NiP CSGO slots game – Betway CSGO slots review

Betway are one of the biggest online gambling brands in Europe. While they cover everything from sports bets and casino games to esports odds, they have just released a Betway online slot that blurs the line between these online gambling entertainments.

This is because Betway now allow their customers to play a NiP CSGO slots game that is based on the classic Counter Strike team Ninjas in Pyjamas. Although this might sound like a weird clash between esports and casino gaming, it could offer you a great way to get the best of both worlds.

So be sure to take the time to check out our Betway CS:GO slot review to see why you should play NiP CSGO slots.

What is the NiP slots game?

Our Betway CSGO slot review has found that this is a pretty standard slots game that merely features the likeness of the Ninjas in Pyjamas logo alongside many motifs from the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (check out our CSGO betting and Betway review pages).

If you are new to slots gaming, then you might be wondering how to play the NiP CSGO slots game. But simply put, it’s just like playing a classic one-armed bandit where you pull the lever and then try and get the symbols on the reels to line up to give you a winning result.

The NiP CSGO slots game features five reels and nine paylines. The 45-coin slot machine features graphics from the Counter Strike game that you have to match up to try and get some winnings.

Different symbols like bomb sites and weapon classes have different values, and the Ninjas in Pyjamas symbol represents the wildcard or multiplier. This means that if you manage to land the Ninjas in Pyjamas logo on a payline, then it can double the payout of any winning combination. There is also the bomb icon that acts as a scatter symbol.

All online slots games have varying payout rates, and our Betway CSGO slot review found that the NiP CSGO slot had a return-to-player ratio of 96.10%. This is a pretty fair payout ratio, and it shows that even a newcomer to slots gaming could stand a good chance of making some decent winnings here.

You should be able to play the Ninjas in Pyjamas slots game via the Betway website on a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Don’t forget that Betway also have an excellent casino gaming app that is available for iOS and Android devices.

Key points of the NiP CSGO slots game

  • Five reels
  • Nine paylines
  • 45 coin slot machine
  • 96.10% Return to player ratio
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas logo represents wildcards

Verdict of the Betway online slot

It’s clear that Betway have created their Ninjas in Pyjamas slots game to cater specifically to esports fans. Most gamers would probably head to their PCs to play Counter Strike rather than take up an old-fashioned game like slots, so it’s an interesting move from this popular online betting site.

Some experienced slots fans might find the CSGO slot game a little simplistic. The lack of nudges or mini-games like bonus rounds may mean that the NiP slot game could get a little repetitive after a while.

However, we found that it offer an easy-going way to try and get a winning combination across nine paylines. The different angles of the paylines means that you can get a win in the most unlikely of ways with the Ninjas in Pyjamas slot.

Above all, the Counter Strike slot game is good fun for anybody with an interest in this classic first-person shooter. The icons of bomb-kits and guns will be instantly recognisable to anybody who’s ever played CSGO, and it’s nice to see how the Counter Strike franchise has finally entered the world of casino gaming.

If you aren’t into esports, then there is probably little chance that you will bother playing the Ninjas in Pyjamas slot game. However, this could be a mistake as we found that it was a simple and straightforward game that has a pretty good payout ratio. So regardless of whether you love or hate Ninjas in Pyjamas, then be sure to check out this Betway online slot game for a great way to win big.

A quick word about the Betway casino bonus

We’ve hopefully shown that the NiP slot game can give you a good chance to make some decent winnings. However, it’s also worth mentioning that there’s nothing like a casino bonus for boosting your potential profits.

Betway have a great casino bonus on for new customers at the moment that can give you up to £250 extra to play with. This offer is only available for customers who have never created a Betway account before, and you will need to opt-in to the promotion.

It’s a deposit match deal which means that as long as your first deposit is over £20 and was made with one of the permitted payment methods, then Betway will match the amount by 100% up to £250. You will have to comply with the 50x wagering conditions, but it could easily give you much more to bet with when you play the Ninjas in Pyjamas slot game. Terms and conditions apply, 18+.

Why would Betway feature a CSGO slot game?

Betway have cleverly brought together casino gaming and esports through the creation of the Ninjas in Pyjamas slots game. Betway are one of the most innovative brands in the online gambling scene, and they have been at the forefront of pushing through some interesting changes since they started operations in 2006.

Nowhere is this better seen than in the way that Betway rushed to embrace the competitive gaming phenomenon. Betway was one of the first major betting sites to take esports betting seriously, and they now feature a massive range of competitive odds on top esports like Counter Strike Global Offensive, League of Legends, Rainbow 6, Dota 2, Overwatch, StarCraft 2 and King of Glory.

In order to ensure that their brand name became commonly equated with esports betting, Betway have launched several high-profile sponsorship deals with big competitive gaming organisations.

These have seen CSGO teams like MIBR and Dota 2 organisations such as PSG.LGD teaming up with Betway, as well as esports tournaments like ESL and the BLAST Pro Series.


Betway’s close relationship with Ninjas in Pyjamas

Betway’s partnership with Ninjas in Pyjamas sent shockwaves through the esports scene. Ninjas in Pyjamas were well known as being one of the best Counter Strike Global Offensive teams in the world, and Betway teamed up with the Swedish esports organisation in 2016.

The deal saw Betway branding appearing on Ninjas in Pyjamas jerseys and facilities, and the esports team reportedly earned a seven-figure sum as a result of the partnership.

Betway also benefited from the deal that gave them content usage rights and player access. This meant that the betting site could freely use images of Ninjas in Pyjamas on their promotional campaigns, and so it was only natural that we would see a NiP slots game appearing on the Betway site sooner or later.

Takeaways from our Betway CSGO slot review

The Betway Ninjas in Pyjamas slot game may just seem like a fun and simple casino game, but it marks an interesting change in the way that esports is presented.

It’s fairly common to find casino slot games that are licensed to use the likenesses of many big film and TV shows. Recently, there have been slots games based on anything from Jurassic Park to Game of Thrones. But the fact that there is now a slot game that’s based on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive shows that the worlds of casino games and esports are starting to get closer together.

Esports is often thought to be purely the preserve of teenage boys, but recent reports have stated that the average age of an esports fan is actually closer to 31. Plus revenues from traditional casino games have been plummeting recently, and many of the most famous casinos in Las Vegas are now trying to cater to a younger generation by featuring esports tournaments.

As a result, it’s not too much of a surprise to find that Betway would eventually release a slot game based upon their biggest esports signing. There will be plenty of gamers who come to Betway to bet on esports as a result of their NiP sponsorship, and more than a few of them would be willing to take a spin on the Ninjas in Pyjamas slots game.

This shows us just how important branding has become in the esports world. Team names like Fnatic, Astralis and Ninjas in Pyjamas are now capable of bringing in huge merchandising revenues, and we expect that there will be plenty of projects between casinos and esports emerging in the future.

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