Wave Esports Committed to Quality to Build the Brand

We connected with Ludwig Kainz, Chief Operating Officer for Wave Esports, to discuss esports in Austria, their recent Red Bull partnership, and much more. The goal is to provide high-quality performance and entertainment. Quality is the foundation of the organization, which leads its merchandising strategy.

Wave Esports
image credit: Wave Esports

JustGamers: What is Wave Esports?

Ludwig Kainz: Wave Esports is an esports organization founded in 2019 in Vienna. We aim to be the lifestyle brand from the German region that’s building the bridge between esports and entertainment. Thanks to large successes in Fortnite we have quickly built an engaged European fanbase. Furthermore, we expanded into Valorant and League of Legends.

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JustGamers: What does the esports scene look like in Austria?

Ludwig Kainz: The Austrian esports scene is pretty underdeveloped and strictly happening on a local level. Esports is not as accepted as in other European countries, and there is only a handful of top-level players. Some efforts have been made to move things in a better direction on the political side, but so far, it has been very superficial. In general, I’m rather pessimistic about Austria, as we are too small to be relevant, and the public mindset is pretty conservative here.

JustGamers: Can you tell us about the Red Bull partnership so far?

Ludwig Kainz: Red Bull is our second major partner so far. After Logitech G, who has shown incredible support so far, we partnered up with one of Austria’s largest companies and brands which was a huge milestone. Red Bull has an incredible name and infrastructure in the esports scene. We hope to work closely with them on the IRL events side once the COVID situation has improved. It’s nice for us to not have to worry about energy drinks wherever we go.

JustGamers: What’s next for Wave Esports?

Ludwig Kainz: Besides growing our business side with our first investment round and ongoing sponsor talks, we have plenty of projects coming up. Very soon we are going to release our second apparel drop. A rebrand is in the works, and some super high-quality content from our latest boot camp should come out soon. Of course, we are constantly working on developing and polishing our professional teams. There is lots of work for everyone in Wave, but we don’t mind it since we are all driven by passion.

Written by Cody Daniels