Dvision Network Review

Dvision Network is a recently launched NFT-based metaverse game based on the BSC Blockchain. What does that mean? It means that it’s a type of game that attempts to encompass more than just one game function – like similar games such as Decentraland, The Sandbox Game or CryptoVoxels, Dvision Network will offer a variety of environments and activities for users to interact with and also to build themselves. Players collaborate to create spaces for everyone – it’s possible to build shopping centres, amusement parks and more.

Players can explore at their leisure – and this is also the case in Dvision Network. What sets it apart from others is first of all that it’s not built on Ethereum the way most are, but rather, on the BSC Blockchain. The other thing that makes it stand out is the looks the game has – it looks quite polished and well above average when it comes to detail, resolution and general appearance. This also extends to the user appearance – players can make their own unique avatar that sets them apart from the crowds.

The other thing users can own and influence in Dvision Network is ‘space’. Quite literally, this is space that users own and can decorate and create as they please. Items are shared, bought and sold via the game’s own NFT marketplace – and once a user owns something, they can place it in their space!

Image credit: Dvision Network

The Technology of Dvision Network

Dvision combines the aforementioned blockchain technology and NFT setup with their own VR technology in an attempt to lower the entry barrier for gamers across the globe. Often, money and technological restrictions are problematic factors when it comes to accessing new games – and Dvision is deliberately trying to ease this particular hurdle for their users.

Users will have access to a play-to-earn area that allows them to make actual money by farming crypto in the same way that other projects such as Axie Infinity (read our Axie Infinity review) and more have done before. Dvision World will be the main lobby of the larger metaverse where players start out and travel to other meta-cities from. These meta-cities will be introduced over time as the game grows its player base.

Dvision World has the potential to grow to be one of the best play-to-earn games out there – even though it’s only just launched! There are a ton of brands that are already partnered with brands like Chainlink, Binance, Polygon, DappRadar, Cobak, UniLend and more. They’ve also been featured on various prestigious services already – business insider, yahoo finance, and cointelegraph have all mentioned Dvision World on their platforms.