Using Social Media to Promote Your Streams

The Power of Social Media

First off, video game streaming is on the rise now more than ever. Both professional and casual streamers continue to play various games to entertain fans and viewers who find them interesting.
It is very important to ensure that these viewers are constantly engaged to keep them coming back.

Maintaining a fan base is no easy feat, even with great content. For a streamer, the best way to promote streams is by consistently engaging viewers even outside streams.
In conclusion, you should be able to reach out to your community from the comfort of your mobile phone, even when not at home.

For a streamer looking to invest a lot of time into streaming, personal branding matters a lot. You have to actively make decisions that veer towards network growth and community management, and one of your best tools in achieving growth is consistency in using social media.

Social Media to Promote Your Streams
image credit: Ambition Insight

How Many Social Media Platforms Should You Use

Gaming online can become much more engaging with the help of certain social media platforms. As a streamer who wants to always connect to their fans and have an active community, here are three platforms for you.

Twitter: When it comes to sharing ideas and views, it doesn’t get any better than Twitter. As a streamer using social media to make your community more active, you want to always be connected to your fans by sharing information about streams.

Twitter will play a big role in building your brand, ranging from just sharing streaming times to tagging developers and using hashtags to increase the reach of your tweets, or even doing Q&As to randomly answer the inquiries of your viewers.

Instagram: With Instagram, things are more visual. As a result, a streamer interested in going live while doing casual things, Instagram is gold. The platform lets you go live to communicate with fans who may get tired of the average stream setting, and even invite viewers to go live with you.

TikTok: We believe Tiktok is a force to be reckoned with. With growing popularity and countless trends, Tiktok is a great place to share small clips or compilations from games. Posting a small compilation of kills or even ideas in games can be a great way of keeping your fan base engaged.

Personalize Your Social Media

In short, just using social media isn’t enough if you want to promote your stream. You want to create a personal brand that revolves around your personality and how you interact with your fan base. You have to constantly interact with your community and personalize your profiles.

Here are a few tips for personalizing your social media.

  • First, use a similar Account/brand name across all platforms.
  • Second, put effort into posting on all accounts/.
  • Third, show your personality on and off-stream
  • Fourth, post and share engaging content that will spark discussion.

Overall, you shouldn’t be strict about doing things in a specific way and always be open to hearing ideas from your viewers and making your fans feel heard. You should go as far as including them in in-game activities.

Written by Emmanuel Echoga