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Welcome to our resource of betting sites reviews. The perfect place for finding the best betting sites out of the massive variety of gambling sites. The changing online gambling laws has meant that people in many countries have legislation that encourages safe, fair and flexible betting. But you’ll still need our betting sites reviews to help you find the perfect way to wager on a vast range of options!

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Whether you are into casino games, esports betting or want to try your hand at fantasy sports, then there are plenty of betting sites that will give you a secure and efficient way to do so.

Because of the sheer quantity of gambling sites, it can often be tricky to find out the best betting sites for your own individual needs. But we have gone to great lengths to examine the full range of betting sites so that you can place your bets with plenty of confidence and get a fair chance of receiving some decent winnings.

By giving you a broad overview as to what you should expect from the best betting sites, you will be perfectly prepared to identify which bookmaker or online casino is well suited for your own gambling needs. Are you looking for betting sites with new entertainments like fantasy sports, live dealer games or even crypto betting options? Or do you prefer to keep things more traditional by searching for a site with a decent range of classic table games like roulette, blackjack and poker? Whatever your needs are, we are on hand to help you find those betting sites that are routinely able to provide a safe wagering service along with an excellent selection of online gambling entertainments.

So regardless of whether you are looking for best betting sites for esports, or are just searching for the most generous video slots titles, by coming to JustGamers you will be in the best place to find the best betting sites in the world!

What you should look for in the best betting sites


The sheer quantity of gambling sites means that it can sometimes be overwhelming in trying to find your perfect betting site. But rather than blindly signing up to the first gambling site you come across, it’s well worth thinking hard about what you are looking for in a betting website.

All betting sites will aim to cover all bases by serving up gambling entertainments that meet the needs of most customers. This means that the best betting sites will all include plenty of traditional sports bets, online casino games, and a range of innovative features such as esports betting, fantasy sports and so on.

However, it’s worth remembering that all betting sites will tend to focus more in certain areas than others. For example, we are constantly surprised with how some bookmakers seem to virtually ignore esports betting, whilst other bookies take great pride in serving up a massive range of odds for titles that go way beyond esports like CSGO and LoL to let you enjoy Dota 2 betting and much more.

When it comes to casino gaming, things get even more extreme. Even for classic table games like poker, there can be a vast discrepancy in the range of poker gaming variants like hold ‘em, deuces wild and Omaha poker. In addition to this, many betting sites will provide you with access to the best poker tournaments, whilst other websites keep things a little more restrained.

All of this shows just how important it is to shop around amongst the best betting sites so that you can make sure that you are signing up to a website that fully meets your own online gambling needs. Obviously, there is no way that you are going to have the time to look at each individual betting site in the world. But by checking back into JustGamers, you can quickly get a good overview as to which gambling sites offer you a service best suited to your own requirements.

How we decided our shortlist of the best betting sites


As there is such a wide variety of online betting sites, it means that it can be tricky to try and stay on top of the ever changing scene. But we have created a betting sites list that can easily be used to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are seeing the best betting sites for slots gaming, or are looking for the perfect site for getting access to the best poker tournaments, our shortlist will be able to help you out.

When we created our overview of the best bet sites offers, we couldn’t resist including some of the top esports betting brands. Everybody knows that GG.Bet have dominated esports betting over the past few years, but did you know that they also include a great casino gaming section?

By coming to JustGamers, you will quickly be able to see how industry heavyweights like, and all shape up in terms of their online betting services. Plus we will be quick to help you see how new crypto betting sites like give their rivals a real run for their money in their bid to be the best crypto casino.

The main thing to remember is that we have carefully reviewed all of these betting sites so that you can instantly see how well they are able to meet your needs. We will also help you see how well each betting site performs in important factors like customer service, permitted payment methods and mobile app services. In addition to this, you will also discover where your chosen betting site stands in regards to its official licensing and regulation.

So that whether you are thinking about signing up to the likes of GG.Bet or, by coming to JustGamers and checking out our betting site reviews, you will quickly be able to discover exactly what these online gambling sites have to offer.

The best betting sites for casino gaming revealed!


Many of the betting sites featured in our shortlist will easily be able to meet your online casino gaming needs. Regardless of whether you are looking for a quick game of Texas hold’em poker, or are seeking the most immersive live casino game of roulette, all of these online gambling sites seem to take great pride in offering the complete casino gaming service. After all, you just have to look at the best slots on Bet365 to see that there’s plenty of competition out there.

Many gamers love to visit sites that have all of the classic table games like online blackjack and roulette, but that also throw in some new casino gaming innovations like online monopoly and Dream Catcher too. This is why there’s plenty of debate about what the best Betway casino game is. Similarly, some betting sites have also picked up many fans due to the way that they offer an unparalleled range of poker tournaments to enter. Don’t forget that nearly all betting sites will also serve up some great welcome bonuses to help you win a little extra with your casino gaming.

As a result, it’s a matter of personal preference as to making the decision of which online betting site to sign up for. Obviously you should make sure that your chosen site is fully licensed, and be sure to check that they have a responsive customer service team.

But by sticking with any of the gambling sites featured on our shortlist, you stand to get a safe, fair and completely transparent gaming experience. This means that you can avoid the pitfalls of accidentally signing up to a disreputable casino gaming site, and can instead bet with full confidence on your favourite games.


Read our betting sites reviews for esports, fantasy and more


As the online gambling revolution has grown, it’s been fascinating to see how it has included many more wagering innovations. Gone are the days where you could only bet on traditional sports like horse racing, or casino games like poker, as there is a whole new generation of betting entertainments to enjoy.

Most of us grew up playing video games, and it’s been great to see how esports has grown to become a billion dollar industry in little more than a decade. As millions of people now tune in to live stream esports tournaments, there has been a growing number of UK betting sites that now allow you to bet on esports. Even classic sportsbooks now serve up an excellent range of esports odds for iconic games like League of Legends and Counter Strike Global Offensive, as well as newer titles such as Valorant.

Even traditional sports betting has caught the bug of the online gambling revolution. Not only can you now bet live on many sports such as football, basketball and tennis, but the rise of fantasy sports offers a brand new way to get a lot more interactive in your wagering. Fantasy football in particular has become hugely popular since the turn of the 21st century, and it’s been impressive to see how many traditional sportsbooks have taken note of this trend to allow you a safe and easy way to wager on fantasy sports. Don’t forget that esports fantasy betting is now a thing and it’s great fun too!

Despite the impressive achievements of innovations like esports betting and fantasy sports, it’s important to remember that they should be treated just as you would any other kind of online gambling entertainment. This means that you should always check around different betting sites to make sure that you are getting the very best odds on the market, and don’t even think about signing up to an online gambling site that lacks all of the necessary licensing and regulation.

All of which should mean that whether you are building your first fantasy football team, or are wagering on the map winner of a CSGO clash, you can enjoy a safe, fun and profitable time with your online betting entertainment.

Best ways of using our betting sites reviews


Regardless of which online betting site you choose to sign up to, there remain a few things that you will need to do if you are willing to get the best out of your wagering. The first thing to remember is that nobody ever made any sustained profits out of reckless betting. It’s only by setting yourself a respectable betting budget that you are going to be able to overcome any unexpected losses and last the distance in anything from playing casino games to enjoying LoL betting. This is because if you find yourself betting with money you don’t have, then you are going to run the risk of making some overly emotional bets. So always gamble responsibly for the best way to enjoy long-lasting betting.

We should also mention the fact that many betting sites put on all manner of bonuses and promotions for new and existing customers. Many sites will take great pride in serving up matched deposit sign up bonuses for new customers, and whilst these special offers can seriously boost your betting profits, it’s worth taking the time to carefully read through the small print so that you know exactly what you are signing up for. Anything from wagering conditions to strict time limits can quickly turn a great looking bonus into a real headache, so make sure that you understand the bonus wagering conditions for the best way to take advantage of these deals.

Conclusion - Check back with our betting sites reviews


Above all, it’s only by taking the time to carefully research each betting site that you are going to be able to make the most out of your online gambling. But by coming to JustGamers, you can be sure of getting a helping hand. So that whether you want to play casino games, bet on LoL World Championship or just try fantasy esports, we’ll be here to help you out!



Scienjoy, MetaU to launch NFT exchange platform for artists

China's leading live entertainment mobile streaming platform Scienjoy Holding Corporation recently announced a strategic partnership with MetaU, a cryptocurrency exchange platform provider. The company said the partnership would allow the company to fulfill its mission of providing funding to artists who wish to convert traditional arts to NFTs. MetaU said they aimed to provide an enabling environment and tools for artists and collectors to record and purchase NFTs using virtual coins. Therefore, the company announced the launch of its NFT exchange platform, which is set to roll out during the third or fourth quarter of 2022. Earlier this year, Scienjoy announced the NFT Experience X, a new initiative intended to help selected artists be equipped with tools to transform their creations into NFTs. Artists will have access to technical support as they create NFT works at select locations under this program. The NFTs can take various forms, including traditional art, exhibitions, murals, and other unique art projects. MetaU CEO Dan Clayton said, “I am thrilled with the strategic alliance with Scienjoy based on their interest in the NFT space. MetaU will work with Scienjoy to prepare for the anticipated launch of our MetaU NFT exchange stage in the third or fourth quarter of 2022". “We are excited about the strategic alliance with MetaU and the expected launch of its NFT exchange platform. The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected almost every aspect of trade and commerce. Globally, the arts sector was particularly hit by the closure of vibrant art galleries and world-renowned exhibition scenes," said Scienjoy President and CEO Victor Hey. "However, much has started to change as the pandemic slowly recovers Done, many artists are still grappling with the effects of cancellations of art shows and uncertainty over the sector, with sponsors expected substantial budget cuts. NFT Experience X is expected to create hundreds of opportunities for artists around the world. Hopefully, as we aim to uncover creative minds in the Metaverse. With the new NFT exchange platform, we hope to provide a platform for independent artists to exchange and showcase their unique artworks.” About MetaU Founded and headquartered in Nevada, United States, MetaU Corporation is a privately held company. In 2022, the company plans to expand its office operations to Los Angeles, New York, Dubai, South Korea, Singapore, and India. About Scienjoy Scienjoy Holding Corporation is China's leading platform of mobile live streaming founded in 2011. The main mission of the company is to create an ecosystem of live streaming services that engage and entertain users. Scienjoy operates five live streaming platform brands, including Showself, Lehai, Haixiu, BeeLive (whose features include both the Mifeng Chinese version and BeeLive international version), and The company has approximately 267 million registered users. To create unique user experiences, Scienjoy integrates live streaming, in-depth insight into the live streaming industry, and an innovative business approach to cutting-edge technologies including big data, blockchain, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR). The company claims they strive to build a live streaming metaverse that offers the ultimate immersive experience, a social media network that goes beyond time and space, a digital community that integrates virtual and physical worlds, as well as a content-rich ecosystem.

GameStop to launch NFT Marketplace with ImmutableX

One of the biggest retailers in the gaming industry, GameStop, recently announced that it would be launching its own cryptocurrency exchange platform called the NFT Marketplace. According to the company's earnings report, the platform's launch will take place during the second quarter of the 2022 fiscal year. During the company's fourth-quarter earnings report, it was revealed that it had launched a massive recruitment campaign for its new cryptocurrency exchange. The company hired several individuals with extensive experience in various areas, including blockchain gaming and e-commerce. with ImmutableX It is no surprise that this campaign was launched following the company's partnership with ImmutableX. This partnership demonstrates GameStop's commitment to the cryptocurrency industry. The NFT Marketplace's operations will be carried out on the Ethereum blockchain, as ImmutableX is a scaling solution that allows transactions to take place seamlessly on the platform. This will allow users to perform thousands of operations in a matter of seconds. Through the partnership with Immutablex, GameStop will be receiving around $150 million worth of IMX. These tokens will be delivered once the company reaches its goals and implements its various initiatives. The money that the company receives from the partnership will be used to fund the various initiatives carried out on the platform. It was also reported that the company had sold 15 million IMX tokens during the partnership. Crashing stock Despite the company's announcement regarding the launch of the NFT Marketplace, GameStop's stock fell by more than 10 percent in the last 24 hours. This could be caused by the company's rather poor performance during the previous year. IN the fourth quarter of 2021, the company reported a loss of $148 million. That being said, the company still managed to grow its stocks significantly during the first few months of last year. This was due to the efforts of Reddit users, who purchased the company's stock to safeguard it from hedge funds. Aside from GameStop, other companies also expressed their interest in participating in the operations of its NFT Marketplace. Spotify, for instance, has shown interest in participating in GameStop's Web3 operations. It is no secret that many people think that GameStop is the last place that would want to sell NFTs. However, when other gaming companies such as Square Enix started using blockchain technology, it made sense for GameStop to participate in the venture. Launch date The NFT Marketplace was initially expected to launch in July. However, according to ImmutableX co-founder Robbie Ferguson, the launch might happen earlier. According to Ferguson, the four significant marketplaces currently integrating with ImmutableX will be launching in the next couple of weeks. If one of these is GameStop's, the launch of the NFT Marketplace could take place sometime between June 1 and June 30. This is around four weeks earlier than the company's original deadline. This news came just as GameStop was being sued by a former employee for allegedly violating New York's labor law. According to the lawsuit, the company paid its employees every two weeks instead of every week.

PlanetQuest, Immutable X to launch world’s first 3D Planet NFT

PlanetQuest has partnered with Immutable X to launch the world's first real-time 3D Planet NFTs. In this unique, first-ever project, PlanetQuest and Immutable X enable the community to buy, not just a piece of land, but entire planets of NFTs. Those who purchase the NFTs can view their planet from orbit in 3D through their respective web browsers. As each of the NFTs is completely unique, the project becomes the first, instantly accessible, real-time 3D NFTs ever sold. The company claimed the initiative to be "radical" as it bridges a new approach to selling NFTs, which is currently in a boom around the world. A new approach to NFT sales NFTs have become a worldwide trend in the present day. However, in the continuously growing hype, there also come several issues, which revolve around the activity of minting and selling the NFTs. The initiative created by PlanetQuest and Immutable X promotes a whole new sales approach to selling NFTs while also tackling the popular issues surrounding it, from the elimination of gas wars, front-running bots, failed and hung transactions, and crashing websites. Still, the program also sticks with its aim to ensure the first-ever, real-time 3D Planet NFTs get into the hands of deserving buyers and community members. "Since coming out of stealth, PlanetQuest has become an instant hit with the IMX community, leaving quite a few of our own team members addicted to its concept and storyline, and eagerly awaiting touching down on the first planets," said Immutable X co-founder Robbie Ferguson. "We’re thrilled to see that, in part thanks to our technology, PlanetQuest is able to execute on its vision for a bot-less, gas-less, community-friendly, Planet Sale," Ferguson added. More than collectibles If buying NFTs means collecting as many of them as possible, the NFT Planet Sale offers a new perspective on that trend. The planets are said to be much more than just 3D collectible items. The planet owners will earn the keys to the PlanetQuest universe. Furthermore, there will also be additional bonuses that allow the planets' owners to earn additional Quantum or $PQX. This is the in-game currency and token of PlanetQuest, and it is expected to go public later this year before the game enters Early Access in Q1 of 2023. Once the Early Access opens up, players can team up with their friends to venture out onto these uncharted planets, and encounter dangerous wildlife or even players of opposing factions. About PlanetQuest, Immutable X PlanetQuest is a free-to-play blockchain game with a cinematic multiverse. It becomes the first to offer players the opportunity to own an entire planet. The team working behind PlanetQuest has a shared history in games, Hollywood, and procedural technology. Inside PlanetQuest, players get the experience of multiplayer exploration and discovery while exploring foreign planets and fending off dangerous wildlife in their search for valuable, planet-altering artifacts. Meanwhile, Immutable X is the first and leading Layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs to enable gas-free minting and trading while not compromising the security of the most used blockchain globally for NFTs, Ethereum. Immutable X has an established connection with marketplaces such as OpenSea and Mintable. It also powers some of the largest NFT plays across consumer apps (TikTok), social metaverse (IMVU), gaming (ESL Gaming, Ember Sword, Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, GreenPark Sports, Illuvium, MyCryptoHeroes+), and launchpad partners (SuperFarm, Epics. gg).

Sony announces plans to become major player in metaverse industry

Japanese entertainment giant Sony announced Wednesday plans to become a major player in the augmented virtual world of the metaverse. Sony said it envisioned the metaverse as a massive online network that integrates media, services, and social interaction. Having a wealth of game IPs, music licenses, produced films and TV shows, as well as rights to anime through its Crunchyroll streaming service, makes Sony well-suited for this plan. Sony said they aimed to bring together gaming, live events, music, and entertainment content under a single digital umbrella. Users are expected to gather in digital spaces to watch live music events and sports broadcasts, using virtual avatars. As representation is an essential part of the metaverse, Chief Executive Kenichiro Yoshida said argued that "the metaverse is at the same time a social space and live network space where games, music, movies, and anime intersect". "When it comes to live experiences that share time and space, music immediately comes to mind. Sony Music artists have already performed many live performances in game spaces," he continued. Many have reacted to the plans, insisting that immersive metaverses will disrupt many aspects of life, from how people socialize to how they play video games. Sony may suffer from that, as their PlayStation Consoles dominated the previous era of gaming. It is then understood that Sony now wants to get on board now to avoid being left out of a universe of cross-platform free-play gaming. PlayStation Home should return Sony needs to have a digital representation of its userbase if it wants to dominate this space. It should be possible for users to create and customize their own metaverse characters, including accessories, hairstyles, outfits, and everything else. The concept is similar to Xbox avatars, which Meta has also imitated with Horizon Worlds. In the days of the PlayStation 3, Sony had something similar in the form of PlayStation Home. The platform was a huge online project, in which players created unique digital spaces and avatars. With a variety of skins, outfits, and accessories straight from games, everything was very customizable. Sony partnered with major publishers like Konami, Bandai Namco, and even Marvel for themed skins and outfits that offered huge monetization and advertising opportunities. Publishers could create "Rooms" or digital spaces tailored for a particular brand or game. Additionally, developers could develop games and launch them on PlayStation Home. PlayStation Home also allowed gamers to watch digital live events like E3 and movies on demand. PlayStation Home was a predecessor to what companies now refer to as the metaverse. However, it crumbled under the strain of its own reckless ambition. The platform was ravaged by performance problems, glitches, and server congestion. Infrastructure-wise, the company is in a much better place than ever before. Sony also relies on Microsoft's Azure service to operate its cloud network. The PlayStation Home concept needs to be revived at the very least. It does not need to be as extravagant as it was back then, but the presence of some kind of digital environment would be valuable for the company.



PUBG Mobile hits over $7 billion in player spending

PUBG Mobile, a popular free-to-play battle royale title developed by LightSpeed & Quantum Studio and KRAFTON, recently reached its highest record of in-game player spending on both App Store and Google Play at over $7 billion. There are two likely reasons for PUBGM’s new milestone. First, the global phenomenon title received huge sponsorships via its large professional esports scene, and second, the game's popular and vast in-game loot boxes led players to flock in to purchase. Reportedly, trailing behind PUBGM is Moonton Games’ Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. According to multiple reports, however, Moonton is not making much compared to PUBGM’s. PUBGM hits over $7 billion In a report by Sensor Tower, PUBGM recorded quarterly revenue of $771 million in Q3 2021 alone. The number that the game received in late 2021 had pushed PUBGM’s revenue to over $7 billion. When combined with the game’s localized Chinese version, Game for Peace, the game accumulated a total revenue of $2.6 billion, according to Pocket Meanwhile, in another report by Esports Junkie, the Chinese version made 57 percent or approximately $4.7 billion in overall consumer spending. The Chinese gaming market is well known for its massive size of consumers who are willing to spend their money on in-game items and cosmetics. Add the Chinese region to the list and the rest of the Asian countries, then the prospects for the mobile video game are as big as ever. Moreover, Newzoo had China as the top country in its list of Top 10 Countries/Markets by Game Revenues. China recently recorded a total of $49.25 billion of revenue from its 685.48 million players. Outside China, PUBGM made $3 billion, with the United States as its second-biggest contributor to in-game consumer purchases, or roughly 11.8 percent of global in-game purchases. Trailing behind is Japan, which is responsible for 4.2 percent. Both App Store and Google Play played a major part in PUBGM’s successful financial story. Player spending-wise, the former racked up 81 percent while the latter 19 percent. Outside of China, App Store recorded 56.6 percent and Google Play 43.4 percent. Last year, PUBGM also replaced Candy Crush Saga as the fourth-highest-grossing mobile game of all time. PUBGM trailed behind Honor of Kings, Mixi's Monster Strike, and Supercell's Clash of Clans. Market change for PUBGM Throughout the years, PUBGM recorded poor receptions from several regions, which eventually affected the game’s reception. In India, PUBGM was banned by the government due to security issues. India hosted PUBGM’s second-highest player count and the ban stripped away the country’s financial contribution to PUBGM. The game also witnessed a change in the market when the pandemic was in full swing. Players from the U.S. took over PUBGM’s original market of players. As of now, Uncle Sam sits on top of the list, followed by Japan and China in second. The third spot belongs to South Korea. One thing that can explain PUBGM’s longevity, other than professional esports tournaments, is the variation of in-game items the game has to offer. Additionally, the game also features interesting monthly updates and collaboration events that have been keeping its players in the game.

IKONIC to launch world’s first esports dedicated NFT marketplace this year

The team behind IKONIC, the first-ever esports dedicated NFT marketplace, has announced that its service would launch in Q2 this year. The IKONIC marketplace is specifically geared toward professional players, gamers, teams, and content creators of the gaming industry. The team said that the marketplace was aimed to provide a platform for gaming content creators to socialize with their community. “The IKONIC platform allows users to immortalize their outstanding gameplay into video NFTs, the next-gen type of memorabilia for esports," IKONIC CEO Sebastian Ionut Diaconu said. "Partnerships and collaborations with the biggest names in esports and rising stars to create IKONIC NFT collections, that will be the foundation for an active ecosystem for the fans, creators, and collectors, with extensive benefits for all participants. In addition to the NFT Marketplace, the Indie Game Launchpad allows game developers and the community to come closer together, get access to exclusive content and in-game items.” More on IKONIC NFT marketplace Slated to release in mid-2022, IKONIC maximizes the use of blockchain technology in providing gaming creators with earning opportunities from their content through necessary tools, which can be found in the IKONIC NFT marketplace. IKONIC was created to provide a platform where "players can own their moments”. The team behind the “only esports & pro-gaming NFT marketplace" said that the gaming industry had yet to provide earning opportunities through creating digital collectibles, more specifically screen captures of in-game moments. IKONIC was built to provide a platform where captured in-game moments can be monetized. If anything can be stored on the blockchain, then everything is an earning opportunity that gaming creators may resort to. “Esports player’s status as athletes has been disputed for a long time. Creating a legacy through memorable moments captured and stored on Blockchain, earning royalties from these NFTs, and sharing their exceptional capabilities with the world, give them the opportunity to make themselves a legendary or even an IKONIC athlete in the esports world,” Diaconu added. IKONIC’s future plans The team said that with IKONIC, making NFTs can be as simple as performing "a few clicks". Heading further into the marketplace’s development, the team said they aimed not only to make creating NFTs from gameplay easier but also to make the listing process more accessible. “With only a few clicks, you may print video clips of the craziest and most impressive game achievements to NFT," IKONIC said. "And they'll be registered and ready to trade on the iKONIC market in only one or two more clicks. The creators of these NFTs can design them to pay perpetual royalties or even to produce an altogether new revenue stream via the selling of sublicense rights.” IKONIC also added it aimed to grow into a broader and larger marketplace that features any “game-linked” digital assets, valuable not only for gaming creators but also for the marketplace and its developers. “iKONIC will be more than a new NFT marketplace. That would be a community—that would be a movement. The iKONIC community's enthusiasm for gaming is enormous, and we'll assist them in harnessing it to do amazing things,” IKONIC added. “We can create a single firm out of these two developments concurrently and capitalize on the abundant synergistic potential between them. Before we go into the specifics of IKONIC's vision, let's take a quick look at the current situation of these two trends.” The marketplace operates using its native cryptocurrency, the $IKONIC Token, which serves as the underlying basis for players, fans, or potential investors to access rewards, bonuses, and marketplace-specific discounts.

Sedania’s ESPL to enter metaverse, NFT gaming business

Sedania Innovator Bhd’s Singapore headquartered gaming arm Esports Players League (ESPL) has made its foray into cryptocurrency, NFT gaming business, and the metaverse through a recent partnership with Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia (YGG SEA). Reportedly, the partnership aimed to generate a whopping number of up to 300,000 gamers for both ESPL and Sedania Innovator. Sedania has provided details about the partnership in a company press release. It said both parties were keen to develop a sustainable ecosystem through digital assets initiatives, in line with the company’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals. “The partnership will allow ESPL to focus on enabling the 3Gs (Game Publishers, Gamers, and Guilds) to build a sustainable ecosystem by launching exciting NFTs and projects surrounding cryptocurrency other than gaming tournaments,” Sedania in the press release. Sedania’s goals According to the release, the future prospects of ESPL are very much aligned with that of Sedania’s, especially in the field of technology. Sedania founder and managing director Datuk Azrin Mohd Noor expressed the belief that the metaverse will enhance the company’s vision of ESPL as a players-centric platform. Additionally, a direct partnership with YGG SEA will lead the vision to fruition, which is creating a sustainable platform through the metaverse. “It is important for the group to discover the viability of cutting-edge technologies critical to the Metaverse as it believe it enhances its vision of ESPL as a compelling platform that provides a more exciting gaming experience for players,” Noor explained. “We’ve been working closely with ESPL to drive sustainable Esports development. Through our partnership with YGG SEA, we can channel our growth by building the foundations of a sustainable Metaverse with ESPL being at the helm of the community.” The company is experienced in esports gaming and digital banking. Notably, Sedania’s first-ever foray into the esports scene was in 2019. The company also founded ESPL by investing in Esports Pte Ltd. ESPL’s development, future prospects ESPL said they were optimistic about the partnership, saying that the global esports tournament and platform sought to expand its user base. With huge esports influence in 16 countries across Asia, Europe, and America, ESPL said they wanted to organize more globalized metaverse and NFT games tournaments. “ESPL has organised tournaments for the world’s top game publishers including Riot Games, Supercell, Tencent, Sky Mavis, and many others. Coming from its roots as a community-driven esports platform, ESPL is working towards its goal of becoming the preferred platform for competitive gaming across all genres in the Metaverse,” the press release read. ESPL CEO Daryl Teo said ESPL was excited about the coming of Web 3.0. Teo added that ESPL was looking to develop gaming tournaments in the metaverse. “Moving forward in 2022, ESPL will organise a series of tournaments involving a globalised Metaverse and NFT games such as Axie Infinity by Sky Mavis. We are optimistic that the success of our current tournaments will be a signal from gamers to continue our pursuit of expanding our user base,” Teo explained.

LCS 2022 Spring Playoffs Matchups

As the regular season of this split's LCS competition has come to an end, it is now time for the playoffs to begin! It has always been an esports feast in North America during these times and we expect nothing less this year. Here are all the LCS 2022 Spring Split Playoffs matchups! Regular Season Standings Team Name Wins Losses 1 Team Liquid 14 4 2 Cloud9 13 5 3 100 Thieves 12 6 4 Evil Geniuses 9 9 5 FlyQuest 9 9 6 Golden Guardians 9 9 7 Dignitas 8 10 8 Counter Logic Gaming 6 12 9 TSM 5 13 10 Immortals 5 13 LCS 2022 Spring Split Playoffs Round 1 Matchups Winners' Bracket Team Liquid - Evil Geniuses Cloud9 - 100 Thieves Losers' Bracket TBD - Golden Guardians TBD - FlyQuest According to the league format, the first six seeded teams of the regular season advance to the playoffs stage. Team Liquid, Cloud9, 100 Thieves, Evil Geniuses, FlyQuest, and Golden Guardians are this split's playoff participants. Unfortunately, we won't be able to see Dignitas, Counter Logic Gaming, TSM, and Immortals compete during the LCS 2022 Spring Split Playoffs. Don't forget to check our League of Legends betting guide before the playoffs!Team Liquid - Evil Geniuses Team Liquid was the closest competitor of Cloud9 for the leadership spot until the last week of the competition. The well-known esports organisation didn't let the chase go and finally secured the first spot after C9's back-to-back losses against 100 Thieves and FlyQuest. Despite all the visa issues regarding Jo "CoreJJ" Yong-in, TL managed to become the best team in the regular season once again. While CoreJJ was out, Bill "Eyla" Nguyen covered his position perfectly and the team faced two losses with him on the rift. On the other hand, Evil Geniuses barely made it to the playoffs and shifted gear during the last week to clinch themselves the fourth spot. With Jeong "Impact" Eon-young and Kacper "Inspired" Sloma on the starting roster, the team showed that anything is possible. It will be a tough matchup for sure but rationally thinking, Team Liquid is one step ahead. Cloud9 - 100 Thieves After parting ways with most of the roster, Cloud9 came back even stronger and had the leadership spot until the last week. After facing two losses in a row, the North American team lost its spot to Team Liquid. However, Cloud9 has been one of the favorites of this split's LCS trophy and the team is still one of the strongest candidates. The latest LCS champion, 100 Thieves, faced six losses this split, only one more than Cloud9. The players had ups and downs throughout the split and they even faced back-to-back losses during a period. However, with Can "Closer" Çelik's lead, 100 Thieves bounced back in the last weeks of the regular season to show their potential. Moreover, the team also managed to beat Cloud9 in the last week of action. It will be a much closer competition for sure and it is hard to predict the winner. Lastly, the hopes will not die for the losing teams as they will continue their journey from the lower bracket. Golden Guardians and FlyQuest are the lower bracket teams, waiting for their opponents. The playoffs will start on April 2 with Cloud9's battle against 100 Thieves and Evil Geniuses' test against Team Liquid will be the day after.

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REVV Racing

REVV Racing Review

Racing games are pretty rare at the moment in the NFT game world – crypto gaming doesn’t have too many racing games at the moment! REVV Racing is one such game – the arcade sim racer was created and published by Animoca Brands. Hosted on the Polygon blockchain, the game makes do without the exorbitant gas fees that plague the main Ethereum network. Animoca Brands is also responsible for games like F1 Delta Time and MotoGP Ignition, so there is a lot of racing talent behind the REVV game. As with almost all crypto games, it’s centred around the play-to-earn side of the game, as users can make money by playing the game, and in this case, win races with their owned NFT cars. Players do need to actually own a car in order to be able to participate and play in the races. Getting Started with REVV Racing Watch the video below to find out how to start playing REVV Racing: The REVV Tokens Of course, unlike the other titles, REVV is in fact a crypto game – it’s centred around the REVV token. As such, it has both REVV as a token, and NFTs that users can own and, well, race in, as they come in the form of cars. As with just about any NFT game, the NFTs are a central element of gameplay. In the form of a racing game, the most important NFTs are, of course, the cars that you race in. Cars come in a variety of designs, styles, models and rarities with all sorts of different stats and aspects that affect how they behave in races. As such, the value of individual cars is different too, as is the performance you can expect from them.Tokens are awarded based on race performance – so the better you place in a race you take part in, the more reward REVV you receive. Then you can use said REVV to either keep, stake, or trade in for another currency or even fiat currency. REVV tokens can also be bought, and they are needed to be able to participate in races as well. The Gameplay As close to an AAA game as blockchain gaming gets at the moment, REVV Racing features much of what we’re used to from, well, any racing game. Controller and keyboard support, real-time racing, 3D environments, multiple viewpoints, and so on – a full racing experience. REVV Racing is one of the more involved and active crypto games out there, and allows for users to truly interact with their NFTs. Races themselves happen on a variety of different international tracks. REVV Racing also has a wide setup of different competitions for players to take part in, from different lengths and lap setups to competitions featuring different car makes or models – and each race will actually need to be, well, raced! Users really play the races, rather than in games like Zed Run, where the gameplay itself doesn’t affect the horse’s performance in game.

0xWRLD announces multi-chain NFT metaverse project

0xWRLD, a multi-chain 2D pixelverse recently announced the launch of its first-ever multi-chain NFT metaverse. 0xWRLD’s brand new NFTs ecosystem will introduce cross-chain in the NFTs market to simplify the transaction process of multiple blockchains, as well as tokens alongside metaverses. 0xWRLD founder Brad Palmer said the company launched the project with the hope that it can transform NFTs and the world of metaverse in the future. “We are thrilled to launch our unique Multi-Chain NFT Metaverse with a vision to bring about a transformation in the world of NFTs and Metaverses. As amazing as NFT technology currently is, there will eventually come a point where simple image-based NFT collections will no longer be acceptable as the standard,” Palmer explained. “We believe that the true NFT enthusiasts will eventually raise the bar for these simple NFT collections, and they just won't cut it anymore. Beyond offering a unique metaverse environment, 0xWRLD is on a mission to connect a multitude of metaverses and blockchain communities into a single platform, which can be described as the "megaverse".” More details about 0xWRLD’s multi-chain project The launch of the multi-chain project came amid the surge of popularity of NFTs and the metaverse. Prior to 0xWRLD’s project, there is no platform in the market that allows the NFT transactions across two or more blockchains. Therefore, there was a need for a more efficient NFT transaction process. The NFT and metaverse technology themselves are deemed far from mature while both demands and popularity of digital assets, in general, are skyrocketing. "Everybody has seen demos of stuff like 3D models of specific NFT collections being showcased in the real world through AR apps for example, but the unfortunate fact is that this kind of utility is often very tightly coupled to each NFT collection, and it is difficult to solve the interoperability problem between all sorts of NFT collections on a widespread scale. 0xWRLD will provide a solution to this problem,” Palmer added about the NFTs issue 0xWRLD is keen to fix. CNBC noted a similar view, adding that several constraints, namely interoperability, with both sharing and access of data being restrained—since NFTs are mostly developed and minted on two or fewer blockchains. Therefore, the existence of a multi-chain platform would eliminate this issue and is more than welcomed in the market. Palmer elaborated on how 0xWRLD and its new project will tackle such issues by allowing users to play with their multiple wallets across various blockchains without the need to switch wallets or blockchains. “Our talented and passionate team has put in significant efforts in developing an elegant solution to bridge disconnected metaverses hosted on disparate blockchains. When you log into 0xWRLD, you don't just play as your connected wallet,” he said. “Instead, any of your wallets can serve as a login to the same game account. When you log into 0xWRLD using any one of your connected wallets on any supported chain, you will be able to play with all of your NFTs across all of those wallets and all of those chains, all at the same time, without having to switch wallets or switch chains.” Palmer and co. through 0xWRLD are at the forefront in capitalizing on the ever-growing market with the latest technologies. Additionally, the launch of the multi-chain project creates a more integrated social-economic structure that could help both traders and investors.

Axie Infinity, other blockchain games losing players, per report

Coin Desk has reported that NFT and crypto games are losing their players. These include Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and Decentraland, who all saw the number of their players plummet by 30 percent, 29 percent, and 15 percent, respectively, over the same time period. The report says the values of the games had been dropping since they were kicked off Steam. Even without the drops, however, these blockchain games' peak player numbers had never even been close to that of top games on Steam and the Epic Game Store, despite the large investments they received from venture capital firms. Moreover, Axie Infinity recently saw a mass exodus out of the game following a hacker attack that cost them over $625 million in addition to having the number of its player decreasing since October 2021. That being said, the daily user number for a game as such might also be misleading. While some of these players are actual players, there could also be “employees of guilds playing the game to earn yield for investors”, Coin Desk explained. “There is currently no organic engagement that retains players in the game, unlike traditional games like Fortnite, GTA, Candy Crush, where players are willing to pay to keep playing,” blockchain gaming analyst DeFi Vader wrote when discussing Axie Infinity. Problems with blockchain games The main challenge faced by blockchain games in entering the mainstream gaming market is the perception that NFT integration would result in pay-to-win situations. “First, the ability to purchase NFTs or in-game currency effectively creates pay-to-win game mechanics, a quality that most major franchises and successful games avoid,” Mason Nystrom of crypto research firm Messari wrote in another report. Blockchain games are also prone to cyber attacks, accentuated by the recent heist experienced by Axie Infinity. In 2021, the game recorded $3.5 billion worth of NFT transactions or around two-thirds of all NFTs transacted in the whole blockchain gaming industry, analytics firm NonFungible reported. The game also saw an explosion in popularity in developing countries such as the Philippines and Ghana, where players earn more than the local minimum wage. Sadly, the game is currently being abandoned by its players following a recent attack on Ronin, the blockchain underlying the game, in which $625 million worth of cryptocurrency was stolen. Sky Mavis, the developer team behind the game, said the hacker compromises the network nodes that validate transfers to and from Ronin by using hacked private security keys, allowing the attacker to withdraw a huge amount of Ethereum and USDC quietly. The transfer was discovered almost one week after the incident after a user made a withdrawal attempt of 5,000 Ethereum through the bridge. Many new players have been locked out of the game due to the freezing of withdrawals and deposits as a result of the attack. Sky Mavis blamed the attack on a shortcut the company took in November 2021 to relieve an “immense user load” on its network due to Axie Infinity gaining sudden popularity in the Philippines and other countries, with players relying on the game as their main source of income. Despite the shortcut being discontinued in December last year, the permissions that allowed it to be taken were not revoked. This led to the hacker being able to compromise the system's validator nodes. The attacker also used the security hole to compromise another validator node that was managed by the community-owned Axie DAO. At that point, five of the nine validator nodes had been compromised, the hacker then was able to withdraw however many crypto assets he wanted.

Sky Mavis raises $150M to reimburse NFT game Axie Infinity hacker attack victim

Axie Infinity developer Sky Mavis announced that they raised $150 million to enhance security measures and reimburse their players who fell victim to a hacker attack in late March, which resulted in a $625 million loss. It was reported that the earn-to-play game experienced a mass abandonment after the attack after players found themselves unable to access gaming proceeds. The funding was led by the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, whose trading platforms are used for digital token trading activities by Axie Infinity. Other investors include gaming and blockchain company Animoca Brands as well as venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz, Dialectic, and Paradigm, Sky mavis announced Wednesday. “Sky Mavis is committed to reimbursing all of our users’ lost funds and implementing rigorous internal security measures to prevent future attacks,” Sky Mavis chief executive Trung Nguyen said in a statement. The attack It was announced in late March that an unidentified hacker stole $625 million worth of cryptocurrency from Ronin, the blockchain underlying Axie Infinity. Vietnam-based Sky Mavis said it froze transactions on the Ronin bridge following the incident. The company said it was working with law enforcement to recover $600 million worth of Ethereum and 25.5 million worth of US dollar-pegged cryptocurrency USDC. The hacker withdrew the assets on March 23rd after launching an attack on the bridge to Sky Mavis’ Ronin blockchain, which acts as an intermediary between Axie Infinity and other cryptocurrency blockchains, including Ethereum. Sky Mavis said the hacker compromises the network nodes that validate transfers to and from Ronin by using hacked private security keys, allowing the attacker to withdraw a huge amount of Ethereum and USDC quietly. The transfer was discovered almost one week after the incident after a user made a withdrawal attempt of 5,000 Ethereum through the bridge. Despite the incident, the Axie NFT tokens that players must purchase in order to play Axie Infinity were unaffected. The same applies to the SLP and AXS in-game cryptocurrencies, which are used in battling and breeding in-game creatures. However, many new players have been locked out of the game due to the freezing of withdrawals and deposits. The incident also led many players to question the safety of their assets stored in the blockchain. Sky Mavis, meanwhile, said it was “working with law enforcement officials, forensic cryptographers, and our investors to make sure there is no loss of user funds”, adding that it was its “top priority". Sky Mavis blamed the attack on a shortcut the company took in November 2021 to relieve an “immense user load” on its network due to Axie Infinity gaining sudden popularity in the Philippines and other countries, with players relying on the game as their main source of income. The developer also said that if the stolen funds cannot be retrieved or recovered within two years, a vote will take place to decide the next steps for the Axie DAO. They also reported that they were increasing the number of validators that handle transactions from five to 21 to improve the game's security.