Pet Games: New NFT Game Built on the Binance Smart Chain

Pet Games is an ambitious mix of Pokemon and NFT gaming – at least that’s how they describe themselves. They certainly have some pretty similar features, including adorable creatures on top of, well, not-so-adorable ones. Like most NFT or blockchain games, Pet Games is play-to-earn meaning that by way of crypto, users can earn money while they play the game and collect the NFTs.

If you’re wondering what NFT gaming is – it’s a type of game where users actually own their digital assets. Unlike in traditional video games where the developers keep ownership of everything even if the user pays for in-game content, NFTs actually belong to the player. That means that the assets themselves can’t ever be taken away from the people who buy them, though they can sell them for any amount they want to.

This new type of gaming offers a whole different dynamic for both gamers and game creators. Pet Games is one of quite a lot of crypto games that use the play-to-earn approach, letting users earn crypto as a reward for playing. In the case of this game, the reward is earned in the form of the token $PETG.

Image credit: Pet Games


In Pet Games, gamers will be tasked with fighting different monsters – different difficulty settings mean different amounts of rewards and winning odds of course. The players’ own monsters will be there as well of course. Players will need to have 1, 3 or 5 pets to participate. Each pet will have its own attributes – and users can do more than just fight.

They can also be used to farm, where users manage a piece of land, players can grow their stuff according to what they want to raise and sell – ideally for a profit. Pet Games features a series of game elements, including a marketplace where users can buy and sell different things – and things like a lucky wheel that’ll give players the chance to win PETG and other rewards.

Beyond that, players also have the option of training their pets, either alone or with other players’ pets as well. Training them means that they’ll perform better in actual battles, increasing their owner’s chances of beating their opponents in a fight, thus earning them higher rewards for their efforts.

The NFTs in Pet Games

Unsurprisingly, the NFTs the game centres around are the creatures and pets that players can collect. They have different aspects and elements, including Fire, Water, Metal, Wood, Earth and ‘All’. Beyond that, they have an assigned scarcity value that affects their monetary value as well – and it determines things like how often a pet can fight and how fast it levels up. Then there are the levels that players can reach – 8 in total, each with their own exp threshold that players can increase by fighting and winning various daily battles.

The pets’ stats, scarcity and evolution level all feature into what a player will receive for winning a battle, making it more rewarding to win with higher quality creatures and collect as well as train better ones.