Simplex partners with highly anticipated crypto-game, Kryptomon, in the institution’s first ever NFT gaming partnership

Kryptomon is one of the most anticipated up and coming NFT games out there – it’s already managed to pull in more than 100k players in just a 9-day launch period, and is now looking to get even bigger. To achieve this, they managed to sign a rather remarkable partnership – with Simplex.

Simplex is a proper, EU-licensed financial institution, making this a rare and rather historic intersection between crypto and fiat. Kryptomon will be the first ever NFT gaming partnership that Simplex has gone into – and their plan is to make cryptocurrencies accessible to a broader public audience. While crypto at large has already caught on with the masses, cryptogaming is still a woefully neglected aspect of cryptocurrency, and even a lot of gamers aren’t aware of the concept yet. Projects like Axie Infinity and Kryptokitties paved the way for more – and now, new projects are popping up and clamoring to be the ‘next big thing’ in cryptogaming.

KMON, Kryptomon’s token is already available to the public, and it immediately increased in value by a factor of 10 – in other words, explosive growth. They also just completed their community sale and IDO – all in one week! As for Simplex, they already have their hooks in crypto – they’re partnered with companies like KuCoin, Binance, TrustWallet, and ‘normal’ financial institutions like Visa as well.

Image Credits: GlobeNewswire

The partnership

As for the reality of it – currently, the process to come by some KMON is quite complicated – it is, essentially, an 8-step process that requires users to have a fair bit of knowledge on the matter, and it also has potential for mistakes, of course – so simplifying things is a must. That’s where the ‘simple’ in Simplex comes in – as part of the partnership between Kryptomon and Simplex, a new way of buying KMON will be set up, reducing it all to a 2-step process.

Users download the Kryptomon game onto their phones, complete with a wallet that can store the KMON coin – and then they can use their credit or debit cards to buy KMON directly in the app, just like any other in-app transaction would work. This more simple process makes it possible for more users to access the coin, and overall for more people to enjoy Kryptomon to its fullest.

Kryptomon-founder Umberto Canessa Cerchi spoke about the partnership: “We are over the moon to be partnering with Simplex. From the inception of Kryptomon, our goal has been to continue making it the best possible version of itself to ensure users have the best experience that we can provide them with. This partnership is a huge step on our journey towards achieving that goal, as not only will the processes for purchasing KMON be made easier for our registered users, but those interested in becoming Kryptomon Trainers can do so easily and with the knowledge that their transactions are safe and protected.”