Kryptomon – The Crypto Game Where Pokémon Meets CryptoKitties and Tamagochi

Kryptomon is part of the ongoing NFT gaming craze – a blockchain-based NFT game that utilises player-owned items and content to allow players to, well, play. That’s how it works – and in the case of Kryptomon, players collect own, battle and raise the titular Kryptomon from egg age up. Similar to games like Pokemon, users form teams and fight each other.

Crypto games are increasing in popularity, and games like Kryptomon are seeing more and more publicity from sources like Business Insider, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, NBC and more. Kryptomon is still in its early stages, with only a few thousand adopters and raffle winners having gotten their own eggs – and despite this, they have already raised well over a million dollars from investors.

In the upcoming months, the project will go through several phases of development. What’re only eggs now will eventually hatch to reveal different creatures that players can then play with. A bit before that, users will also finally see their Kryptomon listed publicly on platform PancakeSwap.

Image credit: Kryptomon

The token: $KMON coin

Along with the game and the Kryptomon comes its own token. The $KMON token will have all sorts of uses – primarily, it’ll be used in transactions to strengthen and train its stats – things like training, battling, breeding and more will all take $KMON tokens to complete. You can get the token by buying it on various crypto exchange platforms.

The eggs that users have been able to get so far are split into different ‘generations’ which is a rarity grade. From Gen 0 to Gen 7, eggs are split into differently-sized groups determining their rarity and value down the line. Beyond that, eggs also have an element such as fire, water or ground attributes. The Kryptomons also have personality traits that make them unique. They include Instinct, Craziness, Affection, Constitution, Hunger, Smart, Ego and so on.

Image credit: Kryptomon

The Kryptomon

During their lifespan, the Kryptomon grow from egg stages to baby, young adult, old adult and old. Each stage will have different effects, such as allowing them to finally breed, or to be trained by the player. All of this probably sounds quite familiar – Kryptomon combines elements of games like Pokemon, Cryptokitties and Tamagotchi.

There are elements of creature care as well as the battling elements that unlock as the creatures grow older and develop under the care of their owners. As with any NFTs, the owners can also buy and sell them when they want to – and now that all eggs have been adopted out, the only way to get your own Kryptomon for now will be to buy one on one of the several markets that have them.

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Holders can look forward to the further stages of the project that will release in the near future – or invest in another crypto game similar to Kryptomon. There are several similar NFT projects in various stages of development.