Forgotten Chain: Play-to-Earn Crypto MMORPG & Functional NFTs

Forgotten Chain is a particularly ambitious blockchain game that promises players a whole new experience in the way of crypto gaming – wrapped up in the guise of an RPG game. Players take on one of four playable character classes: Knight, Assassin, Warlock or Mage. Characters aren’t NFTs, but just about everything else is. That’s because Forgotten Chain is an NFT game.

What are NFT games? A type of blockchain-based game that relies on NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. That means they are unique assets that are owned by the player, not the game publisher. Once an NFT has been minted, it is up to the new owner what to do with it – they can use it in a game or sell it, or just hold on to it. The game creators can’t take it away from them for any reason.

Image credit: Forgotten Chain

In the case of Forgotten Chain, there are a lot of different NFTs – all items, mounts, pets, and the land that users can build their homes on are NFTs. That means they are tradeable and have real value on the blockchain. Along with that also comes a custom token – Ember! That’s the crypto token that is used as currency in Forgotten Chain. The whole thing is built on the Binance Smart Chain, making it affordable and fast to transfer, buy and sell assets between users.

A Transparent MMO

Forgotten Chain will use a supply transparency system – each user will have the option of looking at their NFTs to see their rarity which will be displayed in the form of a ‘X out of 500’ type format. No more than 500 or however many it is, will ever be circulated or produced. This way, rarity is ensured by controlling the supply.

As for the game itself, Forgotten Chain will be an MMORPG. That’s, so far, a relatively unusual genre of crypto games – and it goes hand in hand with the tall promises that Forgotten Chain has been making! Users will pick a champion, a kingdom to fight for, a weapon, mount and pet, and off they go into the wide world of Forgotten Chain, where they can explore, fight, mine, refine, fish and craft just like in any other MMO.

Image credit: Forgotten Chain

One of the things that make Forgotten Chain stand out is the promise of some top-tier graphics – gameplay footage shows a relatively sophisticated art style reminiscent of previous Elder Scroll titles, with a bit of cute chibi art and relatively realistic animals mixed in.

Players can do just about all the things you’d expect in an MMO – including forming guilds, settling on a piece of land, and so on. At the same time, users who own resources such as land can watch it throw off revenue for them, and the more people interact with their land, for example, the more they can expect to earn. Land is split into three categories – Battle Land, Villages and Cities. Each of these has a different size, value and of course use, such as hosting businesses and events – and even players who don’t own any will be able to travel around on them and make use of the facilities there… provided the owner lets them and they can afford the fees of course!