A Nightmare on Elm Street Game – Only in our nightmares!

Haunting our nightmares since 1984, but why isn’t there a Nightmare on Elm Street game?  

As one of the most terrifying horror characters to ever slash his way across our screens, the image of Freddy Krueger is one that you just can’t forget. Beginning in 1984, the Nightmare on Elm Street movie series filled our screens, and our nightmares, with a classic slasher character who could kill you in your dreams, a hideously disfigured serial killer in his red and black stripes, slashing his way through his victims with razor gloved hands.

Since that first movie, Freddy has slashed his way through nine Nightmare on Elm Street movies, a TV series, comic books, novels, and plenty of merchandise. But as for a Nightmare on Elm Street game, there’s been precious little Freddy gaming action over the years. And that really is a true nightmare!

a nightmare on elm street

Someone as difficult to kill as Freddy will, almost inevitably, make his way back to haunt our nightmares again at some point, and along with any new movie or TV version, you can guarantee we’ll finally get to see the amazing Nightmare on Elm Street game for PS4 or Xbox we all want. Until then, we’ll just have to dream… or should that be have nightmares?

The nightmares are real … the surprisingly short history of Freddy Krueger games

Incredibly, in the heyday of Freddie Krueger filling our nightmares, there were just two Nightmare on Elm Street video game releases, both from 1989. The first Freddy Krueger game was for the Commodore 64 and IBM PC, with gameplay from the Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors movie. The other was a Nintendo release, Nightmare on Elm Street game NES. If you’re looking for either of these, they’ll set you back a pretty penny on Ebay or you can find both a Nightmare on Elm Street games online at retro gaming sites.

As for a more modern game with Freddy Krueger, it’s strange to us that there aren’t that many, given how iconic a character old Freddy is. He made an appearance in 2011’s Mortal Kombat 9 but only in the PSVITA and Komplete Edition but that was hardly what you could call a proper Nightmare on Elm Street game.

And that, fellow Freddy fans, is almost all there is! There have been a few app games we’ve seen, all unofficial and not worth even calling a Nightmare on Elm Street game proper! There’s even a tribute game with Freddy Krueger, a simple RPG called Freddy’s Back.

Dead by Daylight Nightmare on Elm Street game – a glimpse of what could be!

Finally, in 2016, we actually got a game with Freddy Krueger that delivered the terror we’d been looking for all those years! Sadly, it wasn’t a full Nightmare on Elm Street video game, but was a special Freddy Krueger game as a special downloadable content for the Dead by Daylight game, released in 2016 from 505 Games & Behaviour Digital for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Played as part of Dead by Daylight, the downloadable content game with Freddy Krueger features the killer with the razor-sharp claws on a new map for the game, together with a new survivor, the sleepwalker who knows he dare not fall into the dream world because Freddy really is coming to get him! In the game, Freddy comes with three extra features, a fire up bonus that ups your speed and power, a remember me feature to open the gates to dream for longer, and a blood warden feature stopping survivors escaping your terrifying claws!

The Dead by Daylight Nightmare on Elm Street game is as good a Freddy game as you can get, with the Dead by Daylight game itself the videogaming equivalent of a great slasher horror movie, atmospheric, tense, and addictive. And the addition of Freddy was a completely natural and quite brilliant thing to do and fits in perfectly to the gameplay of Dead by Daylight. Unfortunately, it’s just a glimpse of what a proper Nightmare on Elm Street game could be – we just want more Freddy!

Looking for a great Freddy Krueger game? You’ll love this Nightmarish slot game!

The one place you can find a new Freddy Krueger game is online, where you can play the Nightmare on Elm Street slot game.

You’ll find the Freddy Krueger slot game in all its shockingly smooth gaming glory at all the best online casino sites, including the excellent 888 casino, where it’s playable on desktop or the mobile apps for Apple and Android devices.

As you’d expect, the Nightmare on Elm Street slot game has all the look of an absolute nightmare, but the game itself is a dream to play! You play across 5 reels with 30 paylines, looking for the Freddy Krueger wild, the 3 bonus symbols that activate the Never Sleep Again bonus, and best of all, this is one time you’ll be glad to see Freddy’s claws, as 5 claw symbols trigger a horrifyingly generous 30 free spins!

And all the while, looming large in the background, is our favourite man in the red and black striped jumper, accompanied by some suitable traumatising music to haunt your nightmares long after you’ve finished playing the Freddy Krueger slot game! But, hopefully, you’ll have made a terrifying amount of cash to turn this particular nightmare into a dream win!

Nightmare on Elm Street slot game

The biggest Nightmare of them all – no Freddy Krueger game!

Despite Freddy Krueger being one of the most genuinely terrifying characters we’ve ever seen in movies, it’s scary to think that there’s not a single complete Nightmare on Elm Street game in the modern age. Why? We honestly have no idea.
The online Nightmare on Elm Street slot is excellent and seeing Freddy Krueger featuring in the Nightmare on Elm Street downloadable content add on to the Dead by Daylight game gives us a glimpse of just how incredibly good a proper Nightmare on Elm Street game could be!

But rest assured, we’re always looking for new Nightmare on Elm Street news, because someone as scary as Freddy really shouldn’t be in videogaming limbo! And one thing’s for sure; as soon as there’s any news on the Nightmare on Elm Street video game that we all want to see happen, you’ll hear about it here at Justgamers! Because when it comes to Freddy Krueger gaming, that’s a nightmare we’d love to have!