Forest Knight Review: Play-to-Earn Crypto Game

The PC and Android-based game Forest Knight is one of several up-and-coming play-to-earn, NFT and crypto games that are taking the gaming world by storm! NFT games are a type of crypto game where gameplay itself is based on some player-owned assets called NFTs. These can take the shape of characters, weapons, real estate and more, all in the form of a blockchain-based item. In the case of Forest Knight, there is Land, Pets, Equipment, Skins and more.

Additionally, the game utilises a unique crypto token – $KNIGHT – that is used to pay for certain things in the game, such as crafting or building things. In addition to being ‘just’ a game, Forest Knight also offers various investment tools to its users, all centred around the $KNIGHT token, such as a Staking system, NFT Merging, and more. Eventually down the line, there will also be a governance DAO system implemented that will allow users to have a vote on what should happen with the future of the game.

All of this is presented in a cutesy toon art style that features bright, bold colours and unique chibi-like designs for the different heroes that users can hire.

Image credit: Forest Knight

The Game

On the gaming side of things, users can expect much the same they might from any RPG or MMO – equipment, classes, skins, guilds, city-building and an arena mode. Much of this isn’t around yet, as the game is still actively in development and new features still need to be added. As for the gameplay itself, it’s actually a turn-based strategy game, and users can play on both mobile and PC.

Players can explore, fight, loot and compete with other players for the top spots of the leaderboards.

Forest Knight crypto game

Battles are split into levels where users have to fight through stages before advancing to the next one, all the while upgrading their knights with new equipment, or hiring new knights along the way – this, of course, is part of the NFT angle of the game, as that stuff is available as user-owned NFTs.

When it comes to crypto games, there is a lot of competition at the moment, with plenty of new and ambitious games aiming to take their corner of the market. Forest Knight has a decent chance at being one of the best play-to-earn games out there as it offers something not many do – mobile gameplay! A lot of crypto games are based on PC exclusively, so there is still a lot of room for new multi-platform or mobile games to swoop in and establish themselves early.

Image credit: Forest Knight


Forest Knight took inspiration from several different games – among them are Heroes, Clash Royal, Brutal Age, Yu-gi-oh, Chess, and even Genshin Impact. That’s a lot of beloved franchises to live up to – and a long way to go for the game. Currently, players can both download a copy of the game via the official website and read the creatively titled ‘Knightpaper’ aka the whitepaper on the game.

There, you can find additional details on the plan the creators have for their game, including details about game features, future plans, and the competitive elements of Forest Knights, and also the investment aspects of the game, such as renting NFTs, staking yields, and of course the Ethereum backend.

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