Plant vs Undead Overview

Despite the extremely similar name, this game has nothing to do with Plants vs Zombies. Well, it does, but they aren’t connected. Plant vs Undead, or PVU, is extremely similar though – it features magical plants in a tower defense game against zombies. The only difference is that the plants here are of the NFT variety, and so crypto is involved.

That and the slight name change (as well as different art and assets) are the main differences between the two games, which makes for a rather interesting NFT game. Unlike a lot of NFT games, there is no entry cost and players can start with the free-to-play side of the game, receiving a few non-NFT plants that allow them to rack up in-game currency to then buy themselves the NFTs if they want to do so without investing any of their real money.

Plant vs Undead
Image credit: Plant vs Undead

Plant vs Undead Tokens

In addition to the free non-NFT plants that Plant vs Undead has, it uses the native PVU token as both a reward for in-game wins and the like, and on the marketplace for transactions such as buying actual plant NFTs. The game doesn’t suffer from the high gas fees Ethereum games often have. Plant vs Undead is based on the BSC chain, where it is also mirrored as a token. By offering free starting plants, the game is viable as a play-to-earn game, since anyone with a mobile phone can download and play the game, thereby earning PVU tokens that can be exchanged for other crypto or, on an exchange, fiat money.

This crypto game uses a partially locked token system, wherein different percentages of the token are locked for different amounts of time and released gradually. The game itself has not been around for too long and is only partway down its development roadmap with the core game being released in the last quarter of 2021 – with only a few days in the year left to go, Plant vs Undead is definitely cutting it close with their deadline.


Plant vs Undead will have two major gameplay aspects to it – the endless survival mode where players continue to compete with their plants vs the undead, round after round. That can also come in the form of a PvP mode where plant teams compete against each other. Then there is the farming and cultivation aspect where plants can be taken care of in order to get them into fighting shape. Plants start as seeds and so need to be taken care of before they can fight.

Plant vs Undead Gameplay
Image credit: Plant vs Undead

There are also further interactive elements such as water ‘donations’ on a server basis that give the plant-owners certain rewards and so on. Plants themselves are the NFTs that things are centred around – and they come in various different types, rarities and with different appearances and abilities. Setting up a powerful team will enable you to fight off the zombies, sorry, the undead, the longest, earning you more and better rewards, which will also let you upgrade or relocate your plants as much as you like.