Axie Infinity Review and Pros and Cons | NFT-based online game

Axie Infinity is a multiplayer game that uses the Smooth Love Potion coin. It is a “play-to-earn” blockchain-enabled game that uses NFT-based technology. This Axie Infinity review will teach you about its value as a game. It will also help you understand how the Axie economy and other NFT-based games work.

Axie Infinity gameplay is centered around two modes. The first is the Adventure Mode, where players go head-to-head against computer-controlled enemies. Each level has a goal, and the player’s Axies gain experience points by clearing them. The second is the player-versus-player (PvP) Mode which is a turn-based game. It requires a lot of practice and good luck to get the most out of it. If you’ve played games like Hearthstone, you should be very familiar with how the game works. You will learn how to control the damage you deal and wisely choose when to play your cards.

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Like other mobile games, the player is limited to a certain amount of energy points each day. The player can use these points in either the Adventure mode or the player-versus-player mode.
The Axie Infinity price is the cost of three Axies as you need three to start playing. The cost of these Axies can vary based on the market price and other variables. After creating a Ronin wallet and purchasing Axies, you can create an account, download and play right away.

History of Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is an NFT game created by Sky Mavis. Pokemon inspired it, and the team members all met playing CryptoKitties, another popular NFT game. Axie Infinity was created to fix a flaw in the Web2 game model. This flaw was that the value of in-game assets only went to the creators. These assets were rented from the platform and were not owned by users. They could be easily wiped if an account was banned.

Axie is the key to the virtual world, allowing users to modify the digital world’s topography and control their scarce assets. This play-to-earn structure provides players with in-game assets like Axie Infinity cards, giving them a platform to grow these assets.

Various Axie Infinity reviews have confirmed how smooth the game and its mechanics are. The rise of similar NFT games should further prove how legit Axie Infinity is. In some developing nations, such as the Philippines, Venezuela and Argentina, Axies have provided various opportunities. The Axie Universe has become an integral part of their local economies.

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Buying Axie Infinity

The easiest way to buy Axie Infinity NFTs is by connecting your Ronin wallet to the Axie Infinity Marketplace. There, you can buy Land, Axies, Items and bundles. Connection to the Marketplace is possible through a Ronin chrome extension wallet or linking to a Meta Mask account. Once connected, you will then create an account and a web wallet. Linking your wallet to the Axie Infinity Marketplace isn’t the only step. You will need to load it with both AXS and ETH to buy any of these NFTs.

After buying your starting team of Axies, you can download the client on any platform from the official website. With this, you can start farming up SLP on your desktop or on the go on Axie Infinity mobile.

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Axie Infinity Pros & Cons

Is Axie Infinity legit?


  • The Marketplace has high costs due to commissions on sales
  • Beginners have to own three Axies to start
  • The only acknowledged payment methods are Ethereum and Axie Infinity
  • It has become very pricy for newcomers


  • A unique play-to-earn system
  • Allows you to play on either desktop or mobile
  • Opportunity to earn a good amount of crypto
  • It is known as the most successful and beneficial NFT game
  • Allows you to battle and build within a vast universe while earning

Advantages of Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity has the most significant advantages in its play-to-earn system. This system rewards users who regularly play the game with both Infinity Shards and Smooth Love potions. These digital assets can be used to further their own game or be sold on secondary markets.

Aside from being able to play through various platforms, it also has a unique gameplay style. Games like Axie Infinity have become very lucrative in developing economies like the Philippines, where most players reside. These players can own digital assets to increase their worth and affect the overall growth of the economy.

Disadvantages of Axie Infinity

The game does not give new players an incentive to join in. One of its major disadvantages is the high cost of starting. It requires three Axies to play, and the cost of one Axie can be around $150. This is quite expensive for people who aren’t willing to spend over $500 to start a game.

The other disadvantage is that all transactions happen on the Ethereum blockchain. The only acceptable means of payment on Axis Infinity are AXS and ETH. This means it has a significant environmental impact on the platform. It also means that people unfamiliar with web wallets will most likely be dissuaded from playing. The game also takes around a 5% fee when you sell anything on the Marketplace, which can be discouraging.

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