How to Pick the Right Gaming Mouse

Gaming Mouse vs. Regular Mouse

In a world where a mouse has become the extension of a gamer’s hands on-screen, it is no surprise that every gamer will be on the search for the most convenient and efficient option.
We believe this is what makes a gaming mouse different from a regular one in the eyes of the average gamer.

Both mice have the same function and come in various shapes and styles. The big difference here is that most gaming mice come with additional built-in buttons, configurations, and a more suitable shape for in-game effectiveness and prolonged use. A firm grip goes a long way!

How to Pick the Right Gaming Mouse
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Understanding your Grip

The right mouse positioning and grip can go a long way in winning games. The keyword here is “convenience,” you want to be able to smoothly control your cursor over a long period without feeling sore. When finding the right grip, the size of your hands has a big part to play. People with smaller hands may often hold their mouse with a palm grip as the mouse easily fits in their palm.

Nevertheless, it is not required for the whole mouse to fit in your palm. This is why others may use the tip of their fingers while not fully resting their palm on the rest of the mouse in a claw grip.
Another major factor when it comes to grip is the shape of the mouse. Manufacturers have gotten very creative in producing mice of different shapes and sizes, and certain shapes might change the way a mouse rests on your palm.

You want a gaming mouse that doesn’t cause strain when you finally get that perfect grip, even after playing your favorite game for hours.

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Gaming Mouse Grip
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Different Types of Gaming Mice

We’ve come a long way in making gaming easier, and gaming mice come in different types suitable for a specific game genre.

Shooter Mice: The most common gaming mouse is the shooter mouse with the conventional mouse buttons and l two to three thumb buttons. This is your go-to if you are someone that spends a lot of time on FPS games.

“MMO” Mice: Massively multiplayer online games like Age of Empires and World of Warcraft come with a lot of skills and controls. Most MMO mice come with over nine thumb buttons, which come in handy when playing these games. They may have their cons in button sizes, but once you get used to them, you have the perfect button configuration literally at your fingertip.

Hybrid Mice: This mouse sits in the middle by offering the basic shooter mouse the advantage of a few additional buttons without straying too far. This is perfect for players who play a variety of games and just want something convenient.

Mobile/Portable Mice: A bonus on our list are portable mice, which is a gaming mouse perfect for players who move around with High-spec laptops.

Written by Echoga Emmanuel