Farmers World: First NFT-Based Game to Focus on Farming

Farmers World is a rather popular crypto game that has managed to draw well over 150k players to its ranks. That makes it one of the bigger play-to-earn games out there – and it still has a ways to go. Crypto games that pay are a new fad – they allow players to have fun while earning some genuine cash.

It’s an NFT game that utilises player-owned resources called NFTs in order to populate the game. Farmers World is a relatively unique one in the market, with a plethora of features such as Mining, Breeding, Building, Cultivation and more – in other words, plenty to keep players busy. They can even encounter and fight wild animals that threaten the players farms.

The Token: $GOLD

Like all NFT games, there is a token underlying the Farmers World game – $GOLD. It’s used to pay for certain things in-game, and users can mine more of it in the game’s mining feature, before using it to craft items and equipment for themselves. Animals like cows and chickens as well as crops can be bought, raised, and bred/farmed, just like on a real farm – and all of this has a play-to-earn element to it that allows users to make a profit off their farms and NFTs – though not quite as much as a real farm might bring its owner!

Image credit: Farmers World

The main focus is still the game – and there, Farmers World definitely excels, putting a new spin on an old genre we’ve all known since Farmville took over Facebook so long ago. There are quite a lot of similarities, though the crypto backdrop does make the game a relatively unique experience.

Recently, new features like buildings were added to the game – users need to build up sustainable barns so they can keep, raise and breed their cattle. Once they have a barn, they can get started with their very own pair of cattle!

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NFTs in Farmers World

As for the NFTs the game uses, just about anything can be an NFT. From equipment like chainsaws to fishing boats or even mining excavators, there’s no shortage of cool stuff for players to own. Animals, buildings and more are NFTs as well – even the milk that you get from milking dairy cows can be an NFT, as can the eggs that your chickens lay. The game has a varied set of NFTs that even distinguish between a creature’s age and gender, giving you, for example, a young calf, or a bull and a dairy cow to choose from for your farm.

Image credit: Farmers World

That makes the whole experience customisable, which is one of the cool features you can find in all of the best play-to-earn games out there. Each player has their own unique experience that allows them to enjoy the game the way they please – plus in the case of Farmers World, the game also has the advantage of looking quite cute, as the developers opted for a cute cartoony art style for their project!