Top Fortnite Streamers

Fortnite was the break-out battle royale sensation to end all others – free-to-play, the brightly-coloured shooter took the world by storm and amassed a huge following of both players and esports pros. While Fortnite never much took off as an esport, there are still some fans that enjoy Fortnite betting… and even more than that, they enjoy betting on streamers.

In addition to casual players, streamers make up a big part of why the game is so hugely popular. Most of the top Fortnite streamers are on one of two platforms – Twitch and YouTube. Both have pretty big followings, however despite recent issues with Twitch, it still remains the number one platform. In many cases streamers are active and have profiles on both, rather than just one of the two platforms.

The Top Fortnite Streamers on Twitch


Perhaps the best-known of all Fortnite streamers, Richard Tyler Blevins is popular both on Twitch and YouTube. With tens of thousands of views of each stream, he is synonymous with the term ‘top Fortnite streamer’. Recently, amidst some controversy, he has left Twitch for the new streaming platform Mixer, where he continues to be active. The Microsoft-owned service Mixer struggles to keep up with the bigger Twitch and YouTube, but it is gaining a following – in no small part because of Ninja’s Fortnite streams.

Twitter @Ninja


Lannan Eacott is an Australian YouTuber well-known for both his Fortnite streams and memes. He has achieved more than 3 billion views on Twitch June this year and is therefore one of the platforms most impressive streamers. As far as top Fortnite streamers go, LazarBeam is both a fan-favourite and a very skilled player.

Twitter @LazarBeamYT


This Sydney-based streamer started out streaming Team Fortress 2, but has since moved over to Fortnite, along with his roughly 8 million subscribers, and continues to do very well there. While not in a league with Ninja or Tfue, he is one of the more skilled top Fortnite streamers on Twitch.

Facebook @mrmuselk

The Top Fortnite Streamers on YouTube


Ali Kabbani or TSM_Myth has more then 4.6 million followers on Twitch. He’s considered not just one of the top streamers, but also one of the top builders in the world. In addition to his game streams on YouTube, he also posts vlogs about his daily life and events he attends. As his name indicates, he is part of TSM.

Twitter @TSM_Myth


Tfue is currently considered one of if not THE best Fortnite player on the planet. In addition to being popular in his streams, he also regularly does very well in competitions and during his own playtime. Known for his relatively silent streams, he focuses on breaking records and playing well.



Timothy John Betar or TimTheTatman is an American streamer with both a Youtube and Twitch presence. Given that he also creates content outside of playing Fortnite, YouTube is definitely the streamer’s stronger platform. He’s known for his fun approach and interaction with fans during his streams.

Twitter @timthetatman