Best Team Jerseys in CS:GO

With the completion of the IEM Cologne 2021 where Natus Vincere managed to win with a resounding result in the final, here we leave you our top 7 of the best team jerseys in CS: GO of the competition.

Best Team Jerseys in CS:GO
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Simplicity makes greatness. MiBR has one of the best team jerseys in CS:GO with the classic black color with white letters, and it will always be attractive to everyone. The most interesting thing about the jersey are the yellow and green colors in the form of a stripe on the sleeves, representing the Brazilian flag. The jersey is not loaded with images, and each of its sponsors has the perfect place and size, which is why the jersey is on the list.

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#6 NaVi

Similar to MiBR, Natus Vincere has the classic black jersey with the white letters. What makes NaVi’s jersey better is that it is designed by Puma.
After winning the championship in the IEM Cologne 2021 tournament, a lot of fans want to buy their jersey.

The other thing that compliments the Natus Vincere jersey is the yellow stripe on the sides, which highlights the traditional team colors.
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#5 Astralis

Astralis combines the typical black jersey with gray tones throughout. What stands out is the presence of a star that represents the logo of the team on all the jerseys with different tones, which is why it is ranked over MiBR and NaVi. The strip of arrows on the sleeve of the jersey on the team sponsors adds another nice detail. Fans can also check the bottom of the jersey for the official sticker to make sure it is authentic.

#4 OG

The OG jersey features a V-neck design with an elegant style that provides greater comfort, especially in hot weather. We have personally worn this jersey and can vouch for its comfortable design.
The jersey also features a bull, representing the team’s partnership with Red bull, which covers almost the entire jersey. What makes OG’s jersey unique is the two aegis it has above the team’s logo that represent OG’s two victories at “The International.”

#3 G2 Esports

G2 Esports is sponsored by Adidas and has an excellent jersey with guaranteed quality. What stands out the most from the design are the orange and white stripes on the front of the jersey, forming an X intersection where the team’s logo can be seen. All the sponsors are clearly visible on the jersey. Also, the jersey’s have their traditional Hashtag on the bottom, establishing the authenticity of each jersey.

#2 Faze Clan

Faze Clan has the typical number on the back that makes the player feel like a sports player. This is an uncommon feature on an esports jersey. What makes the jersey cool are the red and black colors in a military-like style with team colors at the bottom of the jersey.

#1 Team Liquid

Team Liquid will always have the best team jersey in CS:GO, in every season, event and tournament. The organization has several jerseys, each with a specific detail. This is why they are the best, because we always expect a better jersey each season. The partnership with Marvel also makes the Team Liquid jerseys the best in the world. The CS:GO team usually shows us the classic white Jersey with the typical horse in a Deep blue color.

Written by Renato Valladares