New Valorant Map: Canyon

Current Valorant Maps Overview

For better or worse, fans have developed a preference among Valorant’s six available maps. But whether it’s out of appreciation or displeasure, they try their best to play into a map’s distinct environment.

With players constantly competing amongst one another, each map has slowly developed a particular identity to decipher. Some have their perks, whereas others have their cons, but each offers a way for players to refine their skills.

The differentiation also covers the agents participating in a given map and a team’s corresponding callouts. An agent’s impact on a game can vary depending on the map they are on. It’s no wonder fans usually watch an effective composition constantly in esports tournaments.

For callouts, players notice the difference in teammates’ signals over what is going on the map. Not everything is going to be “A site” or “B site.” Sometimes, they must cover an area described by its literal features.

New Valorant Map
image credit: Riot Games

Since its April release, fans have gotten accustomed to Breeze, but Riot Games appears ready to reveal Valorant’s newest map. According to recent leaks on the subject, its rumored codename is Canyon.

Riot has not revealed much besides concept art drawings. Fans are certainly excited over Valorant’s newest map. Here is everything you need to know about Canyon.

New Valorant Map Canyon

Although Riot hasn’t revealed Canyon’s exact layout, its scarce evidence gives fans an idea of how it will look. Based on the opening image of the Year One Anthem video, the map depicts a large rocky plateau surrounded by a brushland. It’s a structure whose exterior closely matches the past extra content of the game.

Upon observation, the map resembles a player card from the Episode 3 Act 1 battle pass. Additionally, the player card reveals the map on a protected area surrounded by turrets and a large wall. The similarity between the two pieces of media gives fans confirmation of a new map releasing soon.

Based on the map’s codename, it is assumed Riot’s inspiration behind creating it is the Grand Canyon of the southwestern United States. However, the map is split into two distinct climate zones, as shown from the Year One video. One side has grass and trees planted within the facility’s concrete, and the other resembles an arid desert.

The official Valorant Twitter account posted an image in August of the map with the caption of “Decode this” on it. Within the image are three phrases written in different languages that point towards the map’s release. Here are the translations:

Entzweite Weiten – German for “divided expanses”. It possibly symbolizes the difference in zones within Canyon. Futuros Revelados – Portuguese for “revealed futures”. This alludes to the pending release of the game’s newest map.王國 and 崩解 – Chinese for “kingdom” and “disintegrate.” This relates to the inevitable struggle players will encounter in matches.

Why Should Gamers Get Excited

Although Canyon’s exact release date is unknown, some believe it will go live sometime around Act 3 of the Reflection saga. Act 1 began on June 22, 2021, and is estimated to continue until September, with Act 2 immediately following suit.

According to a known source, Act 3 will commence in early November, although not much is known besides that. Nevertheless, players and fans alike will wait until then to finally play the new Valorant map.

Written by Pedro Romero