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Street Fighter V betting – Try virtual betting on Street Fighter V

Everybody knows that Street Fighter is one of the biggest and best video gaming franchises. But did you know that you can also try Street Fighter V betting? We have seen lots of great esports bettings sites that allow you to place both normal and virtual bets on this classic fighting game, and we are going to show you what Street Fighter V betting is all about. Most people simply like to play Street Fighter V for some casual entertainment. But growing numbers of gaming fans are starting to realise that this game can also be bet on to make some decent winnings. [related_operator] Although Street Fighter V has some way to go before it rivals bigger esports like CS:GO and LoL (read also CS:GO betting and LoL betting pages), we think that the fighting game has what it takes to become one of the most popular competitive gaming titles around. So keep reading to see how you can make a good start on Street Fighter V betting. What is standard Street Fighter V betting? The Street Fighter franchise has been around since 1987. Capcom have released many updates to this game over the past few decades, but ever since Street Fighter V was unveiled in 2016, this PC and PlayStation 4 title has become a massive hit in the competitive gaming world. Much of this is down to the gameplay that offers no end of high-octane fighting action, but the fact that Street Fighter V offers cross-platform gameplay has also helped to make it ideally suited for competitive gaming. As a result, we have seen many fighting games tournaments like the EVO Championship Series putting Street Fighter V at the heart of their contests. Esports tournaments like this invariably attract thousands of fans, both in the arenas and via live streaming platforms. Where you get lots of viewers, then you know that there will be lots of esports betting sites who will feature odds for the games. Because of this, we have seen many highly rated betting sites including Street Fighter V betting options over the past couple of years. Street Fighter V is ideally suited to esports betting as it is incredibly similar to betting on a traditional sport like boxing or MMA fighting. There are no complicated rules to learn, and it’s often just a case of researching the past form of the pro gamers, hunting down the best esports odds, and then seeing if luck is on your side. Why you should try virtual betting on Street Fighter V? While standard Street Fighter V betting is great fun, we would also recommend that you try virtual betting on Street Fighter V. Putting virtual bets on Street Fighter V works in a similar way to the virtual sports betting that is fairly common at online bookmakers. This means that you are given a simulation of a Street Fighter V match, and you get to bet on the fighting action as normal. We have seen some innovative esports betting sites that now allow you to enjoy virtual betting on Street Fighter V. These often use footage taken from real-life Street Fighter V stars like Justin ‘Jwong’ Wong, and then they use an random number generator to produce a near limitless amount of unbiased and fair match results. Whilst the concept of virtual betting on Street Fighter V might sound odd, it’s actually hard to tell it apart from the real-life event. This is because all of the action is taken from pre-existing matches, but it is edited together to produce a good impression of an original Street Fighter V match. Plus the fact that the gameplay is based on a random number generator means that you know that you will be getting some very unpredictable results. One of the best things about taking virtual bets on Street Fighter V is the fact that there’s no end to the amount of matches and no delays between each round. This means that virtual Street Fighter V betting can be a great way to get some practice in before you lay down your bets on the real thing. Which esports betting sites feature Street Fighter virtual bets and standard bets? Although Street Fighter V has managed to break into the world of competitive gaming, it is still some way off becoming anywhere as popular as heavyweights like Counter Strike Global Offensive, League of Legends and Dota 2 (read also our Dota 2 betting page and guide) However, if you go to just about any of the esports betting sites featured on our shortlist, then there will be a good chance  that they will serve up some Street Fighter V bets the next time that a big tournament like the EVO Championship Series rolls around. Of course, any site with virtual Street Fighter V betting will include odds every day of the year. Be sure to check out the Unikrn esports betting site who have 1,000 brand new virtual rounds featuring legends like JWong for you to enjoy. What can we expect from Street Fighter V betting in the future? Street Fighter V betting is set for a big future as it is starting to be featured in many more top esports tournaments. As well as awesome fighting games contests like the EVO Championship Series, Street Fighter V is set to become one of the featured games at the Intel World Open in 2020. This epic gaming contest will take place just before the start of the Tokyo Olympics and it could take esports to the next level. Interestingly, Street Fighter V was selected as one of the esports for the Intel World Open due to the fact that it would be simple for non-gaming fans to understand. This shows that Street Fighter V easily has the potential to become the next big star of the esports betting scene. Once the game gets featured at more esports tournaments, then there will certainly be a greater number of betting sites who feature odds for the fighting game. So while Street Fighter V may have been slow to adapt to the world of esports, it seems as though the battle has just begun. Our Top Operators for your bets [operators_comparison]

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CSGO Casino Skin Gambling

Your Complete Introduction to CSGO Casino It’s no secret that gambling a huge part of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Despite being one of the most popular esports with a rich history that goes back all the way to 1999, this Valve Corporation shooter has always maintained a healthy relationship with bookmakers and CSGO betting sites. With that, Counter-Strike fans have countless ways to gamble on their favourite teams, players, and esports tournaments. And now, they can also play CSGO casino. This is the latest addition to the long list of Counter-Strike betting offers, so understandably, it’s not as well studied as other gambling options. With that in mind, we prepared a complete introduction to CS casino to highlight the most popular games, touch on the CSGO casino promo code topic and break down the legal implications associated with this type of betting. Without further ado, let’s get to it! What is CSGO casino and why is it so popular? CSGO (or CS) casino is a form of esports betting where punters use Counter-Strike skins to bet on random outcomes or combinations of different outcomes. This takes the shape of games like CSGO crash, slots, and roulette. The skin betting aspect is implemented by allowing users to deposit in-game items via their Steam accounts. You can also use a CSGO casino promo code to get some gambling funds or on-site betting coins entirely free of charge. This makes for a much lower entry barrier than registering at a regular bookmaker, which is the driving force behind the recent popularity of CS casino games. Another possible reason might be the nature of the games themselves. Unlike esports betting markets which can be fairly complex, all casino offers are very straightforward and easy to use. The skin gambling aspect plays a role as well. Sure, CSGO skins can be redeemed for Steam credits or even actual cash, but betting them doesn’t have the same ramifications as putting your hard-earned money on the line.Okay, so what kinds Counter Strike casino games exist on the market? Your options will largely depend on the bookmaker you choose, but usually, they come down to CSGO crash, slots, roulette, coin flip, and dice. Let’s go through all of them one by one! CSGO Crash CSGO crash can seem confusing at first glance, but it’s quite simple once you get the idea behind it. The best way to describe it is a game of chicken against a random number generator. That is, you set a certain number of Counter Strike skins as your stake, and the CSGO casino site starts counting up from 1. The catch is that this countdown will always randomly plummet down to zero, so you need to cash out before then. But keep in mind that the higher the RNG number gets, the bigger your winnings, so cashing out early can be just as devastating as experiencing a crash. CSGO Slots Slots are a staple of recreational gambling—and for good reason! They’re incredibly easy to operate, and while they don’t provide the best return on your investment, they certainly give you a thrill. The CS casino slots follow the same logic, as the only thing you need to do is deposit coins and hope that the on-screen symbols line up in your favour. Of course, this isn’t the most surefire gambling strategy, so we’d advise against it if you want to be a winning player in the long run. CSGO Roulette Roulette is another common type of gambling. The CS casino roulette is a bit different from its brick-and-mortar counterpart, as you won’t have a dealer guiding you through the process. But other than that, it’s the same concept of betting red or black and spinning the digital wheel to determine the outcome. It’s worth noting that there are some CSGO live casino options that do, in fact, include actual roulette dealers, so you can always get some human interaction to liven up the process. CSGO Coin Flip Few forms of gambling can compare to the simplicity of a coin toss. There’s just something immensely captivating in the idea of taking a 50/50 chance and facing these odds head-on. The only distinction is that instead of putting your money on heads or tails, you will be betting on Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, but other than that, this is still the coin flip that most gamblers know and love. CSGO Dice Dice is another game that withstood the test of time. Once again, the premise is simple, as the only thing you need to do is guess the number of a dice roll. You can choose low (1 to 3), high (4 to 6), or try your luck with individual numbers from 1 to 6. This gives you more options than a standard coin flip, but when push comes to shove, dice doesn’t have the complexity of some of the more intricate CSGO live casino games. Are there any tangible downsides to CSGO casino? It would be disingenuous to highlight the pros of CS casino without mentioning the cons. The biggest problem with these games is that many of them are hosted on unlicensed (and unregulated) betting sites. With that, it’s easy to end up on a shady operator that offers close to no customer protection. To make matters worse, unlicensed bookmakers don’t have any obligations to follow standard security protocols, so your personal data and credit card information can be compromised. They also tend to look the other way when it comes to underage gambling and country restrictions, and while this might feel liberating, it can also lead to questionable decisions and predatory practices. The best way of circumventing this is to only bet on sites recognized by the UK Gambling Commission. Betway Esports - Reliable and Trustworthy [operator name="betway" service="esports"] Another important issue to consider is the lack of long-term value. In the end, all casino games come down to chance. Even if you’re dealing with the most sophisticated CSGO live casino, you’ll have a hard time predicting the outcome of your gambles on a consistent basis. This makes skin gambling ill-suited for anyone looking to make a profit, so it’s best to view it purely as a recreational activity. Still, there’s no denying that CS casino can be entertaining in the right circumstances. So as long as you know what you’re getting into and have the ability to gamble in a safe and transparent environment, there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with it. Speaking of safe and transparent environments… Will I be breaking the law by playing Counter Strike casino games in UK? Of course, the biggest question is whether this type of gambling is legal in the first place. CS casino has always been a bit of a grey area as far as most countries are concerned, but the United Kingdom is an exception. The UK Gambling Commission makes it very clear that betting operators need to receive a gambling license if they want to offer their services to customers. And yes, this applies to skin betting. Fortunately, the United Kingdom is very open to new forms of gambling, so obtaining such a license isn’t as difficult as it sounds. For instance, the “Remote general betting (standard) operating licenses” category already includes several licensing types for virtual games that may be applicable to skin betting. The same could be said about the “Remote Casino” license. All applications are evaluated on the based on identity, ownership, integrity, and finances, and as long as betting providers don’t break any rules, they definitely have a way of providing their services and CSGO casino promo code offers in a lawful manner. It’s worth noting that the application process can take up to 16 weeks. Licensed gambling providers also have to pay sizeable annual fees, which might discourage some up-and-coming sites from going through with this process. That said, you should still be able to find plenty of legal CS casino offers. Final word on skin betting and CSGO casino CSGO skin betting and casino games are in a bit of a weird spot. Despite the fact that nothing’s stopping gambling providers from getting a license and working together with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, many sites choose to forego this process. On top of that, this industry is filled with shady schemes and questionable practices, so even though CS casino is a great recreational activity, it can be difficult to find a reputable game provider. It’s also worth noting that casino games don’t exactly provide the best return on your investment. And if you’re looking to make money off esports betting, consider exploring other gambling opportunities on sites like Betway, 888Sport, Mr Green, and William Hill. Our top betting partners [operators_comparison]

Top 10 Best Esports Betting Sites

Looking for the top esports betting sites? You’ve come to the perfect place. This is because JustGamers have made it our mission to find you the best esports betting sites from all over the world. This means that you’ll get a great way to find those esports betting sites who make it safe, legal and fun to bet on your favourite game. Who Are The Top Esports Bookmakers? There are multiple factors that go into picking an esports betting site. Our team of experts have ranked and rated all of the world’s top esports betting sites to make sure you find the operator that’s right for you. Whether you’re looking for esports bookmakers who excel at CSGO betting or just a massive bonus, we’ll make sure that you find exactly what you’re looking for. Take a look below at our list of the 10 best esports betting sites and find an operator who works for you! Betway There are a lot of things to like about Betway. For starters, it’s one of the first bookmakers to embrace esports betting, so you can find countless offers for major titles like CSGO, Dota 2, and Overwatch as well as less popular games like FIFA, Hearthstone, and Rocket League. Moreover, Betway esports frequently releases unique markets for CSGO matches, making it an excellent platform for wagering on this classic first-person shooter. Throw in competitive esports odds and a solid welcome bonus, and Betway has a very compelling offer for all casual esports betting fans.Bet365 You can’t have a list of the best esports betting sites and miss Bet365. This is because the brand has a quality selection of bets for all major esports like Counter Strike, Overwatch, League of Legends, Dota 2 and King of Glory. But whether you’re betting on a MOBA or a sports game, you’ll find that Bet365 go out of their way to put on some seriously impressive odds. All of this is wrapped up in a betting site that is renowned for its security and safety. Highly Some esports bookmakers give you odds on esports and leave it there, but goes way further than that. Take a look at our review and you’ll see a site that’s serious about esports betting. The full range of esports featured at is truly impressive. Alongside bets on regular games like Dota 2, CSGO and LoL, you’ll also get to bet on King of Glory, Rainbow Six, Valorant and so much more. Plus we should note that is one of the best sites for betting on football and basketball esports. Don’t forget that you also get free live streaming courtesy of Twitch embedded in each page.Luckbox Luckbox is one of those esports betting sites who are taking things to the next level. This site features bets on a massive number of esports that you won’t find elsewhere. This means that you can come to Luckbox and enjoy bets on Valorant, Call of Duty, Honor of Kings, Rocket League, Hearthstone, Warcraft III and all of the famous esports like LoL and CSGO. What’s best is that Luckbox even throws in free live streaming. A great example of a forward thinking esports betting platform.LeoVegas LeoVegas is a juggernaut in every sense of the word. Founded all the way back in 2011, this bookmaker has been at the forefront of the betting industry for a decent amount of time, so you’re practically guaranteed to find a fair and secure gambling environment on this platform. The esports coverage is quite broad, especially if you’re dealing with popular games like CSGO or League of Legends, and the LeoVegas bonus can set you up to have the best start possible. The only downside is that most markets are limited to map/match winner wagers, but if you’re looking for an established bookmaker, you can’t get much better than LeoVegas.TonyBet TonyBet might not seem like an obvious candidate for being one of the top esports betting sites. After all, the betting site was launched by a pro poker player! However, we found that TonyBet has done a great job with its esports betting platform. This is because the brand puts on great odds for top games like CSGO, LoL, Dota 2, Overwatch and StarCraft 2. There might not be too much to set TonyBet apart from other esports betting providers, but it gets all of the basics right.Betsafe Betsafe is the best of both worlds. It has the game selection and market variety of Betway as well as the refinement and reputability of Bet365. The crisp design, fluid mobile website, and a wide range of live betting offers also contribute to Betsafe’s image of a well-rounded gambling platform. The only caveat is that you might have to spend some time scouring the internet for vouchers to get a Betsafe bonus, but if that doesn’t bother you, this is a great place to bet on esports matches.Arcanebet While it’s not as focused on esports as it used to be, Arcanebet is still one of the top esports betting sites. This means that you’ll get a safe and fun way to bet on classics like Counter Strike, League of Legends, Dota 2, StarCraft 2 and even Rainbow Six here. Old-school fans of Arcanebet might miss the live streaming that the brand used to have, and we wish ArcaneBet would once again include bets on some of those lesser-seen esports. But while ArcaneBet might no longer be a hardcore gamer’s paradise, it’s still got enough for all casual gaming fans.Pinnacle If you’re looking for esports betting sites with unbeatable odds, you can’t really go wrong with Pinnacle. This is because the provider has become renowned for having unbeatable betting odds and this extends to esports. The only downside of using Pinnacle is the fact that the focus on odds comes at the expense of having anything in the way of bonuses and promotions. But if you’ve ever wanted to get the most back from your winning bets on CSGO, Dota 2, LoL and Overwatch, you simply have to give Pinnacle a try.DraftKings We think that DraftKings has what it takes to become one of the elite esports bookmakers. It might have started off as a fantasy sports provider, but DraftKings has expanded its platform to include regular betting. This includes esports and it means that you can enjoy the quality DraftKings service combined with an easy way to bet on your favourite game. While DraftKings may still have some way to go before it can top our shortlist, we think that it has made an impressive start.Conclusion - Stick with us to find awesome esports betting sites Remember that we’ll be changing our shortlist of the best esports betting platforms in accordance to how good these providers are with their bets on competitive gaming. Plus more and more esports betting sites are being unveiled each year, and so we’ll have to add them to our list. So check back here to make sure that you’re always playing with the ultimate esports betting providers!

MSI International Weekend Preview

2021’s League of Legends MSI is here and we’re ready to predict match results, as always. Are you interested in this and other esports events? [embed][/embed] Event Details  Riot Games has hosted the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) tournament since 2015. Considering it’s the second most important (after the “Worlds” Championship), then we are sure there will be many exciting moments in the one being held this year in Reykjavík, Iceland. Especially after Riot has decided to implement a new format that splits 11 regions into three groups, one best-performing team has been selected from each region to represent it from May 6 to May 23 for an extra slot at Worlds. Here are all the teams attending 2021’s MSI:  Group A Group B Group C Royal Never Give Up (LPL) MAD Lions (LEC) DAMWON Gaming (LCK) Unicorns of Love (LCL) PSG Talon (PCS) Cloud9 (LCS) Pentanet.GG (LCO) İstanbul Wildcats (TCL) DetonatioN FocusMe (LJL) PaiN Gaming (CBLOL) Infinity Esports (LLA) Groups B and C will play best-of-one double round-robin, while Group A will play quadruple round-robin. Only the top two teams from each group will go to the next “rumble” stage in best-of-one double round-robin matches. Both the semifinals and grand finals will be the best-of-five series. You can watch the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2021 either on their Riot’s Twitch and YouTube channels, as well as on the official LoL Esports site. Key MSI Matchups on May 14  DAMWON Gaming vs. Royal Never Give Up (9 AM EST): We predict RNG will win this match-up. They’re at the top of the rankings with 8 wins and 0 losses, so despite having won Worlds 2020, the Koreans should be terrified of the Chinese. MAD Lions vs. Pentanet.GG (10 AM EST): A 83.7% win rate versus a 33% win rate speaks a lot for itself. Curiously enough, Pentanet has won every match that passes over the 15 minutes mark, but we still predict MAD Lions will win with Gold and Damage per Minute advantage. PSG Talon vs. DAMWON Gaming (11 AM EST): DAMWON only has lost one game so far and this won’t be the second, so we predict they’ll get the first tower, probably first-blood, and the victory over PSG. Royal Never Give Up vs. Cloud9 (12 PM EST): Cloud9 was able to beat DAMWON very recently but will they’ll beat RNG as well? Probably not. The only thing that could get them close to this outcome is getting Baron Nashor, as in previous matches. Cloud9 vs. MAD Lions (2 PM EST): We predict MAD Lions will win this match but only after surviving a tough early game. This is because Cloud9 tends to play more aggressively in the first 15 minutes but slow down, proven on the CS and K/D/A. Key MSI Matchups on May 15  Pentanet.GG vs. Royal Never Give Up (9 AM EST): RNG will return and retake their confidence thanks to this victorious matchup against Pentanet. DAMWON Gaming vs. Cloud9 (10 AM EST): The Koreans might revenge after Tuesday’s match. After all, they played objectives smartly but lost in team fights. MAD Lions vs. Royal Never Give Up (11 AM EST): We predict RNG will also win this matchup but only if they take over several objectives and creatures before minute 15. Pentanet.GG vs. DAMWON Gaming (1 PM EST): We predict DAMWON will win this match, no doubts. MAD Lions vs. PSG Talon (2 PM EST): Both teams have dominated the mid-to-late game, but we’ll still have to go to MAD Lions to win this matchup against PSG Talon. Written by Marco Morales

Flashpoint 3 Matchup Previews – May 14th

Event details Flashpoint 3 is the third installment of the prestigious new CSGO league by B Site Inc., described as the world’s first CSGO tournament owned by team organizations. Flashpoint 3 is the first Regional Major Ranking (RMR) event of 2021 in Europe, meaning it distributes points used to qualify teams for the upcoming 2021 Fall Major. The event moved online due to the Covid-19 pandemic and will see 11 teams invited based on the 2020 RMR rankings, featuring some of the world’s best teams, including Astralis, G2, FaZe and Heroic. The invited teams will face up against five teams who reached the event through a closed qualifier. You can watch the event, which unfolds between the 10th - 30th of May, live on Twitch at, and keep up to date with the latest betting odds at Matchup breakdown: NiP vs. Anonymo Swedish-dominated outfit, Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP), will take on Poland’s Anonymo on Friday in the opening round of Flashpoint’s double-elimination bracket. NiP come into the event fresh off the back of a high-profile player change. In one of the most significant roster moves of recent times, star Astralis AWPer and four-time Major winner Nicolai ‘dev1ce’ Reedtz permanently transferred to the Swedish NiP team from Astralis, his long-time Danish home. [embed][/embed] Ninjas in Pyjamas will look to improve on their ESL Pro League Season 13 Finals run, where they lost in the semifinals to finish 3rd/4th. With dev1ce on the roster, the team has far more firepower coming into Flashpoint. Anonymo, who reached the event through a closed qualifier, are the underdogs of the matchup. Their roster consists of four Polish names relatively unproven on the international stage. Still, veteran Janusz ‘Snax’ Pogorzelski, one of the most storied Counter-Strike players in the franchise’s history, rounds it off. Snax will bring his experience to the table to help guide the Poles to a surprise upset. NiP come into the event ranked #13 worldwide, a clear step above Anonymo’s rank #43. If NiP’s new roster hasn’t had time to gel, Anonymo might be able to catch them off guard - and Snax’s reputation as an excellent pistol player may snag them a few free freebies off the back of the pistol rounds. If dev1ce’s debut goes well and he settles into the roster quickly, Anonymo could well have to contend with the start of a honeymoon period for the new Ninjas. Matchup breakdown: FunPlus Phoenix vs. HYENAS The final matchup of the opening round of Flashpoint 3 will see FunPlus Phoenix face up against HYENAS. FunPlus Phoenix is a European mix, with representation from Serbia, Montenegro, Denmark and Finland. Coached by the veteran ex-Fnatic player and coach Jonatan ‘Devilwalk’ Lundberg, the Flashpoint partner team will be playing their first major event with new in-game leader Luka ‘emi’ Vuković. Ranked #17 in the world and off the back of a successful qualification for IEM Summer 2021, FunPlus Phoenix is the more established of the two sides. HYENAS is a lesser-known variable. HYENAS is the new moniker for the ex-North squad, which ceased operations in February. The Danish roster brought in René ‘cajunb⁠’ Borg earlier this month to satisfy Flashpoint’s requirement that the team has at least 3/5ths of their lineup from the last RMR tournament of 2020. But they are expected to immediately ‘bench’ cajunb and instead play the whole tournament with their substitute, Frederik ‘Fessor’ Sørensen. [embed][/embed] The North squad was a formidable force during their tenure, with their various lineups regularly maintaining spots in the Top 20 worldwide. But their current lineup has no HLTV ranking and no recent results with which to predict their performance - meaning they could be a dark horse in the event and surprise, or they could disappoint.   As a solid, consistent, Top 20 side, FunPlus Phoenix will be the favorite of many going up against the unknown variable of the re-assembled HYENAS roster. But coming in as a potential dark horse, and with plenty of mechanical talent in their lineup, HYENAS may be able to surprise. Written by Jake Nordland


Mobox IO gaming All You Need to Know about MOBOX & MBOX

What are MOBOX and MBOX? MOBOX is a cryptocurrency project that focuses on online crypto games and has several purposes. Because the price is still relatively low, investors are optimistic that it will continue to climb. There are, however, specific issues to be aware of. Continue reading if you want to learn more about MOBOX. MBOX is a file format for storing email messages in the memory of a computer. MBOX is a file system that holds a large number of email message files. Several email clients use the MBOX file format to store their files. Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Entourage, and Qualcomm Eudora are a few of the email clients that use MBOX to store and handle data files. It allows you to keep track of emails related to your organization as well as others. The mailbox messages are saved in their original internet message format by the MBOX. Every new message is appended to the file's end, then kept in a single database. Each message line is preceded by a dividing line, which is followed by an empty string. Here is something that all you need to know MOBOX is a platform for crypto games and non-financial tokens (NFTs). MOBOX's primary focus is crypto gaming, which has exploded in popularity in 2021. It allows users to earn cryptocurrency in the form of MOBOX tokens by playing free-to-play games. MOBOX only one game available: With two more on the way, MOMO: Token Master. Trialing before purchasing is a brilliant idea. If you're thinking about investing, you should check out MOBOX's website and play their free MOMO: Token Master game. You can get an idea of how it works and whether or not you think it will succeed. There's also a DeFi option. This year another concept that has garnered much attention is decentralized finance (Defi), or financial services without a middleman. To allow trade, decentralized exchanges, for example, use smart contracts and crypto money provided by users. MOBOX is a cryptocurrency that may be utilized on the site in a variety of ways. Although the MOBOX platform has been mentioned, what about the MOBOX cryptocurrency? It may be used in several ways because it is the platform's native utility token. MOBOX is a governance token, which means its owners can submit and vote on project-related proposals. In reality, everyone who purchases a MOBOX has a say in how the firm makes choices in the future. The token is MOBOX's in-game currency. It may be used to gain in-game prizes and make in-game purchases such as character purchases. You may also use MOBOX to participate in NFT auctions, stake it in the platform's liquidity pool for rewards, and stake it for a chance to win mystery boxes with MOMO NFTs. MOBOX was a Binance Launchpool project that saw its price rise by 450 percent. Regularly, the Binance exchange adds Defi projects to its Binance Launchpool. Users may participate in the project by staking their bitcoin for 30 days in exchange for rewards. On August 19, 2021, MOBOX was announced as the 22nd project selected for the Binance Launchpool. Because Binance is one of the most popular bitcoin exchanges, the results were immediate. In only one day, the value of MOBOX virtually tripled. The price had increased by more than 450 percent in less than a week. American investors' purchasing choices are restricted. MOBOX isn't listed on most of the leading exchanges, making it difficult to purchase. is a MOBOX trading exchange if you want to get your hands on this coin. Although Binance offers MOBOX, it is only available to clients outside of the United States at the moment. MOBOX isn't available on Binance.US, the exchange's US counterpart. If you have a Binance.US account, you have another choice. You may buy Binance Coin and then go to the MOBOX website to exchange it. You may then trade Binance Coin for MOBOX on the MOMO Farmer page. It may have already peaked MOBOX has dropped more than 20% from its all-time high as of this writing. While the price hasn't dropped much, it has been going downwards. It's easy to think that a cryptocurrency's price and popularity will continue to rise. The challenging aspect for many cryptocurrencies, though, is maintaining momentum. The market is flooded with investors who purchased after a cryptocurrency reached it's high and are looking for a repeat performance. MOBOX has a good chance of succeeding if it can attract enough gamers. This latest drop might be a pause on the route to more significant gains. Alternatively, it may not take off, and its brief August run maybe its most OK. I'm leaning towards the latter situation, given the competition MOBOX faces and the poor game it delivers. If you do decide to invest, go with care. Conclusion: Hundreds of sites are ready to offer you access to thousands of cryptocurrencies all around the world. And, to locate the one that's suitable for you, you'll need to figure out which characteristics are most important to you. MOBOX (MBOX) has been one of the biggest movers recently in an up-and-down crypto market. It reached an all-time high at the end of August when it jumped from under $2 to $10.81.

Improving Your Video Game Marketing

Social Media and Gaming The video game industry grew more than 20% in 2020. The rise of gaming platforms has brought more scale and connectedness to the world. Players can now connect to other players on various platforms when gaming online. Twitch, Discord and other social media platforms have become major sites for gamers and streamers. While many people play games as a hobby, some are professional players. These players make a living from endorsements, winnings and content creation. This is where video game marketing comes to play. Social media blows up whenever there’s an E3, Nintendo Direct or esports tournament. Esports stars and Twitch streamers have a large amount of engagement on popular social media platforms. This shows how connected social media and online gaming are.Any streamer or professional player who intends to take gaming to the next level will have to master social media. They will have to learn the various skills involved in video game marketing. Hype up Events There is a massive opportunity for esports teams and developers to grow their audiences right now. Due to the increasing popularity of streaming platforms, streamers can quickly get attention with the right hype. Writing about an event on social media is one of the easiest ways to promote yourself in video game marketing. However, it can also be effective. You can build up hype and anticipation for these events by simply sharing the details. A good post about your event can help boost your search engine results and provide valuable content to your audience. Guest streaming can also be a great way to create hype and promote your event. Create a list of other streamers in the industry that are relevant to your audience and connect with them. This will increase the reach of your posts, and it will help you attract a larger audience. This brings us to our next point. Partner with Streamers With over 100,000 followers on Twitch, a streamer is now an influencer. They become part of a huge group of young people who are influenced by their various interests. With more and more streamers becoming influencers, it makes sense to partner with them. Doing so not only introduces new players and viewers to your streams but also shows off your marketing efforts. Just like you, other streamers are looking to grow. Many streamers are looking for opportunities to expand their reach. This means that finding a streamer to partner with should not be difficult. You want to find a streamer with similar content, and if possible, a larger fanbase than you. This is a great video game marketing strategy as it will surely help an upcoming streamer gain popularity. Empower your Community Streamers should recognize the passion of gamers and their fans by providing them with the tools and resources to make them feel valued. Anything from a simple shout-out to sharing the works of your fans can go a long way in video game marketing. If you have dedicated followers, showing off their works and listening to their contributions is a great way to empower your community. This makes them feel welcomed and a part of what you are doing. You can also do giveaways, competitions and even invite viewers to games. Empowering your community through various ways ensures longevity. It also makes your streams more popular and makes fans more eager to join your community. Written by Echoga Emmanuel

How To Block Twitch Ads

Twitch Ads Twitch Ads are one of the most common and visible ways for Streamers to make money. Ads control a stream for a short amount of time, and the advertiser pays Twitch and the streamer for any possible exposure. Of course, if you want to support your streamer in any way possible, watching the ads will help add to their total income from streaming and gaming online. However, it’s not necessarily the best way to support a streamer.These ads can also be very annoying. Whenever an ad is running, you may ask yourself: Am I missing any action? What’s happening on Stream right now? Why won’t this ad go away? Luckily there are many ways to block ads on twitch, from third-party extensions to paying a little extra cash. Here are 4 of the best ways to block Twitch ads. Using an Adblocker The most obvious way to get rid of ads is by using an adblocker. These simple browser extensions can disable ads on Twitch, Youtube, and any other site you might scroll through. They are also easy to install with a simple google search. These extensions, however, can be detected by Twitch. This may result in you having to uninstall or disable your ad blocker to watch Twitch at all. So just in case, keep reading. Subscribe to the Channel The simplest way to get rid of ads is money. By Subscribing to your favorite streamer or streamers, you automatically disable the ads on their channel. Automatically you’ll get to witness all the action and fun of the entire stream. You also earn tons of other cool things simply by subscribing. Unlocked emotes and special chat badges are two of many perks for Twitch Subscribers. This option does cost money, and the more streamers you want to subscribe to, the more money you have to pay. Watch Through External Platforms There are many external platforms that let you watch multiple twitch streams at once, and often these platforms get rid of ads. These platforms can also have chat features, cool overlays, and special extensions that make your viewing experience even better. You can check out: Multistream TwitchTheatre MultiTwitch Twitch Turbo Like channel Subscriptions, Twitch Turbo costs money but is one of the easiest ways to get rid of ads. By purchasing Twitch Turbo, you can remove all ads on Twitch, give yourself a cool chat badge, get even more emotes and extended broadcast storage. With all of the stuff you get, Twitch Turbo may be worth it, but if you’re only watching one or two channels on Twitch, it may not be the most cost-effective way of getting rid of ads. All of these are effective ways to get rid of ads on Twitch. Your viewing experience can greatly improve without ads, and you won’t miss any of the action. Have fun watching! Written by Edmund Osburn    

Twitch Streamers: How Much Do They Make?

How Much Do Twitch Streamers Make In the land of live streaming, Twitch is its undisputed king. With a high volume of viewership, the website has served as the springboard to fame for many Twitch streamers. Names like Ninja, xQc, and Pokimane have all risen to stardom through Twitch. Combined, they house an approximate total of 34.2 million followers as of August 2021. That is higher than the populations of Romania, Belgium, and Albania combined.As such, it’s not hard for fans to imagine they also earn considerable revenue from their streams. But unlike grasping one’s fame, knowing how much money they earn through gaming online becomes a harder question to tackle. Such curiosity around a streamer’s wealth peaks when they allow fans a peek into their finances. When Ninja revealed he made half a million dollars a month during his peak Fortnite days, fans wondered if other streamers earned a similar amount. Though it’s against Twitch’s policy for streamers to publicly reveal their earnings, that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating. With various analyses on how streamers generate their revenue, these four are the major sources. Sources of Revenue A Twitch streamer’s source of revenue divides itself into four parts: subscriptions, donations, brand partnerships, and advertisements. Subscriptions Fans wanting to support their favorite streamer, they can pay for a monthly subscription. With a minimum of $4.99, fans receive numerous perks like customized emotes, badges, and more. The degree of rewards fans earns increases through tier subscriptions, with monthly prices ranging from $9.99 to $24.99. Donations A donation in Twitch works the same as it is elsewhere. It’s a source of revenue solely provided by the kindness of a streamer’s fans. Usually given by a varied sum, fans can donate from $1 to $1,000 at a time. Additionally, viewers can purchase “Bits,” a website currency used to “Cheer” on their favorite streamer. Through its bundle list, 100 Bits equate to $1.40, and people can buy up to 500,000 per day. As for how Bits will affect the streamer’s revenue, for every Bit they receive, they also earn $0.01. Brand Partnerships Unlike other revenue sources, brand partnerships help streamers generate attention towards them beyond their Twitch profile. Brands like esports organizations, food chains, equipment companies, and non-gaming corporations can affiliate with streamers under the right circumstances. Finding the perfect example of a fruitful brand partnership is not a hard task to complete. Countless streamers are enjoying their wealth thanks to their vast network of brand partnerships. Advertisements Advertisements can affect a Twitch streamer’s revenue by being used regularly during broadcasts. Depending on how much and how often they run ads, streamers can earn more than their peers. Using the CPM (cost per 1,000 viewers) metric, streamers can earn a sizeable amount of revenue entirely through ads. Although certain obstacles arise for streamers, such as anti-ad extensions, they can adjust by offering an ad-free stream for subscribers. They can hit two birds with one stone, motivating the purchase of subscriptions while assimilating ads into their stream. All of these revenue sources combine to make a plentiful streaming career on Twitch. With the correct management, people can eventually grow their broadcast to the same level as today’s stars. Written by Pedro Romero  

Online Money Games

wolf-power-hold-and-win-lootbet-casino Casino Games – What are the 10 Best Slots at

If you’ve read our review you’ll know that this is one of the planet’s most exciting betting sites. After all, it has unbeatable esports odds for everything from CSGO and Dota 2 to LoL and Overwatch. Plus also has amazing bets for pretty much every sport ranging from soccer and basketball to hockey and MMA fighting. But here we’re going to prove that has the best money games online. Take a look below to see 10 reasons why has one of the best online casinos around. [related_operator] Top 10 best casino games has literally hundreds of awesome slots and table games to pick and choose from. However, we think that the following shortlist should give you a great idea of what you can expect from this top online casino. Best slots at for RTP ➜ Almighty Sparta A slot’s RTP refers to its return to player ratio. This means how much you can expect to get paid out on average from your gameplay. As such, a slot’s RTP is hugely important and we found that Almighty Sparta has an extremely generous RTP of 96%. This is way more generous compared to what you get with the majority of online slots and table games. Plus this Endorphina game has pretty cool graphics inspired by Ancient Greece. Best features of slots at the casino ➜ Wolf Power Hold and Win All slot games will have their own special features that aim to help you rack up even more impressive wins. The Wolf Power Hold and Win slot game is a great example of this. Here you get plenty of control over how the reels move which means that you get a much greater way to line up those symbols into a winning combination. The most fun of the casino games ➜ Bamboo Grove Sometimes you just want to relax with some easy-going slot gaming entertainment. In which case, you can’t really go wrong with Bamboo Grove. This is an ultra-cute online slot game that features all manner of cheerful panda motifs. Not that Bamboo Grove doesn’t pack a punch with the winnings that you can make. Best slots at for jackpot gaming ➜ Jackpot Lab OK we’re cheating here as the sad fact is that doesn’t have any of those progressive jackpot slot games like you might get at other online casino sites. However, we found that the Jackpot Lab game is the closest thing that you’re going to get here and it’s pretty good too. Jackpot Lab features multiple jackpots and there are impressive 2,400x multipliers. All of which suggests that you can make some massive wins by playing this fun Platipus Gaming game. A true classic at the casino ➜ Book of Lords Book of Lords might not be quite as famous as those other literature-themed adventure slots like Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead, but we think that this Amatic Industries game is definitely worthy of a closer look. Amazing graphics in casino games ➜ 2027 ISS Some online slot games have graphics that look like they haven’t been updated since the Dark Ages of the internet. This isn’t an accusation that you can level at the 2027 ISS slot. This features seriously stylish graphics that take you straight into deep space. But the winnings that you can make when you reach that intergalactic destination can make the space travel all the more worthwhile. Classic gaming at the casino ➜ Fruletta While we’re fans of all of the latest innovations in slots gaming, we’re also more than happy to sit back and enjoy some retro gaming. The Fruletta slot game lets you do just this. Expect to see all of those fruit symbols of those one-armed bandits of yesteryear. Thankfully the real money winnings have been updated to modern times. The best table game for newbies at the casino ➜ European Roulette Roulette might seem like it's one of the classiest casino games, but we’ve found that it’s also one of the easiest games to win. Plus things get even easier when you play European roulette. This is because European roulette features one less pocket than American roulette. As such, you can take pretty easy bets like whether the ball will land in a red or black pocket or an odd or even pocket and have a reasonable chance of winning. Our favourite card game of the casino games ➜ Baccarat Mini You might be unfamiliar with baccarat, but we believe that this is one of the best casino card gaming options. This is because baccarat features possibly the most generous house edge of all casino games. As a result, you could rack up more wins when playing this game. Don’t be put off by the name of Baccarat Mini as you can make some pretty impressive winnings when playing this card game. Top game if you’re looking for something different ➜ Plinko is clearly an online casino that isn’t afraid to try something different. How else would you explain the inclusion of the Plinko game? It’s hard to summarise what this game is all about. Let’s just say that it rose to fame on The Price Is Right game show. Be sure to give Plinko a try if you like casino gaming with a difference. Conclusion - 10 awesome reasons to visit the casino By now you’ll know that is one of the top gambling websites currently available. This is because it features an epic range of slots and table games that are all renowned for paying out very generously. Our guide just gives you a brief taster of some of the best casino games available However, we realise that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to online casino gaming. As such, our advice is to sign up to and see what kinds of casino games suit your gaming needs best. [related_operator]

Casumo Casino Games – Top 10 Best Slots at Casumo

Casumo has been in the online betting business since 2012, offering Casumo casino games, Casumo slots, live casino gaming, and the Casumo sportsbook. They’re regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, which means that the answer to the important question, is Casumo casino legit, is definitely yes! Here, we're going to give you a spin around the very best of the Casumo casino games, with the Justgamers Top 10 Best Slots at Casumo. But be sure to check out the complete Casumo review for more on one of the top gambling websites! So, are you ready to spin & win? Well, here we go... [related_operator] What's On Offer At Casumo Casino? You want all the Casumo casino games? Well, at their site you’ll find a staggering 2000+ different Casumo slots and table games. So whatever flavor of slots you want, you’re going to find it with these Casumo online slots, with great video slots, jackpots, progressives, and a lot more besides. We reckon there's enough to be going on with here for anyone, but read on for the best Casumo slots. And if you're looking for our guide to the best money games online - just follow the link! If all that choice isn't enough for you, there's also the tempter of a 100% first deposit bonus of up to £25 and 20 Casumo casino free spins – what more do you want! Our Pick of the Best Slots & Table Games at Casumo. With more than 2000 Casumo casino games, we wanted to narrow it down a bit – so here are our picks for 10 of the very best Casumo slots available! Get Your Retro Slot Play On With 4 Reel Kings A turbo-charged version of the Reel Kings classic slot, 4 Reel Kings is retro gaming with four chances to win through the joker wild, the king's money bags, and 20 paylines. A classic upgraded! 40 Joker Staxx - Retro Fun, Modern-Day Winnings We all love a classic slot game, and 40 Joker Staxx has everything you want - simple gameplay across 40 paylines packed with fruit, bars, and bells! But add in the Joker wild and Star scatter and the potential for payouts of 200x your bet and this is a retro slot that pays out! Blood Suckers - A Massive 98% RTP To Get Your Teeth Into! Get into the gothic mood in this vampiric video slot and bathe in both blood and cash! It’s an old-school video slot, but the really big draw to this one is having one of the biggest RTP% out there - a huge 98%! Buffalo Rising Megaways Jackpot King - The Classic Upgraded! We loved the Buffalo Rising series, but this new Jackpot King version ups the ante just right, adding in the progressive jackpot feature activated when you land 5 Jackpot King Deluxe symbols on a single spin and heading to a mini-game to gather Crown symbols and grab your chance to win big! More Vampire Video Slot Action - Try Immortal Romance! A true classic of the genre, Immortal Romance gives you a beautiful looking and perfectly creepy dark theme combined with a storyline that unfolds as you get further into the features of the game. Plus, the top jackpot is a terrifyingly enticing 12,000x your bet. Jackpot 6000 - Mixing The Best Of Retro Slots With An Incredible RTP% All the classic retro fun of cherries, bells, gold stars, and lemons across 3-reels, 3-rows, and 5-betlines - but with the added bonus of an RTP% of 98.9%, one of the highest in the business! For The Biggest Jackpot In The World Play Mega Moolah At Casumo Casino Games Mega Moolah is the Casumo online slots game for jackpot hunters, with four progressive jackpots - Mini, Minor, Major and Mega jackpots on offer. How big? There’s a guaranteed £MILLION jackpot, but the record payout is a world record £13.2 million won in 2015. Rich Wilde and the Amulet of Dead - Mystery & Adventure In The Tomb Of The Pharaohs! You've seen Rich Wilde in adventures with Aztec Idols and the Pearls of India, but now it's time to head to Egypt and enter the gates of the Underworld looking for spoils! It’s feature-packed for plenty of chances to make that Egyptian loot yours, with free spins, scatters, expanding symbols, a gamble round, a 5,000x base game jackpot, and a high 96.21% RTP. Follow The White Rabbit For Big Wins! A beautiful looking Alice in Wonderland inspired Casumo slots game, this one not only has a base-level RTP % of 97.7 but a massive volatility - meaning you may not win all the time, but when you win you have the chance to win big, with a bonus round giving you a massive 248,832 ways to win. Play The Gameshow - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire At Casumo Casino Games Based on the worldwide success of the gameshow, this Megaways slot comes with a RTP of 96.24%, up to 117,649 ways to win, plus a mouthwatering jackpot of 50,000x your bet. Conclusion There really are so many incredible Casumo casino games here, and we hope you love the top 10 we’ve selected for you – something for everyone whatever you like to play, Casumo has it for you! [related_operator]

Hall of Gods Jackpot Winner – Casumo player wins €7.6 million

The Hall of Gods slot machine is a dream come true for many because it's one of the most rewarding. You could win hundreds of thousands in just minutes! And this is what exactly happened to a Casumo player who hit the Hall of Gods jackpot and won a life-changing sum of €7,595,435. The 20th of July, 2021, a casino player from Finland registerd an account with the famous online casino and sportsbook services company Casumo. The very next day, Wednesday the 21st of July, 2021 at 10:57 AM, the player hit the Hall of Gods jackpot, taking home almost € 7.6 million. Casumo congratulates the lucky Hall of Gods jackpot winner and wishes he/she continues being lucky in the future. [related_operator] Previous progressive jackpot wins at Casumo This is obviously not the only case of big winnings in Casumo. Below are the previous progressive jackpot wins at Casumo: September 19th 2019 - 3.041.054,79 € on a 0,50 € spin on Joker Millions. November 17th 2017 - £6,373,373.03 on a £4.00 spin on Hall of Gods. August 17th 2017 - £2,767,467.00 on a £3.00 spin on Mega Fortune Dreams. April 4th 2017 - 4.621.607,81 € on a 1,00 € spin on Mega Fortune Dreams. If you would like to try your luck at Casumo, why not sign up today? They have a great Welcome Bonus promotion waiting for you! When making your first deposit of €20 or more, they will match it with 100% bonus on top up to €500. You can use that extra cash to play on any of their 250+ games from game providers such as Microgaming and Netent. And if playing with real money is not enough for you, make sure to check out their sports betting service offering a wide range of major sports and esports events every day - odds guaranteed! In our Casumo Review we explain everything you need to know about this operator, so you can play and bet in complete peace of mind!

Casino Games at Bet365 – Top 10 Best Slots & Table Games

Since 2000, bet365 has grown into one of the biggest betting brands in the world, embracing the world of online betting through both its sports betting and bet365 casino. Whatever you're looking for, whether it's their great Esports coverage, all the best sports betting from around the world, or the great bet365 casino games coverage, this is one bookmaker that's always in the top gambling websites! That history comes with a great reputation as a legit and trusted bookmaker and casino, fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. You want to know more? Well, read on for those 10 best table games and best slots at bet365 - but don't forget to check out the full bet365 review for more on everything to do with bet365 casino and sportsbook, as well as our extensive reviews of other bookmakers, like our review of Betway casino games, and plenty of incredible Esports reviews! What's Available at the bet365 Casino? Whether you play it on the desktop site or across any of the six different mobile apps, this is one great betting site. If you're after the best slots at bet 365, head over to bet365 casino and bet365 games, but remember to check out the full range of bet365 casino games, including a vast array of great table games in both the bet365 casino and bet365 live casino as well. In the bet365 casino, you'll find the very best slots at bet365, whether that's cool retro slots, the best new video slots with incredible graphics and a full immersive experience, big name slots featuring the characters from your favourite shows, huge prizes with jackpot and progressive slots and so many more - with hundreds of the very best slots around. But don't forget the table gaming on offer at the bet365 casino, with all your favourites, including a chance to take a spin on the Roulette tables, or chance your hand against the dealers in Blackjack, Poker, Pai-Gow, Baccarat, and Craps.. Our 10 Pick of the Best Slots & Table Games at bet365. There’s plenty of different reasons to play, so we’ve picked out our top 10 slots and table games here at bet365 – so whether you want a great winning slot with the best RTP%, something offering you the chance for a great progressive jackpot, or a great playing slot with stunning graphics, there’s going to be something here for you!   Frankie Dettori's Magic Sevens ➜ Have A Great Day At The Races! Combining the look and play of a classic slot with a tasty progressive jackpot, Magic Sevens brings the excitement of the races to desktop and mobile. Kingdoms Rise: Shadow Queen ➜ Experience The Dark Magic Play on the dark side with this great iteration of the classic Kingdoms Rise slot – and this one’s jam‑packed with big bonuses, multipliers, and free spins with guaranteed wins, this one has a big three progressive jackpots, offering you up to 6,250x your stake, and a great 96.46% RTP. Joker Hot Reels ➜ Classic Slots Gaming + Progressive Jackpot! Here's one game that mixes the gameplay of classic retro slots with a great progressive jackpot of 6,000x your stake and a high RTP of 95.51% - A game with a laugh! Big Bad Wolf ➜ Huff & Puff your way to wins with Big Bad Wolf! A full-featured video slots with a classic look, Big Bad Wolf gives you 5 reels, 25 paylines, a 97.34% RTP, and plenty of extra features including the great Blowing Down the House feature. Age of the Gods ➜ Epic Adventure Slots – Whatever Version You Play! Get the epic experience in this classic slots game with so many different versions offering a great adventure based on the Greek mythology. Book of the Dead ➜ The Best Ancient Egypt Slot Great graphics, stunning animations, a great gaming experience and a jackpot win of 5000x your stake – this really is the best of all the ancient Egypt games out there! Divine Fortune ➜ Divine Jackpots! Divine Fortune includes a great local jackpot feature, meaning mega jackpots of over £100,000 can be yours! Football Rules ➜ Best of the Sports slots Looking for a great sports slot? Time to catch Football Rules, packed with American Football features across the game, and including wilds, scatters, multipliers, and a progressive jackpot. Baccarat ➜ The Best Intro to Table Gaming Table games can be scary to learn, so start off with Baccarat, the simplest table game with just three simple bets! Blackjack ➜ THE classic card game Simpler than poker, but still based on skill, Blackjack’s the classic game against the dealer and one of the best table games for odds. Extra bet365 Casino Games You Should Have A Look At [su_row] [su_column size="1/2" center="no" class=""] Gem Splash: Rainbows Gift! Rainbows Gift has all that great gameplay we've come to expect from Rainbow Riches, packed with fun and loads of bonus games to grab your very own pot of gold at the end of this Rainbow – so grab some luck of the Irish today! [/su_column] [su_column size="1/2" center="no" class=""] Buffalo Blitz II Buffalo Blitz II is a game that will take you on an adventure through the great prairies of America. Play now to receive multipliers, wilds and free spins for your next session in this thriller set on the American plains. [/su_column] [/su_row] Conclusion For some of the best money games online, you just can’t go wrong with bet365! One of the longest established, one of the most trusted, you’ll find sports, poker, bingo, and some truly great bet365 casino games online just waiting for you, on desktop and mobile, with some of the best looking and best playing apps in the business. [related_operator] FAQ Bet365 Casino Is bet365 Casino safe? Betway’s an established and trusted betting site licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and Gibraltar Gambling Commission, plus it holds various other licences worldwide, including the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. What is the maximum winning on bet365? Looking for a bookie not afraid to pay out BIG? bet365 has a maximum payout of £2 million! How to win bet365 casino? Looking to win? Of course you are! But winning is never guaranteed - but to give yourself every advantage, always know your game, know the rules, and check out the slots and table games pay tables and RTP% to get the best chance of winning. How to contact bet365 casino? Great news! the bet365 live chat option is available 24/7, 7 days a week! Who owns bet365 casino? Bet365 was founded in 2000 by Denise Coates and is still privately owned by Denise, John, and Peter Coates. Is bet365 legal in Canada? Yes! bet365 casino games and sports betting is totally legal in Canada as an off-shore gambling sites is completely legal in Canada and bet365 accepts players from Canada.

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