Facebook Commitment to Content Creators

Overview of Facebook’s Initiative for Creators

It is a good time to be a content creator looking to grow on any platform. Amongst many incentives, Facebook has decided to play an active role in investing in content creators by giving them a platform to freely create and share with added benefits. “We want to build the best platforms for millions of creators to make a living,” said CEO Mark Zuckerburg in a post.

Facebook Commitment to Creators
image credit: State of Digital Publishing

The company plans to budget over one billion dollars to creators across all its platforms by the end of 2022. Facebook looks to welcome and pay all kinds of content creators. They plan to focus on those who are fairly new and are trying to build an audience.

In addition to these plans, Facebook also aims to add bonus sections to Instagram in the summer and to the Facebook app in fall. This section will help creators learn about various programs, the eligibility criteria and how to apply.

This provides more ways for content creators to share their work. Facebook investing a billion dollars is a great way for them to create competition against Twitch, YouTube and TikTok.
Zuckerberg has further stated that he doesn’t plan to take a cut from the revenue of content creators through 2022, which will surely be more of an incentive.

Facebook’s Impact on Gaming

Facebook Gaming
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Facebook launched its cloud gaming platform in October last year, which gives users in a few regions the option of gaming online through a cloud-gaming platform. This allowed users to play games on android devices and on the web. With this, they do not have to download the games to their devices.

With this being one of its many moves, Facebook Gaming has shown a keen interest in having a big impact in the world of gaming. The company aims to ensure the streaming platform is available to all of the U.S, and plans to further extend its reach to Mexico and Canada by fall of this year. The platform will also be made available to Western and Central Europe by early 2022.

This will give players the ability to easily access a gaming platform at any point. They do not have to stress about space or the purchase of a gaming console. The Cloud-streaming catalog now contains over 25 games. They have around 1.5 million people playing a title on Facebook Gaming each month.

“We’re continuing to reduce Latency for cloud games on both Android and desktop. Lowering Latency caps further will unlock even much more genres,” said Jason Rubin, Facebook’s vice president of play.

How can Streamers and Gamer’s Benefit from Facebook Initiative

The trend of esports is on the rise, and Facebook will play a big role moving forward. The company released a Facebook Gaming app last year that allows you to access and watch gaming content including live, pre-recorded and edited streams.

With this in mind, there is still so much potential for Facebook being a viable streaming platform for esports in the long run. Facebook Gaming has also launched streamer fan groups to help content creators grow their communities. The fan groups are designed for increased engagement in communities by enabling people to chat in rooms. These rooms are sorted out by interests and allows you to play with other group members.

Ultimately, the Facebook initiative will benefit gamers by providing various options and gameplay convenience for them. While providing a large audience and additional incentives for streamers. A one billion dollar project will go a long way in reaching every part of the community, creating opportunities and providing more resources for both gamers and streamers.

Written by Echoga Emmanuel