CryptoFights: Popular Play-to-Earn Crypto Game

Amidst a whole sea of play-to-earn crypto games, it can be hard to know which way is up. There are projects everywhere, games in various stages of development, and more often than not, a lot of similar stuff with a group of people who swear it’s the next Axie Infinity. Well, CryptoFights is one of many – and in our opinion, one of the best play-to-earn games out there. If you’re new to the space, here’s what you need to know about CryptoFights.

What is CryptoFights?

The simple answer is that CryptoFights is a competitive, crypto-based strategy and action game. While the game mechanics are similar to Dungeons & Dragons with how you can develop your skills and equipment, the game has familiar features from other genres such as skill and item cards. How does CryptoFights work? Well, it combines elements such as rolling for initiative, attack and damage with a user-owned gear, and equipment system as well as truly transparent matches.

Image credit: CryptoFights

In true blockchain fashion, all previous games, well, ever, are stored and archived on the blockchain forever. They can be viewed and replayed at any point in time – just like in a time capsule but for game footage. As such, it’s impossible to cheat or falsify something – the very nature of blockchain is to expose and prevent any attempts to gain an unfair advantage. As an added feature of interest, games that are currently being played by anyone can be broadcast to others, making it possible to view them on any device, at any time.

This is a feature that a lot of crypto games that pay lack – the ability to immediately set up and broadcast to an audience. This even makes the game appealing for betting – it makes it possible to play and bet just like one might at, for example, a horse race.

Is this game legit?

The crypto world has definitely seen a huge number of scams, rug pulls and other such scandals, however, CryptoFights is not one of them. CryptoFights is one of the more popular games out there and it has a pretty huge following already, one that is growing daily.

With its 1v1 single player RPG setup, it has a straight-forward gameplay strategy that lends itself to transparency – and as with any play-to-earn crypto game, users own assets that they get from loot drops. They can sell, trade, and even give them away to others – and they can even smelt them down into something else in the game!

Image credit: CryptoFights

During our interview with Adam Kling, the founder and CEO of CryptoFights, he was eager to share some interesting details about his project. The details on how to play CryptoFights are on their website as well, but here is the short summary: Players create one (or many) characters for free, picking their skills and builds as they see fit. They can then use those characters to either compete in a single-player campaign that is free, or they can compete against other players of the same skill and experience level using real money.

Specifically, it uses BitcoinSV for game transactions. You can convert various different coins into it to use in the game, or you can directly buy some with a credit card to use it if you don’t yet have crypto of your own. After making an account on CryptoFights and getting your hands on some BitcoinSV, you can compete with other players as you like – and if you win, you might just get some rare and valuable drops!