Top Play2Earn Crypto Games & Gaming Studios

The best play-to-earn games, which are some of the quickly growing GameFi sector, are becoming more famous throughout the globe. Allowing gamers to have in-game resources offers up a range of new money-generating opportunities. The quantity of gaming options is speedily growing, and most of them work on both laptops, smartphones and tablets. Some of these titles are still to be released, and other ones have become available to gamers.

Compared to desktops, more gamers own and use mobiles on a regular basis. That’s why we’ve compiled a comparison of some of the best play2earn crypto games:

Top Play2Earn Crypto Games

Top Play2Earn Crypto Games

Epic Hero

Who wouldn’t want to be an epic hero? This Binance-blockchain powered auto-battler game is proving to be a massive hit the world over. Epic Hero has pretty much defined how we play 3D NFT war games in recent times and has picked up plenty of awards for its merits. Just don’t forget to visit the Epic Hero shop to get a range of merch for your characters, oh and we should definitely mention the fact that you can pick up plenty more goodies by unlocking one of those ‘mysterious chests’.

Cukies World

You might think that Cukies World is only on this list due to the fact that it was the first NFT-based play-to-earn game on the Tron network. While that is partially true, there is no denying just how good Cukies World is.

It’s a game that has picked up many fans the world over as a result of its clever blend of adventure gaming and collectible gameplay. There are over 12,000 Cukies available and they can all be used in special ways. From improving their skills to breeding other baby Cukies, there’s lots of fun to be had here.

Untamed Isles

This is a seriously fun play2earn game and it basically has you hunting monsters and trying to tame all manner of gruesome bats. Untamed Isles is a standard turn-based MMORPG but has enough to it to keep you coming back for more.

Image Credits: Untamed Isles

Zombie Rising

Zombies are everywhere in popular culture and so it’s no major surprise that the undead would come to the play-to-earn realm. Zombie Rising is perhaps the best of the bunch as it has enough horror in its turn-based gameplay to keep you glued to your screen.

It operates on the BSC blockchain and it has the usual premise of mysterious viruses infecting humanity and turned us all into cannibal zombies. A great way to put NFT tech to good use.


Decentraland debuted in 2017 and it supports many creative applications. You may purchase, sell, trade, and use crypto tokens, which you can then display however you want. It’s been used for online companies, art brands, and virtual hangout areas.

Decentraland has an avatar technology along with more elements that give you the option to customize your environment. It also plans to create a Metaverse – a community-owned virtual world where physical reality and virtual space are the same. Other projects include CryptoVoxels and Somnium Space, which are land-based crypto-gaming platforms.

War of Ants

Who loves ants? We certainly do after playing this awesome play2earn game. It’s a PVP strategy game that sees you controlling your own army of ants in real-time on your mobile. There’s plenty of strategic skill required to win at War of Ants as you collect crypto-based units and keep your queen safe. Great fun!


Another play2earn application that gives users cash for their play is MOBOX. MOMO Farmer, Trade Action, Token Master, and many more titles are up for grabs under the MOBOX brand. MOBOX is a great space that wonderfully combines gaming, NFTs, and Defi principles into a fun equation where players may come up with unique methods to boost their output and get different NFTs. Like other play2earn games, MOBOX has an in-game trading station where users may buy, sell, and trade in-game assets.

Continuum World

If you like Stardew Valley, you’re going to love this game. Continuum World is a free to play play2earn MMO game that sees you exploring a massive world, picking up resources, building buildings, farming and so on. It’s been done before but Continuum World has a cool use of ‘tokenomics’ that sets it apart from the rest.

Farmers World

Farmers World is an amusing name for a game and it allows you to earn cash while playing. You will use a variety of tools, assets, and lands to grow your own farm produce. The game uses the WAX blockchain, and is very popular. Farmers World requires you to have a certain NFT. Plus you can fight other farmers to win certain perks.

Image Credits: Farmers World

Crypto Shooter

The term Crypto Shooter is used in other games, this one on our shortlist is great on mobile. You can help Sparky save his young bird friends by blowing bubbles. Then you can go through five areas and 100 sections to complete new missions. Users can also get the SparkPoint tokens, which can be used to buy bubble-bursting boosters. Despite the fact that the game is free, players will be deluged with pop-up ads all of the time.

Whack Your Undead Neighbour

Perhaps the best-named play2earn title on this list, Whack Your Undead Neighbour might not be smart, but it sure is fun. So you simply have to whack zombies until the end of time, but there are also some interesting puzzle challenges that you have to complete to earn ‘fear’.

Reward Hunters

Reward Hunters is a recent free-to-play game for iOS and Android that has a familiar battle royale gaming option, an open-world environment, an old-fashioned setting, and lots of avatars. You can compete one-on-one or in a multiplayer combat to see who will be the last person standing. To play, you need to get the RHT token, which gives you Binance Coin (BNB) for your hard work.

Kingdom Karnage

This is a great trading card game that runs on the Enjin blockchain. It features some awesome animated combat where you use your cards to beat your enemies and battle your foes. The turn-based gameplay will be familiar to all trading card gaming fans, and we couldn’t miss Kingdom Karnage off our shortlist.

Blood Rune

We had to include Blood Rune in our leaderboard. This is a role-playing tabletop card game that’s made the transition to the play2earn realm. This runs on the Phantasma PoS blockchain that is reportedly more eco-friendly than some other blockchains. But basically pick your hero, complete your goals and bask in your newfound fortune and fame.

Monsta Infinite

Monsta Infinite is a few monster-themed games that could become one of the most famous play2earn games in the world. To play, you must purchase three Monstas. In the game, each Monsta has different powers, various attack cards, and some defence cards too.

Plant vs Undead

Ever wanted to grow your own NFT garden? Well now is your chance! Plant vs Undead is a standard multiplayer tower defence game. Here you have to protect your assets – your plants – and above all stop the undead from gobbling up your Mother Tree. Got it? Now start playing!

Top Play2Earn Gaming Studios

Apart from the top play2earn games, you should also keep an eye on these pioneering gaming studios who are leading the way in play2earn crypto game development and who will have a massive impact on how we play.

Dapper Labs

Famous for launching CryptoKitties, the first famous Play2Earn title to have NFTs and crypto gameplay mechanics. This gaming studio has been pivotal in the rapid changes of the blockchain gaming industry. Dapper Labs has lots of hot and exciting content still to come.

Image Credit: Dapper Labs

Blockchain gaming would most look quite different if it weren’t for Dapper Labs and the brand will go down in crypto-gaming history thus earning the top spot on this list!

Sky Mavis

Not only one of the first popular studios but it also draws large audiences very often.

This had to be in our ranking of the Top 20 NFT Games and the Axis NFTs used in the title, like those used in other NFT-based gaming options, may be bought or traded on OpenSea. Gamers can even generate new Axis to trade with other gamers.

Making cash by playing a game is a legit option in crypto-gaming, and Axie Infinity is almost the same as the Play2Earn concept. Many gamers will know it to be a great source of income. However many other players are more likely to get some more revenues in other more reliable ways.

Mythical Games

Mythical Games, famous for the 2020 Blankos Block Party game, is another large blockchain gaming brand. Unlike many other projects, it did not offer pre-sale tokens or have proof of concepts or alpha versions of the title. In the crypto-gaming business, little indie studios sometimes have a community-based development option, but Mythical Games took an alternative approach.

It unveiled its game as soon as it was complete, and they advertised it in a fun and different way. Rather than promoting the blockchain part, it emphasized the game’s player-driven economy. Definitely worthy of a spot on our list!


While OpenSea is not a standard gaming studio, it is a serious part of the latest blockchain gaming sector. On OpenSea, which is an NFT trading platform, you can sell, buy, and trade your tokens. These may then be used in titles like Decentraland, which are famous real-world blockchain titles. OpenSea is important as a trading platform for blockchain players.

You may not only trade gaming NFTs on OpenSea, but you can also buy and sell more types of NFTs such as art and collectibles. The sales have reached billions, with NFTs often selling for sky-high rates.


Play2earn games will have a long-term impact are many are available to all mobile users globally for free.

The video gaming industry is still deciding whether to continue on its current path or to give gamers greater access to games. Furthermore, the union of blockchain tech with NFTs allows ambitious game developers and artists to have an impact on how we all play.