IOGEAR KeyMander 2 Mobile – Review Keyboard and Mouse Adapter for Mobile Devices

If you’re a gamer, then you know that using a keyboard and a mouse is better than using the touch controls. Your fingers won’t get in the way when you’re playing with the keyboard and mouse because that can get rather annoying and you won’t play the best that you could have. IOGEAR has made an adapter so that you can use the mouse and keyboard still and enjoy your gaming the way that you like to. It’s called KeyMander 2 Mobile and here is our review.

In order to use it, you’ll need to have either a PS4 or Xbox controller in order for the mouse and keyboard to work properly. The KeyMander 2 Mobile has 3 USB ports. There’s one of them on the side and two in the back. It’s important that these are organized because otherwise there could be a lot of cords going everywhere. Take your time when you’re setting it up so that you aren’t disgusted.

It will support over 1,000 cloud and mobile-based games. You’ll be able to pick and choose which ones you want to experience. What’s more, is that you’ll also be able to complete messaging and emails simply and easily using your keyboard and mouse.

iogear keymander mobile review

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KeyMander 2 Mobile

The Bottom line

Setting it up may take a while because of the various USB ports but it’s great for letting you play your games while using your mouse and keyboard while you’re using your iPhone or iPad. It’s also rather small and doesn’t take up too much room. You’ll be able to adjust the sensitivity of your mouse and map buttons also.

The Good

  • Works with wireless or wired keyboards.
  • The iPad or iPhone can use Office Mobile to make it a workstation.
  • Can use Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Stadia.
  • For a variety of game controls, you can use K2 Mobile App.

The Bad

  • Expensive
  • Requires a PS4 controller or Xbox controller.
  • Setting it up is a bit confusing.

Price & Availability

The KeyMander 2 Mobile is $80 on Amazon and if you purchase it at B&H, it’s $100.

KeyMander 2 Mobile Review

This is the IOGEAR KeyMander 2 Mobile review and you’ll find plenty to like about it and some things that you might not be happy with. You’re going to be gaming the way that you want to by using your mouse and keyboard.

It has a kickstand that is usable but is not as sturdy as one might like it to be. It’s definitely not advisable to put a lot of pressure on any of the components that are on the kickstand because it could break.

Setting it up is a bit frustrating at times. If you can maneuver through the various stages, you’ll be up and running so that you’ll be able to use 1,000 games when you want to from your iPad or iPhone.

In order to control the sensitivity of your mouse, you’ll want to use the K2 Mobile App. so that you’re able to get it as you want it. You’ll also be able to map buttons with this App.

You can also use Office Mode which allows you to use your iPad or iPhone just like a computer. You’ll be able to get all of your emails and messaging completed when you do this. Since you can still get all the enjoyment that you want from your gaming, you’ll just know that you’re able to use the Office Mode when you want to.

Image credit: IOGEAR

KeyMander 2 Mobile Review: Is It Something You Should Buy?

You should buy this product if…

  • You regularly play games that you can do well at with a mouse and keyboard.
  • You want to play games using your mouse and keyboard.
  • You want to use Office Mode to control your iPad like a computer.

You shouldn’t buy this product if…

  • You become frustrated by technology.
  • You want something with an easy setup.
  • You don’t want to spend all that much money.

Clearly, the KeyMander 2 Mobile is the product that you need in order to play games by using your mouse and keyboard. If you don’t get too frustrated by technology and can be patient, you’ll be able to get through the setup problem without problems.

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