Axie Infinity Gameplay: What You Need To Know

Axie Infinity is a Pokemon-inspired universe. In Axie Infinity gameplay you are the owner of an “Axie” and you can buy them in the Marketplace. Axies are the center of the game and all the assets and currencies work around them. Once you are in the game, you can earn tokens, battle against other players and raise and breed your Axies to get an emporium in the game. What is different from Axie Infinity to other video games is the economy related to the blockchain, here players get rewards while playing, also known as “play to earn.” You can check out Axie Infinity pros and cons here.

Image credit: Axie Infinity

How to Play Axie Infinity

If you haven’t heard about Axie Infinity, here is how to get started. First of all, you have to know that all NFT games are currently an investment and have risks. The game is about two governance tokens, Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potions (SLP). The first is used to breed your Axies and the other is earned by playing the different modes of Axie Infinity gameplay.

Before you buy your Axies, you have to create an Ethereum wallet. ETH is the currency that Axie Infinity uses to buy Axies. The best Ethereum wallet for Axie Infinity is Metamask. Once you create your Metamask Wallet, you have to create a Ronin Wallet that allows you to move your ETH to the Marketplace of Axie Infinity.

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After you have your Metamask and Ronin Wallet, you can create your Axie Infinity account. You can add to your email and a password to your account, and then you can connect your account to your Metamask. To get started, you have to buy three Axies. Axies prices are around $200, so to get started, you have to invest approximately $600. When you have bought the Axies, you have to download the game and sync it with your account.

Now you have two possibilities:

  • Play on your mobile phone by scanning a QR code to sync it to your account.
  • Play on your desktop by downloading Mavis Hub and log in with your email and password.
Image credit: Axie Infinity

Understanding the Game Modes

Once you have downloaded the game, you have to sync your Axies to your account. After this, you have to create a team with your three Axies and choose the best side for each one. You have to know that, similar to Pokemon, there are classes of Axies that have a better performance against other Axies. You have to analyze what is better for you, but, in our experience, it is best to buy a Beast, Plant and Bird.

Axie Infinity gameplay has two game modes:

  • Adventure Mode (PvE)
  • Arena mode (PvP)

In each mode you can earn SLP, which is the currency of the game, and you can exchange in Binance or Uniswap. Every PvE or PvP consumes one point of energy. If you play PvE, your Axies can receive SLP and experience and level up to advance in the Adventure Mode. If you play PvP, you can also earn SLP for each game that you win. Every 24 hours you will have 20 points of energy.
When you consume all your energy, you can continue collecting SLP on PvE without exp. You have to know that every 24 you are able to get 75 SLP with the daily quests.

You will have to complete three quests to get earn the 75 SLP:

  • Daily Check in
  • Win 5 Arena Matches (PvP)
  • Complete 10 Adventure Mode levels (PvE)

Each Axie has 4 cards, and there are different types of abilities that you can combine. Each card costs one energy, and others have no cost. In PvE you will start with three energy, so you have to use it correctly. Each turn you will have two energy more, but be careful because there are Axie Infinity cards that destroy energy. The game is simple, you will battle with another player that has three Axies with different types and abilities and you have to beat each other.