Improving Your Aim in Valorant

In first-person shooting games,  improving your aim is paramount. Properly aiming the firearm ultimately decides the outcomes of fights, be it team or individual.

Sometimes a firearm’s distinct attributes brush aside any necessity to have a polished aim, but possessing that trait is as important as owning a gun in the grand scheme of things. This is true for all skill levels in Valorant.

Improving Your Aim in Valorant
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Players with inaccurate aim will struggle to hit crucial headshots, which will hurt their team’s chances in a match, whether in a casual server or an esports tournament. Players without good aim will struggle to find success in Valorant until they learn to fix the problem.

Here are a few ways in improving your aim in Valorant.

Understanding Spray and Recoil

Firing a gun, doing nothing else, and praying for the best flat out isn’t going to cut it in Valorant. There are things like spraying and recoil that players must take into account while working on their aim.

Spray deals with the continuous shooting of a gun, whereas recoil concerns the kickback of a gun at the moment of firing. After firing a few shots, the bullets disperse and mostly land away from the target.

As each gun offers a different variety of spray and recoil, players must adjust accordingly to avoid misfiring.

Keep Your Crosshair Height in Check

Players must manage their crosshair placement to improve their aim. The crosshair is the reticle in the center of the screen that indicates where bullets will go.

To improve your handling of the crosshair height, be sure to keep it centered on the screen to minimize frantic movement and set it at head height to increase the chances of headshots.

Perfecting these traces takes considerable time and muscle memory to achieve, but the advantages players receive upon learning them are practically boundless.

Don’t Run and Gun

From the beginning of Valorant, “running and gunning,” or shooting at the enemy while moving, has allowed players to forgo refining their aim. Aspects like counter-strafing and altering one’s crosshair becomes negligible as well for players relying on the tactic.

Due to several changes to running and gunning, players won’t be able to rely on it as much. Firing your gun while stationary is more effective in killing enemies efficiently, so it’s imperative to learn all the factors concerning that detail.

Written by Pedro Romero