Continuum World: A Blockchain Game That Promises to Lower the Barriers of Entry

Continuum World combines a cute art style with all the elements players know and love from MMOs. Thematically, Continuum World focuses on resource management, with renewable energy and modern technology taking key spots. The game’s world has its own flora and fauna that players live and engage with, all within the scope of an MMO.

Continuum World Crytpo Game
Image credit: Continuum World

Continuum World Token

The native token that this crypto game is centred around, and the key element of the Continuum World universe, is the $UM token. Working as both a payment token and a utility token, users will be able to do quite a lot with their accumulated funds. Additionally, there will be unique NFT elements – the player characters and player-owned lands as well as some other assets will be unique tokens on top of the base $UM.

To keep things fair, free-to-play players will also be able to earn $UM, though certain things will take more dedication and time to achieve. Still, it means that Continuum World doesn’t have any particular entry barriers for interested new players. The whole project was originally built on the Ethereum chain, using the Polygon/Matic network in order to offset the high gas costs.

Some of the tokens will be assigned to and stored in the community treasury. From there, certain rewards will be paid including staking or farming yields, as well as any play-to-earn rewards outside of the initial pool. When that pool is depleted, users will be paid from the treasury instead, which will in turn be refilled from transactions made using the $UM token.

The earning elements come in a variety of different ways – from earning money off of their fish farms to selling excess energy, there are different ways to earn $UM. Of course, as with any NFT game, players will also be able to buy and sell unique assets such as the land the game relies on. Plots come in different sizes and with different attributes, which will affect their value and price over time.


As with any MMO and play-to-earn game, it’s a race for resources. There, modern technology, energy management, and sustainable resource sources such as farming, greenhouses, and wind energy elements will feature. Players can even keep local fish or other animals in their spaces – and on that note, they can go ahead and travel around, trading with, selling to, and buying from players who have resources they lack.

Continuum World
Image credit: Continuum World

There will be mini-games including racing, breeding tournaments, and more down the line – at launch, the game will focus on player characters, land, staking, and marketplace options that allow users to share, trade, buy and sell resources in order to progress their own spaces. These spaces are the primary ‘point’ of the game and are meant to be improved and farmed on. From setting up plantations and fish farms to power generators to keep the lights on, users can design and maintain their spaces as they want.