Why Hasn’t GTA 6 Been Announced?

GTA V was announced in 2011, and today, fans are desperate for any news whatsoever on GTA 6. However, as time goes on, even the concept of another Grand Theft Auto title seems like a fever dream. Sadly, Rockstar, the development studio behind the game, seems clueless about the entire affair. Right now, we’re all eager to know – why hasn’t GTA 6 been announced?

Let’s put it into perspective, just a little. Between Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto 2, there was a two-year pause. As we went into the first 3D GTA with Grand Theft Auto III, there was another two-year gap. And then, transitioning into Vice City, a one-year gap, and San Andreas, another two-year development window. Between San Andreas and GTA IV, it was four years, and finally, between GTA IV and GTA V, it was five years.

The Times, They Are A-Changing

Since 2013, fans have found the answer to their Grand Theft Auto cravings in GTA Online. This persistent online adventure has been constantly updated over the last eight-or-so years, and right now, it’s the only thing the fans have. Sadly, the GTA V single-player mode was never expanded upon, as bizarrely, Rockstar effectively abandoned it following its release.

In February 2020, a shock revelation came from within Rockstar Games, as Dan Houser, co-founder, announced his resignation. It was a damning move, with Houser essentially being the core mastermind behind the very origins of Grand Theft Auto. There was now a noticeable hole within the company’s foundations, and his absence raised way more questions regarding GTA 6.

Dan Houser departed Rockstar Games suddenly, and for a reason never revealed.

For years, Houser spearheaded the writing process behind the ever-popular Grand Theft Auto titles. With their chief storyteller having departed the organisation, it stands to reason that GTA 6 has experienced more delays behind the scenes.

Why hasn’t GTA 6 been announced? Perhaps it’s because there’s nobody there to write it.

There was no real reason given to explain Houser’s departure, but it doesn’t spell good things for the future of GTA 6.

If It Ain’t Broke

Let’s be frank – GTA Online is probably the biggest commercial success Rockstar has ever seen. In September 2021, ScreenRant published a report stating that GTA Online was generating almost $1 billion every year for Rockstar, an eye-watering sum of money. On GTA Online, players can purchase virtual money, which they can then spend on clothing, vehicles, properties, upgrades, and weapons. This is where the bulk of that income comes from.

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GTA ‘Shark Cards’ are the currency options used in Grand Theft Auto Online

Frankly, for as long as people keep pouring life into GTA Online, Rockstar will neglect to release another title. It’s one hell of a cash cow platform, and it’s still making the company stacks of cash. In February 2021, NME published an article that revealed insider financial information regarding GTA V’s performance. It was stated that 2020 was the best year on record for GTA V since the game launched in 2013.

Across a nine-month period, more than ten million copies were sold. So, if you’re asking why GTA 6 hasn’t been announced yet, you have a fine culprit in GTA V’s impeccable performance.

Will We Ever Get A GTA 6?

It’s a fair question, as fans are hungry for GTA 6, and there’s absolutely no news regarding it.

Ultimately, we can safely assume that GTA 6 will come, we just don’t know when, or what it’ll actually look like. At this moment in time, it could be absolutely anything, set anywhere, and at any time. However, will it take so long to arrive that the sequel will be a record-breaker? By the time GTA 6 launches, it could be the longest delay a franchise has ever seen between iterations.

We’ll just have to wait patiently and hope that the announcement drops soon.