Metalands: Action-Packed P2E FPS Game

Metalands promises to give something relatively unusual – it allows users to enjoy an FPS game hosted on the Blockchain. While there are lots of blockchain games by now, some genres are more popular than others – and few have attempted FPS games! The format isn’t necessarily ideal for an NFT game, and yet a few ambitious projects are trying it! Metalands is one of them. In their case, the central NFTs come in the form of weapons.

Users can own, use and trade weapons and their skins that they own as NFTs – and the game also has some support functionality for NFTs from other projects in that users can import NFTs they own as artwork into their ‘bunker’ or main menu.

Image credit: Metalands

The whole thing can be designed by the player, they can add and remove things as well as just moving furniture – and as of the Metalands Alpha Launch, more and more features and attributes are being added and made available.

Users will have the option of crafting as well – there, they can combine blueprints, resources and crypto earned through gameplay in order to make new assets, including weapons, furniture and other tac gear. You can then either use them or trade them away on the secondary marketplace. If you decide to deck out your bunker you can also invite other players and host events in yours – a pleasant change from the normal goal of shooting each other, that’s for sure!

Metalands upwork

More than a game

This game will include other things we’re more used to from other genres, such as clans or guilds, alliances and more. You can even build multiple different bunkers in Metalands, making it a bit more than ‘just’ a shooter. There are even improved bunkers where you can make better equipment. Another central aspect of the game is the $CIFI token. That’s the currency that it’s all wrapped around – BNB based currency Citizen Finance or CIFI is the coin that makes it all work – it’s what players can earn in game and then use for further transactions.

As mentioned, Metalands is more than just a shooter – in fact, the creators have suggested that what they’re trying to build is the first complete metaverse, which gives a lot of context to the additional functions outside of the actual shooter game!

Cyberpunk bunker. Image credit: Metalands

The game was originally supposed to be released on Steam, however, when Steam made the announcement that they wouldn’t be allowing any crypto games featuring NFTs on their platform, that had to be cancelled – instead, the game will be available as its own independent dapp that players can connect their blockchain wallet to in order to play. In other words, it’ll be a web-based application that makes it possible for players to use the content of their wallet in the game.

It’s that wallet that NFTs and CIFI need to be stored in in order to be usable in Metalands – and you’ll also see records of your transactions both for selling and buying both in the wallet and in the game app where you can make the actual trades and sales! All in all, Metalands is another valid attempt at an NFT-based game with Metaverse aspirations!