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Welcome to the world of Fantasy Esports – Why watch when you can play?

Fantasy gaming or fantasy esports has been with us for a long time, but it’s really taken off in the Internet age, with more and more people discovering it and joining in the excitement! If you’re already a fan of fantasy esports or want to get involved and start daily fantasy betting, then Justgamers is, definitely, the place for you!

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It’s not a new thing though, and the idea of running fantasy sports competitions has been around since the 1940s, as a fun way to get involved in a contest over sports that didn’t, necessarily, involve sports betting. The first recorded instance is with a US fantasy golf game created by Bill Winkenbach in the late 50s, followed shortly by their fantasy American Football game in 1962. Like so many great ideas, fantasy sports spread quickly through the US, with estimated players hitting one million by 1989. Here in the UK, fantasy sports arguably began with 1991’s Fantasy League. Since then, fantasy leagues have flourished in the UK and, although dominated by football, there are also plenty of opportunities for other sports.

But, it wasn’t until the Internet age that fantasy sports leagues and competitions truly became all-conquering and universal. Playing online made fantasy sports interactive, with more convenience, fasters speeds, a wider range of sports and leagues, and better prizes. All of which meant that we saw a huge increase in fantasy sports of all kinds over the last few years.

fantasy sports betting

So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice fantasy football player or experienced fantasy cricket manager, whether you’re looking for fantasy League of Legends or want to investigate fantasy betting and daily fantasy sports UK, whatever you’re looking for, we’re here for all things fabulous about fantasy sports!

How To Play Fantasy Sports – The Basics Behind The Action!

The basic idea of all fantasy sports gaming is simple; you pick a team and score points based on how well they do. It really is that easy!

Now, it might be that you want to play for bragging rights with your mates, you might be looking to top the office fantasy table, or you might want to play for prizes or cash in a big league. But, whatever you want to do, there’s a fantasy sports site for you!

  • Choose a sport and competition
  • Draft your team. Most leagues operate a budget or player cap, so it becomes a real game of skill, rather than chance, picking the best value team to deliver the results you’re looking for.
  • Over the course of whatever competition you join, you amass points based on how your players do, with each sport having different point scoring rules.
  • Points are updated regularly, with more and more sites and competitions offering real-time updating – we’ve, definitely, come a long way from the early days of posting our football team picks and having to spend a small fortune on premium rate telephone transfer calls!
  • Remember that throughout the competition, you can make transfers and substitutions, keeping your team fresh and your points score up!

Generally, you’ll find these types of contests available in one form or another at your favourite fantasy sports sites: Tournament style with the bigger prize pools, Guaranteed prize pool (GPP) games, 50/50 contests where half the entries double their money and half lose, booster contests where winners get 10x, 20x winning boosts, winner takes all, and head-to-head.

It’s both fun and simple to start playing fantasy sports, and with Justgamers giving you full coverage, no matter what sport you play, you’ll be in fantasy land! Now, what do you want to play? Read on to find out some of the choices on offer!

What Fantasy Sports Can You Play? – It’s Not Just Fantasy Football Anymore!

In the early days of fantasy gaming, we were limited, as UK players, to what competitions were offered in our newspapers. And that tended to be football and more football! But, just as it did with sports betting, the Internet has transformed fantasy sports, making it truly global, giving you 24/7 gaming, at incredible speeds, and it’s now possible to play almost any sport, play any league, from anywhere in the world.

Having said that, you’ll soon see that the world of fantasy sports is dominated by certain big sports, just like you’ll see in sports betting. Here in the UK, the market is dominated by fantasy football, whether you choose to play through dedicated sites or through the online versions of the games run by newspapers and TV. Similarly, in the US, you can find plenty of opportunities to play fantasy versions of the big four sports of American Football, Major League Baseball, Basketball, and Ice Hockey.

However, if these aren’t your thing, fear not, as there’s plenty of opportunities out there for you if you’re looking for something a little more unusual, such as fantasy cricket, fantasy golf, or fantasy rugby. And it doesn’t need to stop there! Essentially, if you follow a sport, there’s (probably!) a fantasy version to play! So if you want to play fantasy F1, fantasy MMA, or fantasy golf, there’s a site out there for you! And, with the explosion in popularity of Esports, there’s also a growing number of fantasy Esports games.

Basically, if you follow a sport, there’s a fantasy version out there. And if there’s a fantasy version, you’ll find coverage right here at Justgamers!

Daily Fantasy Sports – Taking The Fantasy To Another Level Of Fantasy Betting

When we talk dfs, we’re not talking about a certain furniture store with perpetual sales, we’re talking Daily Fantasy Sports, a really exciting new way of getting your fantasy sports action, but one that adds in an element of fantasy betting on top. It lets you take your skills as a fantasy sports manager and pit them against other managers, with the promise of a nice winnings pot at the end of the day!

Daily fantasy sports are something that have become huge in the US, but daily fantasy sports UK or dfs uk, as you’ll see them referred to, just aren’t as widely known or as popular… yet! But we can promise you they will be!

Basically, fantasy sports daily takes the fantasy game to the next level with an exciting, accelerated version of all the fantasy sports action you love! Instead of waiting all season for results and prizes, you’re playing each day, each match. Generally speaking, you’ll be able to choose free or paid games and take part in daily or game contests, with the bigger paid games having a prize pot. You can even put money down in the form of fantasy betting in head-to-head or multi-player contests, it all depends on the site you’re playing fantasy sports daily with!

Fantasy sports betting, is a growing part of this new fantasy sports daily action, particularly in the quick head-to-head and multi-player tournaments. But unlike sports betting and esports betting, where there’s a high degree of chance around what’s happening, fantasy sports enthusiasts see fantasy betting as part of dfs uk as much more of a game of skill, involving the careful choice of players and timely substitutions to defeat your opponent and claim that betting prize pot! And, because more and more sites are coming onboard with fantasy sports daily, you’ll find that there’s all the advantages of sports betting there, including some great promotions available for new players just waiting for you!

Esports Fans – Fantasy Sports Action For All Your Favourite Esports – For The Future!

The rise in Esports almost mirrors the rise of fantasy sports, both obviously fuelled by avid fans taking advantage of technology, mobile gaming, and super fast speeds. And around 2015, there was lots of noise in the world of fantasy gaming about fantasy Esports. However, it’s a field that’s seen big launches and big failures as many sites that started up, such as Alphadraft and Vulcun, have been shuttered. But, with the rise and rise of both Esports and fantasy gaming, we know it’s going to be something that we’ll see more of in the future – and it’s something you’ll hear about first at Justgamers.

One problem that UK fantasy players will discover with Esports fantasy league gaming is that it tends to be very geared to US gaming, with some of the biggest sites offering the best Esports fantasy gaming not allowing registration from the UK. Another issue for you is that the sites that do offer Esports fantasy gaming aren’t yet offering a full range of gaming. For example, although DraftKings offers you League of Legends dfs uk, that’s all they offer right now. Whereas the highly praised Draftpot won’t take UK players.

Overwatch esports betting

However, if you’re looking at fantasy Esports LoL play, you’ll find it’s very similar to the fantasy sports daily play. You choose players from the incredible number of pro Esports teams and score points based on how they do in their games. The scoring is just a little different from fantasy sports scoring though – somehow we can’t ever see Harry Kane bagging +3 for a kill, +1 for a bomb plant, or -1 for a death in the latest Tottenham v Arsenal derby!

All The Best Fantasy Sports Sites For Your Fantasy Betting At Justgamers

As we’ve already told you, when you’re looking for fantasy sports and fantasy betting, there’s a massive amount of choice out there.

For the best fantasy sports action, the site you pick depends on just what sports you’re after and how you want to play. Traditional season competitions are still incredibly popular, but there’s also a big growth in dfs UK competition sites. You can still find plenty of the traditional fantasy sports providers in the UK, with lots of free and paid newspaper contests, for a fair number of sports, such as football and rugby. If you are a fantasy football fan, there’s plenty of sites to choose from, but Fantasy League, the original fantasy football site in the UK, is still one of the best out there for paid membership with the official English Premier League fantasy football game being a really great free game site.

If you’re after other sports, you’re going to have to delve just that little bit deeper! So, for example, if cricket’s your thing, then you can’t go wrong with Dream11, the world’s largest cricketing fantasy game.

fantasy sports betting

Worldwide, there are two very big names fantasy sports betting; DraftKings and Fanduel, who both offer a spectacular range of sports and leagues from around the world and have been key in building the fantasy sports daily market. In the UK, Fanduel doesn’t offer membership, but DraftKings does, through website and mobile apps. And DraftKings offers a wonderful range of fantasy games, including football from the English Premier League and Champions League, PGA and European Tour Golf, MMA, and the big four American sports, including NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. In the future of fantasy gaming, many of us think these two brands are going to dominate for many years into the future, hovering up smaller sites as they go. That Fanduel don’t have a UK gaming presence is something we, certainly, expect to change in the future!

But, no matter what happens in the world of fantasy betting and dfs uk, we’ll be covering all the sites offering you a great fantasy sports experience!

Justgamers delivers the best in Fantasy Sports and Fantasy Betting!

Here at Justgamers, we love fantasy sports and have been playing for a long time, but there’s never been a better time than now for you to get involved. With the sheer numbers of sites, accessibility offered by mobile apps, the different sports on offer worldwide, and the speed of the games, it’s a far different thing from when it started, with newspapers, pen and paper, and mailing or phoning in your transfer requests! Today, the world of fantasy sports is super fast, super exciting and, with the world of fantasy betting really promising to take off, can be super rewarding as well. You can get involved at any level, play for fun, pay to play, take part in fantasy betting, it’s up to you! Isn’t it time you got into management and made use of your love of sports? So, what are you waiting for? Join us at Justgamers on our fantasy pages, for all the latest news, the best tips, and incredible coverage of the fantasy sporting world!

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