Halo Infinite Campaign Review

When the last Halo campaign was released, it was to a divided reception, way back in 2015. Now, six years later, the Halo Infinite campaign has dropped, and once again, it seems as though fans are rustling up a debate as to whether or not they actually like it. While the multiplayer for Halo Infinite has been available for a few weeks, the campaign is hot off the press – but how does it actually look, feel, and behave?

It’s worth highlighting that my perspective on Halo is relatively fresh – this is the first Halo campaign I’ve ever played. I’m coming into the Halo Infinite campaign with no real expectations, and a prior reluctance to ever get involved with the franchise. But, owing to the fact that Xbox Game Pass is such a remarkable deal, I’ve gone straight in and started wrapping my head around the game. In recent weeks, I’ve been enjoying the free multiplayer modes, but how did I get on with Halo Infinite’s campaign gameplay?

Let’s find out.

It’s Beautiful, Expansive, and Dramatic

From the very opening scenes of the Halo Infinite campaign, I was completely won over. In the starting seconds of the introduction, I was treated to cinematics worthy of a Hollywood production – and I was shocked. It wasn’t what I expected, although, as I said, I didn’t really have any expectations. If you’re as disconnected from the franchise as I am, you’ll think ‘pew-pew space lasers and aliens’ when you hear the name ‘Halo’.

But it’s so much more than that, as I’ve found out while playing the Halo Infinite campaign.

Halo Infinite’s visuals are jaw-dropping. (Image Credit: Captured in-game by Author)

This outing for Master Chief is a beautiful one, set in an enormous, versatile, and extremely well-designed open world. From the first steps you take as the iconic protagonist, you know you’re on a journey that you’ll never forget. Within a single hour, we’ve seen epic battles, heartbreaking cinematics, and have been riddled with intrigue and excitement.

Halo Infinite’s campaign brings unparalleled changes to the franchise. There are all-new abilities, a revised levelling system, and an open world that boasts unbeatable verticality. If you can see it, you can get to it, and you’re free to explore at your own pace. There are countless things to see and do across the world, from liberating outposts to hunting down collectibles, and from rescuing UNSC squads to slaying the toughest enemies in the game.

It’s a fantastic entry to the franchise, and thankfully, it doesn’t boast a huge learning curve. And, fortunately for me, there isn’t an overwhelming requirement to understand the story thus far.

The Tale of Redemption

When the early Halo Infinite campaign gameplay surfaced in 2020, it was met with a disappointing reception. Admittedly, the gameplay looked atrocious for a game that had boasted a five-year development window, and fans were left heartbroken.

It is with jubilation that we can report, hand-on-heart, that the finished product is leagues ahead of what we saw a year ago. It looks beautiful, and when running it on a PC with a high spec, the combat, movement, and exploration are silky smooth and remarkably fluid. It’s a pleasure to fly around the map with a grappling hook, fighting all kinds of enemies, using a wide array of weaponry.

Halo Infinite’s open world is both expansive and dense. (Image Credit: Captured in-game by Author)

At present, the reviews coming out of the industry are generally positive. Ultimately, the Halo Infinite campaign boasts all the components of a top-tier, AAA adventure. It has a captivating and engaging story, an immersive world, a stable delivery, and a totally refreshing take on a long-standing franchise.

I’m not only going to fully explore the complete depth and breadth of this game, but I’m going to go back and play through the entire Halo franchise.

That’s how good Halo Infinite’s campaign really is.

Written by Grant Taylor