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Welcome to our resource of betting sites reviews. The perfect place for finding the best betting sites out of the massive variety of gambling sites. The changing online gambling laws has meant that people in many countries have legislation that encourages safe, fair and flexible betting. But you’ll still need our betting sites reviews to help you find the perfect way to wager on a vast range of options!

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Whether you are into casino games, esports betting or want to try your hand at fantasy sports, then there are plenty of betting sites that will give you a secure and efficient way to do so.

Because of the sheer quantity of gambling sites, it can often be tricky to find out the best betting sites for your own individual needs. But we have gone to great lengths to examine the full range of betting sites so that you can place your bets with plenty of confidence and get a fair chance of receiving some decent winnings.

By giving you a broad overview as to what you should expect from the best betting sites, you will be perfectly prepared to identify which bookmaker or online casino is well suited for your own gambling needs. Are you looking for betting sites with new entertainments like fantasy sports, live dealer games or even crypto betting options? Or do you prefer to keep things more traditional by searching for a site with a decent range of classic table games like roulette, blackjack and poker? Whatever your needs are, we are on hand to help you find those betting sites that are routinely able to provide a safe wagering service along with an excellent selection of online gambling entertainments.

So regardless of whether you are looking for best betting sites for esports, or are just searching for the most generous video slots titles, by coming to JustGamers you will be in the best place to find the best betting sites in the world!

What you should look for in the best betting sites


The sheer quantity of gambling sites means that it can sometimes be overwhelming in trying to find your perfect betting site. But rather than blindly signing up to the first gambling site you come across, it’s well worth thinking hard about what you are looking for in a betting website.

All betting sites will aim to cover all bases by serving up gambling entertainments that meet the needs of most customers. This means that the best betting sites will all include plenty of traditional sports bets, online casino games, and a range of innovative features such as esports betting, fantasy sports and so on.

However, it’s worth remembering that all betting sites will tend to focus more in certain areas than others. For example, we are constantly surprised with how some bookmakers seem to virtually ignore esports betting, whilst other bookies take great pride in serving up a massive range of odds for titles that go way beyond esports like CSGO and LoL to let you enjoy Dota 2 betting and much more.

When it comes to casino gaming, things get even more extreme. Even for classic table games like poker, there can be a vast discrepancy in the range of poker gaming variants like hold ‘em, deuces wild and Omaha poker. In addition to this, many betting sites will provide you with access to the best poker tournaments, whilst other websites keep things a little more restrained.

All of this shows just how important it is to shop around amongst the best betting sites so that you can make sure that you are signing up to a website that fully meets your own online gambling needs. Obviously, there is no way that you are going to have the time to look at each individual betting site in the world. But by checking back into JustGamers, you can quickly get a good overview as to which gambling sites offer you a service best suited to your own requirements.

How we decided our shortlist of the best betting sites


As there is such a wide variety of online betting sites, it means that it can be tricky to try and stay on top of the ever changing scene. But we have created a betting sites list that can easily be used to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are seeing the best betting sites for slots gaming, or are looking for the perfect site for getting access to the best poker tournaments, our shortlist will be able to help you out.

When we created our overview of the best bet sites offers, we couldn’t resist including some of the top esports betting brands. Everybody knows that GG.Bet have dominated esports betting over the past few years, but did you know that they also include a great casino gaming section?

By coming to JustGamers, you will quickly be able to see how industry heavyweights like, and all shape up in terms of their online betting services. Plus we will be quick to help you see how new crypto betting sites like give their rivals a real run for their money in their bid to be the best crypto casino.

The main thing to remember is that we have carefully reviewed all of these betting sites so that you can instantly see how well they are able to meet your needs. We will also help you see how well each betting site performs in important factors like customer service, permitted payment methods and mobile app services. In addition to this, you will also discover where your chosen betting site stands in regards to its official licensing and regulation.

So that whether you are thinking about signing up to the likes of GG.Bet or, by coming to JustGamers and checking out our betting site reviews, you will quickly be able to discover exactly what these online gambling sites have to offer.

The best betting sites for casino gaming revealed!


Many of the betting sites featured in our shortlist will easily be able to meet your online casino gaming needs. Regardless of whether you are looking for a quick game of Texas hold’em poker, or are seeking the most immersive live casino game of roulette, all of these online gambling sites seem to take great pride in offering the complete casino gaming service. After all, you just have to look at the best slots on Bet365 to see that there’s plenty of competition out there.

Many gamers love to visit sites that have all of the classic table games like online blackjack and roulette, but that also throw in some new casino gaming innovations like online monopoly and Dream Catcher too. This is why there’s plenty of debate about what the best Betway casino game is. Similarly, some betting sites have also picked up many fans due to the way that they offer an unparalleled range of poker tournaments to enter. Don’t forget that nearly all betting sites will also serve up some great welcome bonuses to help you win a little extra with your casino gaming.

As a result, it’s a matter of personal preference as to making the decision of which online betting site to sign up for. Obviously you should make sure that your chosen site is fully licensed, and be sure to check that they have a responsive customer service team.

But by sticking with any of the gambling sites featured on our shortlist, you stand to get a safe, fair and completely transparent gaming experience. This means that you can avoid the pitfalls of accidentally signing up to a disreputable casino gaming site, and can instead bet with full confidence on your favourite games.


Read our betting sites reviews for esports, fantasy and more


As the online gambling revolution has grown, it’s been fascinating to see how it has included many more wagering innovations. Gone are the days where you could only bet on traditional sports like horse racing, or casino games like poker, as there is a whole new generation of betting entertainments to enjoy.

Most of us grew up playing video games, and it’s been great to see how esports has grown to become a billion dollar industry in little more than a decade. As millions of people now tune in to live stream esports tournaments, there has been a growing number of UK betting sites that now allow you to bet on esports. Even classic sportsbooks now serve up an excellent range of esports odds for iconic games like League of Legends and Counter Strike Global Offensive, as well as newer titles such as Valorant.

Even traditional sports betting has caught the bug of the online gambling revolution. Not only can you now bet live on many sports such as football, basketball and tennis, but the rise of fantasy sports offers a brand new way to get a lot more interactive in your wagering. Fantasy football in particular has become hugely popular since the turn of the 21st century, and it’s been impressive to see how many traditional sportsbooks have taken note of this trend to allow you a safe and easy way to wager on fantasy sports. Don’t forget that esports fantasy betting is now a thing and it’s great fun too!

Despite the impressive achievements of innovations like esports betting and fantasy sports, it’s important to remember that they should be treated just as you would any other kind of online gambling entertainment. This means that you should always check around different betting sites to make sure that you are getting the very best odds on the market, and don’t even think about signing up to an online gambling site that lacks all of the necessary licensing and regulation.

All of which should mean that whether you are building your first fantasy football team, or are wagering on the map winner of a CSGO clash, you can enjoy a safe, fun and profitable time with your online betting entertainment.

Best ways of using our betting sites reviews


Regardless of which online betting site you choose to sign up to, there remain a few things that you will need to do if you are willing to get the best out of your wagering. The first thing to remember is that nobody ever made any sustained profits out of reckless betting. It’s only by setting yourself a respectable betting budget that you are going to be able to overcome any unexpected losses and last the distance in anything from playing casino games to enjoying LoL betting. This is because if you find yourself betting with money you don’t have, then you are going to run the risk of making some overly emotional bets. So always gamble responsibly for the best way to enjoy long-lasting betting.

We should also mention the fact that many betting sites put on all manner of bonuses and promotions for new and existing customers. Many sites will take great pride in serving up matched deposit sign up bonuses for new customers, and whilst these special offers can seriously boost your betting profits, it’s worth taking the time to carefully read through the small print so that you know exactly what you are signing up for. Anything from wagering conditions to strict time limits can quickly turn a great looking bonus into a real headache, so make sure that you understand the bonus wagering conditions for the best way to take advantage of these deals.

Conclusion - Check back with our betting sites reviews


Above all, it’s only by taking the time to carefully research each betting site that you are going to be able to make the most out of your online gambling. But by coming to JustGamers, you can be sure of getting a helping hand. So that whether you want to play casino games, bet on LoL World Championship or just try fantasy esports, we’ll be here to help you out!



N3twork Studios announces new hero-collector P2E game

Blockchain gaming studio N3twork Studios has announced its newest play-to-earn game, Legendary: Heroes Unchained, a hero-collector RPG that focuses on character progression, social guild-based content and sustainable economics. Staffed by industry veterans from companies such as EA, Disney, Double Fine, Zynga and more, N3twork Studios said that Legendary: Heroes Unchained would have similarities to current free-to-play gacha games but utilize blockchain technology to enable true player asset ownership. "As proven experts in free-to-play, Web2 gaming, we believe that Web3 marks an exciting, inevitable, and player-first evolution that will put the power of digital ownership into the hands of our community," said president of N3twork Studios Matt Ricchetti, as per GamesBeat. "We firmly believe that when players own their heroes, gear and other in-game items, games will be more fun and more fair for the players who spend endless hours strategizing with their guilds, building the ultimate collection of heroes and fighting for the top spots in the seasonal leaderboards." N3twork Games' gaming experience and community interaction Ricchetti believes that current mobile games offer a fitting framework for blockchain gaming. He emphasized that combining accessibility gameplay while also giving players avenues to progress and develop unique playstyles was key to creating games that have longevity and mass appeal. Social elements have already been integrated deeply into various mobile games through guilds and community events, which fits with N3twork Studios' aim of creating a sustainable ecosystem for its games. "Having strong expertise in mobile and FTP is actually one of N3TWORK Studios' biggest advantages. We believe that the squad RPG genre in which we specialize is the perfect fit for web3: games are easy to pick up and play but offer deep progression, engaging guild-based social features, and robust liveops," said Ricchetti. "By combining these core characteristics with the best of web3–true digital asset ownership and sustainable community economics driven by token loops–we can create wholly original squad RPG experiences with mass appeal across platforms." N3twork Studios is also generating hype and interest for its game through its Discord server. A Discord bot created by the developers runs a minigame that allows users to earn a place in the whitelist for the Founder's Edition NFT Mint by scoring high on the minigame's leaderboard. This approach gets players interested in the game while also building the community up as users can share strategies to earn a higher rank on the leaderboard. The minigame also acts as a sneak peek of the full game's combat system as it simulates combat encounters entirely. Players can discuss with each other and develop strategies that can then be applied to the full game's launch. The developers are also using the Discord minigame as a testing ground for changes to create a better-balanced final game. "One of the primary motivations for the Discord game will be to help us tune the Battle Engine and the translation of NFT traits to stats and skills. As such, the traits of heroes and their skills may change from day to day alongside deployment of new adventures," wrote N3twork Studios in its whitepaper.

Horizon raises $40m to fund development of SkyWeaver, Sequence

Web3 startup Horizon has raised $40 million in a Series A funding round to develop its NFT game, Skyweaver. Led by Brevan Howard Digital and Morgan Creek Digital, multiple large players in the gaming and Web3 space took part in the funding round, such as Ubisoft, Take-Two Interactive, Polygon, Everyrealm, Xsolla, The Sandbox co-founder Sebastien Borget and Axie Infinity co-founder Aleksander Larsen. Horizon is developing its own spin on the trading card genre, with cards represented as Ethereum NFT assets that can be traded and sold among the user base — similar to Gods Unchained. The game went into closed alpha testing in 2018 and was recently released into open beta. The $40 million raised will be used by Horizon to further develop Skyweaver and improve its Ethereum-based development platform and wallet Sequence, which enables developers to more easily create Web3 games and applications. Horizon has also announced that it will be releasing Niftyswap soon, a decentralized marketplace that focuses on trading semi-fungible tokens used for games and digital collectibles. In light of this announcement, co-founder of Reddit Alexis Ohanian said that he supported SkyWeaver due to his love of digital card games. He previously took part in a 2020 funding round for Horizon, led by venture capital firm Initialized. Ohanian wrote that though digital card games such as Hearthstone were fun, players have no ownership of the cards themselves. This means that the value of a player's collection is often called into question, especially when new changes are introduced. Blockchain technology solves this problem by allowing players to own the cards by turning them into NFTs and bringing rarity and scarcity back into the genre. "One of the benefits that blockchain technology provides is digital cards with real ownership and secure transferability. This means that digital cards can now be unique and scarce the same way that physical cards can be. In SkyWeaver, you'll own your cards, and you'll be able to trade them, sell them, and play with them," wrote Ohanian on Medium. Ubisoft and Take-Two's blockchain investments Ubisoft's support for SkyWeaver does not come as much of a surprise as the company has been experimenting with blockchain technology for years. It recently launched in-game NFTs for Ghost Recon Breakpoint alongside supporting numerous other blockchain startups and projects. The company also created a platform called Ubisoft Quartz, which allows players to enjoy a play-to-earn experience inside its existing games and purchase NFTs with in-game benefits. "Ubisoft Quartz is the first building block in our ambitious vision for developing a true metaverse. And it can't come to life without overcoming blockchain's early-form limitations for gaming, including scalability and energy consumption," said Nicolas Pouard, the vice president of Ubisoft's Strategic Innovation Lab, as per Decrypt. Meanwhile, Take-Two Interactive acquired mobile game giant Zynga — which is now placing its focus on blockchain gaming — in January of this year. Though the chief executive officer of Zynga, Frank Gibeau, was initially skeptical of cryptocurrency and metaverse technology, he said earlier this year that blockchain gaming was a "process that I think conceptually we have a lot of faith and belief in."

Apejet To Promote Jungle Safari With NFT Airdrop

GameFi platform Apejet has announced an NFT airdrop to promote the upcoming Web3 game Jungle Safari. Up to 10,000 Apejet Holders will be able to earn an NFT with varying tiers of rarity. With only 500 Super Rare NFTs, 1,500 Rare NFTs, 3,000 Basic NFTs and 5,000 Normal NFTs, Apejet users can get a head start on collecting NFTs for the platform's ecosystem. Apejet is also planning on launching a Decentralized Crypto Wallet named Amira at the Dubai Crypto Expo on October 6, 2022, to expand its ecosystem and enable users to connect with each other using an integrated chatting service. The release of Amira is an extension of the platform's goals to bridge the gap between gaming and cryptocurrency by providing developers with the tools needed to build a game and find an audience. About Apejet's ecosystem plans Building on an innovative idea, Apejet differentiates itself from other platforms by allowing developers to raise funds by selling its native token, JET. Players will be offered access to exclusive in-game items and beta tests to incentivize them to purchase the tokens and support the developers. "Apejet is introducing an Initial Game Offering (IGO) coin offering mechanism to assist developers in raising funds for their projects. The developers will collaborate with investors through beta testing and will provide investors with perks and rare sellable items," wrote Apejet in a press release. Developers can also utilize Apejet's built-in marketplace so developers can worry less about building Web3 features and focus more on the game itself. As Apejet gains more users, developers will have the opportunity to find larger user bases through in-platform promotions, which can be leveraged to generate more funding and build better games. "Developers in the Apejet ecosystem can be adaptable and adapt the gameplay to whatever is popular in the gaming industry. After completing the prototype, the developers can begin marketing the game to investors, professional gamers, influencers, and merchants in the Apejet ecosystem," added Apejet. To improve a game's community, Apejet is also planning to release a system that allows influencers such as YouTube content creators to monetize their following through a referral system. Players who sign up using the influencers' link or referral code will gain a reward, and the influencers will also be able to earn some money, effectively benefiting both parties. "Apejet enables influencers to monetize their followers through a referral system that generates an ongoing revenue stream for every lead, regardless of whether the lead eventually becomes an influencer's follower," wrote Apejet. The platform is also assisting players by letting players mine JET tokens as they play. This, as well as an integrated reward system, will allow players to enjoy games while also earning simultaneously, as the JET tokens can be converted to regular currency at any time. "One of Apejet's core missions is to provide players with an unparalleled user experience where they can play their favorite games while seamlessly" mining" JET Tokens... can also exchange the JET Tokens for real money at the exchanges where JET Tokens will be listed," wrote Apejet in its whitepaper.

Crypto Games Agency launches Big Crypto Game on BSC Blockchain

Following the launch of Crypto Legions v3, Web3 game developer Crypto Games Agency has recently launched their next game, Big Crypto Game, on the BSC Blockchain. As the creator of one of this year's longest-lasting play-to-earn NFT games on the BSC network, Crypto Legions v2, Crypto Games Agency is utilizing its experience to build a sustainable play-to-earn experience that will avoid the common pitfalls other NFT games fall into. Crypto Games Agency wrote in its whitepaper for Big Crypto Game that many crypto games fail due to unsustainable economics and poor developer decisions in times of crisis. When a few long-running players hoard the rewards without contributing back to the ecosystem, game developers tend to implement measures that damage their reputation and hurt the player base even further. To solve this issue, the company has developed a "Play Forever Earn Forever" that uses various technologies that allow the community to create a new token whenever needed. This system, alongside Crypto Games Agency being transparent in displaying the economic status of its games, lets players decide when the next version of a game or token starts. This feature has already been used to create version three of Crypto Legions which launched earlier in September of this year. "Our Crypto Games Agency has invented a 'Play Forever Earn Forever' system, consisting of a combination of innovative updates including our Transparent Economy Status, our Smart Claim System™, our proven Omni-Balanced Oracle™ System, our Reserve Pool™, and our Reincarnation™ process," wrote Crypto Games Agency in its whitepaper. Big Crypto Game's economy and goals Players in Big Crypto Game work to create and develop characters called cybers. These cybers are then used to mine for coins, giving the player $CRYPTO that can be used for almost all in-game actions. Rarer coins will be guarded by tougher enemies, letting players strategize and risk their resources to potentially win a big haul. The cybers can also take permanent damage from mining. This incentivizes players to continue creating new cybers and even sell them on the in-game market, adding a new depth to the game's economy. All transactions are performed using $CRYPTO with a 15 percent tax paid by the seller. The tax goes into the Reward Pool, which fuels the game's economy and allows the game to remain sustainable. A major part of Big Crypto Game's experience is the Omni-Balanced Oracle which dynamically adjusts the economy. Players will have full knowledge of the Omni-Balanced Oracle's actions so they can adjust their playstyle and actions as needed. For example, the Omni-Balanced Oracle would lower taxes if the economy is healthy to encourage spending and allow players to benefit. Conversely, if the economy is unhealthy, the Omni-Balanced Oracle would raise taxes slightly and use that money to attract new players into the game. This system ensures that long-term players can enjoy a "thriving, sustainable economy" as it protects the game against economic disasters. "The goal of the Big Crypto Game is to become the number one sustainable and lucrative income source for its users, whilst always providing them with an enjoyable and immersive gaming experience," wrote Crypto Game Agency in its whitepaper.



Era7 unveils first champion of World Cup Tournament S1

SantosBrat from Russia has earned $15,000 and digital airdrop prizes after prevailing over fellow Web3 esports players RocketMoneyH and SemestaNami in the first season of Era7's World Cup Tournament. The tournament saw thousands of players from around the world enter, but only 1,296 qualified for the playoffs. That 1,296 was later cut down to 128 for the knockout and final rounds, which received over one million views from streaming services and the like as viewers saw the players compete over the $130,000 prize pool. As one of the first competitive TCG events in the Web3 sphere, viewers got to experience the players develop and execute new strategies on the fly like speed pushing, counter-kills and risky baits. This event is just an extension of Era7's design principles, combining Esportsfi and NFT features to create an accessible, competitive experience while maintaining speedy gameplay. The developers claim that Era7's matches only take three minutes to complete, optimizing the experience for mobile players. Era7, which launched six months ago, has been ranked as one of the top BNB Chain projects for its long-term sustainability using esports and strategic gameplay. Using its position as one of blockchain gaming's most popular esports games, Era7 is planning to "promote the ecological construction of Esportsfi," continue to innovate within the Web3 esports field and build a long-term competitive format for its game. Era7's esports developments and ecosystem Era7 has also been implementing improvements to competitive tournaments. While many esports tournaments, such as Dota 2's The International, utilize a crowdfunding model to form the prize pool, Era7 determines the prize pool by digital asset placement. The main benefit this has over crowdfunding is ensuring adding revenue sources for all players and increasing the stability of the prize pool. Players can know precisely how much they will earn for placing at an event and will be more motivated, wrote Era7 in a press release. Players can generate value and have opportunities to optimize and innovate their decks by just playing the game as well as learning from others by viewing the decks of top players. Era7 also has a working in-game marketplace and uses a play-to-earn mechanic, allowing competitive players can easily trade for specific cards and earn cash rewards over time. This system enables any player, regardless of financial means, to compete and learn over time. "Era7 establishes an immersive gaming experience with a complete, closed-loop economic ecosystem on which players can earn real money and cash out as and when they choose. Because of this, we have millions of esports users around the world, ready, waiting and excited for the launch of the game," wrote Era7 in its whitepaper. The game has also dedicated itself to growing larger every year through partnerships and ecosystem development. Partnering with NFT marketplace Element, Era7 will host six to eight seasons of the World Cup Tournament every year. The company expects the competitive prize pool to reach $5 million by 2023, giving competitive players great incentives to compete and develop the game's strategies to find an edge over their opponents.

META8 prevails in Axie Infinity’s largest tournaments

Web3-focused esports team META8 emerged triumphant in the two largest Axie Infinity events, including the recently concluded Axie Infinity's first World Championship, and took home a combined $229,000 in winnings. Theeban "1437" Siva was a dominant force in the Axie Infinity "Origins" tournament at AxieCon, claiming the title without dropping a single game. He previously competed in other esports titles such as Dota 2 on well-known teams such as Cloud9 and Dignitas before moving to play Axie Infinity. There, he co-founded the META8 guild alongside Youtuber and content creator Elijah."We wanted to have the best possible team, and something that's just all about competing and making each other better and stronger. We were making sure that the players in our guild are able to fulfill their dreams of being full-time players, essentially," said Siva, as per Decrypt. Siva is also joined by Sebastián "Superchería" Pozzo, who was previously active in the Magic: The Gathering scene for over a decade, placing fifth at the 2019 World Championship for Magic: The Gathering Arena. It's worth noting that Pozzo briefly retired from Axie Infinity due to the release of the "Origins" version of the game, which he did not enjoy as much. However, he came out of hiatus due to the World Championship being played on the legacy version of the game and ended up claiming his first competitive tournament title. "It was amazing. I've done pretty well in 'Magic', but I had never earned a major, individual title. This was something special, because going home knowing that nothing could have gone any better is unique," Pozzo said. Axie Infinity and META8's plans for the future Due to its previously collapsing economy, the developers of Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis, have changed the game's reward structure and core gameplay to revitalize the player base and become more approachable to the mainstream audience. The "Origins" version has free-to-play trial monsters to get new players to compete and play faster while also changing the gameplay in significant ways. Gameplay changes include the removal of random critical hits, the use of simplified stats to promote "a fast, turn-based game design", as well as the introduction of various equipable items to enhance gameplay richness and possibilities. Sky Mavis also previously announced at AxieCon that the competitive aspect of the game would continue to be supported, with over $2 million in AXS tokens being offered as grants to develop the Axie Infinity esports ecosystem. According to Siva, this competitive focus separates Axie Infinity from the other NFT games on offer. "A lot of Web3 games are about, 'OK, how can we make the most amount of money from our users?' and are kind of forsaking the entertainment aspect of the game," said Siva. Since META8 is looking to branch out to compete in other Web3 games, Siva was asked by Decrypt if he thought that the META8 Axie Infinity team could remain dominant in the future due to the organization potentially splitting focus from the game. The pro player replied that there was "no doubt" that his team would continue to dominate the scene.

LoL Worlds Odds: Get the Best LoL Worlds 2022 Odds!

Welcome to our guide that shows you where you can get the best LoL Worlds odds. LoL Worlds is the largest esports tournament on Earth, and so all bookmakers will be trying to put on the best possible LoL Worlds 2022 odds. We’ve shortlisted those LoL betting sites that can be relied upon to give you the best price for your LoL Worlds betting. Take a look below to see the League of Legends bettings sites with superior odds for this epic esports tournament! Latest League of Legends Worlds Odds [odds-comparison-table game="league-of-legends" maxentries="15"] Different kinds of LoL Worlds odds If you bet on LoL Worlds, then the chances are that you’ll either be betting on the match winner or the winner of the whole competition. However, there are many different kinds of esports odds for each game, and League of Legends is no different. Here are some cool LoL betting options to consider: Match winner: For example, will T1 beat EDward Gaming? Tournament winner: Will JD Gaming lift the Summoner’s Cup? Map winner: Such as betting on Gen.G to win map one Region of winner: Like, will a LPL team win this year’s LoL Worlds? Correct score: Predict the final score of games won at the end of a match Objectives: Such as whether DWG KIA destroy the first tower or G2 Esports kill the first dragon What LoL Worlds 2022 odds should you bet on? There are plenty of key contenders for this year’s LoL Worlds, but you can’t really look past DWG Kia. The team has changed its name from Damwon Gaming, and they won a trophy in the past couple of years. This year though, there are teams like Gen.G, JD Gaming, and Top Esports that look like the best on paper. However, we may see huge upsets from the so-called underdogs, such as T1, EDward Gaming, or even Rogue. However, there are plenty of challengers in the mix, with Royal Never Give Up also looking very promising, even though they will try to make their way to the top from the play-ins because of their regional performance at the LPL 2022 Summer Split. Royal Never Give Up failed to show their dominance against teams like JD Gaming and Top Esports during the regional challenge. However, the Worlds 2022 stage might be their place to shine this year. The reigning MSI 2021 champions are ready to take on the challenge, and they may even have the upper hand, starting from the play-ins and having time to practice and test out different strategies against weaker teams. Any esports competition with star teams like Fnatic, MAD Lions, and Evil Geniuses are going to be rough as the competition in the play-ins looks even closer than last year. The levels of each team seem very close, and this will affect LoL Worlds odds for sure. Fnatic’s take on Beyond Gaming and Evil Geniuses will be the toughest to predict, as these teams may upset them without a flinch. On the other side of the competition, DRX and Royal Never Give Up are going to face each other in what is surely the toughest matchup of the play-in stage, in the most awaited esports tournaments of the year. Don’t forget about live LoL Worlds odds Esports and live betting work wonderfully well together, and by visiting one of our recommended betting sites, you’ll get great live odds and perhaps even free live streaming too. It can take a fair amount of skill to take advantage of the constantly changing live odds, but it can be a great way to get a better return from your LoL Worlds bets. Plus we have to say that live esports betting is great fun too! Stick with us to always bet on the best LoL Worlds 2022 odds By now you’ll know that it pays to experiment with LoL Worlds odds. The worst thing that you can do is to settle for the first LoL odds that you see. Instead, check out our shortlisted bookmakers and you’ll find competitive odds on a massive number of betting markets. This means that you can hunt around to make sure that you’re getting the best value for your LoL bets. After all, while LoL Worlds can be notoriously unpredictable, at least with our help you can be sure of getting the best esports odds on the market. [cta id=2581 type=geo]

LoL Worlds Betting 2022: Your League of Legends World Championship Crash Course

Want to bet on LoL Worlds 2022? You’re in the right place as this whole page will show you what LoL Worlds betting is all about. From examining the LoL World 2022 format to showing you where to watch LoL World 2022, it’s all here. So take a look below to get acquainted with the LoL 2022 Worlds schedule and start League of Legends Worlds betting! LoL Worlds has a special place in the esports ecosystem. Not only does it consistently make headlines with its record-breaking viewership figures, but the fact that it’s the ultimate end-of-the-year tournament for the largest competitive game is the icing on top of the metaphorical cake. The League of Legends World Championship is set to be the biggest gaming event yet, so here’s everything that makes this League of Legends tournament stand out from the rest! LoL Worlds 2022 Format: Play-Ins and Main Event A huge part of what makes Worlds exciting is the format. This is one of the longest esports tournaments in the esports ecosystem and it’s worth understanding how the LoL Worlds 2022 schedule works. The League of Legends World Championship breaks new heights every year, with 2020 and 2021 tournaments being two of the biggest tournaments (until 2022?). This way, the LoL Worlds 2020 prize pool reached $2.34 million while the LoL Worlds final viewership reached 49.95 million; a number which happens to be the biggest in the esports scene back in the days, before Worlds 2021 broke the record, reaching over 73 million included the giant Chinese market. Understanding match weighting at LoL Worlds The tournament is split into two parts: the Play-In Stage and the Main Event. The Play-In stage pits twelve first-place teams from emerging regions in a battle against each other as they go through a Bo1 single round-robin group stage. Afterwards, the #1 team from each group will complete the play-in challenge and automatically qualify for the main event. However, the main event needs two more teams to fill the gap, which will be clear after the clash of the remaining teams. The last teams in each group will bid farewell to the international stage. The second-seeded teams are going to take a bye and wait for their rivals in the final stage, while the third and the fourth seeders of each group will battle against each other to face the second-seed team of the opposite group, which will be waiting in the final stage as mentioned. The winners of the final stage will meet the best teams in the world at the League of Legends World Championship 2022 Main Event Group Stage. From then, LoL Worlds betting odds will be clear once the last teams complete the schedule. This is where the real action starts. The LoL Worlds Main Event is an all-out brawl between the best League of Legends teams in the world, as they kick it off with a Bo1 double round robin-group stage. Of course, this setting bears a striking resemblance to the Play-In stage format, but the stakes are much higher here, so no one wants to go out without giving a good fight. Once the dust settles, the top-2 teams from each group qualify for the Main Event playoffs to challenge each other in Bo5 matches. The competition is stiff, as only the best of the best get to this point, so each Bo5 match is a flurry of fast-paced action and split-second macro calls. And, by the end of it all, the team that remains standing gets a significant chunk of the multi-million dollar prize pool and the title of the  #1 League of Legends team in the world. Amazing matches from LoL Worlds In 2011 the first World Championship took place, setting a milestone for the esports industry as, for the first time, a game tournament has given all that attention globally instead of just in Asia or the US. But as the big step for the esports scene was taken, an important step to the League of Legend’s history was going on as well. In the very grand finale of the first LoL Worlds, the player “YellOwStaR” managed to aim an ECA with his Ashe to hit Peter Meisrimel at the other side of the map. This single move made an important opening which granted “against All authority” to tie the second round against Fnatic. While Fnatic was finally known as the first team to win a world championship, aAa left a nice stamp in the World Championship’s history on one single match. Even then, Korean teams were still the ones at the top, something that was accounted for when they participated in the world cups from the second season and on. But in season 3 this became law, as the legendary SKT1 led by Faker took the cup for the first time. These guys would later win seasons 5 and 6, and even get second place in season 7. Dates and LoL Worlds Format 2022 Twenty-four teams have qualified for the LoL Worlds tournament, and you’ll have to do your research into each team to know why teams to try some LoL Worlds Betting on. Here’s the LoL Worlds 2022 schedule: [su_table responsive="yes"] September 11, 2022 - 6:00 pm EST Worlds Draw Show Teams divided into groups for the Play-In Stage and the Group Stage September 29 - October 3 Play-In Round 1 Top teams advance to Group Stage, Second, third and fourth teams go to Play-In: Round 2, 2 Teams Eliminated. October 3 - 4 Play-In Round 2 2 Teams advance to Group Stage, 4 Teams Eliminated October 7 - 16 Group Stage 8 Teams (top two teams in each group) advance to Playoffs, 8 Teams Eliminated October 20 - 30 Playoffs All matches are single elimination brackets, Best of 5. November 5th LoL Worlds Finals Final match. [/su_table] Where to watch LoL Worlds 2022? LoL Worlds streaming is official via Twitch, through the official account of Riot Games; they also own and will stream through their YouTube Gaming channel.  On the other hand, several sports channels around the world will probably look for coverage, yet the list is still unknown. Alternatively, you can watch LoL Worlds streaming live at the top of this page. [su_divider style="double" divider_color="#999" link_color="#fef43f" size="0" margin="-10"] The teams should factor in your LoL Worlds betting: From Yagao to Chovy Perhaps the best thing about this tournament format is that everyone gets to prove their worth. Every region comes with its own play style and competitive meta, and the League of Legends World Championship is the perfect place for all of them to come together. Combine that with the fact that fans get to cheer for the teams that represent their regions, and it’s easy to see why Worlds is so popular. But, which are the best teams to follow in the LoL Worlds and who has the best esports odds? As the tournament develops, several teams move in and out of the roster, yet some names seem to prevail. Recently the League of Legends World Championship has featured key teams like the following to factor into your esports betting. The teams below are the ones that will decide the LoL Worlds odds. LCK (Korea) Gen.G (Main Event) T1 (Main Event) DWG KIA (Main Event) DRX (Play-in) LPL (China) JD Gaming (Main Event) Top Esports (Main Event) EDward Gaming (Main Event) Royal Never Give Up (Play-in) LEC (Europe) G2 Esports (Main Event) Rogue (Main Event) Fnatic (Play-in) MAD Lions (Play-in) LCS (North America) Cloud9 (Main Event) 100 Thieves (Main Event) Evil Geniuses (Play-in) PCS (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, and Southeast Asia) CTBC Flying Oyster (Main Event) Beyond Gaming (Play-in) VCS (Vietnam) GAM Esports (Main Event) Saigon Buffalo (Play-in) TCL (Turkey) İstanbul Wildcats (Play-in) CBLoL (Brazil) LOUD (Play-in) LLA (Latin America) Isurus (Play-in) LJL (Japan) Detonation FocusMe (Play-in) LCO (Oceania) Chiefs eSports Club (Play-in) LCL (Commonwealth of Independent States) Due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, LCL’s starting date was moved to a later date, and the league failed to complete its schedule on time. There will not be a team representing the Commonwealth of Independent States at Worlds 2022. Riot Games decided to give LCL’s slot to LEC, and they now have two teams to compete in play-ins. Key players who could upset your League of Legends Worlds betting Every LoL esports league has its superstars — the apex predators that have already dominated their respective regions. At LoL Worlds, the greats fight against their equals. With that, you can see dozens of matchups you wouldn’t be able to witness otherwise. This year, the individual level of the competition has risen to a different level, a level we have not witnessed so far. JDG’s Yagao and Gen.G’s Chovy are some of the notables on the list but actually the list starts from Asia and reaches almost every region of the world, including players like caPs, Closer, and Jensen. These players’ performances decide the LoL Worlds betting odds, in a way. Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed. Worlds is where the best go to leave their names and legacies in history, so winning an event like the 2022 League of Legends World Championship is the dream of every LoL esports pro-gamer. And when you consider the passion, pressure, and performances that emerge as a result of this drive, it’s hard to resist the urge to tune in to a LoL Worlds stream. LoL Worlds 2022 Prize Pool In the past two years, the prize was $2,225,000. It is expected to remain as it is for the upcoming challenge. Possibly the first place will win $1,000,000 in prize money, just like the previous two years. Curiosities of the tournament After a very long time, the competition returns to North America, to the place where League of Legends and Riot Games were founded. Even though the pandemic has lost its strict regulations, there are still precautions that have to be taken and these will probably be revealed once more information is given. [related_operator] Pushing Limits: The New Era of Competition The 2020 League of Legends World Championship became a huge milestone and helped the rise of many LoL betting sites. A decade or two ago, an event of this magnitude would be nigh unthinkable. Now, Worlds regularly pulls hundreds of millions of viewers for its most anticipated matches—a testament to the growth of the global esports ecosystem. Granted, it’s hard to tell whether competitive gaming will continue to grow at such a rapid pace. But the sole fact that it’s gotten to this point is already impressive in and of itself. And no matter how you look at it, Worlds will be a tournament to remember even when esports evolve to new titles. Betting on the LoL Worlds Cup Of course, several fans of the game are already looking forward to bet on LoL Worlds 2022, so we decided to give you a small heads-up here about what you need to know before betting. Keep in mind that you may also need some LoL Worlds betting tips! 1. Betting markets Betting markets for the tournament are special, this is because LoL Worlds betting is based on a larger tournament, and some categories that can’t be found in minor events just open up. Outright betting One of the best-known betting markets and LoL betting lines is direct betting. Unlike other bets, you play for the “whole in” giving it a single shot. This type of bet is usually the most effective, and games like League of Legends have gained fame because it allows people to bet on unique games. It is an easy way to win money, although in some cases things can change. On this betting market, you can aim to place who the winners will be at each stage of the tournament, who the winning team will be, or even the region to which the winning team belongs. When going for this type of betting, you can just use the esports odds given by your bookmakers. Before the tournament starts, services like Unikrn and Betway, among other LoL betting sites, already have somewhat trustworthy odds based on classifier tournaments. Nevertheless, doing your homework on the teams will always give you an advantage. System betting Systematic bets are a way of tempting luck due to the number of moves to be made. This type of bet is made in a way that you can choose several predictions to which you place your money. This betting market is usually seen as a safety move. For example, if you bet on 3 matches of the play-in round, you could get a winning profit by having 2/3 results right, while having 1/3 could also even your losses if the won match had the biggest odds. Now, the thing with LoL Worlds betting is that you can find a never-ending range of betting options to add to your system. So, let’s say that you lost the match-winner prediction, but got all the most kills/assistance/deaths predictions, then your numbers may just be green. Special Bets Special bets are a category that is rarely found in common bettors’ choices. In the case of the League of Legends, this type of betting allows for the inclusion of certain events that give more flavor to the bets. An example of this type of betting could be how many dragons a team will get, who will take Baron Nashor first, or who will spill the first blood. This type of betting has become common in some places, but in others, it is still seen as a special occasion. Moving on, if you choose to aim to use this type of market, knowing the synergy of each team and the balance between champions can be key, for which we recommend looking for live betting when it comes to the League of Legends World Championship. 2. Best places to bet Choosing a place to bet on some LoL betting lines can turn into a nuisance, so here is a list of the best places if you’re looking for quality LoL Worlds odds: [cta id=3555 type=geo] 3. LoL Worlds 2022 Teams to look for Each team participating in the tournament has an interesting backstory, and so the LoL Worlds betting odds may give you a headache if you don’t know them right. Here is a little bit about the teams that are going to the tournament in 2022: Cloud9: C9 is one of the most respected esports organizations in the world, thanks to its long history and achievements. Their roster looks better than before as they swept 100 Thieves in the LCS 2022 Summer Split Grand Final and they are ready to surprise more at the international event. JD Gaming: They had a very impressive run at the regional tournament. LPL is a league that is full of talented players and professional organizations, and winning such a tournament is very hard and needs lots of concentration. JD Gaming managed to accomplish that and they are now one of the favorites of the title. Gen.G: With Chovy and Peanut’s lead, Gen.G won the LCK title, sweeping T1 in the grand final. The roster is stacked, and the players are eager to earn more trophies. Rogue: After years and years of waiting, Rogue lifted the LEC trophy this season, sweeping G2 Esports in the grand final. 4.  Players to look at These players may give you a hint on the upcoming challenge, LoL Worlds betting tips, in other words. Yagao (JD Gaming Mid Laner): JD Gaming had a great run at LPL 2022 Summer Split and Yagao was the headliner for the organization. He won the Finals MVP award with his insane skills, communication, and map control. Chovy (Gen.G Mid Laner): Chovy is considered the best player in the world right now. He was among those talented rookies back in the days that took the throne from Faker and now he turned his attention to the Worlds trophy. Broken Blade (G2 Esports Top Laner): G2 Esports once again formed a very competitive roster, and Broken Blade is one of the most talented on the lineup. His Turkish and German roots gave him the ability to play any champion on the top side of the map, and he is one of the most dangerous players fn the European esports organization. Jensen (Cloud9 Mid Laner): After spending many years under the Team Liquid roof, Jensen made his return to the organization that he proved his name under, C9. He had an impressive run at the LCS 2022 Summer Split, and now he is back at the top level.

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REVV Racing

REVV Racing Review

Racing games are pretty rare at the moment in the NFT game world – crypto gaming doesn’t have too many racing games at the moment! REVV Racing is one such game – the arcade sim racer was created and published by Animoca Brands. Hosted on the Polygon blockchain, the game makes do without the exorbitant gas fees that plague the main Ethereum network. Animoca Brands is also responsible for games like F1 Delta Time and MotoGP Ignition, so there is a lot of racing talent behind the REVV game. As with almost all crypto games, it’s centred around the play-to-earn side of the game, as users can make money by playing the game, and in this case, win races with their owned NFT cars. Players do need to actually own a car in order to be able to participate and play in the races. Getting Started with REVV Racing Watch the video below to find out how to start playing REVV Racing: The REVV Tokens Of course, unlike the other titles, REVV is in fact a crypto game – it’s centred around the REVV token. As such, it has both REVV as a token, and NFTs that users can own and, well, race in, as they come in the form of cars. As with just about any NFT game, the NFTs are a central element of gameplay. In the form of a racing game, the most important NFTs are, of course, the cars that you race in. Cars come in a variety of designs, styles, models and rarities with all sorts of different stats and aspects that affect how they behave in races. As such, the value of individual cars is different too, as is the performance you can expect from them.Tokens are awarded based on race performance – so the better you place in a race you take part in, the more reward REVV you receive. Then you can use said REVV to either keep, stake, or trade in for another currency or even fiat currency. REVV tokens can also be bought, and they are needed to be able to participate in races as well. The Gameplay As close to an AAA game as blockchain gaming gets at the moment, REVV Racing features much of what we’re used to from, well, any racing game. Controller and keyboard support, real-time racing, 3D environments, multiple viewpoints, and so on – a full racing experience. REVV Racing is one of the more involved and active crypto games out there, and allows for users to truly interact with their NFTs. Races themselves happen on a variety of different international tracks. REVV Racing also has a wide setup of different competitions for players to take part in, from different lengths and lap setups to competitions featuring different car makes or models – and each race will actually need to be, well, raced! Users really play the races, rather than in games like Zed Run, where the gameplay itself doesn’t affect the horse’s performance in game.

0xWRLD announces multi-chain NFT metaverse project

0xWRLD, a multi-chain 2D pixelverse recently announced the launch of its first-ever multi-chain NFT metaverse. 0xWRLD’s brand new NFTs ecosystem will introduce cross-chain in the NFTs market to simplify the transaction process of multiple blockchains, as well as tokens alongside metaverses. 0xWRLD founder Brad Palmer said the company launched the project with the hope that it can transform NFTs and the world of metaverse in the future. “We are thrilled to launch our unique Multi-Chain NFT Metaverse with a vision to bring about a transformation in the world of NFTs and Metaverses. As amazing as NFT technology currently is, there will eventually come a point where simple image-based NFT collections will no longer be acceptable as the standard,” Palmer explained. “We believe that the true NFT enthusiasts will eventually raise the bar for these simple NFT collections, and they just won't cut it anymore. Beyond offering a unique metaverse environment, 0xWRLD is on a mission to connect a multitude of metaverses and blockchain communities into a single platform, which can be described as the "megaverse".” More details about 0xWRLD’s multi-chain project The launch of the multi-chain project came amid the surge of popularity of NFTs and the metaverse. Prior to 0xWRLD’s project, there is no platform in the market that allows the NFT transactions across two or more blockchains. Therefore, there was a need for a more efficient NFT transaction process. The NFT and metaverse technology themselves are deemed far from mature while both demands and popularity of digital assets, in general, are skyrocketing. "Everybody has seen demos of stuff like 3D models of specific NFT collections being showcased in the real world through AR apps for example, but the unfortunate fact is that this kind of utility is often very tightly coupled to each NFT collection, and it is difficult to solve the interoperability problem between all sorts of NFT collections on a widespread scale. 0xWRLD will provide a solution to this problem,” Palmer added about the NFTs issue 0xWRLD is keen to fix. CNBC noted a similar view, adding that several constraints, namely interoperability, with both sharing and access of data being restrained—since NFTs are mostly developed and minted on two or fewer blockchains. Therefore, the existence of a multi-chain platform would eliminate this issue and is more than welcomed in the market. Palmer elaborated on how 0xWRLD and its new project will tackle such issues by allowing users to play with their multiple wallets across various blockchains without the need to switch wallets or blockchains. “Our talented and passionate team has put in significant efforts in developing an elegant solution to bridge disconnected metaverses hosted on disparate blockchains. When you log into 0xWRLD, you don't just play as your connected wallet,” he said. “Instead, any of your wallets can serve as a login to the same game account. When you log into 0xWRLD using any one of your connected wallets on any supported chain, you will be able to play with all of your NFTs across all of those wallets and all of those chains, all at the same time, without having to switch wallets or switch chains.” Palmer and co. through 0xWRLD are at the forefront in capitalizing on the ever-growing market with the latest technologies. Additionally, the launch of the multi-chain project creates a more integrated social-economic structure that could help both traders and investors.

Axie Infinity, other blockchain games losing players, per report

Coin Desk has reported that NFT and crypto games are losing their players. These include Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and Decentraland, who all saw the number of their players plummet by 30 percent, 29 percent, and 15 percent, respectively, over the same time period. The report says the values of the games had been dropping since they were kicked off Steam. Even without the drops, however, these blockchain games' peak player numbers had never even been close to that of top games on Steam and the Epic Game Store, despite the large investments they received from venture capital firms. Moreover, Axie Infinity recently saw a mass exodus out of the game following a hacker attack that cost them over $625 million in addition to having the number of its player decreasing since October 2021. That being said, the daily user number for a game as such might also be misleading. While some of these players are actual players, there could also be “employees of guilds playing the game to earn yield for investors”, Coin Desk explained. “There is currently no organic engagement that retains players in the game, unlike traditional games like Fortnite, GTA, Candy Crush, where players are willing to pay to keep playing,” blockchain gaming analyst DeFi Vader wrote when discussing Axie Infinity. Problems with blockchain games The main challenge faced by blockchain games in entering the mainstream gaming market is the perception that NFT integration would result in pay-to-win situations. “First, the ability to purchase NFTs or in-game currency effectively creates pay-to-win game mechanics, a quality that most major franchises and successful games avoid,” Mason Nystrom of crypto research firm Messari wrote in another report. Blockchain games are also prone to cyber attacks, accentuated by the recent heist experienced by Axie Infinity. In 2021, the game recorded $3.5 billion worth of NFT transactions or around two-thirds of all NFTs transacted in the whole blockchain gaming industry, analytics firm NonFungible reported. The game also saw an explosion in popularity in developing countries such as the Philippines and Ghana, where players earn more than the local minimum wage. Sadly, the game is currently being abandoned by its players following a recent attack on Ronin, the blockchain underlying the game, in which $625 million worth of cryptocurrency was stolen. Sky Mavis, the developer team behind the game, said the hacker compromises the network nodes that validate transfers to and from Ronin by using hacked private security keys, allowing the attacker to withdraw a huge amount of Ethereum and USDC quietly. The transfer was discovered almost one week after the incident after a user made a withdrawal attempt of 5,000 Ethereum through the bridge. Many new players have been locked out of the game due to the freezing of withdrawals and deposits as a result of the attack. Sky Mavis blamed the attack on a shortcut the company took in November 2021 to relieve an “immense user load” on its network due to Axie Infinity gaining sudden popularity in the Philippines and other countries, with players relying on the game as their main source of income. Despite the shortcut being discontinued in December last year, the permissions that allowed it to be taken were not revoked. This led to the hacker being able to compromise the system's validator nodes. The attacker also used the security hole to compromise another validator node that was managed by the community-owned Axie DAO. At that point, five of the nine validator nodes had been compromised, the hacker then was able to withdraw however many crypto assets he wanted.

Sky Mavis raises $150M to reimburse NFT game Axie Infinity hacker attack victim

Axie Infinity developer Sky Mavis announced that they raised $150 million to enhance security measures and reimburse their players who fell victim to a hacker attack in late March, which resulted in a $625 million loss. It was reported that the earn-to-play game experienced a mass abandonment after the attack after players found themselves unable to access gaming proceeds. The funding was led by the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, whose trading platforms are used for digital token trading activities by Axie Infinity. Other investors include gaming and blockchain company Animoca Brands as well as venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz, Dialectic, and Paradigm, Sky mavis announced Wednesday. “Sky Mavis is committed to reimbursing all of our users’ lost funds and implementing rigorous internal security measures to prevent future attacks,” Sky Mavis chief executive Trung Nguyen said in a statement. The attack It was announced in late March that an unidentified hacker stole $625 million worth of cryptocurrency from Ronin, the blockchain underlying Axie Infinity. Vietnam-based Sky Mavis said it froze transactions on the Ronin bridge following the incident. The company said it was working with law enforcement to recover $600 million worth of Ethereum and 25.5 million worth of US dollar-pegged cryptocurrency USDC. The hacker withdrew the assets on March 23rd after launching an attack on the bridge to Sky Mavis’ Ronin blockchain, which acts as an intermediary between Axie Infinity and other cryptocurrency blockchains, including Ethereum. Sky Mavis said the hacker compromises the network nodes that validate transfers to and from Ronin by using hacked private security keys, allowing the attacker to withdraw a huge amount of Ethereum and USDC quietly. The transfer was discovered almost one week after the incident after a user made a withdrawal attempt of 5,000 Ethereum through the bridge. Despite the incident, the Axie NFT tokens that players must purchase in order to play Axie Infinity were unaffected. The same applies to the SLP and AXS in-game cryptocurrencies, which are used in battling and breeding in-game creatures. However, many new players have been locked out of the game due to the freezing of withdrawals and deposits. The incident also led many players to question the safety of their assets stored in the blockchain. Sky Mavis, meanwhile, said it was “working with law enforcement officials, forensic cryptographers, and our investors to make sure there is no loss of user funds”, adding that it was its “top priority". Sky Mavis blamed the attack on a shortcut the company took in November 2021 to relieve an “immense user load” on its network due to Axie Infinity gaining sudden popularity in the Philippines and other countries, with players relying on the game as their main source of income. The developer also said that if the stolen funds cannot be retrieved or recovered within two years, a vote will take place to decide the next steps for the Axie DAO. They also reported that they were increasing the number of validators that handle transactions from five to 21 to improve the game's security.