Top 10 Best Play-to-Earn Games

Fun and winnings are increasingly linked when it comes to games that offer rewards. Among the rewards usually offered in these types of games are cryptocurrencies, which have already risen in value like foam. While the fever for these types of crypto games is not that recent. The increasing popularity of the Axie Infinity game has caused a new wave of blockchain games on the market. Here is a list of the best play-to-earn games through which you can generate income in the cryptocurrency of your choice.


# TitleBlockchainStatusNFTFree-to-Play
1Dvision NetworkEthereum
2Forgotten ChainBinanceIn DevelopmentYesNo
In DevelopmentYesYes
5Axie InfinityEthereum
6Dungeon UniverseEnjinAlphaYesYes
7Legend of Fantasy WarEthereum
8DevikinsTRONIn DevelopmentYesNo
9Continuum WorldEthereum
In DevelopmentYesYes
10Pet GamesBinanceIn DevelopmentYesNo

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Play-to-Earn Games

# 10 Pet Games

Image Credits: Pet Games

Here we can start with the top 10 play-to-earn games. Pet Games is a virtual game that uses its own currency called PETG. Currently with a value of 0.00090229 USD that combines NFTs and blockchain. Pet Games is an NFT game built on the Binance Smart Chain. The token (PETG) is the native digital currency used in the game, and this is used for trading, exchanging, and improving pets and special qualities. Each of the players can spend PETG to improve their progress and experience within the game.

# 9 Continuum World

Continuum World is another best play-to-earn-games in the category of NFT games. In which you can explore a world full of natural resources and islands that you can buy for tokens (MU) to obtain more territories and resources. Tokens can be obtained by collecting various natural resources and exchanging them for UM in the market. Something you have to know is that all infrastructures within the game are purchased using real currency or MU.

# 8 Devikins

Devikins is a tactical RPG that works through NFTs since each of the characters in the game are NFTs. Players can acquire in-game characters by purchasing them using in-game currency (DVK). As we mentioned before, each of the characters in the game are NFTs, and each one has four different elements: genes, ancestry, personality, and affinities. Genes will shape your character’s face, influencing skin tone, mouth, eyes, nose, ears, hair, horns, etc. Skin tone will also determine the ancestry of the Devikin, basically indicating what family or race they come from.
Each Devikin has its own dreams and personality, and its affinity will determine the ease of progression.

# 7 Legend of Fantasy War

Image Credits: Legends of Fantasy War

Legend of Fantasy War is a 3D turn-based role-playing game where you can choose characters from various origins and form teams to overcome challenges, meet objectives and obtain rewards.
There are several character classes to choose from, each with different abilities and personalities, and the story is rich and engaging from the start. Yes, another game with NFTs. The player can earn money by completing the main tasks and countless side missions and other activities in the game.

The player can earn LFW Tokens (the token with which in-game items are purchased) by selling or auctioning their NFT Assets on the NFT Market.

# 6 Dungeon Universe

Dungeon Universe is another best play-to-earn-games in the category of MMORPG game created to use NFTs as the main currency. And it shows this in every aspect of the game. You can buy armor, weapons, pets, and bases through money obtained in the game. These items can be sold for real money since each of these counts as NFT, and are only limited numbers of these.

There are endless battles with monsters, group and solo dungeons, raids, global bosses, arenas, mythical towers, and much more in the game. For lone adventurers or gamers who love to band together with their friends or guilds, there is plenty to choose from.

# 5 Axie Infinity

Perhaps the most famous NFT game of the moment, Axie Infinity, is powered by Ethereum, and each of the game’s pets costs a minimum of 0.1 ETH ($ 200) and a maximum of 300 ETH ($ 5,000,000). Each of these virtual creatures is the protagonist of the game. Axie Infinity combines Adventure Mode with Daily Quests, PVP Showdowns, and PVE Showdowns.
This is a risky proposition where players can generate large sums of money, but the investment cost is also very high.

# 4 CryptoBay

Cryptobay, a metaverse style platform for gaming and making money, is part of the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network. To build their own kingdom, users can buy and build ships, fight pirates, battle other players, participate in boss battles, build their own ports, recruit captains, create pets and participate in various daily missions. Here comes the interesting thing, to build each thing, you need pearls, and each pearl is worth $ 0.1083. You can get pearls through daily missions.

Image Credits: Continuum World

# 3 Metalands

Metalands is a first-person shooter game with an open world and many NFT elements. Unlike other games, you do not need to put money to start playing, and it has crossplay between platforms (PC / Consoles / Android / iOS). Through missions, we farm CIFI (the virtual token with which we buy NFT objects and can exchange them for real money). This game is a new proposal in case you are tired of the typical Pokemon-style NFT games. Read more about this play to earn FPS game in our Metalands review.

# 2 Forgotten Chain

Forgotten Chain is an MMORPG where the player can choose between being a Knight, Assassin, Warlock, or Wizard to face rival kingdoms. The NFTs in this game are obtained by killing Rare category monsters and playing special events within the game. The NFTs in this game are not collectible cards as in other games. Each one has a value and utility within the game. These NFTs can be sold on the market within the game or through the auction store to get real money.

If you like WoW, you will surely like this game.

# 1 Dvision Network

Dvision Network is the place for you to generate your won non-fungible tokens (NFT). Dvision’s VR technology opens the door to a virtual creator’s paradise. Where anyone can develop NFTs and sell them based on rarity and demand, thanks to their own VR technology. Users can create bespoke avatars, clothing and terrain, and houses and furniture, using Dvision’s built-in creators’ control panel. While other platforms require technical knowledge to coin NFT. With these top 10 play-to-earn games we hope that you could select the best for you. Read more about Dvision Network.