How to Get Started as a Twitch Streamer

Since the start of 2020, the number of people streaming on platforms like Twitch has grown immeasurably. In the wake of a global pandemic, millions of gamers took to Twitch to broadcast their passion. It was a digital transformation that saw many people take up streaming as a new hobby, and for some, a new source of income. Today, we’re here to discuss how to get started as a Twitch streamer.

Even today, there are countless new Twitch streamers popping up all over the landscape. It’s a lucrative area to get involved with, but there are several things you’ll need to consider and accomplish before you become a legitimate Twitch streamer.

It’s a harsh truth, but very few people will ‘make it’ as a streamer. In fact, less than 1% of all Twitch streamers have achieved Twitch Partner status. This is considered the minimum requirement to make a living from Twitch streaming.

How To Get Started As A Twitch Streamer

In theory, becoming a Twitch streamer is relatively simple. If you have the ability to play a game and broadcast that gameplay, you’re essentially there… Right?

These days, the competition is hotter than ever, with some Twitch streamers spending thousands of dollars on their setup. At the very least, to start streaming on Twitch, you’ll need a camera, a microphone, a gaming device, and ideally, a laptop or desktop PC. While you can stream without some of these things, it’s not really advised, as every item on that list is deemed critical to requirements.

Twitch Streamers
Some streaming setups can be worth thousands of dollars.

Every successful streamer uses a microphone to communicate, and a camera for added visual impact. These things are easily linked together with a computer of some kind, which in turn can provide access to key streaming software. Ultimately, when finding out how to get started as a Twitch streamer, you should consider picking up a PC for gaming and streaming.

It’s the easiest way to tick every box, and almost every top-tier streamer uses a PC.

Learning The Ropes

Once you’ve put together your setup, including your camera, microphone, gaming device, and computer, you’re ready to go. Is it really that simple to become a Twitch streamer? Essentially, yes, it is – but there’s still a lot to consider. Firstly, if you want to make your stream more attractive, you’ll need to use a platform like StreamElements. This is where you’ll find widgets, chatbots, and attractive overlays that make your stream really pop for the viewers.

With chatbots, you can auto-moderate your Twitch chat, and post things like automated messages to make viewers aware of your social media platforms, for example.

Finally, to get started, you’ll need to consider what it is you’re going to actually stream. When asking how to get started as a Twitch streamer, it’s dramatically important to look at what’s trending. For example, games like Call of Duty: Warzone and League of Legends are always popular, but they’re also oversaturated. Several Twitch streamers share their gaming experience in crypto games, by live-streaming their gameplay and reviews, for example. It can pay off to be a ‘niche’ streamer, focusing on a small, stable community and building from the ground up.

Becoming The Next Big Thing

Ultimately, you’ll need to bear in mind that Twitch streaming is a very long-form hobby. It won’t be a replacement for a traditional career overnight, and some Twitch streamers can broadcast their content for years before earning a considerable sum in Twitch streamer revenue.

Twitch Streamers
DrDisrespect might be a multi-millionaire streamer today, but he started with nothing.

It takes hard work, dedication, and constant attention to your community. Here are some top tips for becoming a Twitch streamer:

  1. Pay attention to the viewers in your stream, and engage with your chat.
  2. Invest in low-end equipment like ring lights and RGB backlighting.
  3. Constantly keep your content fresh with challenges and interactive widgets and plug-ins.
  4. Build a community off Twitch, utilising social media and Discord servers.

That should be enough to understand how to get started as a Twitch streamer. The rest is up to you.