Dr Disrespect stands firm in support of blockchain games

Dr Disrespect - Dr Dis Respect Cropped, tags: blockchain - CC BY-SA

Despite the negative reception that blockchain games have received, Dr Disrespect is still strongly advocating for them, claiming that those games offer unique experiences for players in various fields, including but not limited to item ownership and transaction transparency.

Prior to gaining popularity as a streamer, Dr Disrespect, whose real name is Herschel Beahm IV, had a successful career in game development as a level designer for Call of Duty.

The now YouTube streamer revealed the launch of his gaming studio, Midnight Society, during his dispute with Twitch in December 2021. The primary focus of Midnight Society is to develop online multiplayer games with blockchain integration. The studio’s current priority is Project Moon, which has received widespread criticism for its utilization of NFTs.

The official description of Midnight Society defines it as a unique triple-A game studio and publishing model that has been in the making for over a decade. It comprises a group of game industry veterans who believe in a future where developers create games collaboratively with players sharing in the game’s success.

Dr Disrespect has taken on a more prominent position than ever before for his game Project Moon, and it is not as if he is just a simple gamer who wants to make a video game.

Previously, the content creator faced a backlash from fans and followers for endorsing various blockchain games on social media and during his streams. Many accused the streamer of promoting a product that could harm the community and worsen wealth inequality. As a result, the content creator distanced himself from the technology, at least temporarily. However, Dr Disrespect recently tweeted about blockchain games, saying they are the future.

Dr Disrespect presented the idea of trying to extract an item discovered on the chain that is worth $100,000, highlighting the entertainment value for both viewers and players.

“Imagine trying to ‘extract’ with an item you discovered worth $100,000 on the chain,” Dr Disrespect said. “Think about entertainment value as a viewer let alone a player.”

Later, Dr Disrespect shared his excitement for the concept of digital collectibles in an online game, particularly in an extraction-style game. The streamer also dismissed those who criticize the use of blockchain games as “brain dead headline followers,” comparing them to people who spend a lot on skins for yearly game releases, which everyone ends up having.

Skepticism from gaming community

Blockchain technology gained significant traction within the gaming industry due to its potential to offer more secure and transparent transactions and ownership of items. However, many individuals grew skeptical of blockchain games shortly after, citing concerns about their potential environmental impact and other issues.

Dr Disrespect’s recent statements on blockchain games have received a mixed response from the gaming community, with some of his supporters expressing their approval of the streamer. However, many of his followers are still skeptical about the technology. For instance, one fan commented that NFTs are a scam.

The underlying concept of Project Moon appears favorable when put down in writing. The plan is to sporadically release vertical slices, highly restricted portions of a game, and make changes to the game based on feedback from players.

However, some experts have reservations about the idea of focus testing games. They argue that players may not be the best judges of what they want since they often prefer familiar experiences, while individual preferences can vary widely.

Additionally, playtesting is typically something that game studios pay for. Looking at Dr Disrespect’s approach to development, some experts believe that he is effectively exploiting his fanbase for free labor.