Fallout 5: Where Will The Future Take Us?

It has been six years since the launch of Fallout 4. That’s a long time to wait between sequels, even if Fallout 76 was delivered three years ago. While the MMO-styled 76 was a relative success, it did very little for the franchise compared to Fallout 4, the all-time best-selling Fallout game. Now, fans are chomping at the bit, desperate for news on Fallout 5, which, sadly, might never really come.

In November 2021, Todd Howard, the Creative Director at Bethesda Game Studios, spoke about the idea of Fallout 5. However, it wasn’t good news – in fact, it was barely news at all. His words left fans in a state of dismay, doubting whether they’d ever see another full, single-player Fallout game again.

Fallout 5: To Be or Not To Be?

Is there a Fallout 5 coming out? Todd Howard confirmed that there was a concept for Fallout 5, but nothing more. In his words, Bethesda Game Studios has a ‘one-pager’ on the topic; a one-pager being a basic brief for the fundamental idea of a production. It wasn’t enough for the die-hard fans that have been crying out for Fallout 5 since Fallout 4 launched in 2015. There were leaps and bounds taken with the development of Fallout 4, which sold more copies than any other Fallout game in history, but it ultimately ended there.

All we may ever see of Fallout 5 is concept art

In another statement, this time direct to IGN, Todd Howard discussed whether or not a different studio could handle Fallout 5’s development:

Look, Fallout’s really part of our DNA here. We’ve worked with other people from time to time – I can’t say what’s going to happen. You know, we have a one-pager on Fallout 5, what we want to do.

Again, he was stressing the existence of ‘the Fallout 5 idea’ without really saying what that idea is. Furthermore, there’s a clear indication that even the Creative Director has no real clue on the future bearing of this game. Although, it stands to reason that he could just be playing his cards close to his chest. There’s no reason why Todd Howard would give away crucial information at this stage, nor should he.

But, it does leave fans wondering whether or not Fallout 5 will ever materialise.

Where Can We Go From Here?

In Fallout 4, we explored the Commonwealth Wasteland of Boston and the surrounding area. In 2018’s Fallout 76, we moved over to West Virginia and the Appalachian Wasteland. In the past, we’ve explored Nevada, Washington DC, and a smattering of other, smaller locations. When pondering Fallout 5, the main question people are asking is, “Where will it be set?”

Fans are suggesting that a New Vegas 2 release would be superb

It’s a totally open book right now and, quite frankly, the game could be set anywhere within the mainland United States. There have been countless discussions as to why it must remain inside the U.S., and that’s a debate for another day. But, should Fallout 5 come around anytime soon, where might it actually be set?

There’s always the possibility of returning to an already-seen location, such as New Vegas or Washington DC. If Bethesda wants to take the game in a totally original location, however, it could pick a never-before-seen city or state to explore. For example, we could see the game being set in New Orleans, Seattle, Los Angeles, or even New York. That last one is tricky, as according to the lore, New York is a smoldering crater – but who really knows?

Ultimately, it all boils down to playing the waiting game. There’s no indication that Bethesda will move forward with this game any day soon. In the near future, we’re set to receive Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI from the studio, and there’s quite simply no room for Fallout 5.


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