The Six Dragons: Review

The Six Dragons is an RPG game. It was made with the Enjin blockchain so that you own whatever happens in the open-world game itself. This means that you can run around the world and then pick up goodies from the dungeon environments or even trade or sell off your goods to other gamers. Sounds good, right?

Why should I care about ‘The Six Dragons’?

It’s a massive open-world game that is reportedly well over 200 kilometres square. What’s particularly scary is that there are meant to be over a billion dungeons. Getting resources means having a recipe. This means that you gather together different elements in order to create a specific object at one of the so-called ‘crafting stations’. The in-game mechanics will check that you have all of the right assets here and we should note that you can use your mobile’s Enjin wallet to organise your resources.

Image credits: The Six Dragons

All about the Six Dragons Concept

Six Dragons is a regular RPG game that is played in single player mode. You can play it on a PC just like you would pretty much any other role-playing game. This means that there are lots of classes of characters to learn and you have to know what all of the different spells, weapons, dungeons, and so on, do.

How to Install The Six Dragons Alpha

You can download The Six Dragons game from the official website and then just hit the Play Now button. From here you’ll see the launcher file cranking into action and you’ll have to use a file extractor to begin the whole process.

Login to the Enjin Blockchain

Next, it’s a matter of logging into the blockchain after the game has first loaded. Just click on the login button in the main menu page.

Controlling the game 

The Six Dragons has basic controls. You move the character with the WASD key and a left click does a slash attack. The hot bar lower down is tied to the numbers at the top – definitely something that fans of Elder Scrolls know all about!

Image credits: The Six Dragons

How to equip items 

Characters have no equipment at the start of the game and you have to find items to equip by hitting “I”. Now just left click and add an item and remember you can get more goodies from the town merchant.

Saving and loading

There is a save/load NPC within the first settlement. You’ll recognise him by his black suit and dagger. Just remember that only one save file is allowed.

Understanding experience, levels, and skills

Once you’re set up you can go into the nearby forest to hunt for nasties like skeletons, spiders, and so on. This will get you experience and cash for each beast you saly. The Six Dragons is currently a hard game. There are just a few tasks in it at the moment.

When we started gaming, there were no missions in this game. But the game’s developer added another assignment to each city each day. As a result, more missions will be added in the future, limiting the game’s reliance on basic grinds.

Earn from this game

The Six Dragons is a single-player game where there is a multiplayer part and an economy that operates in the online domain. You can boost your assets by buying and selling them on the marketplace. Most gamers might make some cash by enhancing their goods and then trading them with other gamers. We should note that there are also play-to-earn dynamics in this game.

There are one-of-a-kind and non-fungible tokens in this game where if you have a The Six Dragons governance token you will quickly get involved in a kind of yield farming. This sees you getting cash by sharing a certain amount of the incomings gained by in-game trading and asset development.

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NFTs in the game

If you hold an NFT you will get a part of on-chain mechanics, including the option to craft, enchant, and so on. You could even exchange blockchain resources. Each NFT is worth a percentage of the revenues garnered and they’ll be paid into a crypto wallet.

This gives you a one-off experience when you play. To optimize your revenues, you could keep a big quantity of NFTs in your crypto wallet. Every NFT should have one vote and the winners will be added to the game.

Voting means deciding on factors like difficulty and will cover rate/difficulty/stats and other gaming factors, as you can suggest what development updates should come next. Don’t forget that if you hold a TSD Governance NFT you might be given a status that has a different color name and other perks which means becoming one of the ‘Governors’.