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Welcome to our resource of betting sites reviews. The perfect place for finding the best betting sites out of the massive variety of gambling sites. The changing online gambling laws has meant that people in many countries have legislation that encourages safe, fair and flexible betting. But you’ll still need our betting sites reviews to help you find the perfect way to wager on a vast range of options!

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Whether you are into casino games, esports betting or want to try your hand at fantasy sports, then there are plenty of betting sites that will give you a secure and efficient way to do so.

Because of the sheer quantity of gambling sites, it can often be tricky to find out the best betting sites for your own individual needs. But we have gone to great lengths to examine the full range of betting sites so that you can place your bets with plenty of confidence and get a fair chance of receiving some decent winnings.

By giving you a broad overview as to what you should expect from the best betting sites, you will be perfectly prepared to identify which bookmaker or online casino is well suited for your own gambling needs. Are you looking for betting sites with new entertainments like fantasy sports, live dealer games or even crypto betting options? Or do you prefer to keep things more traditional by searching for a site with a decent range of classic table games like roulette, blackjack and poker? Whatever your needs are, we are on hand to help you find those betting sites that are routinely able to provide a safe wagering service along with an excellent selection of online gambling entertainments.

So regardless of whether you are looking for best betting sites for esports, or are just searching for the most generous video slots titles, by coming to JustGamers you will be in the best place to find the best betting sites in the world!

What you should look for in the best betting sites


The sheer quantity of gambling sites means that it can sometimes be overwhelming in trying to find your perfect betting site. But rather than blindly signing up to the first gambling site you come across, it’s well worth thinking hard about what you are looking for in a betting website.

All betting sites will aim to cover all bases by serving up gambling entertainments that meet the needs of most customers. This means that the best betting sites will all include plenty of traditional sports bets, online casino games, and a range of innovative features such as esports betting, fantasy sports and so on.

However, it’s worth remembering that all betting sites will tend to focus more in certain areas than others. For example, we are constantly surprised with how some bookmakers seem to virtually ignore esports betting, whilst other bookies take great pride in serving up a massive range of odds for titles that go way beyond esports like CSGO and LoL to let you enjoy Dota 2 betting and much more.

When it comes to Heatz casino gaming, things get even more extreme. Even for classic table games like poker, there can be a vast discrepancy in the range of poker gaming variants like hold ‘em, deuces wild and Omaha poker. In addition to this, many betting sites will provide you with access to the best poker tournaments, whilst other websites keep things a little more restrained.

All of this shows just how important it is to shop around amongst the best betting sites so that you can make sure that you are signing up to a website that fully meets your own online gambling needs. Obviously, there is no way that you are going to have the time to look at each individual betting site in the world. But by checking back into JustGamers, you can quickly get a good overview as to which gambling sites offer you a service best suited to your own requirements.

How we decided our shortlist of the best betting sites


As there is such a wide variety of online betting sites, it means that it can be tricky to try and stay on top of the ever changing scene. But we have created a betting sites list that can easily be used to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are seeing the best betting sites for slots gaming, or are looking for the perfect site for getting access to the best poker tournaments, our shortlist will be able to help you out.

When we created our overview of the best bet sites offers, we couldn’t resist including some of the top esports betting brands. Everybody knows that GG.Bet have dominated esports betting over the past few years, but did you know that they also include a great casino gaming section?

By coming to JustGamers, you will quickly be able to see how industry heavyweights like, and all shape up in terms of their online betting services. Plus we will be quick to help you see how new crypto betting sites like give their rivals a real run for their money in their bid to be the best crypto casino.

The main thing to remember is that we have carefully reviewed all of these betting sites so that you can instantly see how well they are able to meet your needs. We will also help you see how well each betting site performs in important factors like customer service, permitted payment methods and mobile app services. In addition to this, you will also discover where your chosen betting site stands in regards to its official licensing and regulation.

So that whether you are thinking about signing up to the likes of GG.Bet or, by coming to JustGamers and checking out our betting site reviews, you will quickly be able to discover exactly what these online gambling sites have to offer.

The best betting sites for casino gaming revealed!


Many of the betting sites featured in our shortlist will easily be able to meet your online casino gaming needs. Regardless of whether you are looking for a quick game of Texas hold’em poker, or are seeking the most immersive live casino game of roulette, all of these online gambling sites seem to take great pride in offering the complete casino gaming service. After all, you just have to look at the best slots on Bet365 to see that there’s plenty of competition out there.

Many gamers love to visit sites that have all of the classic table games like online blackjack and roulette, but that also throw in some new casino gaming innovations like online monopoly and Dream Catcher too. This is why there’s plenty of debate about what the best Betway casino game is. Similarly, some betting sites have also picked up many fans due to the way that they offer an unparalleled range of poker tournaments to enter. Don’t forget that nearly all betting sites will also serve up some great welcome bonuses to help you win a little extra with your casino gaming.

As a result, it’s a matter of personal preference as to making the decision of which online betting site to sign up for. Obviously you should make sure that your chosen site is fully licensed, and be sure to check that they have a responsive customer service team.

But by sticking with any of the gambling sites featured on our shortlist, you stand to get a safe, fair and completely transparent gaming experience. This means that you can avoid the pitfalls of accidentally signing up to a disreputable casino gaming site, and can instead bet with full confidence on your favourite games.


Read our betting sites reviews for esports, fantasy and more


As the online gambling revolution has grown, it’s been fascinating to see how it has included many more wagering innovations. Gone are the days where you could only bet on traditional sports like horse racing, or casino games like poker, as there is a whole new generation of betting entertainments to enjoy.

Most of us grew up playing video games, and it’s been great to see how esports has grown to become a billion dollar industry in little more than a decade. As millions of people now tune in to live stream esports tournaments, there has been a growing number of UK betting sites that now allow you to bet on esports. Even classic sportsbooks now serve up an excellent range of esports odds for iconic games like League of Legends and Counter Strike Global Offensive, as well as newer titles such as Valorant.

Even traditional sports betting has caught the bug of the online gambling revolution. Not only can you now bet live on many sports such as football, basketball and tennis, but the rise of fantasy sports offers a brand new way to get a lot more interactive in your wagering. Fantasy football in particular has become hugely popular since the turn of the 21st century, and it’s been impressive to see how many traditional sportsbooks have taken note of this trend to allow you a safe and easy way to wager on fantasy sports. Don’t forget that esports fantasy betting is now a thing and it’s great fun too!

Despite the impressive achievements of innovations like esports betting and fantasy sports, it’s important to remember that they should be treated just as you would any other kind of online gambling entertainment. This means that you should always check around different betting sites to make sure that you are getting the very best odds on the market, and don’t even think about signing up to an online gambling site that lacks all of the necessary licensing and regulation.

All of which should mean that whether you are building your first fantasy football team, or are wagering on the map winner of a CSGO clash, you can enjoy a safe, fun and profitable time with your online betting entertainment.

Best ways of using our betting sites reviews


Regardless of which online betting site you choose to sign up to, there remain a few things that you will need to do if you are willing to get the best out of your wagering. The first thing to remember is that nobody ever made any sustained profits out of reckless betting. It’s only by setting yourself a respectable betting budget that you are going to be able to overcome any unexpected losses and last the distance in anything from playing casino games to enjoying LoL betting. This is because if you find yourself betting with money you don’t have, then you are going to run the risk of making some overly emotional bets. So always gamble responsibly for the best way to enjoy long-lasting betting.

We should also mention the fact that many betting sites put on all manner of bonuses and promotions for new and existing customers. Many sites will take great pride in serving up matched deposit sign up bonuses for new customers, and whilst these special offers can seriously boost your betting profits, it’s worth taking the time to carefully read through the small print so that you know exactly what you are signing up for. Anything from wagering conditions to strict time limits can quickly turn a great looking bonus into a real headache, so make sure that you understand the bonus wagering conditions for the best way to take advantage of these deals.

Conclusion - Check back with our betting sites reviews


Above all, it’s only by taking the time to carefully research each betting site that you are going to be able to make the most out of your online gambling. But by coming to JustGamers, you can be sure of getting a helping hand. So that whether you want to play casino games, bet on LoL World Championship or just try fantasy esports, we’ll be here to help you out!



Dr Disrespect stands firm in support of blockchain games

Despite the negative reception that blockchain games have received, Dr Disrespect is still strongly advocating for them, claiming that those games offer unique experiences for players in various fields, including but not limited to item ownership and transaction transparency. Prior to gaining popularity as a streamer, Dr Disrespect, whose real name is Herschel Beahm IV, had a successful career in game development as a level designer for Call of Duty. The now YouTube streamer revealed the launch of his gaming studio, Midnight Society, during his dispute with Twitch in December 2021. The primary focus of Midnight Society is to develop online multiplayer games with blockchain integration. The studio's current priority is Project Moon, which has received widespread criticism for its utilization of NFTs. The official description of Midnight Society defines it as a unique triple-A game studio and publishing model that has been in the making for over a decade. It comprises a group of game industry veterans who believe in a future where developers create games collaboratively with players sharing in the game's success. Dr Disrespect has taken on a more prominent position than ever before for his game Project Moon, and it is not as if he is just a simple gamer who wants to make a video game. Previously, the content creator faced a backlash from fans and followers for endorsing various blockchain games on social media and during his streams. Many accused the streamer of promoting a product that could harm the community and worsen wealth inequality. As a result, the content creator distanced himself from the technology, at least temporarily. However, Dr Disrespect recently tweeted about blockchain games, saying they are the future. Dr Disrespect presented the idea of trying to extract an item discovered on the chain that is worth $100,000, highlighting the entertainment value for both viewers and players. "Imagine trying to 'extract' with an item you discovered worth $100,000 on the chain," Dr Disrespect said. "Think about entertainment value as a viewer let alone a player." Later, Dr Disrespect shared his excitement for the concept of digital collectibles in an online game, particularly in an extraction-style game. The streamer also dismissed those who criticize the use of blockchain games as "brain dead headline followers," comparing them to people who spend a lot on skins for yearly game releases, which everyone ends up having. Skepticism from gaming community Blockchain technology gained significant traction within the gaming industry due to its potential to offer more secure and transparent transactions and ownership of items. However, many individuals grew skeptical of blockchain games shortly after, citing concerns about their potential environmental impact and other issues. Dr Disrespect's recent statements on blockchain games have received a mixed response from the gaming community, with some of his supporters expressing their approval of the streamer. However, many of his followers are still skeptical about the technology. For instance, one fan commented that NFTs are a scam. The underlying concept of Project Moon appears favorable when put down in writing. The plan is to sporadically release vertical slices, highly restricted portions of a game, and make changes to the game based on feedback from players. However, some experts have reservations about the idea of focus testing games. They argue that players may not be the best judges of what they want since they often prefer familiar experiences, while individual preferences can vary widely. Additionally, playtesting is typically something that game studios pay for. Looking at Dr Disrespect's approach to development, some experts believe that he is effectively exploiting his fanbase for free labor.

Sapnap triumphs over 200 participants in Squid Craft 2 tournament

Nick Sapnap, a content creator and streamer, emerged as the winner of the Squid Craft 2 Tournament after competing against 200 individuals from various countries. Hosted by Twitch, the tournament offered a cash prize pool worth around $106,000. El Rubius and Ibai Llanos, two prominent Twitch personalities from Spain, organized the massive event that attracted a list of big North American content creators. The tournament began on February 28 and lasted for a week, with the final day being on March 5. Squid Craft 2, a Minecraft tournament inspired by the popular Korean Netflix series "Squid Game," returned after a year with a larger cast of participants. The event also attracted hundreds of thousands of spectators, making it a significant occasion. tournament took place in a specially designed Minecraft world inspired by the Squid Game TV show. It featured various games that were either directly taken from the show or heavily influenced by it. As the competition progressed, participants were eliminated, narrowing down the number of players until there was only one winner left. The tournament's final round came down to two contestants — Sapnap and Twitch streamer Shadoune666. The two engaged in a 1v1 fight on top of a mountain, with Sapnap emerging victorious. After winning the tournament, Sapnap celebrated by wearing a T-shirt with the Spanish word "Campeones," which translates to "champion" in English, printed on the back. The American streamer then proudly boasted that he had predicted his win all along, so he created the merchandise in anticipation of the victory. "See this, guys. I knew I was going to win the whole time. I made Champion merch," Sapnap said. success from last year's tournament In January 2022, the first edition of SquidCraft was held exclusively for Spanish content creators, featuring 150 participants who competed in elimination minigames on a specially designed Minecraft map until only one winner was left. Last year's tournament set several Twitch records, drawing millions of viewers and recording 17.5 million total hours watched and over 2.2 million peak viewers. Several streamers also set personal records for the number of viewers on their channels, with elxokas reaching a record of 1.2 million peak viewers, the third-highest in Twitch's history. Compared to the previous year's tournament, the Squid Craft 2 event had a much larger pool of participants, which added to its cut-throat nature. While the 2022 tournament only had Spanish streamers, this year's tournament was opened up to players from across the Atlantic, making it much more international in its appeal. Minecraft streamers from North America and other English-speaking regions, such as Dream, GeorgeNotFound and Karl Jacobs, participated in the event. Twitch giants such as Pokimane, xQc and Amouranth were also among Sapnap's rivals vying for the prize pool. There had been rumors about Squid Craft 2 since early February this year, but the official announcement of the event was made only on February 22. Rubius revealed all the participants of SquidCraft 2 in a stream that lasted for less than two hours but attracted over 361,000 peak viewers and accumulated 522,700 hours watched. This was the second-highest result in Rubius' career. The stream also ranked second among all the broadcasts that ran during the week, trailing only the Kings League.

Senate Democrats urge Meta to stop plans to market metaverse to teens

Two Senate Democrats have urged Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to halt plans to release the Horizon Worlds metaverse, a mobile application aimed at teenagers aged 13 to 17. Senators Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Ed Markey of Massachusetts cited the company's poor history with child protection regulations in their concern for Meta's project plans. Meta plans to open up Horizon to teenagers as soon as this month. "As our constituents grow increasingly concerned about the effects of online platforms and social media apps on teens' well-being, your plans to imminently pull these young people into an under-researched, potentially dangerous virtual realm with consequences for their physical and mental health is unacceptable," Senators Markey and Blumenthal said in their letter. "Any strategy to invite young users into a digital space rife with potential harms should not be driven by a goal to maximize profit." While Meta has yet to comment on the letter, the company announced parental supervision tools for Quest headset owners last June. These tools allow adult guardians to view, approve and block applications on their children's behalf. Company spokespeople have also previously mentioned that Meta's Quest headsets were made with teenagers as young as 13 in mind, insisting that Meta aims to deliver a great experience for young adults and teenagers in its virtual reality setting. Concerns for safety Even before their current pivot in the audience for Horizon, the Senate has brought up concerns regarding Meta's targeting. Senators Markey and Blumenthal pointed to past internal errors within Meta's supposedly child-friendly Messenger Kids, which allowed children to interact with strangers. Meta's spokespeople later claimed that the error only applied to a few users. In the past, lawmakers have also riled against Meta's plans to expand their popular social media service, Instagram, for children. Senators cited internal research that discovered the application's harmful effects on teenage girls in 2021. The backlash forced Meta to suspend their plans to release Instagram for kids. "With a documented track record of failure to protect children and teens, Meta has lost parents', pediatricians', policymakers', and the public's trust," Senators Markey and Blumenthal said in their letter. Data collection was also a significant concern in the senator's letter. Horizon and relevant Meta Quest devices collect data on face and eye movement, important identification tools that may be misused in the future. Virtual reality may also potentially expose teenagers to more visceral abusive behavior online, including verbal or sexual harassment from other metaverse users. Meta spokespeople remarked that face and eye tracking currently only exist on Quest Pro devices, which cost over $1,500. These devices also allegedly implement various protections to avoid violations against their users' privacy. Meta's recent struggles in building its user base have largely affected its current plans. Last year, leaked internal documents showed that Horizon struggled to maintain over 200,000 active users. Beyond expanding its audience to younger generations, the company also plans to implement a two-dimensional version of Horizon. This version will be available on PC and mobile and will be released sometime in 2023.

God of War Ragnarok leading 2023 BAFTA Games Award with 14 nominations

The 2023 BAFTA Games Awards welcome God of War Ragnarok as their lead nominee this year, with nominations in 14 different categories. After announcing the nominees just yesterday, BAFTA will stream the awards on March 30. With 14 nominations, Ragnarok is also the most nominated game in the Awards’ history. It is also in the running for EE Game of the Year, BAFTA’s only publicly-voted category, contending against titles like Elden Ring and Stray. God of War Ragnarok is the eighth official entry into the God of War series. It is also the second title after the series departed from its Greek mythological roots to explore Norse mythology. Its direct predecessor, God of War 2018, won numerous BAFTA awards, including the Best Game title. This year’s BAFTA Games Awards also feature a variety of titles from big and small developers. Some notable titles include Stray (eight nominations), Elden Ring (seven nominations), Citizen Sleeper (four nominations) and Cult of the Lamb (three nominations). The 2023 BAFTA Games Awards also unveiled nominees for the Game Beyond Entertainment category, dedicated to games focusing on social issues plaguing the modern world. Endling - Extinction is Forever, Gibbon: Beyond the Trees, Not for Broadcast, We’ll Always Have Paris, I Was a Teenage Exocolonist and Citizen Sleeper are among the nominees for the category. The award will take place in London at the Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall and will stream on the BAFTA’s official Twitch channel at 18.50 BST. Popular esports broadcaster Frankie Ward is set to host this year’s on-site ceremony, while the live-stream hosts will be confirmed in the coming weeks. Other categories, nominations The BAFTA Awards announced 18 different nomination categories for this year’s ceremony. God of War Ragnarok, Stray and Elden Ring lead the pack in major categories like Best Game and Technical Achievement, but there are several other notable nominations in various categories. In the Best Game category, the prior three games are facing off against Marvel Snap, Cult of the Lamb and the sleeper hit Vampire Survivors, a simple roguelike shoot-em-up with Castlevania-inspired aesthetics. The Animation category features God of War Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Stray, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Sifu. In the Artistic Achievement category, Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok reappear to face off against A Plague Tale: Requiem, Immortality, Pentiment and Tunic. In the Audio Achievement category, newer entries, including Metal: Hellsinger, appear alongside expected entries such as A Plague Tale: Requiem and Tunic. Stray and God of War Ragnarok also make a reappearance in this category. The 2023 British Game category features a number of the more obscure but unique entries in this year’s ceremony, including Olliolli World and Rollerdrome. Total War: Warhammer III also makes an appearance alongside Citizen Sleeper and Vampire Survivor. This year’s Game Design welcomes not only Best Games nominees like Ragnarok and Elden Ring but also games like Horizon Forbidden West and Tunic. Some other notable nominees include Apex Legends and No Man’s Sky for Evolving Game, Overwatch 2 and Splatoon 3 for Multiplayer and Sifu for Original Property.



Fortnite: Most Wanted special event is live to offer various rewards

Most Wanted, a special Fortnite event, is now live. Launched after the v23.40 update in Fortnite Chapter 4: Season 1, players can earn various rewards by unlocking Cold Blooded Vaults and participating in the Most Wanted Quests during the limited-time event. This event started on February 14 and will end on February 28, meaning that players have two weeks to win all of these rewards. Cold Blooded Vaults Players can find Cold Blooded Vaults in Brutal Bastion, Shattered Slabs and Faulty Splits throughout the event. These vaults contain exotic weapons that are only available during the event. Heisted Breacher Shotgun helps players destroy builds easily, while Heisted Explosive Assault Rifle fires projectiles. Then, Heisted Accelerant Shotgun boosts movement speed and fire rate. Heisted Run 'N' Gun SMG infuses players with self-reloads and Slap while sprinting. Lastly, Heisted Blink Mag SMG gives Zero Dash ability after reloading. Opening a Vault requires a keycard, which players can obtain by defeating a boss stationed near the Vault. Players can identify the right boss by checking whether they have a massive health bar. Players are suggested to unlock as many Cold Blooded Vaults as to climb the leaderboards. There will be additional rewards for top players starting on February 16, including Live to Ride Spray and Retro Rivals Wrap. Most Wanted Quests There are five Most Wanted Quests to participate in — Intel & Recon, Going In Loud, Going In Quiet, Cracking The Vault and Clean Getaway. The Intel & Recon quest already began with the launch of the event, while a new quest will pop up every two days. Each quest comprises several challenges. There are a total of nine challenges in the first quest. The challenges include purchasing weapons from Ace's Armory vending machines or Ace's Exotics, inflicting damages on opponents with Exotics and unvaulted weapons and searching through cash registers or safes. These challenges have varying degrees of difficulty and different amounts of Infamy points. Players will receive a Cold Blooded Medallion by completing these challenges. One of the challenges in the Intel & Recon quest is raising the player's Heat Level, which is a new mechanic introduced for the event. The player's Heat Level determines how visible they are to the enemies because a higher Heat Level makes them show up more often on the minimap. Heat Level can be increased by doing actions that will make the player more notorious, including stealing loot, attacking the Cold Blooded members and inflicting more damage to opponents. At Heat Level 1, eliminated opponents will drop extra bars. Players in Heat Level 2 will see a movement speed boost of 15 percent and the ability to regenerate up to 100 health after combat. Heat Level 3 players will have a 20 percent increase in movement speed, the ability to regain up to 100 health and 50 shields after a fight. At the top level, Heat Level 4, the movement speed will increase by 25 percent and players can regain up to 100 health and 100 shields after combat. The boost will help players defeat more opponents. However, players must be prepared to face enemies because a high Heat Level helps opponents locate them a lot easier. Players can trade their Infamy points with various interesting cosmetics like Escapees Weapon Wrap, The Heat Is On Loading Screen and Gold Blooded Ace Skin. To obtain Solid Skull Back Bling skin, however, players must collect five Cold Blooded Medallions. It means that players have to complete every single challenge in all of the quests to get the prize skin. Alternatively, players can unlock all of these cosmetics — including the skin — for 1,800 V-Bucks (around $14). Players can check out the quests by visiting the Quests Menu. The Infamy points and rewards trackers are available on the Most Wanted tab in the main lobby.

VALORANT players throwing off matches to win crypto bets

Crypto-betting sites have been causing some VALORANT players to throw off ranked matches to win bets. These sites allow players to bet on the outcome of competitive matches using cryptocurrency. For example, they can bet on a streamer to lose a game when they are on the same team, which is why they intentionally throw off matches. They can also bet on an enemy team to win. In this scenario, they intentionally cause their team to lose. activity ruins the experience of other players, making them lose their ranking. It can also cause long-term consequences for the players involved in this activity, such as being banned from the game. VALORANT's developer, Riot Games, has plans to implement preventive measures against this behavior. It will include stricter punishments for players caught intentionally throwing off matches., the rise of crypto-betting makes it hard to prevent and monitor constantly. As of now, the developer has yet to comment on this issue. VALORANT players voice concerns, suggest countermeasures Several professional VALORANT players have voiced their concerns about the growing issue of crypto-betting in the game. Sentinels player Tyson "TenZ" Ngo said the rising number of players throwing off ranked matches was "ridiculous." Former professional Counter-Strike player Tarik "Tarik" Celik addressed this problem more seriously, proposing to establish his own pro league to create a suitable environment for VALORANT's best and most professional players. did not provide detailed information about how it would operate, but he had an idea about who to invite into the very closed circuit. "I'm brainstorming it all. But, basically, how I see it going is that if you are a franchised player, if you're a player on a franchise team, you can join directly," Tarik said in a live stream. "And then, if you're a contracted player for VALORANT on a tier-1 org, then you can join right away." Tarik got his idea after watching VALORANT player Travis "tdawgg" Regan expose multiple people who intentionally threw off their games. Tarik said he planned to recruit 100-120 players with a set of strict requirements. This would allow players from higher ranks to participate in matches where game-throwing for cryptocurrencies would not be a problem. He also suggested forming a council to assess which players would be allowed to join the league.'s pro league would include players who are in the top 50. These players would have to play under contract on a professional team for more than six months within the last two years. The players who can get a direct invite to the league would have to be or have been on franchised teams in North America. They can also get invitations if they are players on certain teams like The Guard, G2 and other tier-1 organizations that have been in the VALORANT competitive scene for a long time. Regardless of his pitch, Tarik said he hoped Riot Games would find a way to deal with the issue. "It all comes down to Riot hopefully putting together a plan for how they wanna approach this," Tarik said.

Era7 unveils first champion of World Cup Tournament S1

SantosBrat from Russia has earned $15,000 and digital airdrop prizes after prevailing over fellow Web3 esports players RocketMoneyH and SemestaNami in the first season of Era7's World Cup Tournament. The tournament saw thousands of players from around the world enter, but only 1,296 qualified for the playoffs. That 1,296 was later cut down to 128 for the knockout and final rounds, which received over one million views from streaming services and the like as viewers saw the players compete over the $130,000 prize pool. As one of the first competitive TCG events in the Web3 sphere, viewers got to experience the players develop and execute new strategies on the fly like speed pushing, counter-kills and risky baits. This event is just an extension of Era7's design principles, combining Esportsfi and NFT features to create an accessible, competitive experience while maintaining speedy gameplay. The developers claim that Era7's matches only take three minutes to complete, optimizing the experience for mobile players. Era7, which launched six months ago, has been ranked as one of the top BNB Chain projects for its long-term sustainability using esports and strategic gameplay. Using its position as one of blockchain gaming's most popular esports games, Era7 is planning to "promote the ecological construction of Esportsfi," continue to innovate within the Web3 esports field and build a long-term competitive format for its game. Era7's esports developments and ecosystem Era7 has also been implementing improvements to competitive tournaments. While many esports tournaments, such as Dota 2's The International, utilize a crowdfunding model to form the prize pool, Era7 determines the prize pool by digital asset placement. The main benefit this has over crowdfunding is ensuring adding revenue sources for all players and increasing the stability of the prize pool. Players can know precisely how much they will earn for placing at an event and will be more motivated, wrote Era7 in a press release. Players can generate value and have opportunities to optimize and innovate their decks by just playing the game as well as learning from others by viewing the decks of top players. Era7 also has a working in-game marketplace and uses a play-to-earn mechanic, allowing competitive players can easily trade for specific cards and earn cash rewards over time. This system enables any player, regardless of financial means, to compete and learn over time. "Era7 establishes an immersive gaming experience with a complete, closed-loop economic ecosystem on which players can earn real money and cash out as and when they choose. Because of this, we have millions of esports users around the world, ready, waiting and excited for the launch of the game," wrote Era7 in its whitepaper. The game has also dedicated itself to growing larger every year through partnerships and ecosystem development. Partnering with NFT marketplace Element, Era7 will host six to eight seasons of the World Cup Tournament every year. The company expects the competitive prize pool to reach $5 million by 2023, giving competitive players great incentives to compete and develop the game's strategies to find an edge over their opponents.

META8 prevails in Axie Infinity’s largest tournaments

Web3-focused esports team META8 emerged triumphant in the two largest Axie Infinity events, including the recently concluded Axie Infinity's first World Championship, and took home a combined $229,000 in winnings. Theeban "1437" Siva was a dominant force in the Axie Infinity "Origins" tournament at AxieCon, claiming the title without dropping a single game. He previously competed in other esports titles such as Dota 2 on well-known teams such as Cloud9 and Dignitas before moving to play Axie Infinity. There, he co-founded the META8 guild alongside Youtuber and content creator Elijah. "We wanted to have the best possible team, and something that's just all about competing and making each other better and stronger. We were making sure that the players in our guild are able to fulfill their dreams of being full-time players, essentially," said Siva, as per Decrypt. Siva is also joined by Sebastián "Superchería" Pozzo, who was previously active in the Magic: The Gathering scene for over a decade, placing fifth at the 2019 World Championship for Magic: The Gathering Arena. It's worth noting that Pozzo briefly retired from Axie Infinity due to the release of the "Origins" version of the game, which he did not enjoy as much. However, he came out of hiatus due to the World Championship being played on the legacy version of the game and ended up claiming his first competitive tournament title. "It was amazing. I've done pretty well in 'Magic', but I had never earned a major, individual title. This was something special, because going home knowing that nothing could have gone any better is unique," Pozzo said. Axie Infinity and META8's plans for the future Due to its previously collapsing economy, the developers of Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis, have changed the game's reward structure and core gameplay to revitalize the player base and become more approachable to the mainstream audience. The "Origins" version has free-to-play trial monsters to get new players to compete and play faster while also changing the gameplay in significant ways. Gameplay changes include the removal of random critical hits, the use of simplified stats to promote "a fast, turn-based game design", as well as the introduction of various equipable items to enhance gameplay richness and possibilities. Sky Mavis also previously announced at AxieCon that the competitive aspect of the game would continue to be supported, with over $2 million in AXS tokens being offered as grants to develop the Axie Infinity esports ecosystem. According to Siva, this competitive focus separates Axie Infinity from the other NFT games on offer. "A lot of Web3 games are about, 'OK, how can we make the most amount of money from our users?' and are kind of forsaking the entertainment aspect of the game," said Siva. Since META8 is looking to branch out to compete in other Web3 games, Siva was asked by Decrypt if he thought that the META8 Axie Infinity team could remain dominant in the future due to the organization potentially splitting focus from the game. The pro player replied that there was "no doubt" that his team would continue to dominate the scene.

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Crypto Gambling

Crypto Gambling: How Does It Work? Tips and Insights

Have you ever taken part in crypto gambling? For years, it has been a concept and a practice that has been gathering steam online, with many millions of punters taking part in crypto gambling. As cryptocurrency has become more popular and more valuable, online crypto gambling sites have been cropping up all around the world. They offer betting markets, casino games, and slots, all backed by the power of cryptocurrency. In this article, we're breaking down everything you need to know about crypto gambling. It's only getting bigger with time, and the best crypto gambling sites are building their customer bases almost effortlessly. Read on to learn everything possible about crypt gambling, including whether it's completely legal and worthwhile, and if you can actually turn a profit by gambling with your cryptocurrency. [cta id=3269 type=list] What is Crypto Gambling? Crypto gambling is just like regular gambling except that you’ll be funding your bets with cryptocurrencies. This means that you could be playing roulette or poker at your favorite casino after making a Bitcoin deposit. Just because you are using cryptocurrencies to fund your bets doesn’t mean that the actual gambling activity should be any different. Instead, crypto gambling just describes a slightly different way of funding your bets when compared to using regular credit cards or e-wallets. So, if you’ve ever had the slightest experience of normal gambling, then you’ll quickly get to grips with crypto gambling. Typically, crypto gambling is more popular in the casino space, but these days, you can use crypto to bet on all major sports - and even esports betting markets. How Does Crypto Gambling Work? Crypto gambling is easy and the variety of games is usually wide. We’ve prepared a handy guide to crypto gambling to get you started, but for now, we’ll walk you through the basics of crypto gambling. Register your account at account at a crypto gambling site Make a deposit with a cryptocurrency like BTC, ETH or LTC Browse the sportsbook for the betting odds you want Enter your betting stake from your crypto deposits Withdraw any winnings you made to your crypto wallet It’s really that simple. The best thing is that crypto deposits and withdrawals tend to be much faster than most other payment options and you shouldn’t have to pay any fees either. Best Crypto Gambling Sites You can pick any crypto gambling site on our shortlist and know that you’ll get an awesome service. Whether you want to use Bitcoin for playing at a crypto casino, or you prefer to make an Ethereum deposit for betting on sports, you’ll find the perfect site. So keep reading to see our shortlist of the best crypto gambling sites and learn how we picked these awesome operators! Possibly the best crypto casino site There are plenty of decent crypto gambling sites out there, but we think that Bitcasino is the best crypto casino currently available. This is because the site has literally hundreds of quality slots and table crypto gambling games, and many of these are exclusives that you won’t find elsewhere. Plus, you can fund your wagering with a massive number of lesser-seen cryptos like Ripple, Tron, EOS, Bitcoin Cash and much more. [operator name="bitcasino-io" service="crypto"] Betway Massive variety of crypto gambling options Betway is a great all-around crypto-gambling site. It might foreground its esports bets, but it’s equally good for anything from regular sports betting to casino gaming. You’ll be able to fund your gambling at Betway with major cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Plus you’ll always find some decent bonuses and promotions to power your bets. [operator name="betway" service="money"] GG.Bet One of the best crypto gambling sites for sports betting This is another excellent all-around crypto-gambling site. If anything, prioritizes its sports bets that give you awesome coverage for everything from football and basketball to tennis and MMA fighting. Plus we have to say that the casino is excellent, with a particularly strong selection of live casino games. Making crypto payments at 22Bet is easy and you can deposit and withdraw with the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin and DogeCoin. All of which makes for a quality crypto gambling website. [operator name="gg-bet" service="esports"] Pinnacle Better sports odds than other crypto gambling websites Just because you’re enjoying some crypto gambling doesn’t mean that you should settle for anything less than excellent sports betting odds. This is why all sports fans should head to Pinnacle for their crypto bets as the brand forgoes any kind of bonus to put all of its efforts into giving you the best odds on the market. Not that it’s all about sports betting at Pinnacle, as this brand also has one of the biggest crypto casinos we’ve come across. All of these can be accessed by signing up and making your deposits with the likes of Bitcoin, Tether and Litecoin. [operator name="pinnacle" service="esports"] Decent sports and esports crypto gambling options might sound like a flashy and futuristic betting site, but we found that it offers you a nice, down-to-earth way to put your crypto bets down. From decent esports odds to a good amount of sports betting markets, you’ll find lots of things to bet on here. Plus we found well over 1,000 slots and table crypto gambling games at the casino. At the moment, it looks like you can only make crypto payments with the likes of Bitcoin, but it’s still an impressive start for one of the best crypto gambling sites. [operator name="cyber-bet" service="esports"] LuckBox A great option for crypto esports gambling fans LuckBox is well known for being one of the planet’s best esports betting sites. This can be seen in everything from the number of betting markets for even the most niche of esports to the fact that you get free live streaming all over the online crypto gambling site. We should also note the fact that LuckBox has a pretty good casino that features games from many top developers. Again, you can only make cryptocurrency payments with the likes of Bitcoin, but we’re hoping for more cryptos to be featured there soon. [operator name="luckbox" service="esports"] One of the more promising crypto gambling websites This is another esports betting site that’ll happily accept payments made with cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Beyond esports, you’ll find a good amount of bets for more traditional sports, as well as some fairly ‘unique’ casino gaming options. All of this makes for a great little crypto-gambling site that’s well worth a look. Just don’t forget to pick up one of the brand’s welcome bonuses when you register your account. [operator name="" service="esports"] [su_divider style="dotted" divider_color="#fef43f"] How to Choose the Best Crypto Gambling Site The first thing that you’ll need to do is to identify which gambling site has your preferred betting option. After all, some of the above sites focus exclusively on sports betting, while others will prioritize casino gaming. Plus it’s worth noting that some crypto gambling sites might be better for some things like football odds or roulette games than others. We’d also recommend you check our operator reviews to see what it’s actually like to use these gambling sites. You’ll discover which sites have awesome gambling apps that you can use on a smartphone or a tablet such as the Betway casino app, or you might discover a site that even features free live streaming. Plus it’s worth checking around to see which crypto-gambling sites have decent bonuses to help you get more from your bets. Anything from a big matched deposit deal to a simple £10 no-deposit bonus can work wonders. How to Get Started We think that it’s pretty simple to use a crypto gambling site. It follows a fairly similar procedure to if you use a regular online casino site. But just to get you started, here’s what you need to do. Create a user account at the crypto casino by entering your email Make a deposit from your crypto wallet in Bitcoin, Ether and so on Put down your stakes on your preferred slot or table game Make a withdrawal of any winnings you made back to your wallet Obviously, you’ll need plenty of luck to make some winnings from your crypto gaming. But be sure to read our guide to the top 10 crypto casino games where you’ll get a great overview of some awesome slots and table games you can play with crypto deposits. How to Deposit and Withdraw Most decent crypto gambling sites will let you pick and choose the best crypto for [yyyy] to make deposits with. This means that you should simply be able to link up your crypto wallet with the crypto gambling site and add funds to your account. Creating a user account is pretty easy, as you’ll often be able to sign up with little more than an email address. However, it’s nice to get further security by providing the betting site with some more personal details. The number of cryptocurrencies accepted by gambling sites can vary quite significantly. Some betting sites will only accept Bitcoin payments, while other gambling operators may accept cryptos like Ethereum and Litecoin. We’ve even seen some sites that accept literally dozens of cryptocurrencies from Tether to Bitcoin Cash and everywhere in between. Crypto Gambling Tips Gambling at crypto casinos is almost the same as doing it at regular online casinos. Nevertheless, there are some tips you can follow to avoid throwing all your bonuses and budget in one spin! Check them out: Use stablecoins: is investing in crypto gambling? No, but it can double up your risk. Yeah sure, BTC is the biggest coin and we all know that; yet, using stablecoins like USDT or BUSD allows you to reduce your volatility so you are not double betting. Play safe: Play only at registered and licensed casinos. Other than that, you are running a high risk of making untraceable deposits on weird sites. Stick to a budget: Keep a real budget at hand for betting, try to stick to it and if you win a lot, you can either make your numbers bigger or keep it the same while taking out your earnings. Choose the right games: When going for crypto gambling games try to pick the ones with the best RTP and more bonus options. Is Crypto Gambling Legal? It depends on which country you are resident in. After all, some countries like Australia have made online casino gaming illegal, whereas it’s perfectly fine to bet on sports. There can even be different online gambling laws within certain countries. For crypto gambling, the USA is a good example of this, as the state of New Jersey has legalised online casino gaming and sports betting, whereas states like Utah remain firmly opposed to all forms of gambling. It’s worth noting that many countries have been slow to establish firm regulations over how cryptocurrencies are used to pay for goods and services online. As it stands, there’s something of a grey area for using cryptos, which means that as long as you stay safe, you should be perfectly fine with using cryptocurrencies to fund your online gambling. Is Cryptocurrency Gambling Safe? Many people have enjoyed crypto gambling without any kind of problem. However, there might be a handful of crypto gamblers who’ve had some issues as a result of using the wrong kind of crypto gambling site. There are some rogue betting sites out there that will take your crypto deposits, take your bets and have no intention of paying out. As a result, we’d only recommend using those crypto gambling sites that have the following trust factors: Licensing: You should only use fully licensed and regulated crypto gambling sites. If you use a site that doesn’t have a legitimate online gambling license, then there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a safe and fair gambling experience. Encryption: We’d recommend looking at how the crypto gambling bookmaker or casino looks after your personal data. Unless it has SSL-level encryption technology, we’d suggest giving it a miss. Reputation: It’s easy to see what crypto gambling Reddit users have to say about any online betting or gaming site. So do your research and see whether that crypto gambling site can be trusted. Customer support: If a crypto gambling site takes good care of its customers, then it’s going to be unlikely to rip them off. So look for a crypto gambling site or bookmaker who features friendly and professional customer support that’s available 24/7 on live chat, email, and telephone. [cta id=2581 type=geo] [su_divider style="dotted" divider_color="#fef43f"] To Sum Up By now you’ll see that online crypto gambling is just like regular gambling but with the added advantage of making faster deposits and getting paid your winnings much more quickly. It’s worth noting that many people like using cryptos for gambling as it allows you to do things like stay anonymous and there’s no record of your betting on a bank statement. All of which suggests that crypto gambling is here to stay. So pick one of our recommended crypto gambling sites and see what you can win.

Crypto Betting – The Ultimate Guide to Crypto Betting Markets

The crypto betting revolution is here. We’ll tell you what crypto betting is, how to do it, and reveal those websites that make crypto betting safe, easy and fun. But is crypto betting legal? Don’t worry as we’ll cover that too. If there was anything about betting with crypto you wanted to know but were afraid to ask, you’ll get all of the answers you need right here. It’s never been easier to get the best crypto betting experience. From the hottest crypto betting tips you can find online to a breakdown of what cryptocurrencies can be used for gambling, we've got it all, right here. There's a diverse and dynamic world out there, and while cryptocurrency remains inherently volatile, using it to place bets and gamble in casinos is an exciting and exhilarating practice. So, before you start betting with crypto, read through our guide - it'll guarantee you the best results. What is Crypto Betting? Crypto betting is just like regular betting except that you’ll be funding your bets with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin rather than traditional payment methods. This could mean using cryptos to bet on regular sports like football, basketball, tennis and so on. Or it could also mean esports crypto betting on titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Dota 2. The actual process of putting your bets down isn’t any different from betting in a regular sportsbook. After you’ve deposited with a cryptocurrency, you’ll probably find that the deposit has been converted into a regular currency. From here, you can decide how much of a stake you want to put down in your bets. If you’re lucky enough to make some winnings with your bets, then you can then make a withdrawal back to your crypto wallet. All of this shows that cryptocurrency betting should be quick, fun and easy. Best Crypto Betting Sites Which betting site accepts crypto? Choose a betting site that has a license, fits your style, and gives you real incentives to keep playing there. Maybe you would like to make the research by yourself, but if not, here we listed our top picks for Crypto Betting: [cta id=5696 type=list] Why Is Crypto Betting So Popular? While the process of putting down crypto bets might not be massively different from regular betting, it has a few features that make it superior to using normal currencies to fund your bets: Faster payments: You’ll probably find that the process of making crypto payments to betting sites will be almost instant. Plus the process of making withdrawals with cryptocurrencies will commonly be faster compared to regular payment methods like cards and bank transfers. Greater security: Something welcoming is the fact that you won’t be exposing any of your banking information to the betting site. Just make deposits from your secure crypto wallet without the need to disclose any personal information. Anonymity: As you’ll be making crypto payments, there won’t be any record of you spending money at a betting site on your bank statement. But Crypto Betting Still Has A Way to Go While betting with cryptos is hugely promising, there remain a few key reasons why not everyone has made the jump to using cryptocurrencies to fund their bets just yet. The limited number of crypto betting sites: The sad fact is that most big bookmakers have yet to accept crypto payments. This means that if you were determined to use a crypto betting site, you’ll have a much more limited variety of odds to choose from. As a result, your chances of getting the best betting odds on the market would be less. Fees and limits: Some betting sites may accept crypto payments, but these sites will often add some significant fees for making deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoin and so on. Plus you might find that there is a high minimum threshold for adding money to your account and requesting payouts. What Crypto Can I Use For Betting? Given the immense popularity of betting with cryptos, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll be able to use your preferred cryptocurrency to fund your bets at the best crypto betting sites. This includes, of course, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Doge, but you will also find the stablecoins in the best crypto betting sites, such as BUSD and USDT, which brings some stability to the table. The Best Crypto Betting Tips Now on, the following are some tips to reduce the risk when betting with cryptocurrencies: Pick a bookie that is reliable: A license and good user reviews are a must if you are going to make untraceable deposits on someone’s site, don’t you think? Don’t double bet: Betting is one thing, but adding the volatility of some crypto to the table is nonsense, so, avoid this by using stablecoins or changing the money for regular currencies inside the bookie’s platform. Information is key: Just as with regular sports betting, avoid placing bets on matches, tournaments, or sports you know nothing about. Information usually makes the difference between a high-odds win and a low-odds lose. What Crypto Betting Markets Are There? Now, you may be wondering what you can bet on with cryptocurrencies. As we stated before, it’s practically the same as regular betting so, you can bet on almost anything that can be found in regular bookmakers.  This means that you can place bets in sports like football or baseball, while you will also have an open chart to bet on esports like Valorant, CSGO, or Dota 2. Furthermore, some crypto-betting sites may offer virtual sports betting. Is Crypto Betting Legal? Yes, crypto betting is perfectly legal in most countries. However, it’s still best to check the online gambling laws in the country that you live in. This is because each country may allow certain kinds of gambling and not others. While nations like the UK may have a relatively relaxed attitude to online betting, things are much more restrictive in certain states in the US. In terms of betting with cryptos, we have seen many fully licensed and regulated bookmakers who take payments with cryptocurrencies including the app. Admittedly, lots of the larger online bookmakers have yet to accept crypto deposits as there is something of a grey area in how cryptocurrencies are regulated. Is Betting With Cryptocurrencies Safe? Sadly, the lack of legal requirements to play with cryptos has allowed plenty of unregulated crypto-betting sites to pop up. The fact that these crypto-betting sites aren’t regulated means that they don’t have to obey any online gambling laws. As such these online bookmakers won’t have to give you a safe and fair betting experience, and there’s no guarantee that you’d get paid whatever winnings you made. This means that if you’re determined to use cryptocurrencies to fund your bets, make sure that you only use a fully licensed and regulated betting site. How Do I Make Deposits and Withdrawals With Cryptos? It’s pretty simple to start betting with cryptos. Here are some simple steps for you to follow: Buy your cryptos: Go to a crypto exchange and decide whether to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and so on. You’ll also have to decide whether to use a soft or hard crypto wallet for storing the private keys for your cryptocurrencies. Sign up to the cryptocurrency site: Here you’ll have to provide some personal information like your email address, but the whole process should be over in just a few minutes. Make your crypto deposits: Once your account has been verified, you can then make a crypto payment by linking your wallet with the betting site. It should barely take a minute for the crypto deposit to show up in your account. Put your bets down: Now it’s the fun bit where you get to use your crypto deposits to fund your sports bets. You can try crypto betting on pretty much any sport you can think of. Just make sure that you’re always betting on the best possible odds. Don’t Forget About Crypto Casinos While we’ve been focused on crypto betting, it’s important to note that there’s another form of crypto gambling that’s proving very popular – crypto casino gaming! Crypto casinos work in just the same way as crypto betting sites. Here you just have to make your deposits with a cryptocurrency and then start wagering. Expect to be able to play hundreds of money games online including slots, roulette, blackjack and baccarat once your crypto deposit is in your account. What Are The Best Crypto Betting Sites? We’ve prepared an awesome shortlist of the best crypto gambling sites has to offer. Chances are that you should be able to pick one of these sites and find some awesome crypto betting odds for your favourite sport. But just to help you out, here are some crypto-betting sites that are well worth a look: Betway: If you like betting on esports like CSGO and LoL, you’ll want to put down a crypto bet at Betway. This is our personal pick for VALORANT crypto betting. Butcasino: Another excellent esports betting site that’s dedicated to accepting crypto payments. Always plenty of esports betting markets here. GG.Bet: This quality sportsbook has excellent odds for all major and minor sports and lets you use most big cryptos to power your bets. Pinnacle: Well known for having some of the best sports betting odds in the world, now Pinnacle also accepts some crypto payments. Always worth a look for anybody who wants to use cryptocurrencies to bet on anything from football to esports. Why Crypto Betting is Here to Stay It’s amazing to think that betting with cryptos has only been with us for a handful of years, but it’s clear that this is an increasingly popular option for lots of sports fans. After all, using crypto payments to fund your bets gives you much greater flexibility and speed, and some great crypto betting sites are starting to appear on the scene. However, we have to recognise the fact that there is still a fairly limited number of crypto-betting sites compared to those that only accept regular payment methods. This means that you might not get access to the best odds or bonuses if you decided to use a crypto to fund your bets. But the good news is that betting with cryptos is getting much more popular and so we can expect to see plenty more cryptocurrency bookmakers in the future. So be sure to stick with us to make sure you find your perfect crypto-betting site.

Best Crypto Casino | Top 10 Crypto Casinos You Need To Know

Looking for the best online crypto casino? Then you’ve come to the right place as we’ve got 10 great contenders right here. Just take a look below and you’ll find 10 casinos that are packed full of slots and table games that you can play with crypto payments. It’s never been easier to play at the best crypto casino! But wait. Is cryptocurrency gambling legal? Yes, it is - in certain territories. Each country has its own online gambling laws that are regulated by a governing body like the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority and so on. This is why you should always check that each crypto casino you use is fully licensed and regulated. So keep reading to see the best online crypto casino! [cta id=3802 type=cta] 1. BC.Game Easily the best crypto casino currently available BC.Game gives you an awesome example of what you should be looking for in a crypto casino. First of all, there are literally well over 7,000 top-quality casino games to enjoy here. It has all of the regular slot games that you’d expect to find, and there’s also an impressive variety of table games like blackjack, roulette and baccarat to enjoy. The brand’s live casino is well worth a look, but it’s the fact that there are plenty of BC Originals games and exclusives that push this site beyond the competition. BC.Game also features plenty of payment options including all of the biggest cryptos. This means that you can look forward to funding your gaming with the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Tron and Bitcoin Cash. Out of all crypto casinos on the market, BC.Game really is something special. 2. A great crypto casino offering Not only does have an awesome casino, but it also accepts crypto payments too. We found that accepts deposits made with the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron and most other major cryptocurrencies. Plus it’s important to note that has even taken the bold step of having promos with no wagering conditions – not something that you’ll find at too many online casino sites. In terms of casino gaming options, you’ll find that should have your needs covered. It’s not the biggest collection that we’ve come across, but has all of the best crypto casino games like slots, roulette, blackjack and much more. 3. Heatz Quality casino with BTC, LTC, ETH and more We think that Heatz could soon become the best online crypto casino. This is because the brand has assembled a comprehensive collection of casino games that come from some very impressive gaming studios. This means that you can use cryptos to fund your gaming on titles from developers like Push Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Hacksaw Gaming and much more. All of this is important as it’s the gaming studio that decides the quality of the gameplay. In terms of payment options, Heatz does everything you’d expect. This means that you can use top cryptos like Bitcoin, LiteCoin and Ethereum to make fast, secure and easy deposits and withdrawals. Just so you know, Heatz won’t charge you any fees for moving your money around. Out of all our Bitcoin casino reviews, Heatz truly is one of the best. 4. Coinplay A great addition to the crypto gaming realm Coinplay is another hot new operator that operates an online casino that accepts crypto. Again, you’ll find an impressive number of the biggest gaming studios powering casino games here. Plus we felt that Coinplay has got one of the best live casinos that you’re going to find at a crypto casino site. This offers you a seriously immersive way to play some iconic table games against a real-life dealer. So, if all of this is so good, then why don’t we have Coinplay down as being the best crypto casino? Well, that’s because Coinplay isn’t doing too much that other operators on this shortlist aren’t doing, but that’s no reason not to play here. 5. Thunderpick A contender for the best online crypto casino Thunderpick is another seriously impressive all-around online gambling site that’s started to accept cryptocurrency payments. It’s probably better known for the quality of its own games like Crash and Plinko, but we found that Thunderpick won’t let you down with regular casino games. There are literally hundreds of slots and table games here, and the brand has an impressive variety of jackpot slot games. We also had a great time at the Thunderpick live casino section which is easily one of the biggest we’ve come across. We had to include Thunderpick in our shortlist for the best crypto casino as it lets you make payments with all of the biggest cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and Ripple. You shouldn’t have to pay any fees for using cryptos for deposits and withdrawals at Thunderpick. All of this means that we’d definitely recommend Thunderpick for some quality crypto casino gaming. 6. Pinnacle Famous sportsbook in with a chance of being the best crypto casino Pinnacle is well known for being an online sportsbook that regularly puts on some of the best odds on the market. But the brand has also branched out to include casino games that you can play with crypto deposits. As it stands, you can only make crypto payments with the likes of Bitcoin, LiteCoin and Tether. While this is a relatively small selection, it’s important to note the quality of the Pinnacle Casino. There are well over 1,800 slot games here which should give you some kind of idea of what to expect. Many of these are those jackpot slot games that can see you racking up a massive win for relatively little effort. You’ll also get to enjoy a decent number of variants of top table games like blackjack, roulette and much more. We should also note the fact that Pinnacle has put together a seriously impressive live casino section that has all of the live poker, craps, roulette and blackjack you could wish for. 7. BitStarz Play hundreds of games with BTC deposits There’s no denying the quality of casino games at BitStarz We found nearly 5,000 slots and table games on offer and these all came from some big-name developers and it’s even got its own exclusive games. In terms of crypto deposit and withdrawal options, it’s fairly limited as you can only use the Bitcoin cryptocurrency at the moment. You should also note that BitStarz might take anywhere up to a handful of hours to process your withdrawal requests. But this is fairly common at all of the best crypto gambling sites as such processing times are put there for your online security. 8. Interesting casino games with crypto payments We had to include in our shortlist for the best online casinos that accept crypto. This is because Bitsler accepts payments made with nearly 30 cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum alongside more regular payment options. Some people might find the game selection at Bitsler a little unusual. This is because you’ll find 20 exclusive games here alongside all of the regular slots and table games that you get at other online casinos. It might not be for everyone, but we appreciate the fact that is willing to try something a bit different. 9. Kineko Has the potential to be the best crypto casino Kineko accepts over a dozen cryptocurrencies and it’s got thousands of casino games from major developers to play. These all come from major developers like Pragmatic Play, NetEnt and Hacksaw Gaming. So if you ever wanted to use anything from Bitcoin to lesser-known cryptos like Bonk to play casino games, you’ll know where to go. Just don’t forget to pick up those 100 free spins on your way in. 10. Casinozer Might be worth a look The jury’s been out on Casinozer for a while. But if none of the above crypto casinos suits your needs, then Casinozer could be worth a look. After all, it’s got a good range of casino games and it takes payments with Bitcoin alongside regular payment methods. So while Casinozer might not be the best crypto casino we’ve ever seen, it manages to do the job. Particularly as you can get 20 free spins just for signing up to Casinozer. Conclusion - Get started with the best online crypto casino We’ve given you a quick and easy way to find the best crypto casino for your own needs. Whether you want to use Bitcoin to fund your slot gaming, or Dogecoin for your roulette wagering, you’ll find something to enjoy here. Just remember to check that each crypto betting site you use is fully licensed and gamble responsibly. All of which should help you make the most out of the crypto gaming revolution. So, pick one of our recommended crypto casinos and start gaming! [cta id=3802 type=cta] FAQs About Crypto Casinos Is there a legit crypto casino? Of course - any one of the crypto casinos we've listed above is legitimate, licensed, and dependable. Are crypto casinos anonymous? For the most part, yes - that's the inherent nature of the blockchain. But, some crypto casinos may have a KYC process in place, which may be required for them to obtain and retain a gambling license.

REVV Racing Review

Racing games are pretty rare at the moment in the NFT game world – crypto gaming doesn’t have too many racing games at the moment! REVV Racing is one such game – the arcade sim racer was created and published by Animoca Brands. Hosted on the Polygon blockchain, the game makes do without the exorbitant gas fees that plague the main Ethereum network. Animoca Brands is also responsible for games like F1 Delta Time and MotoGP Ignition, so there is a lot of racing talent behind the REVV game. As with almost all crypto games, it’s centred around the play-to-earn side of the game, as users can make money by playing the game, and in this case, win races with their owned NFT cars. Players do need to actually own a car in order to be able to participate and play in the races. Getting Started with REVV Racing Watch the video below to find out how to start playing REVV Racing: The REVV Tokens Of course, unlike the other titles, REVV is in fact a crypto game – it’s centred around the REVV token. As such, it has both REVV as a token, and NFTs that users can own and, well, race in, as they come in the form of cars. As with just about any NFT game, the NFTs are a central element of gameplay. In the form of a racing game, the most important NFTs are, of course, the cars that you race in. Cars come in a variety of designs, styles, models and rarities with all sorts of different stats and aspects that affect how they behave in races. As such, the value of individual cars is different too, as is the performance you can expect from them.Tokens are awarded based on race performance – so the better you place in a race you take part in, the more reward REVV you receive. Then you can use said REVV to either keep, stake, or trade in for another currency or even fiat currency. REVV tokens can also be bought, and they are needed to be able to participate in races as well. The Gameplay As close to an AAA game as blockchain gaming gets at the moment, REVV Racing features much of what we’re used to from, well, any racing game. Controller and keyboard support, real-time racing, 3D environments, multiple viewpoints, and so on – a full racing experience. REVV Racing is one of the more involved and active crypto games out there, and allows for users to truly interact with their NFTs. Races themselves happen on a variety of different international tracks. REVV Racing also has a wide setup of different competitions for players to take part in, from different lengths and lap setups to competitions featuring different car makes or models – and each race will actually need to be, well, raced! Users really play the races, rather than in games like Zed Run, where the gameplay itself doesn’t affect the horse’s performance in game.