Cometh: Reviewing the Space-Themed NFT Game

Cometh is a space-themed NFT game. Powered by DeFi, the game sees users mine tokens in the form of NFTs. Cometh has been in development since 2020 and is slowly rolling out different stages of the project. Overall, it features more than 10,000 players and has distributed over $850,000 worth of rewards. There is a variety of different spaceships with different stats and so far 6,600 unique spaceships are exploring the space of Cometh.

Cometh Review
Image credit: Cometh

Cometh Gameplay

As for the actual gameplay of Cometh, users can use their NFTs and MUST in a vibrant 8bit styled space explorer and strategy game. Unlike a lot of its competing crypto games, Cometh isn’t tied to users having a MetaMask wallet, though you of course do still need a wallet of some kind in order to be able to store your tokens and crypto somewhere.

Getting Started in Cometh

Interactions and transactions can be auto-approved rather than requiring a manual click in the wallet each time. Since the game is based on Polygon’s L2 solution, it features low transaction fees that the main Ethereum chain can’t support. Users have the option of buying starter kits directly on the chain in order to bypass having to transfer their assets. Everything in Cometh is geared towards users being able to get started ASAP, just by making the initial investment and playing the game straight up!

Token and NFTs

Each different spaceship has its own values for mining power, cooldown, and mining range. Naturally, with increasing rarity, these stats improve. The different ships are also grouped into factions: Human, Herd, Lunarella, Gotchi, and Tianzi.

In addition to these NFT spaceships, Cometh also has its own coin – the MUST token – that powers transactions in the game. The token also covers the game mechanics that require chain interactions.

Cometh Review
Image credit: Cometh

Play-to-Earn Features

As with any play-to-earn game, users have a variety of options to earn, and Cometh is definitely focused on that aspect over pure gameplay. Despite this, Cometh is a charming experience that definitely has appeal as a game as well as an investment opportunity. The game itself isn’t fully released yet, however, starter kits are available on the dedicated StakeDAO marketplace.

Apart from by playing the game, users can also earn crypto in other ways, for example, simply by holding MUST or NFTs. Just for owning MUST the game’s tokens can also be staked in order to redeem exclusive spaceships and other rewards. Cometh has a total locked value (TLV) of over $15 million in the MUST token. This means that there are 15 million dollars locked up in the DeFi contract. This is a good indicator of market share and project liquidity.


Since the game’s release in February 2021, its player base has grown exponentially. The game has been rapidly attracting more and more players and investors over the span of a few months. The general feeling is the game does a good job of combining the advantages of blockchain with the appeal of a space explorer video game.