are going to take a bye and wait for their rivals in the final stage, while the third and the fourth seeders of each group will battle against each other to face the second-seed team of the opposite group, which will be waiting in the final stage as mentioned. The winners of the final stage will meet the best teams in the world at the League of Legends World Championship 2022 Main Event Group Stage. From then, LoL Worlds betting odds will be clear once the last teams complete the schedule. This is where the real action starts. The LoL Worlds Main Event is an all-out brawl between the best League of Legends teams in the world, as they kick it off with a Bo1 double round robin-group stage. Of course, this setting bears a striking resemblance to the Play-In stage format, but the stakes are much higher here, so no one wants to go out without giving a good fight. Once the dust settles, the top-2 teams from each group qualify for the Main Event playoffs to challenge each other in Bo5 matches. The competition is stiff, as only the best of the best get to this point, so each Bo5 match is a flurry of fast-paced action and split-second macro calls. And, by the end of it all, the team that remains standing gets a significant chunk of the multi-million dollar prize pool and the title of the  #1 League of Legends team in the world. Amazing matches from LoL Worlds In 2011 the first World Championship took place, setting a milestone for the esports industry as, for the first time, a game tournament has given all that attention globally instead of just in Asia or the US. But as the big step for the esports scene was taken, an important step to the League of Legend’s history was going on as well. In the very grand finale of the first LoL Worlds, the player “YellOwStaR” managed to aim an ECA with his Ashe to hit Peter Meisrimel at the other side of the map. This single move made an important opening which granted “against All authority” to tie the second round against Fnatic. While Fnatic was finally known as the first team to win a world championship, aAa left a nice stamp in the World Championship’s history on one single match. Even then, Korean teams were still the ones at the top, something that was accounted for when they participated in the world cups from the second season and on. But in season 3 this became law, as the legendary SKT1 led by Faker took the cup for the first time. These guys would later win seasons 5 and 6, and even get second place in season 7. Dates and LoL Worlds Format 2022 Twenty-four teams have qualified for the LoL Worlds tournament, and you’ll have to do your research into each team to know why teams to try some LoL Worlds Betting on. Here’s the LoL Worlds 2022 schedule: [su_table responsive="yes"] September 11, 2022 - 6:00 pm EST Worlds Draw Show Teams divided into groups for the Play-In Stage and the Group Stage September 29 - October 3 Play-In Round 1 Top teams advance to Group Stage, Second, third and fourth teams go to Play-In: Round 2, 2 Teams Eliminated. October 3 - 4 Play-In Round 2 2 Teams advance to Group Stage, 4 Teams Eliminated October 7 - 16 Group Stage 8 Teams (top two teams in each group) advance to Playoffs, 8 Teams Eliminated October 20 - 30 Playoffs All matches are single elimination brackets, Best of 5. November 5th LoL Worlds Finals Final match. [/su_table] Where to watch LoL Worlds 2022? LoL Worlds streaming is official via Twitch, through the official account of Riot Games; they also own and will stream through their YouTube Gaming channel.  On the other hand, several sports channels around the world will probably look for coverage, yet the list is still unknown. Alternatively, you can watch LoL Worlds streaming live at the top of this page. [su_divider style="double" divider_color="#999" link_color="#fef43f" size="0" margin="-10"] The teams should factor in your LoL Worlds betting: From Yagao to Chovy Perhaps the best thing about this tournament format is that everyone gets to prove their worth. Every region comes with its own play style and competitive meta, and the League of Legends World Championship is the perfect place for all of them to come together. Combine that with the fact that fans get to cheer for the teams that represent their regions, and it’s easy to see why Worlds is so popular. But, which are the best teams to follow in the LoL Worlds and who has the best esports odds? As the tournament develops, several teams move in and out of the roster, yet some names seem to prevail. Recently the League of Legends World Championship has featured key teams like the following to factor into your esports betting. The teams below are the ones that will decide the LoL Worlds odds. LCK (Korea) Gen.G (Main Event) T1 (Main Event) DWG KIA (Main Event) DRX (Play-in) LPL (China) JD Gaming (Main Event) Top Esports (Main Event) EDward Gaming (Main Event) Royal Never Give Up (Play-in) LEC (Europe) G2 Esports (Main Event) Rogue (Main Event) Fnatic (Play-in) MAD Lions (Play-in) LCS (North America) Cloud9 (Main Event) 100 Thieves (Main Event) Evil Geniuses (Play-in) PCS (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, and Southeast Asia) CTBC Flying Oyster (Main Event) Beyond Gaming (Play-in) VCS (Vietnam) GAM Esports (Main Event) Saigon Buffalo (Play-in) TCL (Turkey) İstanbul Wildcats (Play-in) CBLoL (Brazil) LOUD (Play-in) LLA (Latin America) Isurus (Play-in) LJL (Japan) Detonation FocusMe (Play-in) LCO (Oceania) Chiefs eSports Club (Play-in) LCL (Commonwealth of Independent States) Due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, LCL’s starting date was moved to a later date, and the league failed to complete its schedule on time. There will not be a team representing the Commonwealth of Independent States at Worlds 2022. Riot Games decided to give LCL’s slot to LEC, and they now have two teams to compete in play-ins. Key players who could upset your League of Legends Worlds betting Every LoL esports league has its superstars — the apex predators that have already dominated their respective regions. At LoL Worlds, the greats fight against their equals. With that, you can see dozens of matchups you wouldn’t be able to witness otherwise. This year, the individual level of the competition has risen to a different level, a level we have not witnessed so far. JDG’s Yagao and Gen.G’s Chovy are some of the notables on the list but actually the list starts from Asia and reaches almost every region of the world, including players like caPs, Closer, and Jensen. These players’ performances decide the LoL Worlds betting odds, in a way. Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed. Worlds is where the best go to leave their names and legacies in history, so winning an event like the 2022 League of Legends World Championship is the dream of every LoL esports pro-gamer. And when you consider the passion, pressure, and performances that emerge as a result of this drive, it’s hard to resist the urge to tune in to a LoL Worlds stream. LoL Worlds 2022 Prize Pool In the past two years, the prize was $2,225,000. It is expected to remain as it is for the upcoming challenge. Possibly the first place will win $1,000,000 in prize money, just like the previous two years. Curiosities of the tournament After a very long time, the competition returns to North America, to the place where League of Legends and Riot Games were founded. Even though the pandemic has lost its strict regulations, there are still precautions that have to be taken and these will probably be revealed once more information is given. [related_operator] Pushing Limits: The New Era of Competition The 2020 League of Legends World Championship became a huge milestone and helped the rise of many LoL betting sites. A decade or two ago, an event of this magnitude would be nigh unthinkable. Now, Worlds regularly pulls hundreds of millions of viewers for its most anticipated matches—a testament to the growth of the global esports ecosystem. Granted, it’s hard to tell whether competitive gaming will continue to grow at such a rapid pace. But the sole fact that it’s gotten to this point is already impressive in and of itself. And no matter how you look at it, Worlds will be a tournament to remember even when esports evolve to new titles. Betting on the LoL Worlds Cup Of course, several fans of the game are already looking forward to bet on LoL Worlds 2022, so we decided to give you a small heads-up here about what you need to know before betting. Keep in mind that you may also need some LoL Worlds betting tips! 1. Betting markets Betting markets for the tournament are special, this is because LoL Worlds betting is based on a larger tournament, and some categories that can’t be found in minor events just open up. Outright betting One of the best-known betting markets and LoL betting lines is direct betting. Unlike other bets, you play for the “whole in” giving it a single shot. This type of bet is usually the most effective, and games like League of Legends have gained fame because it allows people to bet on unique games. It is an easy way to win money, although in some cases things can change. On this betting market, you can aim to place who the winners will be at each stage of the tournament, who the winning team will be, or even the region to which the winning team belongs. When going for this type of betting, you can just use the esports odds given by your bookmakers. Before the tournament starts, services like Unikrn and Betway, among other LoL betting sites, already have somewhat trustworthy odds based on classifier tournaments. Nevertheless, doing your homework on the teams will always give you an advantage. System betting Systematic bets are a way of tempting luck due to the number of moves to be made. This type of bet is made in a way that you can choose several predictions to which you place your money. This betting market is usually seen as a safety move. For example, if you bet on 3 matches of the play-in round, you could get a winning profit by having 2/3 results right, while having 1/3 could also even your losses if the won match had the biggest odds. Now, the thing with LoL Worlds betting is that you can find a never-ending range of betting options to add to your system. So, let’s say that you lost the match-winner prediction, but got all the most kills/assistance/deaths predictions, then your numbers may just be green. Special Bets Special bets are a category that is rarely found in common bettors’ choices. In the case of the League of Legends, this type of betting allows for the inclusion of certain events that give more flavor to the bets. An example of this type of betting could be how many dragons a team will get, who will take Baron Nashor first, or who will spill the first blood. This type of betting has become common in some places, but in others, it is still seen as a special occasion. Moving on, if you choose to aim to use this type of market, knowing the synergy of each team and the balance between champions can be key, for which we recommend looking for live betting when it comes to the League of Legends World Championship. 2. Best places to bet Choosing a place to bet on some LoL betting lines can turn into a nuisance, so here is a list of the best places if you’re looking for quality LoL Worlds odds: [cta id=3555 type=geo] 3. LoL Worlds 2022 Teams to look for Each team participating in the tournament has an interesting backstory, and so the LoL Worlds betting odds may give you a headache if you don’t know them right. Here is a little bit about the teams that are going to the tournament in 2022: Cloud9: C9 is one of the most respected esports organizations in the world, thanks to its long history and achievements. Their roster looks better than before as they swept 100 Thieves in the LCS 2022 Summer Split Grand Final and they are ready to surprise more at the international event. JD Gaming: They had a very impressive run at the regional tournament. LPL is a league that is full of talented players and professional organizations, and winning such a tournament is very hard and needs lots of concentration. JD Gaming managed to accomplish that and they are now one of the favorites of the title. Gen.G: With Chovy and Peanut’s lead, Gen.G won the LCK title, sweeping T1 in the grand final. The roster is stacked, and the players are eager to earn more trophies. Rogue: After years and years of waiting, Rogue lifted the LEC trophy this season, sweeping G2 Esports in the grand final. 4.  Players to look at These players may give you a hint on the upcoming challenge, LoL Worlds betting tips, in other words. Yagao (JD Gaming Mid Laner): JD Gaming had a great run at LPL 2022 Summer Split and Yagao was the headliner for the organization. He won the Finals MVP award with his insane skills, communication, and map control. Chovy (Gen.G Mid Laner): Chovy is considered the best player in the world right now. He was among those talented rookies back in the days that took the throne from Faker and now he turned his attention to the Worlds trophy. Broken Blade (G2 Esports Top Laner): G2 Esports once again formed a very competitive roster, and Broken Blade is one of the most talented on the lineup. His Turkish and German roots gave him the ability to play any champion on the top side of the map, and he is one of the most dangerous players fn the European esports organization. Jensen (Cloud9 Mid Laner): After spending many years under the Team Liquid roof, Jensen made his return to the organization that he proved his name under, C9. He had an impressive run at the LCS 2022 Summer Split, and now he is back at the top level.



Gold Fur BAYC NFT sold for nearly $1 million amid crypto winter

Despite a winter in the crypto market, Bored Apes Yacht Club (BAYC), the most popular non-fungible token (NFT) collection in cryptocurrency, sold the NFT Gold Fur Bored Ape #232 via the secondary market on Thursday for 800 ETH or approximately $927,000. A well-known pseudonymous collector who goes by the name Keungz bought the tokenized profile picture (PFP) from Deepak Thapliyal, the CEO of web3 infrastructure company Chain. This Gold Fur Ape is one of the incredibly rare avatars, ranking 324th out of 10,000 NFTs, according to Rarity Tools data. Golden fur is only found in about 0.5 percent of apes. Bored Apes are typically valued based on their attributes, with the laser eyes, crown and golden fur traits being the most desired. Keung's total cost makes it the most expensive Bored Ape NFT purchased in quite some time, surpassing the Brotherly Gold Fur Ape #5853, which recently sold for 777 ETH. “Thanks @dt_chain [Thapliyal] for the good deal⚓️,” Keung wrote on Twitter. https://twitter.com/NftDropsCal/status/1595784050945441793The Chain CEO is an established NFT collector, having paid CryptoPunk #5822 for 8,000 ETH or $23.7 million at the time for a single NFT earlier this year. After FTX's demise impacted his company, he tweeted that he would sell his rare NFTs but later took down those tweets. Many Bored Ape NFTs have plummeted in value, including one bought this year for $1.3 million in ETH by musician Justin Bieber, which is currently only worth about $69,000. The most recent Bored Ape sale to exceed $1 million happened on October 1, when Bored Ape #8585 sold for 777 ETH or $1.02 million. ETH was approximately 13 percent more valuable at the time. The Bored Apes gained momentum as a result of Keung's purchase. Average BAYC sales went up by 29 percent in the last seven days, according to NFT Price Floor. Furthermore, the lowest sale increased by 34 percent. Bored Ape sold for 35 ETH. It is substantially more than the cheapest Bored Apes NFTs sold for 1-2 ETH in secondary markets instantly after FTX collapsed. The sale of BAYC #232 was followed immediately by the purchase of BAYC #1268 on November 24 between two unidentified wallets for 780 ETH, nearly $940,000 at the time of the transaction. NFTs aren’t dead yet. Data from DappRadar and Dune show that overall NFT sales have been declining, with sales in the secondary market equaling $700 million in October, in contrast to $5.36 billion in January. BAYC Collection Ethereum NFTs have been demonstrating a dominant position in the NFT market, keeping it active. Over a month, the BAYC and CryptoPunk Collection ruled the rankings, garnering over half a million USD. Furthermore, the volume of transactions in the BAYC collection accelerated by more than 45 percent in the last 30 days. More than $36 million in trades were finalized during this period, with 473 traders and 392 sales. https://twitter.com/AviAisenberg/status/1595492032637796352The NFT market is still struggling to recover from the FTX scandal. Despite that, the Bored Apes NFT is gaining more popularity than ever. KINGSHIP, the first metaverse network band of Bored Ape NFT avatars, is about to release its debut album.

BinaryX announces development of open-world MMO CyberLand

BinaryX, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, has announced the development of CyberLand, an open-world MMO powered by blockchain technology. It recently released a concept video depicting the game's landscapes and features. CyberLand signifies the company's official departure from play-to-earn models. It will be the platform's first play-to-own game in the metaverse, giving players control over resource production. The Web3 game will enable players to create value incrementally by creating their storylines and choosing their future. It also gives them a greater sense of ownership by allowing them to generate their own assets, construct their own houses and farm their materials and products to expand their empires. These assets can also be bought and sold on the open market. BinaryX global head of business operations and development Chun Sim said CyberLand is their effort to make Web3 games better and more expansive. Chun said the company hopes CyberLand is just the beginning of many exciting games on the Web3 ecosystem. The team has been hard at work on the game's beta version so that players can try it out and discover the potential of brand-new free-to-play, pay-to-own games for themselves. The announcement revitalized the BinaryX cryptocurrency $BNX, giving it some flair to significantly increase ahead after a sharp drop on November 22, 2022. The market took a sharp turn on Tuesday, and the $BNX dropped to a low of $138.94 by Wednesday morning, causing investors to panic. The $BNX is trading at around 171.22 at the time of writing. https://twitter.com/robustus/status/1595514212658339842CyberLand’s Gameplay CyberLand currently has four landscapes ⁠— snowfields, plains, deserts, and swamps. Ownership of any land in the game is granted by owning the NFT of that land. Adventures in the game begin in an ideal open world with abundant natural resources. Within the lands, players will confront violent monsters while gathering resources. These include minerals, wood, gems, stones, food and other items. Most activities in CyberLand require some primary resources. Players can use blueprints to build various structures by spending resources and materials. After constructing a system, players can begin hiring NPCs such as blacksmiths, traders, auction houses, pharmacists, and so on to boost the country’s infrastructure. Landowners can form their guilds and empires, recruit new players and start wars against other cities to expand the kingdom and amass vast resources. There also will be special events, with prize pools comprising the vast majority of the money spent by CyberLand players. CyberLand's economic system The game includes an in-game trading marketplace that is entirely off-chain. All in-game resource transactions incur no gas fees. They can also be converted into on-chain assets and marketed on DEXes and CEXes. The marketplace is also entirely player-driven, meaning players can buy and sell land in the game. They also control setting land and resource prices by selling the products they generate. CyberLand also simulates the real trading economy in a peer-to-peer marketplace, where market resource demand and supply directly impact market prices. CyberLand's primary currency is $BNX. Players can utilize it in the game for various purposes, including purchasing lands or rewarding leaderboard winners. The team plans to add social-related features in the future. These include intimacy features and friend systems to offer an immersive metaverse experience, allowing players to generate, organize and post monetized content on a shared network. Cyberland is also working on an on-chain wallet for integrated cryptocurrency transactions within the game.

ApeCoin DAO launches community-driven NFT marketplace for BAYC, MAYC, more

ApeCoin DAO has launched a community-driven non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace that will offer Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC) and Otherdeed for Otherside (OTHR) NFTs. The ApeCoin community has been eagerly waiting for an ApeCoin marketplace since August. A few corporations had expressed interest in developing the marketplace, including Magic Eden's, whose proposal was turned down, and Rarible, who withdrew its proposal. Former DoorDash employees and founders of Snag Solutions Zach Heerwagen and Jason Jongs collaborated and successfully gained community support. Heerwagen's proposal to establish an ApeCoin marketplace received 88 percent of the votes to create the platform. “It was a really interesting process,” Heerwagen said. “We were small enough and nimble enough to adjust our entire business approach to win.” It was not an easy road for Snag Solutions. The company had initially requested a $50,000 down payment and higher overall fees. The community was unconvinced, and the team quickly reworked its model in response to higher-profile, lower-fee proposals from Magic Eden and Rarible. In addition, they also decided to drop the upfront payment request and whittled down its fees. Since Magic Eden's proposal was feature-rich and built by a market leader, the team shifted their innovative contract stack to be entirely on-chain and open-source. It allowed them to leverage the narrative that Magic Eden is relatively centralized and does not adhere to Web3 values. Magic Eden's filed a rather different proposal from Snag Solutions with a 1.5 percent base marketplace fee that could be reduced to 0.75 percent based on certain variables. These included a 0.5 percent discount for users who buy with ApeCoin and another 0.25 percent discount for users who own an NFT from specific Bored Ape-related projects. Magic Eden's proposal, which was voted on the same week in September, received only 40 percent positive votes. Rarible's proposal sat for a long time, and it was not put to the ballot until this month, long after Snag Solution's proposal had been approved, with only 14 percent of votes in favor of a Rarible ApeCoin marketplace. Why establish a new marketplace? ApeCoin holders need a custom marketplace because it will allow for lower fees than the other marketplaces. The ApeCoin marketplace charges 0.5 percent on ETH transactions and 0.25 percent on ApeCoin transactions. It keeps 0.25 percent of each sale in a multi-signature wallet to fund prospective decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) efforts. “Snag exists to support creators by unbundling marketplaces, and we're excited to partner with the ApeCoin community to replace the status quo with a product that respects royalties while heavily reducing fees,” Heerwagen said on Twitter. The ApeCoin DAO community will receive half of all seller fees and creator royalties from the new marketplace. In addition to providing lower transaction fees, it also offers collections of social and data tooling, helping buyers avoid being scammed by fake NFTs. Unfortunately, the new ApeCoin marketplace does not currently support other Yuga Labs collections such as Meebits, CryptoPunks or the newly purchased Beeple-created 10KTF. The marketplace, like ApeCoin DAO, is not directly associated with the company.

First metaverse K-Pop concerts to take place this month

The first metaverse K-Pop festival, 2022 New Beginnings with K-Pop: STAR IZ BORN, will take place this month. It will feature an immersive video and audio VR experience using 360o 3D ultra-realistic graphics. The concerts provide a one-of-a-kind interactive experience with global avatar viewers. The event aims to bring artists and the audience closer to eliminate the limitations of in-person shows, where it is challenging to enjoy a performance properly due to the distance between the action and the audience. This metaverse festival is a global event that welcomes fans and artists worldwide with a mission to tackle physical limitations such as venue and movement constraints in face-to-face concerts. As previously mentioned, the concerts will offer a new experience through the use of surround 3D sound effects. Concert-goers can experience a feeling of being physically present there only with earphones. Fans can access the metaverse festival on the ASIMULA app for a fully immersive VR experience with Meta Quest. Those who do not own a Meta Quest can enjoy it as a multiplayer online 3D video game-like simulation on their PC or smartphone. The stages comprise three highlight songs from each Starizborn lineup — AleXa, MCND, KAACHI, W24, and DKZ. As the opening stage, the DKZ stage is free to attend. All that is required is a visit to starizborn.com. Star iz Born stages Last summer, KOCCA, PISON CONTENTS, The DIRECTOR, ASIMULA, and Bigo Live collaborated to organize a new K-Pop audition program for Star iz Born. It was the world's first VR concert audition program, open to anyone interested in K-Pop, regardless of ethnicity, age or gender. The audition resulted in the selection of five lucky finalists, who will travel to Seoul, South Korea, to collaborate with one of the greatest artists of K-Pop. One of the winners is singer Alsa Aqilah from Indonesia, who will perform on the AleXa stage. Aqilah has 10 million followers on TikTok. Holly S-F, the winner of the UK National K-pop dance competition Produce 101 Reading, will perform on the MCND stage. The KAACHI stage will feature singer Johnny Copley, also from the United Kingdom. Copley creates K-Pop-related content as a composer and lyricist and has 630K YouTube subscribers. Lastly, DJ PiNK from South Korea will perform as HiRa, a virtual human influencer, on the W24 stage. The event will be live-streamed worldwide over three days, with the first day beginning on November 25 at 8:00 p.m. Chicago CST and the last day starting on November 27 at 8:00 p.m. London GMT. The tickets for all stages and schedules cost $20 on Eventbrite and the event's Facebook page. This concert is co-organized by KOCCA and MusicSpray, a PISON CONTENTS service that offers an online platform for music distribution and publishing worldwide. PISON CONTENTS focuses on establishing a sustainable music business by using data science and artificial intelligence. KOCCA was established in May 2009 following the merger of five organizations — the Korean Broadcasting Institute, the Korea Culture & Content Agency, and the Korea Game Agency — to develop Korea into one of the world's top content juggernauts.

Online Money Games

mystake casino

MyStake Casino: Top 5 Best Games at Mystake Casino

Welcome to our guide to the best games at MyStake casino. You’ll probably already know that this is a hugely popular crypto casino, but you might need a little help figuring out which games to play. Thankfully, we’ve done all of the hard work for you by preparing a shortlist of those crypto casino games that serve as the perfect guide for what MyStake is all about. So take a look below to see the best MyStake casino games! [related_operator] What’s available at the MyStake casino? If you’ve read our MyStake casino review, you’ll know that this crypto casino isn’t exactly short of online gaming options. Many of these come from legendary developers like Red Tiger, Pragmatic Play and Play ’n Go, but MyStake has even created its own casino games too. This means you’ll find thousands of quality slot games and table games, and there are even lots of cool live casino games to play. What’s best is the fact that MyStake gives you lots of incentives to try these games. From the massive welcome bonus to the cool promotions and tournaments, you’ll find that MyStake has something for every level of gamer. So join us as we see your gaming options at this awesome crypto casino! Our pick of the best MyStake casino games While MyStake includes lots of regular slots and table games, we wanted to show you a few games that illustrate why this crypto casino is a little different from the rest. This means focusing on some of the cool mini-games featured at MyStake that you won’t necessarily find anywhere else.  While these games may look a little simplistic, we found that they offer you a refreshing way to balance risk and reward. Plus, some of the multipliers in these mini-games can be truly spectacular. So put your online slots strategy to one side and take a look at how these mini-games are redefining casino gaming! 1. Chicken ➜ MyStake’s ultimate game Like the classic game Mines? Then you’ll love Chicken. This is just like Mine, except that you have to turn over some meal dishes, and underneath there will either be a chicken (yay!) or a pile of bones (boo!). If you manage to get a chicken, you can proceed to the next round or cash out with your current multiplier. However, if you get bones, then you’ll lose your bet. Simple! The normal game of Chicken features a 5x5 grid, but this game has some cool features that let you toy around with its difficulty. This means that you can make it harder to land a chicken but, at the same time, improve what multipliers you get. Just so you know, you can bet on Chicken from the equivalent of $0.20 at a time, while the maximum bet goes up to $1,000. Chicken probably isn’t going to win any awards for complex gameplay or graphical ingenuity. This is because it’s another one of those crypto casino games that features basic graphics, but it gives you a fun way to play against the laws of probability. Simply put, the longer you keep playing, the bigger your rewards may be, but the greater your chances are of losing.  While Chicken is a simple game, it has some massive multipliers, which means you could win anywhere up to $10,000. What’s best is the fact that this game comes with a seriously impressive RTP of 99%. All this shows that crypto gambling could give you some pretty tasty returns! 2. Dino ➜ MyStake lets you play this awesome title Dino is a hugely popular crypto casino game that features the basic mechanics of something like Aviator or Crash but with a distinctly prehistoric theme. This means that you basically see a dinosaur running across an ancient landscape, and it’ll get hit by an asteroid sooner or later.  Your job is to make a prediction on when the asteroid will land. If you predict right, then you’ll win a handy multiplier. If you predict wrong, the dinosaur will be flattened, and you’ll lose your stake. So simply put, you have to predict a multiplier, and if your dinosaur makes it that far, you’ll get your stake multiplied by that multiplier to give you your winnings.  So that’s the basics of Dino. Let’s have a look under the hood to see how this crypto casino game works. You can place your bets manually or automatically, and the bets can go anywhere between $0.20 and $1,000. The minimum multiplier is a pretty feeble 1x, meaning that the dinosaur will get flattened where it begins, but the maximum multiplier is an astronomical 10,000x.  As such, it’s a seriously simple casino game, and while the graphics look like a 1980s kids’ cartoon, Dino is great fun to play. After all, you’ll get to see what kinds of multipliers other gamers are hitting in real-time. Just remember that the RTP hovers between 95% and 95.9%, which is still better than most slot games you will be playing. So for a top crypto casino game with a prehistoric twist, be sure to give Dino a try! 3. Icefield ➜ MyStake only features the best Think that yetis are terrifying snowy beasts? Think again! This is because Icefield has a yeti that’s the cutest and cuddliest creature that’s hit any crypto casino site. Icefield is a crypto casino game where you must guide the yeti across icy terrain. Sounds simple, right? Well, this ice field has some scary weak spots in the ice, and if your yeti hits one of these thin patches, it’ll fall through the ice with devastating consequences! So how do you actually play Icefield? Well, like most of the crypto casino games featured at MyStake, you start by entering your stake and then predicting what multiplier the yeti will reach. If the yeti makes it as far as your multiplier without falling through the ice, you’ll get your stake back multiplied by the multiplier. However, if the yeti doesn’t make it that far, you’ll lose your stake and have to watch your furry friend suffer its icy fate! One of our favorite things about Icefield is the fact that it includes a cool cashout feature. So if you have an inkling that the yeti isn’t going to make it to your specified multiplier, you can simply cash your bet out early, save the yeti and pick up the multiplier that the yeti had reached. Other important things to note include that Icefield has a generous RTP of 99%, and you can make bets anywhere between $0.10 and $1,000 at a time or whatever your currency equivalent is. So fire up Icefield and guide your yeti friend to safety! 4. Plinko ➜ MyStake’s take on pachinko We love this simple game of chance. This is because Plinko is a crypto casino game that’s based on the classic Japanese game of pachinko. Here you’ll simply watch a ball drop from the top of the screen and rebound off lots of pegs before it eventually falls into one of the pockets at the bottom.  Each pocket will be numbered with some kind of multiplier. You’ll find that the pockets on the edge of the screen will have higher multipliers, while those in the middle have lower multipliers. Many customization options let you adjust the difficulty, increase the number of pegs, and so on. All of these should give you a simple but fun way to try your luck against the laws of chance.  5. Hilo ➜ MyStake’s ultimate crypto card game Many people like card games, but the rules can be off-putting for some. Thankfully Hilo is here to save the day. This is because it’s probably the simplest card game we’ve ever seen. All you have to do is guess whether the next card dealt will be a higher or lower value than the previous one. OK, so there is a little more to it than that, but Hilo is definitely a lot easier to play than games like poker and blackjack. Plus, we have to say that some of the multipliers that can be won when playing Hilo will make it all the more worthwhile. Plenty of fun to be had at MyStake casino By now, you’ll understand that there’s no shortage of crypto gaming entertainment at the MyStake casino. This isn’t massively surprising, as MyStake could easily be one of the best crypto casino sites we’ve ever seen. Plus, it should be noted that MyStake seems to keep adding lots of games to its already impressive portfolio. So we’re going to have a real task on our hands keeping up with all of the awesome games that MyStake unveils. Watch this space to see our constantly updated list of the best MyStake casino games! [related_operator]

Top 10 Games at Thunderpick Casino

Welcome to our guide on the best Thunderpick casino games. We’ve spent plenty of time at this crypto casino, and we think that we’re well-placed to show you those games that give you a great taste of what Thunderpick is all about.  [related_operator] There are plenty of games to choose from here, from simple slots to innovative live dealer games, plus Thunderpick has even created some of its own awesome casino gaming titles. So take a deep breath and join us as we examine the top 10 casino games at Thunderpick! What’s on offer at the Thunderpick casino? We must have counted around 3,000 online casino games when we carried out our Thunderpick review. This means that this is easily one of the largest online casino sites currently out there. It also means that you will have a pretty tough task finding out which casino game is right for you. Thankfully, Thunderpick has made sure that you get nothing but quality when you play its games. This is because it features titles from renowned developers like Pragmatic Play, Play ’n Go, Evolution and dozens more top gaming studios. All of this means you can enjoy crypto gambling with great gameplay, awesome graphics, and immersive audio.   You can’t fault Thunderpick for the sheer diversity of casino games on offer. The site features thousands of slots and all of the classic table games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker. Plus, there’s no shortage of video poker, craps, and scratchcards, along with plenty more unusual games that you won’t find elsewhere. We should also note that the Thunderpick live casino is among the best in the business. Sounds good, right? Then keep reading to see those games that are the perfect introduction to the Thunderpick casino.  The 10 best Thunderpick casino games We realize that everyone has their own favorites regarding casino gaming. After all, while some people might prefer the simplicity of slot games, others will want something more immersive, like a live casino game. So we’ve created a shortlist that gives you a good overview of what you’ll find at the Thunderpick casino. Take a look below and find your perfect casino game! Best mini-game ➜ Crash If you’re going to have a list of the best crypto casino games, then you can’t leave Crash out. You might have seen similar versions of this game elsewhere called something like Aviator, but Thunderpick has got it just right with Crash. This is one of its own games that you’re not going to find anywhere else, and it’s seriously easy to play. All you have to do is guess how far across the screen the little rocket reaches before it explodes. If it exceeds your predicted multiplier, you’ll win your bet. If it doesn’t, you lose. Easily one of the simplest yet most fascinating casino games to come out in quite some time! Best slot for payouts ➜ 9 Coins 1000x Edition Sometimes you don’t need weird and wonderful themes regarding slot games. Take Wazdan’s 9 Coins 1000x Edition, that’s the latest in this hit series of slot games. Here you get a cool Cash Infinity mechanic that keeps things interesting, while the Hold the Jackpot bonus round gives you plenty more flexibility in how you play. However, it’s that Grand Jackpot that goes up to 1,000x that could be your main reason for playing. Just don’t forget to adjust the Volatility Levels for bigger and better payouts! Best Megaways game ➜ Aztec Magic Megaways There are many Megaways games out there at the moment, but Aztec Magic is our favorite. This is another slot game from BGaming, and this time the action focuses on the ancient Aztec civilization of Central America. While all of that is fun, the fact that it’s a Megaways game means that there’s a random reel modifier meaning you get more ways to win. Plus, with an RTP of 96.69% and a maximum win of 12,960x, you’ll find Aztec Magic to be of great value. Bear in mind that Megaways games play a little differently to regular slot games, so you might need to adjust your online slots strategy accordingly.  Best slot for multipliers ➜ Book Del Sol OK, this is yet another slot game based on the Aztec civilization, but this one works slightly differently. This is because you can play this game and pick up lots of free spins that give you plenty more multipliers. All of these can give you a much better chance of racking up that main maximum jackpot of 12,330x. We should note that Book Del Sol comes from Playson, one of our favorite developers, as their games are always packed with quality graphics and great gameplay.  Best slot for bonuses ➜ Buffalo Power: Hold and Win Buffalo Power: Hold and Win is another awesome slot game from Playson. While it’s worth playing because of things like the four separate jackpots that go up to 500x, we can’t avoid this slot being part of an awesome promo. This is because Thunderpick has teamed up with Playson to put on a special slot gaming tournament where you can play Buffalo Power: Hold and Win and get a slice of a staggering $70,000 prize pool. What’s best is that you can take part with a stake as small as $0.20! Best jackpot game ➜ Ozwin’s Jackpots While this game bears more than a passing resemblance to the Harry Potter movie series, it’s the fact that the slot is packed full of jackpots that’ll keep you playing. The maximum win you can get here is $24,000, which might not sound like the biggest jackpot, but the fact that the RTP is a healthy 96.7% means you have a fair chance of winning something. We must also mention that Ozwin’s Jackpots come from Yggdrassil, who can always be counted on for superior slot gaming.  Best live casino game ➜ Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette Live There are nearly 300 live casino games at Thunderpick and Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette Live could easily be the best. This takes the classic game of roulette and brings it well into the 21st century. The game is packed with cool features like Lightning Numbers that bring up 500x multipliers, and there are even some Double Strikes that can boost your wins by anywhere up to 2,000x. Don’t forget that Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette Live comes from Evolution Gaming, so you can play against friendly and professional live dealers.  Best blackjack game ➜ Blackjack Multihand Pro We’re massive blackjack fans because it has a favorable house edge. Despite this, there’s no escaping from the fact that blackjack can get a bit samey after a while. This is why we were delighted to see that Thunderpick has included  Blackjack Multihand Pro among its many blackjack variants. This comes from Bgaming, which simply makes it a much more interesting way to play this classic card game. Just remember that you’ll need to master the standard blackjack game before you give Blackjack Multihand Pro a try. Best game show game ➜ Crazy Time This is another awesome live casino game from Evolution Gaming. Crazy Time is based on the same money wheel format as Dream Catcher, but it adds to the fun with lots of special features. For example, there are no less than four bonus games in Crazy Time, and the best thing is that some multipliers go all the way up to 25,000x. We realize that live dealer gaming might not be for everyone, but Crazy Time definitely offers something new and interesting! Most innovative game ➜ Plinko Plinko is a new kind of casino game that’s actually based on the mechanical Japanese game of Pachinko. This version comes from BGaming, and it’s great fun to play. You have to put your bet down and then watch the ball drop from the top of the screen, where it bounces off lots of pegs and lands in one of the slots at the bottom. Each of these slots has its own multiplier that determines how much you win or lose. Simple, but endlessly enjoyable! Keep it here for more about Thunderpick casino games If we've learned one thing here, it’s that Thunderpick has abundant quality and quantity in its casino games. It’s this that has helped Thunderpick make a good case for being the best online crypto casino around at the moment. However, it’s important to note that there is plenty of competition out there, so Thunderpick will have to keep adding many more games to stay competitive. So keep it here to get all of the necessary updates about the latest awesome games to feature at the Thunderpick casino!  [related_operator]

Duelbits Slots: Play the Best Slots on Duelbits

What are the best slots on Duelbits? Good question and one that we are going to answer right here. You’ll probably know that there are hundreds of Duelbits slots games to play, and while they are all good, some are definitely better than others. So we took the time to sift through these slots to show you which give you a good idea of what Duelbits is all about. Keep reading to find your favourite new Duelbits slots! [cta id=3790 type=cta] The Top 10 Best Slots on Duelbits To be honest, there was no way that we could play all of the online money games at Duelbits, as there are thousands to choose from. So we picked a handful of slots that should reveal why Duelbits is such a fun online casino! 1. Best Duelbits Slots for Tournament Gaming: Zombie Carnival We love playing slot games against other people, so we were seriously pleased when we saw that Duelbits had some Drops & Wins games. Zombie Carnival is one of these games, and it comes from the Pragmatic Play games developer. It’s one of the newer Duelbits casino games to land on the site, but it’s already proving popular because if you win big here, you could see your name on a leaderboard table that could help you win a decent share of a big cash prize pool! 2. Best Duelbits Slots for Ways to Win: The Dog House Some slots give you hundreds of ways to win; others give you just a handful. We like Megaways slot games because they have a random reel modifier that means you could face an infinite number of ways to win. There are lots of cool Megaways slots at Duelbits, but The Dog House is our favourite. We don’t just love this because it’s got lots of funny cartoon dogs, but it’s another quality Pragmatic Play slot and is easily one of the most enjoyable ways to play skill games for money! 3. Most Popular Slot at Duelbits: Book of Dead Or, to give it its full title, Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead. This Play ’n Go slot is probably one of the first games people see when they start to play casino games, as it is featured at almost every online casino.  So what about the Book of Dead makes it so popular? Well, we like the Indiana Jones rip-off theme, and it’s got an OK return-to-player ratio of 94.25%. However, it’s the fact that this is a high variant slot with a multiplier of 5,000% that will keep you coming back for more! 4. Best Slot Feature: Rise of Giza There has been no shortage of slot games based on the history of ancient Egypt, but we think that Rise of Giza could be the best yet. After all, it has an amazing Power Nudge feature that gives you a whole new level of flexibility to get the symbols to line up in the way you want. Plus we have to say that this Pragmatic Play slot looks great and plays nicely too! 5. Best Classic Slot Game: 20 Hot Blast Sometimes you just need to play an old-school slot game. We found plenty of these in our Duelbits casino review, but 20 Hot Blast could be our favourite. It’s a slot from the EGT developers and features just 20 paylines. Such a limited amount of paylines might not sound like a lot, but it means that you could win big when you win! 6. Best TV Show Slot: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? There are lots of fun slot games based on TV shows ranging from fantasy hits to epic crime series. However, we’re all suckers for a good quiz show, and we were delighted to see that Duelbits features the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Megaways slot from Big Time Gaming. So, not only is this slot based on one of the most iconic quiz shows of all time, but the fact that it’s a Megaways slot means that you could face a much better chance of getting that win.  7. Most fun slot at Duelbits - Hit the Gold You’ll probably have heard lots of things about how Duelbits is the best online crypto casino because it takes payments in Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. While that’s all true, we just like Duelbits because it’s a lot of fun. So if it’s fun you’re after, you might as well just go straight to the Hit the Gold slot. This is because this Booongo slot game has an awesome Hold and Win feature that’s just as effective as it sounds.  8. Best Slot for Bonuses: Roman Legion This Gamomat slot isn’t the first casino game to be themed around Roman history, but it could be the most enjoyable. After all, this slot has an awesome Golden Nights bonus that takes it way beyond being just another regular slot. So spin the reels of Roman Legion and see if you can activate that awesome bonus round! 9. Best Sounding Slot: Punk Rocker We think that too many slot games sound absolutely terrible. Surely we can expect a little more than just endlessly repeated muzak when you play 21st-century casino sites. Thankfully, this is something that Duelbits understands as it’s given us the endlessly fun Punk Rocker slot. OK, this No Limit City slot isn’t going to win any Grammys, but it at least shows us that slot gaming doesn’t have to be about listening to bland dance music! 10. Best Game That’s Not a Slot: Rocket Dice OK, so this is not a slot, but who cares because Rocket Dice is great fun. It’s kind of similar to Duelbits Crash, except that it’s got some dice in it. Yeah, it might not sound massively promising, but you just need to play Rocket Dice to see why everyone’s loving this game. So sign up to Duelbits and see what you can win! What We Think About Duelbits Best Slots Duelbits is clearly a great online casino, and we were impressed with the quality of its slots. Duelbits slots are fun, visually appealing and full of rewards. We can only advise you to try them and judge their quality for yourself. [cta id=3790 type=cta]

Duelbits Crash: Is There A Strategy To Win Huge Prizes at Crash Game?

Looking for some decent strategies for playing Duelbits Crash? If so, you are definitely at the right place. This is one of the new waves of crypto casino games that has made a big splash in recent years. However, it’s a game that could be very tricky if you don’t play it right. So we have prepared this handy guide that gives you a few simple strategies you can try the next time you play Crash. [cta id=3790 type=cta] Keep reading to see how you can win your Crash bets! What is Duelbits Crash? Crash is just one of the many Duelbits casino games that you can use to try your luck online. It’s a game where you have to make a prediction about how far a little rocket ship will rise. As the rocket flies higher into the night sky, it will reach higher multipliers. If the rocket reaches the multiplier that you bet on without exploding, you’d win your stake back multiplied by the multiplier. However, if the rocket ship explodes before reaching that multiplier, then you would lose your betting stake. You will also get the option to manually cash out your bet before the rocket explodes.  Why Do You need a Duelbits Crash Strategy? Duelbits is easily in with a chance of being the best online crypto casino, so you’ll need your wits about you if you want to win here. The only way a casino will be able to stay in business is by making sure that you lose more bets, on average, than you win. As such, you’ll have the odds stacked against you when you play Crash at Duelbits. Thankfully, our guide is here to put the odds back in your favour! Balance Risk and Reward When Playing Duelbits Crash Like all online money games, Crash is a game where you have to balance risk and reward. It’s about understanding that while big multipliers are possible, you are far less likely to get them when compared to small multipliers. This is because the rocket will regularly surpass multipliers like 1.20x but is much less likely to go over 5.00x. As a result, your main choice will be deciding whether you want to chase after that big win or be happy with a more modest payout.  A Good Duelbits Crash Strategy: Ignore the Past Multiplier Wins It’s all too easy to look at the bar at the bottom of Crash that displays the last few multipliers wins. If you see past multipliers of things like 5.60x, 3.82x, 15.53x and 14.45x, then the chances are that you’ll be thinking that another big multiplier could be on its way. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. This is because the random number generator that powers Crash ensures that each result is completely independent of the last one. The Safest Duelbits Crash Tip: Wager with Low Stakes Yes, it might sound boring, but it’s always smarter to wager with low stakes, and this is especially true for a game like Crash. After all, you could put down a small bet, land a massive multiplier win and still walk away with some decent returns.  Conversely, you could put down a series of small stakes bets and build up some decent winnings over the long term. Above all, you’ll be prepared for when that loss happens and won’t blow your entire bankroll. A Useful Duelbits Crash Tip: Use the Auto Cashout Feature If you’ve read our Duelbits casino review, you’ll know that each game on this site will usually have a few features that make it easier to play. This is definitely true of Crash, where there’s a great Auto Cashout feature. This lets you set the multiplier at which you cash your bets out, and we have found that it gives you a great way to avoid making rash decisions when you play Crash. After all, it can be all too easy to get sucked into chasing after that big multiplier, and then, before you know it, you’ve lost your bet. So make sure that you use the Auto Cashout feature to play Crash in a cool and unemotional manner.  Why a Duelbits Crash Predictor is No Use Here So the key thing to understand about Crash is that all of the results are powered by a random number generator. This means that neither you nor Duelbits will ever have any way of knowing where the rocket will explode next. As a result, the only power you have when you play Crash is to guess which multipliers the rocket will pass, what your stake should be, and when to stop playing. Why Gambling Responsibly is Better Than Any Duelbits Crash Predictor It’s easy to get carried away when you play skill games for money; the same is true for Crash. This is why we’d always recommend you play games like this merely as another form of entertainment, rather than being a way of making money. We’d also recommend that you set yourself a sensible budget and stick to it. This would avoid you running the risk of chasing after your losses, which means that you should survive that inevitable loss without causing you too much distress. All of which means that you can keep playing Crash for longer! Your Resource for Playing Duelbits Crash By now, you’ll realise that there are some simple tricks you can try to avoid making too many catastrophic losses when you play Crash. Ultimately it’s about understanding how probability works and ensuring that you don’t fall into the trap of chasing after losses. All of this should mean that you can safely play Crash without losing too much money. Don’t forget that we have guides for many other games at Duelbits, and you can even check out the best slots on Duelbits right here. But for now, just follow the above tips and see what you can win the next time you play Crash! [cta id=3790 type=cta]

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