CryptoBlades: Play to Earn, NFT Game

CryptoBlades is an aspiring play-to-earn NFT game. What is NFT gaming? A type of video game that relies on user-owned (rather than developer-owned) assets. Assets or NFTs are part of a blockchain such as Ethereum and they are owned, sold and bought by players and collectors. That gives them value, and their utility is what makes them great for games like CryptoBlades.

CryptoBlades specifically requires a wallet like MetaMask that’s capable of handling BNB and CryptoBlades’ own token SKILL. Both are needed in order to play the game, the former to pay for gas fees, and the latter to actually play the game. As for actually playing the game – similar to games like Cryptofights, CryptoBlades uses a 1v1 battle system for its main gameplay mechanic.

By playing the game, users earn SKILL tokens – they can use extra characters, equip special weapons and retool them in order to increase their overall power. Of course, as with any NFT game, users can trade, buy and sell their assets as well, meaning they can make a profit off what they already have, if they want to.

Image credit: CryptoBlades
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Is CryptoBlades legit?

CryptoBlades further also supports some gambling mechanics – users can stake and gamble their SKILL tokens if they want to. The web-based game platform lets users engage in combative gameplay, and of course to level up their stuff and characters. The creators of CryptoBlades have pledged that it will be a long-term project that will continue to evolve and change as time passes – this will, in turn, benefit the holders of SKILL tokens.

Image credit: Cryptoblades

Given its varied utility, CryptoBlades is one of the best play-to-earn games, though it’s not nearly as big as, for example, Axie Infinity. That’s a good thing for would-be players – it means the entry cost is far lower than the hundreds a good Axie team might cost someone. When it comes to crypto games, getting in on the ground floor always maximizes earning potential and makes it easier to ‘git gud’ before the game really explodes.

The future

That said, this crypto game already has a decent number of players and investors, giving it good long-term odds of growing even bigger. This is also supported by the obvious efforts that have gone into game design and asset creation – CryptoBlades is quite nice to look at with well-designed and well-rounded gameplay and NFT content.

Developed by the small team of Riveted Games, CryptoGames has successfully partnered with several large companies and received endorsements from even more.  Steam, IGN, Chainlink, BTS Labs, Unity and Independent Games Festival all played a role in creating this high-potential crypto game. Despite all that, it continues to have a simple setup and low entry requirements. Players can be up and running in just a few minutes, making CryptoBlades a great choice for players that are new to the space and want to just try their hand at a crypto game!