Google Stadia vs PlayStation

The fact that Google is looking to get into cloud gaming isn’t exactly newsworthy. The multi-billion dollar tech giant announced its video game streaming service – Google Stadia – as early as May 2019, and so far, there’s been no evidence of it going back on its word. But how does this product compare to an existing game streaming service like PlayStation Now? Find the answer in our quick Google Stadia vs PlayStation breakdown!

Concepts, Costs, and Performance

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Google Stadia is an upcoming cloud gaming service created by… well, Google. The service is all-digital, so you will need an internet connection of at least 10 Mbps (although Google advises 35 Mbps for the best possible experience) to run it. Company representatives claim that the service will be able to stream modern games with a 4K resolution and a refresh rate of 60 frames per second while supporting features like HDR and 5.1 surround sound. For now, the game library includes 31 titles, although it’s expected to grow, as more developer warm up to the concept.

Google Stadia will be available on all sorts of devices, including desktop computers, TV screens, tablets, and even smartphones. The only thing you’ll need is a Google Stadia controller to connect to the service’s data centers. From then on out, it’s smooth sailing—at least, according to Google. The company also promises innovative features like having the ability to launch a game right after watching its trailer or following it on your favorite live stream.

The cost of using Google Stadia is $69 for the controller (or $129 if you’re buying Founder’s Edition). You can also pay an optional $9.99 monthly subscription fee to gain access to a larger selection of games, 4K resolution, 5.1 surround sound, and occasional freebies. Keep in mind that you’ll have to purchase most games to experience them on Stadia. In short, Google makes a very strong case for itself in the Google Stadia vs PlayStation battle. Still, it’s important to remember that Stadia is a work in progress.


PlayStation Now is an existing cloud gaming service by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The service is partly digital, and you’ll need an internet connection of at least 5 Mbps to stream games through it. It’s worth noting that most PlayStation Now users advise having a stronger internet connection to get the most out of this service. You also have the option to download certain games if you don’t want your experience to depend on your internet connection. Another thing to note is that PlayStation Now is capable of streaming games with a 4K resolution and a refresh rate of 60 frames per second. At the moment, the game library has a little over 750 titles, but it’s still growing to this day.

PlayStation Now is aimed at PC and PlayStation 4 owners. With that, you won’t have much luck using Sony’s cloud gaming service on other devices. The cost of using PlayStation Now is $399 for the PlayStation 4 console. You will also need to pay a mandatory $19.99 monthly subscription fee that grants you unlimited access to Sony’s game library. Oh, and you can cut your expenses by purchasing a yearly subscription for $99.99.

The biggest advantage PlayStation Now has in the Google Stadia vs PlayStation standoff is that it’s already available to customers. The game library is much larger too. Combine that with the fact that you can try out the service with a free 7-day trial, and Sony makes a very compelling argument for itself.

Google Stadia vs PlayStation: Which is Better for Cloud Gaming?

The short answer is hard to tell. Both sides of the Google Stadia vs PlayStation debate have their strengths and weakness. If you want to have the best possible gaming experience right here and now, it’s clear that you should go with PlayStation. The massive game library consisting of acclaimed hits and exclusives already makes this prospect quite lucrative, and the fact that you don’t need to buy each game individually is the icing on top of the cake.

And even if your internet connection isn’t up to par, you can always download PlayStation games and play them offline. Just remember that PlayStation 5 is on the horizon, so buying a PS4 isn’t exactly a long-term investment.

Meanwhile, Google Stadia is a bet on a brighter future. If you’re willing to wait and see whether Google has what it takes to create all-digital cloud gaming, the service certainly shows a lot of promise. After all, Stadia is portable, innovative, and very easy-to-use. The only question is whether the hardware and bandwidth are there to support it.

The average internet speed across the world was 9.1 Mbps in 2018, which is still lower than Google Stadia’s minimum threshold of 10 Mbps. Moreover, the numerous attempts to create all-digital cloud gaming services have flopped in the past, and while Google has more resources than most gaming companies, the issues it faces are largely the same.

As for our personal opinion on the Google Stadia vs PlayStation battle, they say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. So for now, we’re leaning towards PlayStation.

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