MyStake Casino – Top 5 Mystake Slots and Casino Games

Mystake is one of the best crypto casinos out there today, and it offers a wide range of top games that punters absolutely adore. It’s a platform where you can find everything from hilarious mini-games to traditional table games, virtual sports, racing games, and even esports games and markets. In this guide, we’re taking a look at the top five games and slots in the Mystake casino, so you can head to the site knowing exactly what’s best to play.

If you’ve been probing around online and looking for the best real money games, you won’t be disappointed when you start using the Mystake casino.

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What’s Available at the MyStake Casino?

If you’ve read our MyStake casino review, you’ll know that this crypto casino isn’t exactly short of online gaming options. Many of these come from legendary developers like Red Tiger, Pragmatic Play and Play ’n Go, but MyStake has even created its own casino games too. This means you’ll find thousands of quality slot games and table games, and there are even lots of cool live casino games to play.

What’s best is the fact that MyStake gives you lots of incentives to try these games. From the massive welcome bonus to the cool promotions and tournaments, you’ll find that MyStake has something for every level of gamer.

So, join us as we see your gaming options at this awesome crypto casino!

Our Pick of the Best MyStake Casino Games

While MyStake includes lots of regular slots and table games, we wanted to show you a few games that illustrate why this crypto casino is a little different from the rest. This means focusing on some of the cool mini-games featured at MyStake that you won’t necessarily find anywhere else. 

While these games may look a little simplistic, we found that they offer you a refreshing way to balance risk and reward. Plus, some of the multipliers in these mini-games can be truly spectacular. So put your online slots strategy to one side and take a look at how these mini-games are redefining casino gaming!

1. Chicken MyStake’s ultimate game

chicken mystake,

Like the classic game Mines? Then you’ll love Chicken. This is just like Mine, except that you have to turn over some meal dishes, and underneath there will either be a chicken (yay!) or a pile of bones (boo!). If you manage to get a chicken, you can proceed to the next round or cash out with your current multiplier. However, if you get bones, then you’ll lose your bet. Simple!

The normal game of Chicken features a 5×5 grid, but this game has some cool features that let you toy around with its difficulty. This means that you can make it harder to land a chicken but, at the same time, improve what multipliers you get. Just so you know, you can bet on Chicken from the equivalent of $0.20 at a time, while the maximum bet goes up to $1,000.

Chicken probably isn’t going to win any awards for complex gameplay or graphical ingenuity. This is because it’s another one of those crypto casino games that features basic graphics, but it gives you a fun way to play against the laws of probability. Simply put, the longer you keep playing, the bigger your rewards may be, but the greater your chances are of losing. 

While Chicken is a simple game, it has some massive multipliers, which means you could win anywhere up to $10,000. What’s best is the fact that this game comes with a seriously impressive RTP of 99%. All this shows that crypto gambling could give you some pretty tasty returns!

2. Dino MyStake lets you play this awesome title

dino mystake

Dino is a hugely popular crypto casino game that features the basic mechanics of something like Aviator or Crash but with a distinctly prehistoric theme. This means that you basically see a dinosaur running across an ancient landscape, and it’ll get hit by an asteroid sooner or later. 

Your job is to make a prediction on when the asteroid will land. If you predict right, then you’ll win a handy multiplier. If you predict wrong, the dinosaur will be flattened, and you’ll lose your stake. So simply put, you have to predict a multiplier, and if your dinosaur makes it that far, you’ll get your stake multiplied by that multiplier to give you your winnings. 

So that’s the basics of Dino. Let’s have a look under the hood to see how this crypto casino game works. You can place your bets manually or automatically, and the bets can go anywhere between $0.20 and $1,000. The minimum multiplier is a pretty feeble 1x, meaning that the dinosaur will get flattened where it begins, but the maximum multiplier is an astronomical 10,000x. 

As such, it’s a seriously simple casino game, and while the graphics look like a 1980s kids’ cartoon, Dino is great fun to play. After all, you’ll get to see what kinds of multipliers other gamers are hitting in real-time. Just remember that the RTP hovers between 95% and 95.9%, which is still better than most slot games you will be playing. So for a top crypto casino game with a prehistoric twist, be sure to give Dino a try!

3. Icefield MyStake only features the best

icefield mystake

Think that yetis are terrifying snowy beasts? Think again! This is because Icefield has a yeti that’s the cutest and cuddliest creature that’s hit any crypto casino site. Icefield is a crypto casino game where you must guide the yeti across icy terrain. Sounds simple, right? Well, this ice field has some scary weak spots in the ice, and if your yeti hits one of these thin patches, it’ll fall through the ice with devastating consequences!

So how do you actually play Icefield? Well, like most of the crypto casino games featured at MyStake, you start by entering your stake and then predicting what multiplier the yeti will reach. If the yeti makes it as far as your multiplier without falling through the ice, you’ll get your stake back multiplied by the multiplier. However, if the yeti doesn’t make it that far, you’ll lose your stake and have to watch your furry friend suffer its icy fate!

One of our favorite things about Icefield is the fact that it includes a cool cashout feature. So if you have an inkling that the yeti isn’t going to make it to your specified multiplier, you can simply cash your bet out early, save the yeti and pick up the multiplier that the yeti had reached.

Other important things to note include that Icefield has a generous RTP of 99%, and you can make bets anywhere between $0.10 and $1,000 at a time or whatever your currency equivalent is. So fire up Icefield and guide your yeti friend to safety!

4. Plinko MyStake’s take on pachinko

mystake casino games plinko

We love this simple game of chance. This is because Plinko is a crypto casino game that’s based on the classic Japanese game of pachinko. Here you’ll simply watch a ball drop from the top of the screen and rebound off lots of pegs before it eventually falls into one of the pockets at the bottom. 

Each pocket will be numbered with some kind of multiplier. You’ll find that the pockets on the edge of the screen will have higher multipliers, while those in the middle have lower multipliers. Many customization options let you adjust the difficulty, increase the number of pegs, and so on. All of these should give you a simple but fun way to try your luck against the laws of chance. 

5. Hilo MyStake’s ultimate crypto card game

mystake casino games

Hilo is easily one of the best games in the Mystake casino. It’s beautifully simple and serves as a fantastic introduction to card games for players that prefer bright, flashy colours. It’s a remarkably basic concept that can yield sizable rewards, as all you need to do is guess whether the next card will have a higher or a lower value than the previous card.

That’s the most basic explanation of Hilo, and it’s certainly easier to understand than other, more traditional card games, like poker and blackjack. If you’re able to run a streak while playing Hilo, you’ll quickly build up valuable multipliers that could mean a huge payday becomes available to you. If you’re looking for one of the best Mystake casino games, look no further than Hilo.

Plenty of Fun to be Had at MyStake Casino

By now, you’ll understand that there’s no shortage of crypto gaming entertainment at the MyStake casino. This isn’t massively surprising, as MyStake could easily be one of the best crypto casino sites we’ve ever seen. Plus, it should be noted that MyStake seems to keep adding lots of games to its already impressive portfolio. So we’re going to have a real task on our hands keeping up with all of the awesome games that MyStake unveils. Watch this space to see our constantly updated list of the best MyStake casino games!