Choosing the Right Gaming Headset

Regardless of whether you are a PC gamer or a console player, having good audio always makes the gaming experience better, which every gamer wants. It doesn’t matter what kind of gamer you are; you’re going to want a good gaming headset.

No matter the type of game you are playing, having the correct headset is crucial. While there are many types to choose from, you need to get the right one for you. So how do you find it? Here is a breakdown of what you need to consider before picking out your ideal gaming headset.

Gaming Headset Wired or Wireless
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Determine the Right Platform

When purchasing the right gaming headset, the first thing you need is to get the right one for your console. Whether you’re playing on Playstation, Xbox, or even PC, headsets with a 3.5mm connection will generally work.

With that in mind, you also have to be wary of potential software restrictions. Surround sound support is a factor that comes to mind. Both the PlayStation and Xbox consoles only support a handful of gaming headsets capable of providing 7.1 surround sound.
If you’re using a gaming headset with 7.1 surround sound that’s not supported, it will still work. However, the audio will be in 2.0 stereo instead of 7.1 surround sound.

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Wired or Wireless

One of the most important choices in picking the right gaming headset is to stick with the classic wired or go with wireless. Both have their major pros and cons, but ultimately, it is up to you to make the right choice. Here is a list of those for both options:



  • Affordable
  • Plenty of options to choose
  • Much richer sound


  • Movement restriction
  • Can wear over time



  • Have the ability to be cross-platform
  • Able to move around
  • Stylish and functional


  • Price can push people away
  • Battery life, constantly having to charge

Make sure you get one that fits you and not any certain meta.

Gaming Headset Comfortability

The specifics of a headset are always important when considering the right gaming headset. There is no question about that. But arguably, one of the most important factors is how it feels on your head. If you’re going to be gaming all night or even just for a short while, you don’t want it to be super restricting.

Things to consider how comfortable a headset should be are:

  • Headband – The thicker the cushion, the more comfortable it will be. It can help relieve that pressure from your head, making it easier to wear longer.
  • Ear Cups – Three things to consider for the earcups, the shape, the material and the open or closed design. There are good options for any ear size.
  • Material – The material is always an important role for any headset. The ear cups are often covered with different fabrics or leather materials. In more expensive models, the ear cups have memory foam. All have their benefits. It just depends on you.
  • Weight – Nearly every style of headset will vary in weight. The longer you have one on, the heavier it may feel. It is always best practice to find lighter-weight ones so that you can game longer but not feel the strain of it.
Choosing the Right Gaming Headset
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Sound Reproduction Type

What makes a gaming headset good is the sound quality. You’re going to want to trust your ears and find the best style for your gaming needs. There are three different types of sound reproduction:

  • Stereo – A stereo headset picks up the sounds by distributing sound over just two audio channels. Stereo headsets have a simple 3.5 mm connection. In most cases, almost all games and multimedia work with a stereo headset.
  • Virtual Surround Sound – A gaming headset with 7.1 virtual surround sound uses software and algorithms to simulate seven sound channels. This means you hear much more precisely from which direction the sound comes. The problem with this is that not every console can support it.
  • Dimensional Sound – Techniques such as Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic use volume and frequency to place sound in the room with supported games and multimedia. Because of this, you also hear better if someone is above or below you. This is what makes them so good. The problem is not the consoles for this one; it comes down to the games. Not every game supports the technology.

Written by Michael Martinez