VALORANT Voice Actors

VALORANT Agents and Voice Actors

VALORANT continues to grow and become more competitive with every release of a new agent. The game is popular on streaming platforms and has given room for even more esports tournaments. What makes VALORANT stand out is its gameplay mechanics and witty agents. Every VALORANT agent comes with an intriguing backstory, concept and a voice to further personalize their character. VALORANT voice actors have made it possible for each agent to have a fun and unique personality.

These actors give talented voice-overs that match the play styles of each VALORANT agent. Here is the list of actors behind each VALORANT agent voice over.

VALORANT Voice Actors
image credit: Riot Games

Brimstone – Steve Blum

Steve Blum voices the American ex-soldier Brimstone. In addition, Steve is very popular when it comes to voicing characters in video games. He has appeared in franchises such as Halo, Call of Duty and Warcraft. He has also received a Guinness World Record for the most video game voice acting credits. It was a great choice to give Brimstone a deep voice to match his character.

Viper – Ashly Burch

This toxic controller is voiced by Ashly Burch, a well-known voice actor across various games. Ashly has voiced iconic characters such as Tiny Tina in Borderlands and Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. She is an impressive pick for a VALORANT voice actor, making appearances in Saints Row, Fortnite and Life is Strange.

Omen – Jason Marnocha

Jason Marnocha is an excellent pick for Omen. Bringing that mysterious vibe, Jason has lived up to his name. He is a voice actor well-known from anime titles like One Punch Man, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Hunter x Hunter. Fans of World of Warcraft will also recognize the American voice actor as the dark prince, Renathal.

Astra – Effie Nkrumah

Australian-Ghanaian voice actor Effe Nkrumah voices Astra. A perfect fit for the Ghanaian-born galactic controller. Effe is an aspiring artist who promotes the Ghanaian culture and does poetry, comedy and other creative art forms.

Phoenix – Afolabi Alli

Afolabi Alli voices the London-based duelist. The famous “skrrra” is from Alli, who is well-known for his works in theatre. This includes Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet and The Merry Wives of Windsor.
Phoenix is a fiery agent with that U.K charm, and Afolabi Alli did a great job.

Jett – Shannon Arrum Williams

Shannon Arrum Williams voices the iconic lines from Jett. Shannon is a British-Korean K-pop star who became a voice actor. She is well suited as a VALORANT voice actor as she plays and streams VALORANT herself. Known to play Jett frequently, Shannon surprises teammates with renditions of Jett’s classic lines.

Reyna – Karina Altamirano

Reyna is voiced by Spanish voice actor Karina Altamirano. Although still relatively new as a voice actor, Karina voiced the soul-devouring agent perfectly. She has done Spanish voice over work for shows like One Piece and Dragon ball. In conclusion, she is also the voice behind Reyna in the Latin American version of VALORANT.

Raze – Carolina Ravassa

Carolina Ravassa voices Raze, the Brazilian duelist. Carolina’s most relevant work is performing as Taliana Martinez from G.T.A. V and Sombra from Overwatch. She hails from Columbia and voiced the playful agent quite well.

Yoru – Daisuke Takahashi

Not to be confused with the Olympic figure skater, Daisuke Takahashi is the VALORANT voice actor behind Yoru. Daisuke is a prominent voice in the anime community, having voiced characters in Devilman: Crybaby and Kuroko’s Basketball. Voicing Yoru was his first time in a gaming role.

Sova – Aaron Vodovoz

Aaron Vodovoz voices , the recon specialist, Sova. Aaron is a Russian who was born in the U.K and has no other credits in Video games.

Breach – David Menkin

Breach is voiced by the Norwegian actor David Menkin. Although Breach is Swedish, David does a great job voicing him. He is an experienced film, television and voice actor who has worked on various children shows. Furthermore, David has also appeared in action films such as Zero Dark Thirty and The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Skye – Miranda O’Hare

Miranda O’Hare voices the Australian eco-warrior. Miranda is an Australian writer/actress who has acted in several short films and television series. She streams VALORANT and is quite popular on TikTok.

KAY/O – Gabe Kunda

Gabe Kunda is the voice behind the robotic initiator KAY/O. Gabe’s voice was heavily edited to get that robotic feel. In addition, Gabe is known for numerous anime titles such as Attack on Titan, One Piece, Fairy Tail and many others.

Killjoy – Eva Feiler

Eva Feiler voices the German engineer bringing experience from various British series. This includes The Archers, Father Brown and the Netflix series The Crown. Eva Feiler is a VALORANT voice actor who perfectly embodies the personality of Killjoy.

VALORANT Voice Actors
image credit: Yahoo News Singapore

Cypher – Nabil Elouahabi

Nabil Elouahabi, the British-Moroccan, voice actor is the voice the Intel Operative Cypher.  Nabil has voiced different characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition. He became famous after his role in the British soap opera EastEnders.

Sage – Naomi Yang

Naomi Yang, a Beijing-born actress, voices the Chinese-born Protector, Sage. Yang has made appearances in movies and TV series like Mars and Brave New World. VALORANT was her first gaming role as a voice actor.

Written by Echoga Emmanuel