Fortnite: Most Wanted special event is live to offer various rewards

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Most Wanted, a special Fortnite event, is now live. Launched after the v23.40 update in Fortnite Chapter 4: Season 1, players can earn various rewards by unlocking Cold Blooded Vaults and participating in the Most Wanted Quests during the limited-time event.

This event started on February 14 and will end on February 28, meaning that players have two weeks to win all of these rewards.

Cold Blooded Vaults

Players can find Cold Blooded Vaults in Brutal Bastion, Shattered Slabs and Faulty Splits throughout the event. These vaults contain exotic weapons that are only available during the event.

Heisted Breacher Shotgun helps players destroy builds easily, while Heisted Explosive Assault Rifle fires projectiles. Then, Heisted Accelerant Shotgun boosts movement speed and fire rate. Heisted Run ‘N’ Gun SMG infuses players with self-reloads and Slap while sprinting. Lastly, Heisted Blink Mag SMG gives Zero Dash ability after reloading.

Opening a Vault requires a keycard, which players can obtain by defeating a boss stationed near the Vault. Players can identify the right boss by checking whether they have a massive health bar.

Players are suggested to unlock as many Cold Blooded Vaults as to climb the leaderboards. There will be additional rewards for top players starting on February 16, including Live to Ride Spray and Retro Rivals Wrap.

Most Wanted Quests

There are five Most Wanted Quests to participate in — Intel & Recon, Going In Loud, Going In Quiet, Cracking The Vault and Clean Getaway. The Intel & Recon quest already began with the launch of the event, while a new quest will pop up every two days.

Each quest comprises several challenges. There are a total of nine challenges in the first quest. The challenges include purchasing weapons from Ace’s Armory vending machines or Ace’s Exotics, inflicting damages on opponents with Exotics and unvaulted weapons and searching through cash registers or safes.

These challenges have varying degrees of difficulty and different amounts of Infamy points. Players will receive a Cold Blooded Medallion by completing these challenges.

One of the challenges in the Intel & Recon quest is raising the player’s Heat Level, which is a new mechanic introduced for the event. The player’s Heat Level determines how visible they are to the enemies because a higher Heat Level makes them show up more often on the minimap.

Heat Level can be increased by doing actions that will make the player more notorious, including stealing loot, attacking the Cold Blooded members and inflicting more damage to opponents.

At Heat Level 1, eliminated opponents will drop extra bars. Players in Heat Level 2 will see a movement speed boost of 15 percent and the ability to regenerate up to 100 health after combat.

Heat Level 3 players will have a 20 percent increase in movement speed, the ability to regain up to 100 health and 50 shields after a fight. At the top level, Heat Level 4, the movement speed will increase by 25 percent and players can regain up to 100 health and 100 shields after combat.

The boost will help players defeat more opponents. However, players must be prepared to face enemies because a high Heat Level helps opponents locate them a lot easier.

Players can trade their Infamy points with various interesting cosmetics like Escapees Weapon Wrap, The Heat Is On Loading Screen and Gold Blooded Ace Skin. To obtain Solid Skull Back Bling skin, however, players must collect five Cold Blooded Medallions. It means that players have to complete every single challenge in all of the quests to get the prize skin.

Alternatively, players can unlock all of these cosmetics — including the skin — for 1,800 V-Bucks (around $14).

Players can check out the quests by visiting the Quests Menu. The Infamy points and rewards trackers are available on the Most Wanted tab in the main lobby.