GG.BET Casino Games – Top 10 GG.BET Casino Slots and Games

GG.BET was created by a group of genuine esports enthusiasts. It was their goal to give esports bettors a safe and secure home to place wagers on the best esports tournaments in the world. But now, GG.BET has expanded its market, covering traditional sports and offering an online casino service. In this guide, we’re touching on that topic, taking a look at the best GG.BET casino games available.

There’s a diverse network of games available on GG.BET casino, but which ones will net you the biggest return? Which are the safest games, and which are the most enjoyable or easiest to learn? If you’d like to learn more about the platform, you can read our GG.BET review. It explains, quite clearly, why GG.BET is one of the best online casinos out there. Without further ado, let’s get into the list.

Top 10 Best Slots and Games at GG.BET Casino

Age of Pirates

Age of Pirates is one of the most exciting and best slots at GG.BET, and it boasts some of the highest potential earnings. There’s a considerable RTP of 96%, and it’s an easy enough game to get into, even as a beginner. Not only that, but it looks fantastic and has a unique pirate theme, complete with well-drawn art.


Dead or Alive Saloon

From pirates to cowboys, we move over to Dead or Alive Saloon, a 5-reel, 3-row video slot game with massive potential. It’s a little more complex than Age of Pirates, but it boasts a slightly higher RTP overall, almost touching 97%. Dead or Alive 2 makes for a graphically-pleasing experience, and it remains popular with GG.BET users.


Stoned Joker 5

Stoned Joker 5 is about as typical as you can get when it comes to entertaining slots. This is one of GG.BET’s featured slots, and it’s massively popular among its users. This traditional fruit slot boasts an enticing RTP of 96%, and there are some sizeable jackpots to play for.


Fruits Collection 10E

Fruits Collection 10E is a classic slots game from Spinomenal, one of the leading developers of casino games. At GG.BET, Fruits Collection 10E is consistently one of the most popular slots on the website. It’s instantly recognisable and you almost feel as though you know how to play it simply from looking at it. There’s a high RTP and a reported ROI potential of 3000x your initial wager. It’s easily one of the best slots at GG.BET.


Gold of Sirens

Gold of Sirens surpasses Fruits Collection 10E, promising a potential 6000x return on your initial bet. Not only that, but it has a considerably high RTP and looks absolutely fantastic on-screen. It’s a slightly more complex game, and a little more volatile, but there’s so much potential to win when you play Gold of Sirens on GG.BET. It’s one of the best GG.BET slots, without question.


Blackjack MH

Blackjack is an age-old casino staple that is known and loved by billions worldwide. It’s one of the easiest games to play and master, and it’s featured in almost every casino in the world, whether online or physical. On the GG.BET casino, Blackjack MH is one of the most popular variants of the game. It’s beautifully simple, low-risk, and offers a neat and tidy 1:1 return on wagers.


European Roulette

And talking of traditional casino games, where would GG.BET without its most popular roulette game? European Roulette is loved by many of the bettors on GG.BET, and offers both a sophisticated and high-potential service. There’s a max bet of €5000 and a huge RTP of more than 97%. It’s an absolute classic, it looks brilliant on the screen, and it’s extremely easy to learn.



Hammerfall both looks and sounds like an impressive game – from the moment you open it up, you’re treated to lush visuals and exciting effects. Unlike other games on this list, Hammerfall is a 7×7 cascading grid slot and GG.BET casino players regularly experience great luck with it. There’s a fantastic wealth of potential with this game, and once you’ve got to terms with the ruleset, you’ll likely be taking advantage of the high RTP in no time at all.


Oasis Poker Classic

And just like that, the trifecta is complete. In traditional casinos, the three most popular games tend to be roulette, blackjack, and poker – and this one finishes the almighty trinity. The Oasis Poker Classic game is one of the most popular variants of poker on GG.BET, and bettors just love it. It’s typical, traditional, and as the name says, classic. There’s a fantastic potential for a high return, and it’s remarkably easy for newcomers to get to grips with it.


Book of the Divine Reloaded

Book of the Divine Reloaded is one of the most attractive and popular GG.BET casino games. It’s simply stunning to look at, and the developer, Spinomenal, has obviously poured a heap of resources into the creation of the game. Book of the Divine Reloaded is a highly volatile but potentially highly rewarding game with an overall RTP of 96%. The bettors that use GG.BET flock to this game, and for good reason – it looks great and is genuinely fun to play. If you’re looking for an exciting online money game, look no further.