Which Games Deserve a Sequel?

It’s a sad truth, but not every game receives a follow-up title. In some cases, a blockbuster release will take the world by storm, then go silent, ultimately never seeing the light of day again. Throughout history, several franchises have simply stopped being produced, much to the dismay of the common gamer. In this article, we’re going to look at which games deserve a sequel.

While we can hope and pray for these games to be announced, it’s highly unlikely that they ever will be. It’s a harsh thing to realise, but sometimes, the developers simply don’t have the resources or even the inclination to develop these games that we so sorely want.

1. The Getaway

the getaway
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When The Getaway launched on PlayStation 2 in 2002, it was regarded as a revolutionary title. It featured technology never-before-seen, and the story was gritty, urban, and realistic. It boasted incredible graphics and a true-to-life map of London which featured scanned streets and real, licensed vehicles. It received a follow-up title in 2004 called Black Monday, which expanded on the story, but it wasn’t as hard-hitting as the first release.

In 2006, a trailer was shown at E3, teasing ‘Getaway’, a next-gen rendition of the franchise, poised to release on PlayStation 3. However, for reasons unknown, the project was abandoned, and almost twenty years later, we’re still yet to see any real sequel to The Getaway.

2. Bully

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In 2006, Rockstar released the critically acclaimed ‘Bully’, otherwise known as ‘Canis Canem Edit’ (Dog Eat Dog). This was labelled as a ‘Grand Theft Auto for kids’, with players controlling Jimmy Hopkins, a rebellious young teen attending Bullworth Academy, a bizarre and rough-around-the-edges high school. It was a traditional, open-world adventure, featuring mini-games, countless exploration opportunities, and factions.

While the game was subsequently re-released and remastered, it was never followed up on. Fans of the single-title franchise are still crying out for a sequel, but Rockstar is reluctant to answer the call. When we’re asking which games deserve a sequel, this is definitely one of the highest-ranking ones.

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3. Skate 3

Image Credit: IGN

There have been many skateboarding games over the course of the last two decades that have performed considerably well. For a niche sport, skateboarding is well received in the gaming industry, and titles promoted by the likes of Tony Hawk are highly reviewed. However, Skate 3, released in 2010, is yet to receive a sequel, despite being one of the most highly-rated skateboarding games in history.

When it launched on Xbox 360 and PS3, Skate 3 boasted massively entertaining gameplay, an open world, and unparalleled customisation. There was an in-depth multiplayer mode available, and in 2018, EA bizarrely re-activated the then-closed down servers, prompting fans to believe Skate 4 was coming. Although, the developers did follow-up with confirmation that they were not working on a sequel for Skate 3.

4. RoadKill

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We’d be willing to bet hard cash that you’ve never heard of RoadKill, but let us tell you – you’ve missed out. When it was released way back in 2003, it was regarded as the ‘only mission-based combat driving game set in a post-apocalyptic world’. Almost twenty years later, RoadKill still boasts that accolade. It was developed by Midway Games, a now-defunct company, and boasted an intense, violent, open-world structure.

For fans of the post-apocalypse, it was a fantastic title, and it came equipped with humor and an enjoyable story. However, despite the post-apocalypse becoming an increasingly popular setting for games, RoadKill never received a sequel. If you still have access to a PlayStation 2, GameCube, or original Xbox console, it’s well worth a playthrough.

5. BioShock Infinite

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The BioShock series of games premiered in 2007 and became an instant hit among fans worldwide. At the time, the premise of the game was a stroke of genius, and the storytelling was almost unparalleled. Within a couple of years, BioShock 2 had been released, and in 2013, BioShock Infinite, the last game to release in the BioShock franchise. Since then, the series has stood still, despite ending with the burning potential for a follow-up title.

While the developers, 2K, recently announced another BioShock title was ‘in the works’, they did go on to explain that it would be several years before it would surface. And, as we know all too well, sometimes that in-development title never manages to launch at all.

What do you think of the list? In your own opinion, which games deserve a sequel?

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