Best betting sites in the UK – Top gambling sites for the UK

Looking for great bet sites? The UK has plenty to offer.
If you are based in the UK, then you can look forward to enjoying a massive variety of gambling sites. UK online gambling law has meant that this country has legislation that encourages safe, fair and flexible betting that gives you the perfect way to wager on a vast range of options.

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Whether you are into casino games, esports betting or want to try your hand at fantasy sports, then there are plenty of UK betting sites that will give you a secure and efficient way to do so.
Because of the sheer quantity of gambling sites the UK has, it can often be tricky to find out the best betting sites for your own individual needs. But we have gone to great lengths to examine the full range of the bet sites the UK offers so that you can place your bets with plenty of confidence and get a fair chance of receiving some decent winnings.

By giving you a broad overview as to what you should expect from the best betting sites in the UK, you will be perfectly prepared to identify which bookmaker or online casino is well suited for your own gambling needs. Are you looking for UK betting sites with new entertainments like fantasy sports, online monopoly or even Farm Heroes Saga? Or do you prefer to keep things more traditional by searching for a site with a decent range of classic table games like roulette, blackjack and  poker? Whatever your needs are, we are on hand to help you find those UK betting sites that are routinely able to provide a safe wagering service along with an excellent selection of online gambling entertainments.

So regardless of whether you are looking for UK best betting sites for esports, or are just searching for the most generous video slots titles, by coming to JustGamers you will be in the best place to find the top gambling sites the UK currently offers.

What you should look for in the best UK betting sites

Clear ideas for the best choice

The sheer quantity of gambling sites the UK offers means that it can sometimes be overwhelming in trying to find your perfect betting site. But rather than blindly signing up to the first gambling site you come across, it’s well worth thinking hard about what you are looking for in a betting website.

All betting sites will aim to cover all bases by serving up gambling entertainments that meet the needs of most customers. This means that the best betting sites in the UK will all include plenty of traditional sports bets, online casino games, and a range of innovative features such as esports betting, fantasy sports and so on.

However, it’s worth remembering that all betting sites will tend to focus more in certain areas than others. For example, we are constantly surprised with how some bookmakers seem to virtually ignore esports betting, whilst other bookies take great pride in serving up a massive range of odds for titles that go way beyond classic esports like CSGO and LoL.
When it comes to casino gaming, things get even more extreme. Even for classic table games like poker, there can be a vast discrepancy in the range of poker gaming variants like hold ‘em, deuces wild and Omaha poker. In addition to this, many betting sites will provide you with access to the best poker tournaments, whilst other websites keep things a little more restrained.

All of this shows just how important it is to shop around amongst the best betting sites in the UK so that you can make sure that you are signing up to a website that fully meets your own online gambling needs. Obviously, there is no way that you are going to have the time to look at each individual betting site in the UK. But by checking back into JustGamers, you can quickly get a good overview as to which gambling sites in the UK offer you a service best suited to your own requirements.

How we decided our shortlist of UK betting sites for new and existing customers

Overview of the best bet sites

As there is such a wide variety of online betting sites in the UK, it means that it can be tricky to try and stay on top of the ever changing scene. But we have created a UK betting sites list that can easily be used to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are seeing the best betting sites for football, or are looking for the perfect site for getting access to the best poker tournaments, our shortlist will be able to help you out.

When we created our overview of the best bet sites the UK offers, we couldn’t resist including some of the classic sports betting brands. Everybody knows that William Hill have dominated traditional sports betting over the past century, but did you know that they also include a great casino gaming section and even serve up competitive odds for esports?

By coming to JustGamers, you will quickly be able to see how industry heavyweights like Betway, Unibet and 888 all shape up in terms of their online betting services. Plus we will be quick to help you see how new UK betting sites like TonyBet and 10Bet aim to give their rivals a real run for their money.

The main thing to remember is that we have carefully reviewed all of these UK betting sites so that you can instantly see how well they are able to meet your needs. We will also help you see how well each betting site performs in important factors like customer service, permitted payment methods and mobile app services. In addition to this, you will also discover where your chosen betting site stands in regards to its official licensing and regulation.

So that whether you are thinking about signing up to the likes of Mr Green or NetBet, by coming to JustGamers and checking out our betting site reviews, you will quickly be able to discover exactly what these online gambling sites have to offer.

Which betting sites are best for casino games like roulette, poker, blackjack and slots?

Always be safe

All of the betting sites in the UK featured in our shortlist will easily be able to meet your online casino gaming needs. Regardless of whether you are looking for a quick game of Texas hold’em poker, or are seeking the most immersive live casino game of roulette, all of these online gambling sites seem to take great pride in offering the complete casino gaming service.

Many gamers love to visit sites like 32Red. This is because this betting site not only has all of the classic table games like online blackjack and roulette, but they also throw in some new casino gaming innovations like online monopoly and Dream Catcher too. Similarly, UK betting sites like BetStars have also picked up many fans due to the way that they offer an unparalleled range of poker tournaments to enter. Don’t forget that nearly all betting sites will also serve up some great welcome bonuses to help you win a little extra with your casino gaming.

As a result, it’s a matter of personal preference as to making the decision of which online betting site to sign up for. Obviously you should make sure that your chosen site is fully licensed by either the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission, and be sure to check that they have a responsive customer service team.

But by sticking with any of the UK gambling sites featured on our shortlist, you stand to get a safe, fair and completely transparent gaming experience. This means that you can avoid the pitfalls of accidentally signing up to a disreputable casino gaming site, and can instead bet with full confidence on your favourite games.

The Best betting sites for Esports, Fantasy sports and Gaming

Making a simple wager

As the online gambling revolution has grown, it’s been fascinating to see how it has included many more wagering innovations. Gone are the days where you could only bet on traditional sports like horse racing, or casino games like poker, as there is a whole new generation of betting entertainments to enjoy.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Steam

Most of us grew up playing video games, and it’s been great to see how esports has grown to become a billion dollar industry in little more than a decade. As millions of people now tune in to live stream esports tournaments, there has been a growing number of UK betting sites that now allow you to bet on esports. Even classic sportsbooks like Bet-At-Home now serve up an excellent range of odds for iconic esports like League of Legends and Counter Strike Global Offensive, as well as newer titles such as Overwatch and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

Even traditional sports betting has caught the bug of the online gambling revolution. Not only can you now bet live on many sports such as football, basketball and tennis, but the rise of fantasy sports offers a brand new way to get a lot more interactive in your wagering. Fantasy football in particular has become hugely popular since the turn of the 21st century, and it’s been impressive to see how many traditional sportsbooks have taken note of this trend to allow you a safe and easy way to wager on fantasy sports.

Despite the impressive achievements of innovations like esports betting and fantasy sports, it’s important to remember that they should be treated just as you would any other kind of online gambling entertainment. This means that you should always check around different UK betting sites to make sure that you are getting the very best odds on the market, and don’t even think about signing up to an online gambling site that lacks all of the necessary licensing and regulation.

All of which should mean that whether you are building your first fantasy football team, or are wagering on the map winner of a CSGO clash, you can enjoy a safe, fun and profitable time with your online betting entertainments.

Betting sites best practice

Getting the most out of your online gambling

Regardless of which UK online betting site you choose to sign up to, there remain a few things that you will need to do if you are willing to get the best out of your wagering. The first thing to remember is that nobody ever made any sustained profits out of reckless betting. It’s only by setting yourself a respectable betting budget that you are going to be able to overcome any unexpected losses and last the distance. This is because if you find yourself betting with money you don’t have, then you are going to run the risk of making some overly emotional bets. So always gamble responsibly for the best way to enjoy long-lasting betting.

We should also mention the fact that many UK betting sites put on all manner of bonuses and promotions for new and existing customers. Sites like RedBet take great pride in serving up matched deposit sign up bonuses for new customers, and whilst these special offers can seriously boost your betting profits, it’s worth taking the time to carefully read through the small print so that you know exactly what you are signing up for. Anything from wagering conditions to strict time limits can quickly turn a great looking bonus into a real headache, so make sure that you understand the bonus wagering conditions for the best way to take advantage of these deals.


Look for your tailored made experience

Above all, it’s only by taking the time to carefully research each UK betting site that you are going to be able to make the most out of your online gambling. But by coming to JustGamers, you can be sure of getting a helping hand.


League of Legends Download

League of Legends Download – Begin your adventure in LoL

You've come here looking for a tutorial for your first League of Legends download, and you've hit the mark! We have all the information you need. Often abbreviated (LoL), League of Legends is one of the largest and most popular players vs. player (PvP) games. This game leads the MOBA genre with millions of people logging in daily to find a new challenge on Summoner's Rift. Here, champions battle each other in duels and excel in epic fights with swords, spells, vacuum portals, and even a teddy bear possessed by a demonic entity. [related_operator] League of Legends download: How to To download League of Legends, you must first create a game account in the region you wish to play. If you are reading this article, chances are you live in Latin America or Spain... For the best game experience (without lag) enjoy a server close to your residence. For example, Latin American players can choose from Latin America North (LAN) and Latin America South (LAS) servers, while the one recommended for Spain in EU-West or EUW. Which server do I get according to my country? What is my server? We got you a list: EUNE: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Poland. BR: Is a server for Brazil, but you can log if near the core at Sao Paulo NA: Covers all the North America Region. EUW: Covers West Europe, which means it goes from Spain to the UK and Germany. The main core is located in Amsterdam. LAN: Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Jamaica, Haiti and Puerto Rico. LAS: Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. OCE: Oceania's server is mainly a private server for New Zeeland and Australia. CN: Is China’s server KR: Korea’s server. SEA: Is a server ran by Garena, the guys after the first DOTA online gaming server, and is open to all Asian countries in the southeast region. JP: Is Japan’s server, basically born due to a language discrepancy among the massive number of Asian players. RU: Is the Russian server. TR: This is the Turkish language server. To create your account you only need an email address that you can access, use one of the links that I have left and follow the steps on the page. If you already have an account and wish to go directly to the League of Legends download, you can find a link on the account creation page that will direct you to the download portal. League of Legends download on PC or iMac: It's great that you want to join! Although LoL has just celebrated its tenth anniversary of the official launch, the community continues to grow, and with it, the world that revolves around eSports, such as streams, League of Legends betting, and Youtube content, be it guides or news, has not stopped recruiting new faces. Here's how to download League of Legends for the first time. On the download screen, click on the large blue Download for the Windows button to get a very lightweight executable file. From that file, you can launch the installer to get the LoL client on your PC, already configured for the region you wish to play in. If you are interested in League of Legends download on mac, you will find a selection of the respective client just below the Windows button, the process is the same. Select the region you would like to play in beforehand, and when you download your mac client, it will already be configured for your region. The first time you start the game client on your computer, it will try to update to the latest version, so it has to download all the textures, sound effects, voice lines, maps, art and files that allow the game to work. This process can take from minutes to several hours, and will not require your intervention, except to ask your permission to start the game client before starting. LoL is playable on the low end or low-performance equipment: With very flexible minimum requirements, LoL allows a large number of players, from all over the world and from different social and cultural backgrounds to join forces to crush the enemy team: 2GHz processor 2GB RAM 8GB of disk space Dedicated 512MB GPU. It's even possible to have your League of Legends client installed on a non-gaming laptop. This way you can take your favorite game to work, college, or wherever you want. On the other hand, lowering down the requirements gives you the confidence of knowing you'll be able to enjoy a smooth gaming experience. Although you may lose some of the brilliant, modern graphics without expensive computer equipment. Besides, Riot Games (the company that created League of Legends) recommends having: 3 GHz CPU 4GB RAM 2GB video card. enjoy the full graphic experience that League of Legends has to offer The Trial Kingdom (PBE) You may also be interested in League of Legends download PBE. Also known as the realm of proof. There the process is not so simple! You can check to see if you are eligible to participate in the game's beta testing. Public Beta Environment is the place where LoL developers and players participate together to give you the best content.  Changes uploaded here are not official on the normal servers and are subject to change with player feedback and developer oversight. If your call is to try out new content, PBE may recruit you.

Escape from Tarkov: An insight into one of the best MMORPGs of 2020

When talking about combat simulators The Escape From Tarkov promises to be among the top Best MMORPG 2020. This is mainly thanks to its versatility, hardcore realism, and gameplay attributes. All features which are making "Escape from Tarkov Steam" one of the most sought-after phrases at the beginning of the year in the videogame niche. [related_operator] But, What is The Escape from Tarkov about? This online role-playing game takes place in a fictional region in northwest Russia known as Norvinsk, specifically in an area of special "economic zone" to link mother Russia with the rest of the European continent. This economic bonanza attracted several corporations with a sinister agenda like flies to honey, which ended up getting involved in a big political scandal centered in the city of Tarkov. A major political and war conflict in which you participate. Furthermore, this scandal served as a breeding ground for an armed conflict between several powers: The Russian army The United Nations (UN) peacekeeping forces And, two private military companies: BEAR and United Security (USEC). The first of these private companies is a Russian government investigation force charged with collecting information against the Terra Group organization that is heavily involved in the political scandal. But they hired USEC to take care of clearing up loose ends and hindering any investigation of the armed conflict. The story keeps writing As the armed conflict escalated to a point where the Norvinsk region was isolated from the outside world. The residents and troops are trapped in a local war full of alliances and objects where your main goal is to escape the city. What's so special about The Escape from Tarkov? It's a first-person role-playing action simulator with excellent realism details that allows you to play an engaging story as well as enjoy various game modes. The game also offers you to connect with other escapees to develop massively multiplayer online games. Another interesting aspect that this game offers is that you can choose which side you want to play: With the BEAR team or being a henchman of the USEC Corporation, from there you will have to draw a field where any decision can cause death: Few supplies in an area hit by chaos. With the passage of the game's versions, so has a history. Today, Tarkov residents (called Scavs) who have not yet managed to escape the confined area have adapted by allying themselves into armed gangs and have become butchers who will be as dangerous as the other armed teams. The app is constantly evolving while still in beta development. This way, with a new code patch that solved bugs that the game presented, they also included new weapons and accessories for your character, new scenarios and improvements in the Escape from Tarkov custom maps, with a two and three-dimensional version. How to play Escape from Tarkov? The first thing will be to download the client of this game that at the moment is only for PC which you will have to do from the website of the manufacturer ( where you will click on "Pre-Order" get the Escape from Tarkov download. From there you can choose the version you want to buy. Sorry, but for now you can't just search for "Escape From Tarkov Steam" or any other game website to get the EFT client. The game isn’t free; the price varies from 44 to 139 USD depending on the version and the client weighs about 10 GB. From the same installer, you can access the game, where you can start playing online in its various game modes. Escape from Tarkov game modes The escape from Tarkov within an MMORPG with several gameplay options: So you won't get bored easily with the massacre and somewhat hardcore scenes that this video game offers. Furthermore, some game modes are: Survival: It is an online mode where you enter the chaos zone to reach an extraction point. However, not everything will be easy and you will have to face not only other players but also some aggressive NPCs with an excellent artificial intelligence algorithm. In this mode, you can collect everything you find along the way, as well as the items that belonged to the characters you killed. On the other hand, if you die you will lose all the loot you had collected. Scav Mode: Instead of being part of one of the armed groups you enter Tarkov custom map as a Scav. This way everything you collect is transferred to your main profile. Besides, if you die you have no penalty. In this mode, you still escape by reaching the extraction point. Offline: This one has the same mechanics as the other modes. With the difference that you can change the terrain conditions and difficulty of the bots. This at the cost of not getting any rewards or experience. Hideout: In this mode, you build your hideout and improve several areas. Trough it you get several bonuses among which are producing usable items and improving the basic statistics of your character.

Ring Of Elysium, a different Battle Royale game

Ring of Elysium is located on an island that was hit by a terrible volcanic eruption and is still covered under a lethal blanket of ashes left by past events. Furthermore, to make it more interesting you will have to do everything in your power to survive under the inhospitable conditions present on the island – While fighting the other survivors. Will you be able to live or will your corpse end covered in ashes? Summary Developed by Aurora Studio Posted by Tencent Game Compatible with Microsoft Windows (7+) Genre: Battle Royale   [related_operator] What is the Ring Of Elysium (ROE)? Ring of Elysium is a Battle Royale style game developed by Aurora Studios and published by Tencent Game (Garena). It was released in summer 2018. Unlike other games released by the same company, it has a new generation engine known as Quicksilver X. This system makes it stand out from games like PUBG and Fortnite, which are the "leading rivals" of the Battle Royale genre. The game also has a "Seasonal Update" system. How does it work? Well, when one ends each season the game receives a small "upgrade".  This means that every few months you can enjoy new maps, weapons, skins, and the promise of three new characters. This way, as each season progress, you can see how these elements continue to grow. The game is currently in its seventh season released in late 2019 and is known as Covert Tactics. The Gameplay As for the gameplay of Ring Of Elysium, we can say that it has a system similar to other games that enter the field of Battle Royale. So, is it just another Battle Royale? Yes and no, within the game we can see that Tencent Game and Aurora have been looking for ways to innovate and make their players feel more connected by adding elements that are not present in games like PUBG. Among the changes, we can find that the method to get a win is a little different from the basic "last man standing". In ROE there can be up to 4 winners per game since the condition to win is to board a helicopter. The helicopter will appear in the final instances of the game. Besides, the game also employs an oxygen system that will be vital for the players. Will you have mercy on your opponents or will you be the one to pull the trigger to board alone the rescue helicopter? –Yes, you can actually keep killing people once you get in. On the other hand, inside the game you can find, as in the other Battle Royale games, weapons, vehicles, first aid kits and many more elements that can be used throughout the game to obtain victory. However, you will notice more differences within the game, such as a variety of natural disasters –Designed with great detail-. All which can affect the outcome of the game and add tension to the player’s environment. With this, the game aims to force players to vary their strategies even in the middle of the game if they want to win. Compatibility and development of Ring Of Elysium Currently, Ring Of Elysium is a game in constant development to attract more players. Besides, the administrators openly aim to make it the best MMORPG game of 2020. Something that is expected to happen during this year is that Ring Of Elysium will open its wings and be compatible with a greater number of platforms. Currently, and since its launch in 2018, it has only been taken to Windows. So, it is expected that Ring Of Elysium can reach consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One or the new consoles by the end of 2020. Getting to play Currently, getting the game is pretty easy and 100% free. The game is available on platforms such as Steam, DMM and within the official Garena website, and the only thing you have to do is download the game and start fighting for survival. Will Ring of Elysium be part of the esports world? We can say that Ring Of Elysium is still waiting for all its capabilities to be exploited and become more attractive for players. Therefore, as the game competes for greater recognition all we can do is speculate. On the other hand, ROE may become an esport since some changes like the reduction of RNG elements, the possibility of having 4 players on the podium and a constant looting experience make it a quite pleasant experience to watch. Furthermore, although the player pool is still quite low in America, the latest updates of the game have shown steady growth in Europe and the title did reach a population of over 4.5 million active players in December 2019. So we may see ROE as a major title of esports anytime soon.

Blade and Soul gameplay and anime: more than just a game

One of the things that make South Korea the kings of MMORPG development is that they cover the details. And Blade and Soul (BnS) is no exception. This online multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG) distributed by the Team Bloodlust division of Korean company NCsoft (developers of Lineage) is a good proposal to play this year 2020. This Korean game is one of the free best MMORPGs that came out in recent years and it is even returning to most player's computers. At least as shown during 2019 when the game reached a peak of over 2.5 million players and seems to be promising to sustain such numbers for a while. Why is BnS back? New features have been developed. This including as a new class, which returns the status within the best alternatives for the players of free computer games. Something that was demonstrated in its four-year trajectory. What makes BnS a good MMO? Among the virtues that the game has to offer is that it has a martial arts theme that fits perfectly with the fantasy touch. The game feels like living an anime story –Except for the grinding part. This, accompanied by awesome playability with real-time combat makes it a nice way to spend your summertime. Talking about real-time combat One of BnS determining features –At the beginning at least- is that they managed to offer a perfect fighting MMO for free. At the time Blade and Soul was out there was virtually no other game with this quality and the combos & hits for free. This way, we can’t deny that the incredible artistic design in three dimensions based on the work of Hyung-Tae Kim (creator of designs in Magna Carta) added to the versatility of its characters and ease of gameplay require giving Blade and Soul even a small glance. [related_operator] Blade and Soul as MMORPG This online multiplayer role-playing game for computers explores the playability of martial arts of various kinds. This way, even using somewhat strange scenarios such as horse fighting, one of its highlights since beta years ago. The game grew fast. In itself, Blade and Soul is a good choice within the MMORPG universe, starting with the fact that it's a free title for both client download and account use. And, although like other MMORPG titles there are microtransactions. However, not making any kind of payment won't ruin your gameplay experience. Besides, the game allows you to enjoy all kinds of martial arts. Which attracted a lot of MMA fans and also invited some MMO fans to martial arts. Within the Blade and Soul gameplay, you are offered different ways to play as arenas against other players (PvP). Either in groups in individual fights or teams of three members. You also have PvE content (player against the machine) with secondary missions to the main plot. There, you can modify the difficulty level of the dungeons where you must go. Besides, these allow the professionalization of your character in crafts and collection of items. Character creation in Blade and Soul One of the main strengths of this game is its versatility in creating playable characters. BnS lets you modify from body shape and height to hairstyles and facial features. On the other hand, in basic order, you have four main races to play. All which were inspired by the four animals of Chinese culture: Jin, Yun, Lyn, and Gon. Besides, here you can choose the sex regardless of the ethnicity of your PJ. Furthermore, once you select the race of your character you have to choose between the various classes. It is worth mentioning that each has a fighting style and weapon of choice. Besides, a real advantage is that when you create your character, on the left side you will find a summary of their statistics. Here you can check the character’s attack, area damage, speed among others. Besides, the game also allows you to see a classification of difficulty in the handling of the PJ. A feature that allows you to discern from the beginning which combinations of race and class are best suited to your manual skills. Blade and Soul’s Anime The popularity and expectation of Blade and Soul during its first years allowed an anime to be published from April to June 2014. The project was in the hands of the recognized study of animation Gonzo. You know, the ones who made Hellsing in the early 2000s. Which also worked as an invitation to make you join the experience of this MMORPG. The Blade and Soul anime captures on the screen the story of the young Alka. She is a killer swordswoman who goes on a journey to avenge her master who was killed. We know the plot lasts only thirteen episodes. But this is mainly due to the little positive impact that the script had. To be honest, many viewers expressed that the anime lacked what they liked from the game. However, thanks to the short duration of the anime, it can be recommended. In our opinion, while it is not the best anime ever, it has a somewhat entertaining story and is full of martial arts.

Esports Betting

League of Legends Worlds tournaments

League of Legends World Championship – Your LoL Worlds Crash Course

LoL Worlds has a special place in the esports ecosystem. Not only does it consistently make headlines with its record-breaking viewership figures, but the fact that it’s the ultimate end-of-the-year tournament for the largest competitive game is the icing on top of the metaphorical cake. The League of Legends World Championship is set to be the biggest gaming event yet, so here’s everything that makes this League of Legends tournament stand out from the rest! LoL Worlds Format: Play-Ins and Main Event A huge part of what makes Worlds exciting is the format. This is one of the longest esports tournaments in the esports ecosystem. For example, the 2019 League of Legends World Championship was scheduled to run from October 2 to November 10, which translated in over a month of high-level LoL esports action in autumn of 2019. Even more, the League of Legends World Championship breaks new heights every year, being the 2019 LoL Worlds the biggest esports event to ever happen (Until 2020?). This way, the LoL Worlds 2019 prize pool reached the $2.2 million while the LoL Worlds final viewership reached 44 million; a number which happen to be the biggest in the esports scene this far.  However, not all World Championship matches are born equal The tournament is split into two parts: the Play-In Stage and the Main Event. The Play-In stage pits twelve first-place teams from emerging regions in a battle against each other, as they go through a Bo1 double round-robin group stage. Afterward, the #1 team from each group takes on a #2 team from a different group in the Bo5 playoffs, and the four winners advance to the Main Event. This is where the real action starts. The LoL Worlds Main Event is an all-out brawl between the best League of Legends teams in the world, as they kick it off with a Bo1 double round robin-group stage. Of course, this setting bears a striking resemblance to the Play-In stage format, but the stakes are much higher here, so no one wants to go out without giving a good fight. Once the dust settles, the top-2 teams from each group qualified for the Main Event playoffs to challenge each other in Bo5 matches. The competition is stiff, as only the best of the best get to this point, so each Bo5 match is a flurry of fast-paced action and split-second macro calls. And, by the end of it all, the team that remains standing gets a significant chunk of the multi-million dollar prize pool and the title of the  #1 League of Legends team in the world. This way, the LoL Worlds brought us several amazing matches In 2011 the first world championship took place setting a milestone for the esports industry as for the first time a game tournament was taken all that attention globally, instead of just in Asia or the US. But as the big step for the esports scene was taken, an important step to the League of Legend’s history was going on as well. In the very grand finale of the first LoL Worlds, the player “YellOwStaR” managed to aim an ECA with his Ashe to hit Peter Meisrimel at the other side of the map. This single move made an important opening which granted “against All authority” to tie the second round against Fnatic. While Fnatic was finally known as the first team to win a world championship, aAa left a nice stamp in the World Championship’s history on one single match. Even then, Korean teams were still the ones at the top, something that was accounted for when they participated in the world cups from the second season and on. But in season 3 this became law, as the legendary SKT1 led by Faker took the cup for the first time. These guys would later win seasons 5 and 6, and even get the second place in season 7. Dates and LoL Worlds Format 2020 [su_table responsive="yes"] September 15, 2020 14:00 CEST Worlds Draw Show Teams divided in groups for the Play-In Stage and the Group Stage September 25 - 28 Play-In Round 1 2 Teams advance to Group Stage, 2 Teams Eliminated, The other teams advance to Play-In: Round 2. September 29 - 30 Play-In Round 2 2 Teams advance to Group Stage, 4 Teams Eliminated. October 3 - 6 and 8 - 11 Group Stage 8 Teams advance to Playoffs, 8 Teams Eliminated. October 15 - 18 and 24 - 25 Playoffs All matches are single elimination bracket October 31st in Shanghai LoL Worlds Finals Final match. [/su_table] Where to watch LoL Worlds 2020? LoL Worlds streaming is official via Twitch, trough the official account of Riot Games; they also own and will stream through their YouTube Gaming channel.  On the other hand, several sports channels around the world will probably look for coverage, yet the list is still unknown. Alternatively, you can watch LoL Worlds streaming live at the top of this page. [su_divider style="double" divider_color="#999" link_color="#fef43f" size="0" margin="-10"] Teams and Titans: From Jensen to Rookie Perhaps the best thing about this tournament format is that everyone gets to prove their worth. Every region comes with its own playstyle and competitive meta, and the League of Legends World Championship is the perfect place for all of them to come together. Combine that with the fact that fans get to cheer for the teams that represent their regions, and it’s easy to see why Worlds is so popular. But, which are the best teams to follow in the LoL Worlds? As the tournament develops, several teams that move in and out of the climax roster, yet some names seem to prevail. By 2020, the League of Legends World Championship counted with a rather innovative alignment including these 23 teams: Asia Top Esports: Champion of the 2020 LPL Summer Cup. It is one of the newest teams in the competition. JD Gaming: One of the oldest teams from Asia. Champions in the LPL 2020 Championship Points. Suning: Current champion of the LPL Regional Finals. It is the oldest team participating in Asia and the least winner to date. Damwon Gaming: Is the second largest team in Korea along with Gen.G and the second most tournament winning team in their region. XRD: Revelation team within local competitions. Made up of young players, it promises to be the surprise of the current season. Gen.G: The most winning team in Korea. They suffered some losses due to the pandemic but came back with everything to win a place in the Worlds. Machi Esports: A team that returns after a year without being active. Selected to participate after the PCS 2020 Summer Championship as a replacement. Europe G2 Esports: Highly competitive team with a thirst to regain last year's place. One of the promises for this tournament. Fnatic: Champions in Season 1 and competitors in almost all the Worlds to date, Fnatic promises to put on a show in this edition of the tournament. Rogue: The youngest team in the region. Look to be a promise during this year's competition. United States Team SoloMid: It is the only team to participate in all the Worlds and the most winning team in the American region. FlyQuest: Important contenders in the fight for the trophy. They are winners of several tournaments and the surprise team within the American region this year. Play-In Stage Teams LGD Gaming MAD Lions Team Liquid PSG Talon INTZ Unicorns of Love V3 esports Rainbow7 Legacy Sports Papara SuperMassive  This dynamic also affects the players Every LoL esports league has many superstars — the apex predators that have already dominated their respective regions. At LoL Worlds, the greats fight against their equals. With that, you can see dozens of matchups you wouldn’t be able to witness otherwise. Just how well the face of North America’s LCS — Doublelift — match up against the Chinese AD carry powerhouse that is Uzi? And who will come out on top in a nerve-wracking mid lane standoff between Caps and Faker? Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed. Worlds is where the best go to leave their names and legacies in history, so winning an event like the 2019 League of Legends World Championship is the dream of every LoL esports pro-gamer. And when you consider the passion, pressure, and performances that emerge as a result of this drive, it’s hard to resist the urge to tune in to a LoL Worlds stream. LoL Worlds 2020 Prize Pool By September 16, 2020, the total prize to be awarded to the winner of this tournament is unknown. What is expected is that it will be much better than last year's tournament. Possibly the first place will win $1,000,000 in prize money. This would exceed the total of the previous year, which amounted to about $830,000 for the winning team of the World's 2019. Curiosities of the tournament The tournament will be played in Shanghai, even though China was a focus of the 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic crisis. The first round of the tournament will be played for 10 days. Despite the pandemic, the teams have managed to reach China, but they will have to go through 14 days of quarantine and also undergo constant testing and health checks to prevent COVID-19 infections. This so-called bubble is similar to the one used for the NBA major tournaments previously in the same year. Because of the pandemic, there has been an extraordinary change in the tournament’s roster. Participants from Vietnam will not be able to participate due to worldwide travel restrictions. So this tournament will only play-on with 22 teams. Despite all esports betting and fans expectations, FunPlusPhoenix didn’t reach the tournament as they were eliminated by Invictus Gaming. [related_operator] Pushing Limits: The New Era of Competition The 2019 League of Legends World Championship became a huge milestone and an important part of esports history. A decade or two ago, an event of this magnitude would be nigh unthinkable. Now, Worlds regularly pulls hundreds of millions of viewers for its most anticipated matches—a testament to the growth of the global esports ecosystem. Granted, it’s hard to tell whether competitive gaming will continue to grow at such a rapid pace. But the sole fact that it’s gotten to this point is already impressive in and of itself. And no matter how you look at it, Worlds is will be a tournament to remember even when esports evolve to new titles. Betting on the LoL Worlds Cup Of course, several fans of the game are already looking forward to bet on LoL Worlds, so we decided to give you a small head-up here about what you need to know before betting. 1. Betting markets Betting markets for the tournament are special, this is because LoL Worlds betting is based on a larger tournament, and some categories that can’t be found in minor events just open up. Outright betting One of the best-known betting markets is direct betting. Unlike other bets, you play for the “whole in” giving it a single shot. This type of bet is usually the most effective, and within games like League of Legends has gained fame because it allows people to bet on unique games. It is an easy way to win money, although in some cases things can change. On this betting market, you can aim to place who the winners will be at each stage of the tournament, who the winning team will be, or even the region to which the winning team belongs. When going for this type of betting you can just use the esports odds given by your bookmakers. Before the tournament starts, services like Unikrn and Betway, among other LoL betting sites, already have somewhat trustworthy odds based on classifier tournaments. Nevertheless, doing your homework on the teams will always give you an advantage. System betting Systematic bets are a way of tempting luck due to the number of moves to be made. This type of bet is made in a way that you can choose several predictions to which you place your money. This betting market is usually seen as a safety move. For example, if you bet on 3 matches of the play-in round, you could get a winning profit by having 2/3 results right, while having 1/3 could also even your losses if the won match had the biggest odds. Now, the thing with LoL Worlds betting is that you can find a never-ending range of betting options to add to your system. So, let’s say that you lost the match-winner prediction, but got all the most kills/assistance/deaths predictions, then your numbers may just be green. Special Bets Special bets are a category that is rarely found in common bettors' choices. In the case of the League of Legends, this type of betting allows for the inclusion of certain events that give more flavor to the bets. An example of this type of betting could be how many dragons a team will get, who will take Baron Nashor first, or who will spill the first blood. This type of betting has become common in some places, but in others, it is still seen as a special occasion. Moving on, if you choose to aim to this type of market, knowing the synergy of each team and the balance between champions can be key, for which we recommend looking for live betting when it comes to the League of Legends World Championship. 2. Best places to bet Choosing a place to bet bet on LoL Worlds, can turn into a nuisance, so here is a list of the best places you can go for: Unikrn: Great bonuses, varied payment, and withdrawal methods, multiple betting options. Luckbox: It has live streaming, bonuses of up to $320, daily updated scores on esports. Casumo: Covers everything related to the event, welcome, and loyalty bonuses, better for direct bets. Daily streaming of the event, a large number of bets available, exclusive bonuses. TonyBet: Varied payment and withdrawal options, live betting, direct streaming on the platform. 3. LoL Worlds 2020 Teams to look for Each team participating in the tournament has a story behind, and so, LoL Worlds betting odds may give you a headache if you don’t know them right. Here is a little bit on the teams that are going to the tournament in 2020: Top Esports: They have been devastating within their region. Fresh team and creative management that undoubtedly promise to take them far. Rogue: First participation of the European team within the tournament. Several years of preparation position them as a promise of this delivery. G2 Esports: They will seek to win the prize they let go the previous year. Without a doubt, they are going for it in this edition of the tournament. XRD: This is a revelation team in their region and a possible surprise within the tournament thanks to their performances. Fnatic: 10 years of drought in the tournaments seek to end this year with the arrival of a new opportunity. 4.  Players to look at Selfmade (JG): Debuting with Fnatic. Has been awarded as the player of the game by the LEC 7 times in 2019. Ranked 1st on the EUW ladder since June 2020. Broken Blade (Top): Debuting with SoloMid. This player has only statistics supporting his promise to farm his way through the LoL Worlds 2020. Ghost (Bot): Also known as “holy ghost” he makes his professional debut in the World's after 5 years competing with an impressive career in the LCK. [related_operator]

ESL Pro League Finals Betting Preview and Favorites

ESL Pro League Finals has just begun. This is one of the most important CS:GO tournaments of the year, having 16 world-class participants and offering $600,000 in prizes. The event takes place in Odense, Denmark between December 3rd – 8th and provides numerous esports betting chances for those who want to bet on CS:GO. [related_operator] ESL Pro League Finals Participants and Format ESL Pro League Finals brings together 16 teams. For the Group Stage, these teams will be divided into two groups: Group A Natus Vincere TYLOO FaZe Clan MIBR Heroic 100 Thieves Fnatic Evil Geniuses This is a very tough group, with Na’Vi, FaZe, Evil Geniuses, Fnatic and MIBR having good chances of qualifying. In principle, it should be FaZe, EG and Na’Vi that qualify for the Playoffs. But it will come down to tournament form. It’s perfectly possible that one of these teams will play worse than people expect and leave room for the others. Group B Astralis Grayhound G2 Esports Sharks Esports Mousesports ATK North Team Liquid In Group B, the big favorites are Astralis, Team Liquid and mousesports. G2 and North also have a remote chance to advance to the Playoffs, but it’s going to be very difficult for them to do anything against these three opponents. Arguably, Astralis and Team Liquid are the best teams in the world at the moment and they will likely have an easy tournament until the Playoffs Stage. So the only real question is: who will take 3rd place? And the statistics clearly indicate that mousesports is by far the most likely candidate for that. ESL Pro League Finals Prize Distribution ESL Pro League Finals offers $600,000 in prizes. The money will be distributed among the 16 teams in the following way: 1st place: $250,000 2nd place: $80,000 3rd – 4th place: $40,000 5th – 6th place: $20,000 7th – 8th place: $17,000 9th – 12th place: $15,000 13th – 16th place: $14,000 ESL Pro League Finals Favorites The big favorites for winning ESL Pro League Finals are Astralis, Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses. Astralis Astralis is currently the best team in the world. They’re also the winners of two big tournaments that took place over the last four weeks: IEM XIV Beijing and ECS Season 8 Finals. Going into ESL Pro League Finals, Astralis is expected to at least reach the Grand Final. Team Liquid Team Liquid is the second best team in the world, even though Evil Geniuses is sitting at number 2 in the global rankings. Their roster has remained unchanged for an entire year and that gives them a lot of confidence in tournaments. Because they know exactly how to approach each situation as a team. At their latest tournament, ECS Season 8 Finals, Liquid lost in the Grand Final to Astralis (1 – 2). Overall, they played in 11 Grand Finals this season and won 6 of them. Going into ESL Pro League Finals, Liquid is expected to finish in the top 4. Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses is a team with a very high ceiling but also a very low floor. Sometimes they win, other times they mess up quite badly. Over the last six weeks, they won a big title at StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 8 and finished 5th – 6th, 5th – 6th and 3rd – 4th at three other big events. This shows consistency but not necessarily in a good way. They’re no doubt an excellent team, but they seem to be out of shape. Going into ESL Pro League Finals, I expect them to finish 3rd – 4th.

TF2 gambling – Discover the best TF2 betting sites

Welcome to our guide to TF2 gambling. Here we are going to show you what TF2 betting is all about, who the best TF2 gambling sites are, and why you should take a bet on Team Fortress 2. We will also let you know which TF2 tournaments you should betting on, and even give you a few simple tips to try when TF2 betting. So keep reading to see how you can take your TF2 gambling to the next level. [operator name="10bet" service="esports"] A quick reminder of what Team Fortress 2 is all about Team Fortress 2 was released by Valve Corporation in 2007. The multiplayer first-person shooter was the sequel to the original Team Fortress that was originally a mod for the Quake franchise. Team Fortress 2 was released for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and it became free-to-play in 2011. Although Team Fortress 2 is a first-person shooter, it has a much more humorous feel than other shooting games like Counter Strike Global Offensive and Call of Duty (read also our CSGO betting page). You’ll be part of one of two teams that are commandeered by rival brothers, and it’s your team’s task to destroy the other team’s assets. The teams are called BLU and RED. Team Fortress 2 has plenty of different game modes like Capture the Flag, Territorial Control and Control Point. There are fourteen game modes in total and 108 official maps. As well as the different game modes, players get to choose from nine different heroes. These are Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Demoman, Heavy, Engineer, Medic, Sniper and Spy. All of these characters come with their own backstory, and they all have their own special abilities that can make them a key part of any successful Team Fortress 2 team. A good TF2 team is one that balances offence, defence and support characters well. As a result, any team who wants to succeed at Team Fortress 2 will need to have plenty of strategic knowhow as well as good communication skills. In terms of competitive Team Fortress 2 matches, you will probably find that the Highlander option is the most common. This restricts the number of players in each team to nine, and there can only be one class of character per team. There are a wide number of competitive mode maps ranging from the industrial-themed Metalworks to the Alpine-style Swiftwater map. All of which means that there’s virtually no limit to the amount of gameplay options when it comes to Team Fortress 2, and it’s easy to see why this game could be well-suited to competitive gaming. Why TF2 gambling is set to be big news All gamers will know that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty and Rainbow Six are probably the biggest first-person shooters in the competitive gaming scene. Although Team Fortress is undeniably a great game, it has struggled to find its feet in the world of esports. However, all of that looks to be changing as we have noticed plenty of competitive TF2 tournaments appearing all over the world. From the likes of the Scream Fortress Highlander Tournament to the annual Moscow LAN 6v6 competition, it seems that there are plenty of people out there who want to make TF2 the next big esports breakthrough (have a look also at the Esports tournaments section and to the top Esports odds sites). As these Team Fortress 2 competitions start to generate a larger viewing audience, then there is a good chance that more betting sites will begin to cover the gaming action. We saw how esports like CS:GO and League of Legends betting gradually generated a healthy esports betting scene, and it’s easy to think how this could also happen for a game like Team Fortress 2. What’s kept TF2 gambling from taking off in the past? For many years, Team Fortress 2 was a great game to play but it wasn’t well-suited for competitive gaming. However, with the arrival of the competitive mode, all of that looks to be changing and it’s hoped that the game might shrug off its ‘toxic’ reputation. Despite this, there are still remarkably few betting sites who serve up odds for official Team Fortress 2 tournaments. This has unfortunately led to the proliferation of a handful of unlicensed esports betting sites that offer customers very little in the way of customer protection and no regulation over how they set their TF2 odds. While some of these sites allowed users to try bets like spycrabbing, craft gambling and Halloween gambling, there were many TF2 fans who just wanted to bet on the game like they could other esports like CS:GO and LoL. It should also be mentioned that Team Fortress hasn’t managed to build the infrastructure of many other esports. While games like Overwatch - see also Overwatch betting section - have generated a huge amount of money to set up franchised teams in the Overwatch League, TF2 competitive gaming has mostly been a grassroots affair. Finding the best TF2 gambling sites If you want to try some TF betting, then you might face a few problems trying to find a decent site who has fair and reliable Team Fortress 2 odds. Although there are a few TF2 gambling sites out there, many of these are unlicensed and should be treated with a degree of caution. All of the esports betting sites featured on our shortlist will be licensed and they will provide you with a safe, easy and fun way to bet on games like Team Fortress 2. While many of these might not be purely TF2 gambling sites, they might serve up fair and transparent odds for some of the larger Team Fortress 2 tournaments. Hopefully, there will be more TF2 betting sites in the future. We have already seen how streamer betting and virtual betting as featured on sites like Unikrn and BitFight are transforming how you can wager on titles like Fortnite, and it’s clear that the same thing could eventually happen for Team Fortress 2. [related_operator] The biggest Team Fortress 2 tournaments to bet on The competitive TF2 scene is always changing with tournaments taking place from North America to Australia. The Traditional Sixes competition is probably the largest competitive TF2 league in North America. This usually features a prize pool in excess of $8,000 and attracts top teams like Ford Gaming, Ascent and Dunk Masters. In Europe, the European Team Fortress 2 League could be worth a look. This hosts a number of contests for all skill levels, we have also seen some great Team Fortress LAN events everywhere from Copenhagen to Moscow. In Australia, there’s the OzFortress organization who hosts and runs many excellent TF2 contests, while the AsiaFortress Cup has once again shown that Team Fortress 2 is slowly becoming a world-beater. Plus newcomer events like the Fresh Meat Challenge are a great place to see the rising stars of the TF2 scene. Plus we can’t miss out the UGC League in our list of the best Team Fortress 2 competitions. This hosts a range of Highlander, 6v6 and 4v4 tournaments and it has weekly matches that regularly attract some of the world’s best TF2 players. What will be the future of TF2 gambling? Although Team Fortress 2 has been in the shadows of first-person shooters like CS:GO and Call of Duty, there’s no reason to think that TF2 is dying. There is still a hugely popular competitive gaming scene for Team Fortress 2 out there, and it offers a great way to celebrate what is ultimately a very underrated game. TF2 gambling has been relatively slow to take off due to the negativity surrounding the large amount of unlicensed sites that give the game a bad reputation. Hopefully, as esports betting becomes more regulated and Team Fortress 2 grows in popularity, then we will start to see more licensed esports betting sites taking a chance by putting up some TF2 odds. It’s important to remember that Team Fortress 2 isn’t the only game that’s taking its time in making it through as a mainstream esport. Recently we have seen the likes of Magic: The Gathering Arena slowly emerging into the mainstream, and it shows that it’s not just overnight sensations like Fortnite and Apex Legends that are worth betting on. For many years Team Fortress 2 was thought to be badly suited to esports betting. But as the game has developed, it is now looking like a much better fit. This is particularly so as the advent of streamer betting means that you might soon be able to place real money bets on a TF2 player without them being involved in a major esports tournament. All of which shows that the Team Fortress 2 betting scene is in a period of transition. Hopefully, there are enough gamers out there who realize the potential of TF2 and can help to stimulate a global competitive TF2 gaming scene. Team Fortress 2 is far too good to be allowed to die, and ultimately it will be the hardcore gamers who get to decide its fate. Discover our top sites for your next Esports bets [operators_comparison]

Overwatch League Schedule – Get The Latest Overwatch League Scores

Whether you are a casual fan or are serious about your Overwatch League betting, then you’ll be keen to see the latest action from the Overwatch League. Twitch is just one great resource where you can find the latest Overwatch League scores, but if you want to check out the Overwatch League standings, then you’ll need to know where to look. [related_operator] This page will help you find useful information and statistics about the Overwatch League schedule and all of the relevant statistics. So keep reading to see how you can discover the latest Overwatch League standings and everything else about the world’s hottest esport. Where to find the latest Overwatch League scores Simply typing in the phrase ‘Overwatch League scores’ into Google might bring up some relevant information. But if you need a better overview of the Overwatch League results, you’ll should probably head to the official Overwatch League website. From here, you should click on the ‘schedule’ tab in the navigation bar, and it will bring up all of the results from each week and stage in the current Overwatch League season. Clicking on each match will bring up a page of game details where you can access further information regarding things like the scores on each map. You should also be able to see the team rosters and even a highlight reel of the action. There are plenty of other sites out there that show the latest Overwatch League scores. Websites like Scoreboard get a high search engine ranking but provide little more information than the final result. If you are looking for plenty of detailed information about things like who was rated MVP in the match and so on, you should check out the Overwatch League scores at Liquipedia. Getting authoritative information on the Overwatch League standings Once again, the official Overwatch League website is a great place to see statistics like the Overwatch League standings. This is clearly indicated in the tab that says ‘standings’ in the navigation bar. Here you will see the Overwatch League standings for different phases like the playoffs and the actual league itself. The Overwatch League website includes a decent amount of information about how each team found their place in the league table. You’ll get to see their amount of wins and losses, along with information about wins, losses and ties in the overall maps played. There will also be statistics about the points difference. Other places to check out could include resources like Scoreboard and FlashScore. However, it’s Liquipedia once again that can serve up all of the extra information you might need about the playing records of the Overwatch teams and players. Our Top bookmakers for your next Overwatch bets [operators_comparison limit="3" service="esports" order="menu_order" game="overwatch"] Finding out the Overwatch League schedule Unlike other esports, Overwatch competitive gaming has benefited from a very organised schedule. The Overwatch League schedule is formulated well in advance of the tournament and it gives fans and teams plenty of preparation for the many months of gaming action. As Blizzard Entertainment owns and runs the Overwatch League, the official website is probably the best place to check the Overwatch League schedule. Simply tapping on the ‘schedule’ tab will reveal all of the forthcoming matches. The scheduled games will be divided into the separate stages, as well as the playoffs and the grand finals. As well as important information about the teams playing and date and time, the official schedule will also let you know where you can watch the Overwatch League. Twitch is obviously one of the featured broadcasters, but ESPN and ABC also cover Overwatch League matches. It’s also worth bearing in mind that volunteer-run resources like Wikipedia and Liquipedia will also provide a detailed overview of the Overwatch League schedule. You might also find helpful information about the tournament rules and format. Other useful resources to help your Overwatch League betting If you are into the Overwatch League, Twitch is probably the most direct way that you are going to really see what’s going on. This streaming platform is an essential part of the esports scene, and it offers you free access to see the Overwatch League scores come in in real-time. It’s also important to remember that Overwatch League betting isn’t just about relying on raw statistics like league standings. You should definitely take the time to read any relevant news stories about what’s going on behind the scenes in the Overwatch League. From rumours about possible Overwatch League transfers to speculation about which franchised team could be trouble, it can all help you take your Overwatch bets to the next level. Above all, it’s the blending of relevant news stories and detailed statistics that can add up to a winning Overwatch bet. So be sure to research the Overwatch League standings and scores for a great way to wager on this awesome esport.

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Casino Games at Betway – Top 10 Best Slots & Table Games

You already know that Betway is a great bookmaker for all your sporting betting and that it’s been a leader in providing incredible Esports betting – but we’re here to tell you about the brilliant Betway Casino. Since they were founded in 2006, Betway have delivered excellent gaming through two versions of the Betway online casino; Betway Casino and Betway Vegas, all available through a really well-designed website as well as apps for Betway mobile casino and Betway Vegas. Betway’s an established, trustworthy and legitimate bookmaker, with licences from Malta Gaming Authority for international operations, such as the Betway casino Canada and the UK Gambling Commission for its UK Betway online casino. You can find a lot more information at our Betway review, but we wanted to tell you even more about the impressive casino operation here at Betway! [related_operator] What’s on Offer from the Betway Casino? With the Betway Casino, you two sites and two Betway casino app choices - Betway casino and Betway Vegas, both of which offer a huge range of all the slots and skill games for money. Across the entire Betway casino you’ll find all the slots action you could want, with video slots, jackpot slots, retro slots, video poker, with all the big names and popular games here among the 700+ games to choose from. If table gaming is more your thing, Betway also delivers plenty of choice for video gaming or live table gaming. Across the Betway casino and Betway Vegas you’ll find multiple versions of Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Poker, as you’d expect. But you’ll also find the lesser seen games including Craps, Sic Bo, and Pai Gow. There’s definitely something for you, no matter what you fancy, with lots of options for betting, plenty of variations of the games, complete with a variety of minimum bets of different tables. Live gaming at the Betway online casino comes from the tried and trusted Evolution Gaming brand, with 25 different games available with great video feeds and live dealers offering roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, and craps. Top 10 Best Casino Games at Betway – Slots & Table Games. When looking for great slots, always look for the best RTP% (return to player) - the bigger the RTP, the more you’ll win back. But don’t forget to have fun, look for the slots with stunning graphics or consider a jackpot progressive slot. Whatever you fancy, here’s our pick of the best at Betway… Best Jackpot Slot ➜ Mega Moolah Although Mega Moolah only has an 88.12% payout, it’s still incredibly attractive thanks to the progressive jackpot, with the record payout an eye watering £13 million. Best RTP Slot ➜ Blood Suckers An incredibly high 98% RTP makes this vampire themed slot one of the most attractive slot options around. Best Features ➜ Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix adds plenty of bonuses to the familiar game, with the Big Bet feature taking the RTP up to 98% when it triggers three bonus features. Something fun with a 97% RTP ➜ Reel Rush A retro game full of simple but cute designs, but with its 97% RTP and plentiful extras, it’s a fun game packed with promise. Great looking classic game ➜ Gonzo’s Quest It might be a decade old, but this 96% RTP slot is still a great-looking Aztec themed slot that plays wonderfully well. Fabulous Fantasy Graphics ➜ Warlords: Crystals of Power One of the best looking slots of recent years, this fantasy themed slot is packed with gorgeous CGI and animated effects, plus an RTP of 96.8%. Familiar name, familiar fun ➜ Monopoly Megaways Inspired by the classic board game, this 96.5% RTP slot keeps the fun and game features of the board game but gives you plenty of chances to win along the way. Best Table Game for beginners ➜ Baccarat With a basic strategy, low house edge, and just three basic bets (Player, Banker, Tie), Baccarat is the perfect introduction to the world of table gaming. Classic card game ➜ Blackjack Blackjack is THE classic card game, playing against the dealer to get the closest hands to 21 as possible. And with the odds of winning as good as 49%, it’s one of the best table games for odds as well. Spin the wheel with Roulette Roulette is the casino classic, with so many different ways to bet and win. But always go for the European single zero tables and avoid American tables with zero and double zero. Video Poker Not really a table game, but video poker bridges the gap between table and slots. These games have much higher returns than slots, with 98% or more possible. Conclusion For a truly great casino site offering slots and table gaming for all your money games online and a superb live casino experience on desktop and the Betway mobile casino, Betway should be the choice for you. Add in the excellent sports and Esports, coupled with 24/7 support, impressive bonuses, and it’s no wonder that we love Betway casino, ranking it right up there with the bet365 casino games experience for two of our favourites. [related_operator] FAQ Betway Casino Is Betway Casino safe? Betway’s an established and trusted betting site licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. What is the maximum winning on Betway? Maximum £500,000 on the biggest sports events and lesser amounts on lower profile events. No maximum casino winnings but Betway reserve the right to cap winnings. How to win Betway casino? Winning in the Betway casino is never guaranteed but always check out the slots and table games pay tables and RTP% to get the best chance of winning. How to contact Betway casino? Betway’s live chat is available 24/7 Who owns Betway casino? Betway is an international gambling company based in Malta and Guernsey and is owned by the Rosehall Global group. Is Betway legal in Canada? Betting with off-shore gambling sites is completely legal in Canada and Betway accepts players from Canada.


Reactoonz is an online slots game that was developed by well-known Swedish games development company Play ‘N Go. Featuring cascading reels and cute cartoon characters, it is a game that differs a great deal from the usual far that you will find in a typical online casino. The game has an unusual reel structure which really makes it stand out from much of its competition, and this is sure to pique the interest of even the most seasoned and hardened online slots gamer. Here, we will take a detailed look at the Reactoonz casino game. We will examine its bonus features (read our Reviews regarding the best offers for casino and esports betting) in more detail, and also give you a good overall flavour of the game so you can see whether it is the kind of slots game that appeals to you. We will also take a closer look at the game’s developer, and you can find out the titles of a few more of their other games too. Read on to find out all you need to know about the Reactoonz casino game! About the Game and its Bonus Features The setting for Reactoonz seems to be a strange kind of laboratory where weird little cartoon characters are created. These characters look like little aliens, with cute faces who appear in different colours. They are the symbols that populate the reels. A character called Gargantoon sits at the right of the reels, and he can offer you additional bonuses while you play. The first thing that you will notice when you start playing Reactoonz is that the reels do not look like the reels on a conventional online fruit machine. Instead, the symbols move on a seven by seven grid, sliding into place rather than spinning. As the symbols fall into place, winning combinations are created by matching symbols appearing adjacently to each other in lines of five, either horizontally or vertically. [related_operator] There are eight standard Reactooz characters that function as symbols on the reels, and they are pink, green, orange, blue, purple, brown, dark green and yellow. Wild symbols do appear in the game but they have to be created. You can do this by receiving wild symbols from Gargantoon, who gives out between four and eight of them after a non-winning spin. One symbol will also be marked as fluctuating on each spin. They glow during play, and if a winning combination is formed from these symbols they will leave a wild behind them when they disappear. You can also benefit from stacked symbols forming 2x2 squares on the grid, as these offer stake multipliers of 2x. The Quantum Leap feature is triggered if you have managed to despatch 25 symbols during standard gameplay. This offers you the chance to benefit from four special features, and Gargantoon can also come alive to be added to the reels as a 3x3 wild symbol. About Play ‘N Go If you are something of a fan of playing slots online you are sure to have played at least one of Play ‘N Go’s slots games in the past. As well as the Reactoonz casino game, Play ‘N Go have produced a host of popular online slots, including titles like Legacy of Egypt and Rage to Riches. Many of their games have excellent graphics of the kind that might well appeal to fans of esports betting too. Play ‘N Go, like many other slots games developers, is a company with its roots in Sweden. It is not truly international in the scope of its operations, though, having also established offices in London, in the UK, Budapest in Hungary, in the Philippines and in Malta. A mark of the quality of the games and other services is shown by their nomination for the award for Casino Platform Supplier at the EGR Nordics Awards in 2018. Central to their business is the concept of the Game Account Toolkit. This allows games providers and online casinos of varying sizes manage their games more effectively, according to their specific needs. Play ‘N Go have done much more than simply produce the Reactoonz casino game. Conclusion As you can see from the above, the Reactoonz casino game is a little bit different from most of the other online slots games that you might find in a typical online casino. With its unusual reel structure and interesting bonus features it certainly provides something unusual, and its setting a laboratory where weird characters are created is certainly something different. The way in which wins are created adds yet more individuality to the game. If you are a fan of online slots gaming you will certainly find plenty to enjoy in Reactoonz. Make sure that you look out for it at online casinos like Mr Green, Betway (have a look at our Betway Review) or William Hill. It is sure to keep you coming back to it time after time. Read our guide to the best Money games online and discover some top sites for online slot games.

Gonzo’s Quest Casino Game

Gonzo’s Quest is one of the world’s most famous online slots games. Released in 2011, it has been a staple feature of many online casinos for the best part of a decade. The game’s main character is Gonzo himself, who is a 16th century Spanish explorer looking for treasure in the South American jungles. [related_operator] Gonzo has become one of the most recognised characters in the world of slots gaming and money games. Gonzalo Pizarro, to give him his full name, might not be as well known as the likes of the Mario Brothers or Sonic the Hedgehog, but he is every bit as big an icon as they are. Fans of esports betting might not have heard of Gonzo and his quest, but online slots gamers most definitely have, thanks to the success of the Gonzo’s Quest casino game. Here in this article we will take a closer look at Gonzo’s Quest casino game, and tell you a little more about what the game is like. You can also read a bit about Net Entertainment, one of the world’s top slots game developers, and find out a little more about their work and their range of other slots games. About Gonzo's game There are many online slots games that use the South American jungles as a setting, though not many have opted to use the era of the Spanish conquistadors as their backdrop. The Gonzo’s Quest casino game takes this slightly unusual setting and used it to help create one of the world’s most iconic and famous slots games. You can find Gonzo’s Quest in almost every online casino on the planet, such is its popularity. The game looks great, with the reels being set in front of a South American jungle backdrop. The reels are presented as a wall, with the symbols on the reels being stone carvings of Inca deities. You can tell the value of the symbols in the Gonzo’s Quest casino game by their colour. The light blue carvings are the lowest value symbols, with the value then rising through red, orange, purple, brown, green and blue symbols. There are two special symbols to look out for while you are playing. The first of these is the golden ‘Free Fall’ block, and the other is the game’s wild symbol, which is adorned with a golden question mark. There are two bonus features to watch out for too. One is the way that symbols in winning combinations crumble away, with new symbols taking their place. This offers new chances to win as well as stake multipliers. If three of the Free Fall symbols land on a payline then you will receive 10 free spins. Stake multipliers will also appear during these free spins, boosting your chances of taking home big prizes. About the Game provider NetEnt Net Entertainment is one of the best known developers of online slots in the world. Like many other companies who are involved in the slots game development sector, the company has its roots in Sweden and extends back a long way into gaming history too, as far back as 1963. That was when two Swedish entrepreneurs, Bill Lindwall and Rolf Lundström, founded a company called AB Restaurang Rouletter. That company operated in the real world casino sector, and that experience came in very handy when the era of digital gaming dawned in the latter part of the 20th century. Bill Lindwall’s son Pontus Lindwall founded Net Entertainment, or Net Ent as it is often called, in 1996. It would go on to establish itself as one of the world’s premier slots and casino games developers. By 2007, it had floated on a Swedish stock exchange. The Gonzo’s Quest casino game is just one of Net Ent’s vast catalogue of slots titles. Their games can be found in hundreds of online casinos across the world. But Gonzo’s Quest remains their flagship title in many ways, with millions of people across the world playing it every year. Conclusion Gonzo’s Quest casino game has become one of the world’s most popular slots games, and remains a staple feature of many online casinos, both in the UK and across the world. Blessed with a charismatic ‘star’ as its main character, it also possess the excellent graphics and immersive sound effects that all excellent video games, of any kind, should offer to players. If you have benefitted from the kind of esports betting bonus that bookmakers such as Betway offer (read our Betway review page), you may have also picked up some bonus casino credit. You can use that credit to play slots games in the bookmaker’s casino. If you’re looking for a top slots game that offers great bonus features and plenty of chances to take home prizes, as well as some great entertainment, make sure you look out for Gonzo’s Quest!

Legacy of Egypt

Legacy of Egypt is an online slots game from the well-known developer Play ‘N Go. The game has Ancient Egypt as its theme, something which is not uncommon in the world of online slots, and it offers five reels, three rows and 30 fixed paylines of entertainment to players. This is a highly volatile game with a decent Return to Play rate, and its graphics and sound mean that it might appeal to fans of esports betting too. [related_operator] Here, we will take a closer look at the Legacy of Egypt casino game (read our Online Money Games guide) so that you can see whether or not is the type of slots game that you like. We’ll cast an analytical eye over the game’s structure and bonus features, and also let you know what the graphics and sound are like. You should also get a pretty good idea about where the game fits into your overall slots gaming strategy, and whether its bonus features incorporate any skill based aspects. You can also discover more about the Swedish company who developed the game and see some of their other online slots titles that you might like to try. Read on to discover more about the Legacy of Egypt casino game! About the Game and its Bonus Features The Legacy of Egypt casino game is a good all-round online slots game that will appeal to newcomers to slots gaming and veterans alike. As we mentioned above, there are three rows, five reels and 30 paylines of entertainment on offer. Those reels are set in front of pillars and walkways that are decorated with Egyptian hieroglyphics. There are several high-value symbols to look out for on the reels. There are four Egyptian gods, plus an Egyptian queen and a pharaoh. The usual array of letters and numbers makes up the collection of lower value symbols. The wild symbol is easy to spot as it is the scarab beetle. This will substitute for all other symbols to create winning combinations for you. The only other symbol that it will not replace is the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is the Eye of Ra pyramid, which is vital for accessing the game’s bonus features. The game’s main bonus feature is the free spins feature. This is triggered by three or more of the pyramid bonus symbols spinning into view. Before the free spins start, you will see a Wheel of Fortune spin that is used to determine how many free spins you will receive. You will initially get between three and 20, and you’ll also receive a x10 multiplier for any wins that spin in during the free spins. You can also benefit from scatter pyramid spins which is triggered by at least two pyramid scatter symbols spinning in during the bonus feature. About Play ‘N Go Play ‘N Go, like many games development companies, have their roots in Sweden, though they have expanded their operations across the world now. As well as an office in their home country, Play ‘N Go have premises in London, in the United Kingdom, and also in Budapest in Hungary. Their Asian base can be found in the Philippines. Like many other companies who work in the online gambling sector, Play ‘N Go also have offices on the Mediterranean island of Malta. One concept which is central to the work that Play ‘N Go do is the Game Account Toolkit. This is a system which allows operators such as online casinos to manage large gaming systems more simply. The concept is scalable and can therefore fit into operations of various sizes. Play ‘N Go were nominated for best Casino Platform Supplier at the EGR Nordics Awards in 2018, a sign of the quality of their work. Some of Play ‘N Go’s other titles apart from the Legacy of Egypt casino game include games like Rage to Riches, Gold King and Eye of the Kraken. You can find many more of their games at online casinos like and Mr Green. [operator name="mr-green" service="money_games"] Conclusion As you can see from the above, the Legacy of Egypt casino game is a slots game that offers some great entertainment, along with the chance to take home some pretty lucrative prizes. The graphics and sound combine to help create a really immersive gaming experience, and the bonus feature offers you plenty of free spins, along with very useful multipliers. Gameplay is very slick and smooth and there is plenty of action for you to enjoy, whether you are a newcomer to the world of slots gaming or a seasoned veteran of online casino action. Make sure you look out for Legacy of Egypt at your favourite online casino. You can find this game at casinos like Mr Green, Betway and William Hill! This is a game that will keep you coming back! Our Top operators for your next spin [operators_comparison]